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    INTERMISSION on The Bowery/Houston Wall, NYC

    “We interrupt this program for a brief Intermission”. And this time the “INTERMISSION” is brought to you by none other then US artist Tristan Eaton on the Bowery/Houston wall in New York City. The wall which has now become famous for its heavy weight mural work by artists at the top of their game has been given a reflective yet forward thinking face lift by Eaton. A stunning patchwork of symbols, abstraction and color, INTERMISSION is an eye catcher to say the least, with a constant flow of traffic slowing down trying to process all that they are seeing. With…

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    Two Reminders From GOLDEN

    Winter B-T-S Promotional Period GOLDEN Acrylics and Williamsburg Oils can be advertised up to 40% off every day beginning on 01/01/19 and concluding on 02/8/19. Please contact the GOLDEN Sales Department directly with any questions. Holiday Schedule Reminder Golden Artist Colors will be closed both Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25 for Christmas. We will also be closed on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1 for the New Year’s holiday. Please plan your needs accordingly. Submitted by GOLDEN Artist Colors, Inc.

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    New Videos from GOLDEN: QoR Watercolor

    We recently added four new videos to our Video Library that we think your customers will be interested in. Videos are quick and easy content to share on Facebook and a great way to boost your organic reach. Please visit our YouTube or Vimeo page to check them out! Transparent Pyrrole Orange QoR Transparent Pyrrole Orange is a clear, bright color, perfect for glazing and mixing. Ideal for creating the warm golden glow of a fiery sunrise or sunset or for mixing with Cobalt Green to create a beautiful speckled weave of green and orange. QoR Transparent Pyrrole Orange Watercolor…

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    DIY Wrapping Paper with Krink

    Use Krink to create DIY wrapping paper! Krink paint and ink markers are permanent, opaque, and come in a range of colors. They are a fun and easy way to make a great looking present! Please feel free to share these images to inspire your customers this holiday season. Krink is handmade in the USA. Submitted by Krink, Inc.

  • Industry News

    iAMart Celebrates 20th Anniversary

    Last month the buying group iAMart celebrated their 20th anniversary with a gathering in Chicago, IL. iAMart prides itself on being a diverse group, containing stores of varying sizes that represent all corners of the market and the map, including Alaska and Hawaii. In their annual meetings they share ideas, support and have a little fun. The initial concept of the iAmArt organization came from Larry O’Connell. In 1998 Larry brought together Steve Aufhauser of Continental Art Supplies and Claudia Myers of Spokane Art Supply. Over months of meetings, input from Jeff Morrow, Beth Bergman of Wet Paint and George…

  • Industry News

    Ben Lapin Announced President of Speedball Art Products

    Speedball is pleased to announce that Ben Lapin has been promoted to President of Speedball Art Products Company. Ben started with Speedball in 1997 as Chief Financial Officer and handled all financial matters during the start-up years. He later took on responsibility for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service and proved that he was much more than a bean counter. In October 2006, Ben became Chief Operating Officer responsible for all day-to-day activities of Speedball. In the past 12 years Ben has led the integration of several acquisitions while strengthening Speedball’s core business. “Good is never good enough” with Ben; he…

  • Community

    Creative Holiday Traditions From MacPherson’s

    Once you are a part of the MacPherson’s team, whether or not you’ve dabbled in the arts before working here, the creative spark rubs off on you. It’s inevitable, with so many art supplies around! In celebration of our creative endeavors on and off the clock, we wanted to share some of our creative holiday traditions with you. Gratitude Place Cards “Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve created place cards for every guest with the question “What are you thankful for?” written with a space to answer. When guests arrive or before dinner is served, everyone…

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    Introducing Strathmore Mixed Media Postcards

    Picture yourself going to your mailbox each day and shuffling through your pile of papers. What do you typically see? Bills, coupons, ads, statements…yawn. Now imagine yourself shuffling through your mail and behold a beautiful, handmade postcard with a personalized message on the back. That’s enough to make your day. Who doesn’t love getting real, handmade mail? Artists can send their art in postcard format with our new Mixed Media Postcards. They’re perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Made with our 400 Series Mixed Media paper, these heavyweight 184 lb (300gsm) postcards have a vellum drawing finish and are sized…