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Activa Easy Impasto Technique with Fast Mâché

Have fun creating a unique piece of art for your wall! ACTIVA’s Fast Mâché is a fast drying paper mache. It has a unique formula, which allows the papier-mache to dry more quickly than typical paper mache products. It is 100% safe and non-toxic, and is made from virgin recycled paper. We were inspired by the ocean, but you can transform this idea into any other design that you want. Trust us, your piece is gonna look wonderful!

Safety Tips

Fast Mache can be mixed in any plastic container, we recommend always doing it in a ventilated room, or for easier preparation, use a Ziploc plastic bag. Click here for more information.


Step 1:

In a Ziploc plastic bag mix six cups of papier-mache per two cups of warm water.

Step 2:

Work together with hands until the ingredients are generally combined.

Step 3: Place papier-mache in four different plastic containers (one for each color) and mix each one with acrylic paint and a few drops of water, until the ingredients are well blended and the papier-mache reaches a smooth consistency.

Step 4:

Use the pencil for drawing a line on the canvas, this will mark the division between the sky and the ocean.

Step 5:

Use the Activ-Tool as a spatula and start spreading the papier-mache mixture in color white on the top part of the canvas.

Step 6:

Repeat step five and use the blue mixtures for creating the appearance of ocean waves in the bottom part of the canvas.

When your painting is ready, let it set for 24 hours. When it’s fully dried you can add some extra details, for example clouds and a couple of seagulls!

Submitted by Activa  / Audrey Lozano

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