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Are You Receiving Colart’s Projects and Resources?

Now more than ever, artists are online looking for information and project ideas to keep creating while at home. Colart has packaged everything needed to post and promote these inspirational projects and educational content into one weekly email. In addition to the individual project, there is a link to a .zip file on The Bank that contains project overviews, product lists, and images.

Share these projects on your own channels to inspire your customers and maintain those relationships that are impacted by store closings. Using a finished project image, as well as an image of the products used, you can easily post about the project on your Instagram, Facebook, or in email. For those retailers still able to ship orders or do curbside pickup, a file is provided that lists associated SKUs for each project. This allows you to quickly gather and offer the appropriate materials for the project being promoted.

If you are not receiving these emails, please reach out to Mary Ellen Kelly at to be added to the list. The emails come out once a week and an archive of projects and resources sent previously can be found on The Bank under the tag #NA PROJECT IDEAS RESOURCES. If you need an account set up for The Bank, please visit and register for access using “Mac” as your customer number.

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