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Art Dog of the Month: Arlene’s Diligent Bookkeeper, Vivian

We discovered this month’s Art Dog through an unusual route: The Pug Connection, a portion of a store website dedicated to all things Pug. The page was inspired by Vivian, Donna’s first pug (the first of many!). Owner of Arlene’s Artist Materials in Albany, NY, Donna Garramone identifies as “a true pug lover” and gets her pugs from various rescue organizations. “I knew nothing of rescue back then so I found a local breeder that I got her from. I also knew nothing of raising a puppy so I did mounds of research and that is when I discovered rescue groups,” she says.

When Vivian was three, Donna also adopted Rupert, a pug from Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Vermont. She was not happy about having to share her humans but soon warmed up to him. Sadly Rupert passed away at a young age; Donna rescued yet another pug, Stewie, from a now defunct rescue in Tennessee, who still lives with them. Vivian, who is now 16 years old, used to frequent Arlene’s Art Supply with Donna. She could usually be found upstairs in their offices.

“I worked long hours so it was only logical that I brought her to work with me,” Donna recalls. Vivian loves people. “I didn’t trust her running around the store, she would easily go home with anyone who paid attention to her! She would spend most of her days upstairs in our offices. My late bookkeeper especially loved her, I would often find her (Vivian, not my bookkeeper!) sitting on top of the desk.”

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