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Art Dogs (& Cats!) of the Month: Mia’s Furry Family

MacPherson’s Account Manager Mia Fesmire does a lot of fostering, a practice that for animal-lovers leads to adopting, and a constantly expanding family. “Right now we have a pretty full house. And everyone in the family loves animals; if I had land I would probably get a goat, a cow and a pig.”

The dogs: Bella the nine year old chocolate lab and Julian, the twelve year old Chihuahua. Both are flaunting their festive wear in anticipation of the holiday season. Mia has always loved animals; her family had a dog growing up but her parents hated cats.

“I would always find cats… or rather cats would find me. I would find a home for them since my parents wouldn’t let me keep them.” But now Mia can bring home as many as she and her husband can handle—which right now is four—though she almost got a fifth last week!

The cats: Blu (Russian blue), Luke (orange tabby), Mini (grey tabby) and Princess (grey tabby). They are two years old, all siblings that Mia rescued when they were just four weeks old and very sick. They were born outside and needed help; they are all thriving now. Mia was supposed to just take them for a little while but ended up keeping them.

In addition to adopting, Mia also does hospice fosters. When she took in Phoebe, an elderly chihuahua her two-year-old son fell in love. Kiddo and dog were inseparable for months. MacPherson’s Web Content Specialist Hannah Reineck honored her memory with a portrait last year.

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