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Bestsellers From The Fall Refresh of Our Gifts Collection

This holiday season is an important opportunity to make friends and family smile, feel appreciated and enjoy life.

The Sweet Spot

Anything art-related is of course very popular with customers. These gifts hit the sweet spot in a venn diagram where creative thinking, art appreciation and art supply fandom intersect: art therapy related items, mini kits and inventive puzzles that double as art once finished. Also anything cute, empowering or related to magic.

Hue Saw This Coming?

Anything featuring rainbows and color wheels is still a top-selling item! Rainbows resonate with creative people on a literal level, and in a figurative sense represents a soothing spectrum of nature’s greatest gift (light, and our ability to appreciate it) and a diversity of hues to be proud of. Note: the Pantone Notebook from Chronicle Books has done well this fall and makes a great gift!

Sprucing It Up: Home Decor & Accessories

Artsy accessories like enamel pins make great gifts, and Today is Art Day products are doing particularly well. Stock up on anything featuring well-known figures in the art world…Frida Kahlo and Bob Ross to be specific!

Creative home decor is also in, and the holiday season presents an opportunity for people to refresh their space with these elegant garlands from East End Press.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you would add to this list, we’d love to hear from you at artdogblog (@)

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