Art Dog of the Month

Art Dog of the Month: Faithful Copper

Introducing Copper, the ambassador of Blaine’s Art Supply! Her human Dave and his wife Renee rescued her from death row when she was just a puppy.

Copper sporting an emoji bandanna, just one her extensive collection. The emoji she is modeling: possibly the one with hearts for eyes?

“There are people who come here just to pet her. Little kids are eye to eye with her, she won’t lick their face, steal their food… she’ll come up and lean against someone until they decide to pet her,” Dave explains affectionately.

Since Alaska’s state sport is mushing (dog-sledding), dog-friendly establishments are much appreciated; Copper greets customers at the door, pokes her head into the classroom to say hello and stands obediently at the edge of the frame shop – the forbidden zone, what with all the glass – to see how everyone is doing. We can’t get enough of her sweet, gentle (slightly guilty?) face!

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