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Meet Art Dog Cisco, Barketing Manager of Art Supply Warehouse

Meet the most popular dog in the art supply industry! Francisco “Cisco” Ball—also known as Franny, Cissy, Cissy La La, Meatball, Handsome—although he doesn’t always answer to these names. Cisco is best friend to Mark Ball, the General Manager of Art Supply Warehouse. The Barketing Manager is a very special position. 

The delivery truck for getting kits to schools, toting “The Cisco Guarantee”

Cisco gets his own company vehicle (we like to tell him it’s because of his status in the company, but it’s really because at 170 lbs. he can’t fit into any other cars…just don’t tell him that)! He underwent special training with his dogfather and predecessor, Bear. Since Cisco was a young pup, Bear was always around to show him the ropes! 

Cisco loves coming to work every day as the Barketing Manager of ASW! If there is a problem, he’ll solve it. Watch him eat his treats as he resolves it…and then goes back to his favorite past time: napping. Other hobbies include sleeping, resting for a power nap, waking up for some snackies (usually carrots and apples), and lying down in a bed of carrot pieces while snoring as loud as a lawn mower (he isn’t sleeping on the job, he’s just resting his eyes).

Cisco is a gentle giant, the friendliest of pups (he’s only 3 years old!). He makes friends quite easily—all he needs is a treat and some love. Just watch out for slobber, it’ll hit you when you least expect it! Usually it hits you right after he’s had his snacks or drinks some water. Cisco also loves to leave clues behind that he has been around. This usually includes some fur, chum, or strings of drool. Some people may see it and call it gross, but we call it Cisco love—he just wants to remind you he’s there for you!

If you ever want to get in touch with Cisco the Barketing Manager, drop him an email at!

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