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Art Dog of The Month: Graphaids Hollywood Darling, Archer

Graphaids, an art supply store with locations in Culver City, Westchester and Agoura Hill, CA, has quite the Hollywood darling on their hands! Store manager Avi Boyko’s pup, Archer, is known around town as the friendly store dog…and a movie star! As an Art Dog in such close proximity to Hollywood, Archer has appeared on the silver screen many times; he filmed last weekend for the L Word, and a couple dog-food commercials.

“We call him Archer, some people call him Archie, Archibald,” Shopowner Jerry Festa tells us. “He’s the friendliest dog ever, he gets along with cats, he’s a great guy. He’s our greeter! He makes the store friendly and welcoming to people. He gives a good vibe off to all the customers.”

Archer’s favorite thing to do? Run on the beach! When Avi goes out and surfs, Archer runs up and down the coast, playing with dogs and people. He’s one of those dogs that doesn’t need to be on a leash; probably from years of experience in the store greeting customers and getting to know the lay of the land.

His go-to medium? “I think he likes oils, because his master Avi is a great oil painter, and he’s been known to get into the paint while Avi is painting and make some art of his own,” Jerry says.

Learn more about Graphaids here! And don’t forget, if you have a shop pup, cat or other animal friend, chat with your Account Manager and get them on Art Dog!

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