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Activa’s Abstract Face with Sculpture Wire Mesh

Activ-Wire Mesh is easy to shape with your hands, provides excellent finite detail yet is strong enough to use as the base of your projects. Along with Rigid Wrap plaster cloth, Activ-Wire Mesh is a wonderful material for creating any type and shape of sculptures. 

Safety Tips

Activ-Wire Mesh has sharp edges. Wear gloves while working for optimal protection. Handle with care. Not recommended for children. Click here for more information.


Step 1:

Open the Activ-Wire Mesh package. Flatten the wire mesh with the Activ-Roll, don’t forget to wear protection gloves.

Step 2:

Cut the wire mesh in an oval shape, it should measure approximately 9 inches long.

Step 3:

Cut strips and squares of Rigid Wrap plaster cloth, dip one strip of plaster cloth in the glass of water, squeeze the excess of water, and start applying it on the wire mesh; gently with your finger smooth out edges and lumps of plaster.

Step 4:

Cover with 2 layers of plaster cloth the front and back of the oval shape, let it set for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5:

Paint the craft stick in color black. 

Step 6:

Attach the craft stick to the centered back of the oval shape by adding three layers of plaster cloth, make sure it’s stable and let it set for 5-10 minutes.

Step 7:

Once the ‘face’ shape and the craft stick are attached and dried, it’s time to start designing the facial features. Use the squares of plaster cloth, dip a square in water, squeeze the excess of water, roll it and add it to the face. First design the nose, then the mouth and eyes.

Step 8:

Once the sculpture is finished, let it set for 5-10 minutes. When dried paint it with brushes and white and black acrylics.

Step 9:

Open the package of ACTIVA Plus Clay.

Step 10:

Carefully insert the sculpture into the center of the clay, let it dry in a controlled temperature ventilated room for 2 days…and your sculpture it’s finished! 

Submitted by Activa  / Audrey Lozano

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