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Art Dog of the Month: Cindy’s BFF, Barley Shih-Lopez

Meet Barley, fur-baby to Cindy Shih, a new member of the Art Dog team and social media point person for the Savoir-Faire division of the MacPherson’s family. Cindy is a visual artist based in San Francisco, and we are so excited to be working with her!

“Barley is a tough-guy cuddlebug,” Cindy says. “Despite having enormous ears, he will completely not hear you unless you have something he can eat. He will shout down Great Danes and go after any dog twice his size, but will become the biggest Momma’s boy at any slight inconvenience, whether it’s a chill or rain. In his mind, he’s the neighborhood sheriff.”

Barley’s origins? Unplanned. “I had just left a job, and had been wanting a pup for a long time. My husband took me to go see a dog ‘just to look,’ and I told him there was no chance I’d leave without the mouthy little French Bulldog. We stopped by PetSmart for food and supplies on our way home.”

As for Barley’s favorite artist, he is unimpressed by his Mom’s paintings or shows, especially her renditions of him. He isn’t much of an assistant, but has plenty of unsolicited opinions about her work, most of them are not at all constructive…

His favorite artist is not his mom, but his Dad, Carlos, who makes homemade food for him and his baby sister. He also enjoys Blues and much to his mom’s chagrin, Reggaeton. 

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