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Art Dog of the Month: Tucker’s BFF, Alfredo

This month we’re celebrating Alfredo, best friend to MacPherson’s Exclusive Brand Manager Tucker Russell. In the early summer of 2017, Tucker visited an animal shelter located in Richmond California called “Milo Foundation” in hopes of adopting a small dog since his apartment didn’t have much space. In the shelter they were housing the small dogs against a wall that was filled with small kennels.  

“When I approached the wall of kennels,” Tucker remembers, “all of the small dogs started barking and jumping around. In the center kennel on the wall was a tiny white dog with big ears and his paws crossed whose name was Gore: not making a noise, and just relaxing. I instantly knew he was the dog for me and adopted him that day. A few days later I was able to bring home. The minute he stepped through the door he started doing zoomies!” Not familiar with the term? Ever seen an explosion of energy from a happy pup running to and fro? That is a zoomie!

“Within weeks he became best friends with my cat. He has been a great addition to my home and become a great friend.” Al’s Favorite art supply is “Spray Paint.”

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