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Bestsellers From Our Children’s & Gift Collections

Continue to grow your Children’s & Gift categories by stocking up on our best-selling items from our Fall 2021 Refresh. We’ve outlined our top, must-have items by collection to ensure your stores have everything your customers are looking for this Holiday season. Read on to learn more!

Best-Sellers from our Children’s Category:


Micador Dark Arts has the world’s first comprehensive collection of glow-in-the-dark arts and craft activities and materials. Featuring phosphorescent and fluorescent products, they’re exciting and fun for children. Plus, you can maximize the glow with the Magic Black Light. These items are also wickedly educational, as they teach young artists about the science of light!

  1. Glow Paint Pens 6pk
  2. Glow Paint Pots Set 4Pk
  3. Neon Glow Jumbo Pencils 6Pk
  4. Glow STEAM Space Activity Pack
  5. Magic Black Light

Art & Creative Kits:

Inspire creativity and let imaginations run free with our best-selling Art & Creative Kits from Djeco, Ooly & Ann Williams. The kits help kids develop process thinking, color theory and artistic expression. They’re perfect for Holiday gift-giving and will bring smiles to children’s faces! 

  1. Djeco 6-in-1 Multi Activity Craft Kits
  2. Ooly Paint by Number Kits
  3. Ann Williams Make your Own Magical Wand Kit
  4. Ann Williams Mermaid Potions Kit
  5. Djeco Fanciful Bestiary Watercolor Kit

Screen-Free Activities:

Children and their families are rediscovering play together and making it a priority to engage in non-digital activities. Top sellers include puzzles, origami and sticker activities to keep kids busy and unplugged from all devices. These activities will help children develop skills in problem-solving, concentration, memory and visual reasoning.

  1. Djeco Origami Kits
  2. Djeco Rainbow Tigers 1000pc Gallery Puzzle
  3. Ann Williams Sticker Palooza Kit
  4. Ann Williams Wall Sticker Playhouse Kit
  5. Mudpuppy Mini Shaped Puzzles


On-trend avocados, bees and monster impulse items will drive cash wrap purchases and help to increase units per transaction in your store. These are the perfect stocking stuffers at compelling grab-and-go price points. They are both fun and visually compelling. 

  1. Ooly Avocado Erasers & Sharpener Set
  2. BC Mini Bee Gel Pen P.O.P. Display
  3. BC Mini Avocado Gel Pen P.O.P. Display
  4. BC Mini Cute Monster Gel Pen P.O.P. Display
  5. Ooly Rainbow Buddy Jumbo Eraser P.O.P. Display

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

There has been an increase in demand for S.T.E.A.M. items as parents continue to seek products that have educational value and will keep their kids engaged. The best-selling items below allow children to be creative while developing a passion for science through art and play. 

  1. Thames and Kosmos Orbiting Solar System Kit
  2. Klutz Magical Unicorn Science Kit
  3. Thames and Kosmos Gravity Bug Microbot Kit
  4. Klutz My STEAM Lab Color Science Kit
  5. Thames and Kosmos Incredible Inflatable Aero Dancer Kit

Top 10 Best-Sellers from our Gifts Category:

Our 2021 top sellers are no surprise and are in line with what has worked in the past. Art-related items are still tried and true and continue to be popular with customers. These products encourage creative thinking and make great gifts for the holiday season. 

Bob Ross-themed items, along with creative activities like the Reverse Coloring Book and 365 Days of Art were in our top 10 rankings. With the Reverse Coloring Book, each page has the colors and the artist draws the lines.

Puzzles also continue to be strong sellers as people have discovered their love for them during the pandemic. Travel, dog and aquarium-themed puzzles from Cavallini are in high demand.

Fun, novelty Mini Editions from Running Press like the Chonk Cats Nesting Dolls and the Mini SubWOOFer are popular as well and make great stocking stuffers. The Mini SubWOOFer is a quirky, dachshund-shaped wireless speaker that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes at work, home, or on the go.

  1. Running Press Bob Ross Double-Sided 500pc Puzzle
  2. Running Press Chonk Cats Nesting Dolls Mini Edition
  3. Running Press Mister Rogers Journal
  4. Running Press Bob Ross Happy Little Creativity Journal
  5. Cavallini 1000pc Puzzle- Travel
  6. Cavallini 1000pc Puzzle- Dogs
  7. Cavallini: 1000pc Puzzle- Aquarium
  8. Running Press Mini SubWOOFer Mini Edition
  9. Chronicle Books 365 Days of Art
  10. Workman Publishing Reverse Coloring Book

Below is a photo slideshow of our best-selling products from each of the following categories: Art & Creative Kits, Screen-Free Activities, Impulse, S.T.E.A.M., and our top 10 items from our Gift Items. Please take a look to get a better view of this season’s key drivers. Place your orders today; inventory is arriving daily!

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