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Bestsellers From Our New Children’s & Gift Collections

This spring we celebrated the launch of our new Children’s and Gift collections; the numbers are in! These top-selling items spell it out for us: art is eternally “in,” as is cheeky humor. Check out our retailers’ favorite items!

Happy Little Accidents

What is it about Bob Ross that appeals to so many different kinds of people? From those of us who grew up with him on PBS to younger generations who have found his twenty seven minute masterpieces on YouTube, we all get a bit warm and fuzzy when it comes to Bob. He is calm, he is soothing and he makes art approachable. All things Bob Ross zipped off the shelves, especially the Mini Editions from Running Press: the Bob Ross Bobblehead and the Bob Ross by Numbers Kit.

Simpler Times

Aside from the magnetism of Bob Ross, we saw an overarching trend of nostalgia. The magic of a slinky making its way downstairs, with that satisfying “clink.” The simple pleasure of old school toys like hopscotch. The hottest item in the nostalgic category? Wearable flair with the vintage aesthetic of the 60s and 70s: the Badge Bomb Buttons.

Cute, Unique, Cheap: Impulse For The Win

Customers across the country responded to our impulse options. Impulse is an easy way to increase a customer’s basket size, especially when the items are irresistible and off the beaten path. Top vendors for impulse are BCMini and Streamline. Curious which items were top sellers? Cute, sassy and mythical animals were in high demand.

All Things Art

This is a no-brainer! Artsy flair for artsy people. The hottest items in Children’s and Gift Collections were artist-themed or art related: the Cavallini Color Wheel notebooks, Character Socks from Chatty Feet, specifically Frida Callus and the Denik notebooks. 

Best In Show: Ooly and BCMini

Top-selling vendors overall? BCMini and Ooly. Check out their selections and make sure you don’t miss anything!

Sock It To Me

Everyone needs socks. But those 10 packs of white tube socks, year after year, are no fun. Creative gift-givers and customers who like to express themselves get a kick out of artsy socks with personality, and our retailers get that. Socks were a big part of our assortment with Chatty Feet and Woven Pear: they are must-have gift items for stores and very on trend.

Dark Times, Shiny Flair

While enamel pins were popular in general, the top-selling pin was Anxious AF by Punky Pins, followed by these additional top picks:

Customers are ready to express a little humor and spunk, made more enticing by the glam appeal of stylish, wearable art. ‘

Just A Teeny Tiny Obsession

Maybe it’s because our lives are so overwhelming. Maybe it’s because small things are just innately cute. Whatever it is, tiny is IN. Miniature cake-making kits, microscopic ramen, tiny animals…people freak out. In a good way.

And that is not all! Browse both Children’s and Gift collections on Items are available beginning in October; simply order via the website and select Back Order = Yes.

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