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All About Tombow’s ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker

The NEW Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker Basic Palette 12-Pack can be used in a variety of ways, including coloring, blending, basic drawing, adding a base color to your projects and abstract drawings. These markers are great for artists, designers and crafters! They are also bright and vibrant. The possibilities with these markers are truly endless! Learn all about the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker Basic Palette, plus a fun rainbow cloud tutorial!

Reasons to Love the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker Basic Palette 12-Pack

  • Permanent and Fast Drying: These markers have permanent ink and are fast drying. You really can’t ask for much more in a marker!
  • Dual Tip: The ABT PRO Markers come with a nylon flexible brush tip and polyester chisel tip. The chisel tip is great for coloring large areas and the brush tip is great for blending and detail work. The tips are resilient and won’t lose their shape.
  • Color Choice: The colors in the Basic Palette are grouped very well together! You get 12 beautiful and bright colors, each with at least two shades that blend well together. This makes it easy to blend colors and create three-dimensional objects. The colors included are: P025 Light Orange, P127 Artichoke, P245 Sap Green, P403 Bright Blue, P555 Ultramarine, P636 Imperial Purple, P685 Deep Magenta, P743 Hot Pink, P856 Chinese Red, P907 Spice, P925 Scarlet and PN15 Black.
  • Design: The design of the marker is beautiful and chic! The barrels are light gray and easily distinguishable from the black barrel of Tombow’s iconic Dual Brush Pen. The barrel is also slender and fits comfortably in your hand. Below is a side-by-side comparison of Dual Brush Pen 555 and ABT PRO Marker P555. The ink colors are the same, but you can identify each marker by the difference in barrels.

Tips for Using ABT PRO Markers if You Are New to Alcohol Markers

Tip 1: Use the right paper! Paper makes a HUGE difference when working with alcohol-based markers. Choosing the wrong paper can lead to marker bleeds, lack of blending or soaking up too much ink from your markers. Strathmore Marker Paper 400 Series is a great paper to use because it has a medium absorbency and a smooth texture that will be kind to the brush tip.

Tip 2: If you notice ink spots on your marker barrel, you can put a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and simply rub off the extra ink! The PN00 Colorless Blender also works great to remove any stray ink marks from your barrel.

Tip 3: If you want streak-free coloring, apply two layers of ink. The ink will blend together beautifully and you will be left with streak-free color. The ABT PRO Markers feature controlled ink flow, so be sure to apply your color slowly for maximum coverage.

Tip 4: Alcohol ink colors will change slightly as they dry. If a color looks really bright or neon when you first lay it down, give it a few minutes and the intensity will settle as it dries.

ABT PRO Basic Palette Rainbow Cloud Tutorial 


  • Pencil
  • ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker Basic Palette 12-Pack

Step 1:

Sketch out a cloud onto Strathmore Marker Paper 400 Series using a pencil. Once you get a shape you like, lightly erase the cloud so you can barely see the lines.

Step 2:

Lay down all the rainbow colors from the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker Basic Palette 12-Pack. Keep the colors inside the cloud you sketched, trailing off each color with a flicking motion. It will be easier to blend the color later if each color doesn’t end in a harsh line.

Step 3:

Go back to the beginning and start blending the colors together. You can push pretty hard with these markers. Both the brush and chisel tip will hold their shape. Use the two colors that are right next to each other. To blend red and orange, put red down again and then blend the orange right away. When you blend, you don’t want the color to sit too long or else it will dry and be more difficult to blend.

Tip: When working with alcohol markers, always lay your darker color down first and then use the lighter color to blend the colors together. The lighter color will work to lighten and push away the darker color, so you get a blend between the two colors.

Step 4:

The key to blending alcohol-based markers is to layer! Only taking one pass isn’t enough. Below is a second layer of color on the cloud.

Step 5:

Keep layering and blending. At this point, when you add color with darker colors, try using circular motions. This will make the blending lines less harsh. Below is a third layer of color.

Step 6:

Below is a fourth layer of color. At this point, it looks pretty good. There are no harsh lines and all the colors blended nicely. The best thing about using alcohol-based markers is that they won’t pill your paper as you apply multiple layers of color.

Step 7:

Now use coordinating colors and draw raindrops coming down from the cloud. You can use the pointed part of the chisel tip to draw the fine lines.

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