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New Kolo Hudson Album Size!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

There has always been something missing in the Kolo family of albums. There’s the super, best-selling Noci that holds 24 photos. There’s the Catalina that holds 200. And of course, there’s the super-popular Hudson 2 and Hudson 3 that hold 200 and 300 4 x 6 photos respectively. But there was that gap between 24 and 200. That’s a big gap and tons of people told them that. Thanks for all the feedback, consumers! Kolo listened.

Introducing Hudson 1!

Yeah, it’s a super nice photo album. It works nicely with the other Hudsons. But like the Noci, it has also has removable sleeves so the album is really versatile. Some of the product testers are using Hudson 1 as an art portfolio and others are using it as a nice journal since you can write in it and add photos. It’s a perfect Instagram book, too.

Available in the MacPherson’s warehouses by late January!

Visit here for the Online Express Item details Hudson 1 Online Express

And here’s a cool promo youtube to get you into the mood: