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Art Dog of the Month: Coda

This month’s Art Dog of the Month went above and beyond, writing his own bio for the Art Dog team. Coda belongs to Brandy Cline, MacPherson’s Inbound Operations Manager for our Reno Distribution Center.

“Hello, my name is Coda Norman Cline (Norman comes from my great grandfather). I am 8 ½ years old. I was born on December 21, 2011. My mommy found me through a friend of a friend and the rest is history.

I’m a little crazy and still act like a puppy most days.  I am really good at annoying my mommy with my high pitch bark. I also have a tendency to get under her feet when she’s walking which has caused us both some distress in the past.

I am basically the boss in our household and run a tight ship. I determine when I want to eat and drink water and when it’s time to go outside. I’m a little sassy and super smart as well. Sometimes I’m sneaky, which can get me in trouble.

I love playing ball and being chased. I love spending time with all my grandparents as well because they spoil me (shhhh, mommy doesn’t know this).

My favorite things are human food when mommy lets me have it, going for walks and rides in the car, playing, and getting presents, but my most favorite thing is being with my mommy! She says I am her most favorite being on this planet and gives me hugs and kisses.”

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