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Fila/Dixon Ticonderoga News

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
Timothy Gomez, CEO

Timothy Gomez, CEO

The senior leadership team at Fila/Dixon Ticonderoga has a plan for their global portfolio of brands that includes recently acquired Daler Rowney, LUKAS, Canson, Lyra Pencil, Maimeri and St Cuthbert’s Paper. The ultimate goal is to stitch all these companies into a global enterprise of popular brands. In North America that means a restructuring of their sales, marketing and logistics efforts to be more coordinated, streamlined and effective. The combined company is moving to a Key Account (KA) organization that will focus on national accounts, wholesalers and independent dealers serving consumers in the Art and Fine Art channel.  In addition, Dixon and its family of companies will support the industry with experts and workshops that foster the arts with children and adults artist. Michelle Montes Conboy has joined their Headquarters group in Lake Mary, Florida near Orlando to work with this initiative as a Professional Artist reporting to the Vice President of Marketing, Carlos Reyes.  Florida-based Sonny Farmer will remain as Sales Rep dedicated to the Fine Art channel.

Dixon’s teams will also support their senior account managers with cross-departmental project management to deliver tools for building customer demand and market development.

Arthur Long, Vice President Fine Art Channel will work closely with MacPherson’s and other key accounts to leverage the strength of longstanding relationships among all the new FILA/Dixon Brands.  Sherri Smith, Sales Vice President, will manage the Hobby Arts & Crafts Retail channels.

Read more details from Cody Aagard, Vice President Sales dixon-announcement

Industry News

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

From MacPherson’s Elgin, IL Distribution Center Manager Jeff Zwerenz:

MacPherson's elgin

 “Last week we closed our Elgin distribution center. Friday was the end of an era and a day filled with pictures, hugs, crying, laughing, and just about anything else that accompanies an event in which 23 great people will not only set out to start a new chapter in their individual lives, but will forever remember and appreciate the team and family that they became. This was a team that I, as most I’m sure, will never forget. It was truly difficult to see everyone walk out of our warehouse for the last time. I will say, however, as I watched a group of people leave today with a total of 136 years of experience with MacPhersons, I’m am very proud of the commitment and dignity they displayed through it all. “

UA Redwood CityAfter over a year of planning, building and moving University Art has opened their new flagship store in Redwood City, CA. Their venerable Palo Alto Store will be closing soon. The new space is spectacular. Congratulations team UA!!!

Perry Paradiso of Perry’s Art & Frame in San Anselmo, CA is celebrating the huge milestone of 50 years serving his community’s creative needs. congratulations Perry and staff (both past & present).


AlleryA farewell note from Canson USA’s Jim Allery“During NAMTA I met with the Eric Joan, Managing Director of Groupe-Hamelin and it has been decided that May 23, 2014 will be my last day at Canson. For the past 27 years, working with Canson and the art industry has been an integral part of my life. The many wonderful experiences of the past will stay with me always. Although we have accomplished much for Canson during these 27 years, my greatest source of pride is, and will always be, the incredible friendships made during these years. Although I will no longer be working with Canson I expect to continue working or consulting in the future. It has been an honor and privilege to work with all of you. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope our paths will cross again.”

Hyatt’s All Things Creative has announced the closing of their Rochester, NY store as of May 18, 2014. According to the company, “Our recent growth is because of our successful efforts to become a competitive online retailer. From our 32,000 square foot flagship store, warehouse and offices in Buffalo, we now ship a large volume of orders weekly to our web customers. To respond to this market change, we have decided to close our Rochester store.”

schindler-smallThe NAMTA Board of Directors has unanimously endorsed Barbara Schindler, President of Golden Artists Colors Inc., as the association’s new Vice President. In addition to continuing her service on the Board of Directors, she will also serve on the Executive Committee.

It was an exciting moment on the 2nd morning of this year’s NAMTA Convention, when MABEF was awarded BEST NEW PRODUCT for their innovative Revolving Paint Accessory (MBMA-40)! This accessory upgrades any MABEF studio or lyre easel, into an easel that has a 360-degree painting capability. Constructed of oiled stain-resistant beechwood, this unique accessory attaches to the canvas mast of the easel, and can hold a canvas that measures up to 52.8″h and up to 22 lbs. in weight. It allows artists to rotate their painting into any vertical position desired, opening up many new painting possibilities. A special clamp attachment is included to give additional stability to the canvas mast on lyre-style easels.

Namta Pittsburgh Best New Product Winner-Mabef Rotating Easel Accessory

Earlier this month Binders Michele & Stuart Shapiro announced the birth of their daughter Blair Annabell Shapiro. Born at 5:07 am May 5th 2014. She weighs 6 lbs. 1 oz. and measures 18.25″. In Stuart’s own words, “We are so excited for this next new adventure in our lives!!”

Blair Shapiro

Pete RidgeSanford/Newell-Rubbermaid Account Manager extraordinaire, Pete Ridge left the company on May 15 to join Adidas in Chicago.

Check out this interesting article highlighting the consumer outpouring of support as Flax Art Materials prepares for a late 2015 or 2016 move precipitated by their landlords plans to build a multi-use high rise on the San Francisco property. Click here for the article

howard flax

Here’s a fun and fresh video featuring artist Michael Amorillo painting a large scale mural at Harrah’s Resort in Southern California, using all Montana GOLD!


Keeton’s Office and Art Supply in Brandenton, FL put on their own graffiti battle featuring 8 local artists. They did a great job making this free event interactive for all customers with a “community wall” for anyone to paint as well as a stencil and t-shirt workshop!  Check out the video:

Introducing Mi-Teintes Touch: Sanded Pastel Surfaces from Canson

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Canson’s unique know-how, which hails from over 450 years of artist paper manufacturing experience, continues to lead to innovation in offering the highest quality artist papers that are available in a wide variety of surface textures.

• Purchase a complete Mi-Teintes Touch assortment get the Display FREE! Merchandise the Mi-Teintes touch right next to your Mi-Teintes Paper Display.

• Get new product introduction discounts through mid February!

• Mi-Teintes Touch a product line extension to the Number 1# selling brand of pastel paper- Mi-Teintes

• Mi-Touch is available in matching 14 top selling Mi-Teintes colors – a great palette of cool blues, warm earth, and grey tones.

•  Artists will love the unique surface texture of Mi-Teintes Touch as it allows for many creative possibilities and layering of pigments. It’s not just for pastels!

• Pastels, charcoal, crayons, & light use of acrylic perform beautifully.

• Mi-Teintes Touch sheets and boards retain all dry pigments because they have micro abrasive surfaces created by a sanded primer. The ideal support for dry pastels such as Rembrandt.

•  Available in 22″x30″ sheets and 20″x30″ boards

For more info ask your MacPherson’s sales contact or click:  Mi-Teintes Touch

Mi-Teintes Touch sheets      MSRP $11.99 per/sheet

Mi-Teintes Touch boards      MSRP $21.99 per/board