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Art Cats of the Month: Pygmalion’s Very Own Kiki Smith & Alice Neel

This month we have a super special occurrence that all of us cat people will appreciate: a feline feature for Art Dog of the Month! Meet Kiki and Alice of Pygmalion’s in Bloomington, Illinois. From Chase, one of the humans they grace their presence with every day:

“Alice Neel and Kiki Smith live permanently at Pygmalion’s Art Supplies. The employees (currently Heather, Chase, Laura, Fitz, and Kay) make sure Alice and Kiki have a comfortable life with plenty of food, treats, water, clean litter and medicine when needed. Alice and Kiki came to live at Pygmalion’s about 12 years ago when they were adopted from a local animal shelter. At the time, Kiki was a wee kitten and Alice was approximately 7 years old. 

Today Kiki is around 12 years old and Alice is around 19. Although they are getting old, they get around well and are happy and healthy. 

Avant-Garde Alice

Alice deals with a little bit of arthritis and has a heated bed that she spends many hours on — that is, when she isn’t painting. Alice is an experienced oil painter. Her paintings focus on subjects like: fish, treats and customers who give her a lot of pets. She uses a warm palette, and we suspect it’s because she loves sunshine so much. Alice is so talented she was named after the American painter, Alice Neel. Alice is very friendly (except when someone tries to pick her up) and takes on the large responsibility of greeting nearly every customer that comes in with a meow. Alice also likes to follow customers around the store to make sure they are finding everything they are looking for while also offering professional advice. 

Kiki, Keepin’ it Real

Kiki Smith the cat, not to be confused with Kiki Smith the American printmaker and sculptor, loves belly rubs and sleeping at one of the check-out registers. This is a prime location to rest because it is up high and near the front of the store so she is seen by all customers and receives all the pets. The location is also underneath a warm vent. If a customer is in need of purchasing an item, she can run the register, but usually she’s feeling pretty lazy. 

Kiki is a very quiet, timid, and easy going cat who loves affection. She loves dogs; the only time you will hear her meow is at the sight of one. She gets extra excited when one comes into the shop. Much like Kiki Smith the artist, Kiki is talented in drawing, sculpting and printmaking. Her themes mostly focus on dogs and self-portraits of her getting belly rubs. For inspiration, she often lays in the middle of the floor with her belly up waiting for someone to walk by.

Alice and Kiki are extremely valuable employees at Pygmalion’s Art Supplies and are paid with plenty of treats, food, water, clean litter and never-ending love. Who knows what they get up to at night when there is no one there!This post was submitted by the staff of Pygmalion’s Art Supplies. Did you know you can nominate your own Art Dog, Kitty or other shop pet for Art Dog of the Month? Write up their bio and reach out to our team at artdogblog (@), or DM us on Instagram!

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