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Bestsellers From Our Children’s Fall Refresh: Stock Up For The Holidays

In an effort to help you support customers with kids at home, we’ve outlined the bestsellers from our pre-book selection, complete with links to for your convenience. Discover what has been doing well and make sure you have everything your customers will be craving this holiday season!

Toys & Activities

Whether navigating a hybrid schedule, staying at home everyday or juggling work with childcare, most of us are navigating disruption on a daily basis in 2020. Sure, we’ve worked out strategies over the past few months to cope with distance learning, screen fatigue and pandemic-protocols, but the issue of engaging and entertaining young minds is evergreen: they are constantly changing and always hungry for something new.

Products that keep kids busy, engaged with a meaningful activity and off their screens are in high demand. With the holiday season fast approaching, these items also make excellent gifts! 

Added bonus: some of these products invite collaboration, so people can do them as a family. 

Boredom busters are extremely popular this year: products that occupy, challenge or relax the mind. Top-sellers include puzzles, magic tricks, memory match games and a favorite classic: Yo-Yos! Shout to two new vendors who are doing particularly well this year: Muddypuppy and DJECO.

Let’s dive in a little deeper and look at what is doing well based on age groups

The Under 7 Crowd

What is it about scratch art? The satisfying sound? The surprising colors that appear like magic? Whatever it is, this tactile activity is very popular! So are activities that involve stickers, mosaic kits and other low-mess, easy-to-do projects that are great for keeping kids busy and entertained on their own. 

(While watercolor is fun for any age, we have a feeling the trendy packaging featuring a llama really hits the sweet spot).

8 & Up: Tweens & Teens

While miniature is still in, we are seeing these semi-mini (medium?) model food trucks rise in popularity. 


Paint by numbers and coloring activities are very popular, perhaps providing just the right amount of structure and constraint for screen-weary minds craving some creative flow.

Crafty kits are in as well. Also this sophisticated paint pouring kit from Crayola! Time spent at home, surrounded by the same everyday items day in and day out has people itching to customize, craft and enjoy the simple things, like mini glitter bowls or homemade bracelets.

Classic Art Supplies with a Twist

Nine months into a pandemic, most people with children at home are all too familiar with the classics: construction paper, crayons, colored pencils, scissors.

These new early stART and Micador jR. items, along with the existing Micador products are also great for keeping little ones busy and creative. Many preschools are still taking part in distance learning or minimal in-person school; your customers will want to stock up on products that keep kids stimulated while still having fun.

These Crayola crayon sets have been in high demand all year, and these pearl, neon, metallic crayon sets add a fun element to the go-to supplies everyone keeps on hand for their kids. 

Other essential products include an all-inclusive washable paint set with paper, sponges and brushes, erasable colored pencils from Ooly and a mini marker travel set.


Educational kits that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math have been popular all year: these items are a helpful and fun supplement for distance learning!

These kits in particular overlap with the glow-in-the-dark and slime trends as well as an alien trend that we are seeing. Beam us up, please.


Sloths were all in the top ten for this category! Something about slowing down and reveling in the simple moments and just…hanging in there. 

Along with cats, dinos, mermaids, unicorns, avocado, flamingos and daisies, these items are still hot! Our team is particularly partial to the flamingo, those of you who have spent time with us at Dealer Workshop know why. 

Did we miss your personal favorites from the collection? Drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to hear from you: artdogblog (@)

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