Letraset’s ProMarker is Taking Over the Craft World!


ProMarker is sweeping Europe right now with its high quality ink and very affordable price.  Crafters have taken onto this product like crazy!  Dawn Bibby, Craft Queen of the British QVC is a huge fan of ProMarker and frequently uses it on her show;

ProMarkers are alcohol based and use dye based color. Dye color has a big advantage in giving supremely smooth, consistent coverage, and this is what the new generation of ProMarker-crazy craft customers particularly love. ProMarker’s dye based ink  makes it very easy for anyone to create a smooth, streak free area of color. Dye molecules are much smaller than pigment, that’s why they give such even coverage. And the dyes used in ProMarker ink are incredibly good quality, basically the best around! It’s dye that also gives ProMarker color the ‘translucency’ that means the color can be built up in layers to create tone and shade.


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