Big News from Canson: All New Art Boards!

·         Canson’s new Art Boards feature a range of best-selling Canson and Arches® papers on rigid, archival backing.  The backing is composed of two-ply, 1.2 mm Canson archival white conservation board that is both acid and lignin-free.  The board is buffered, treated to resist mold, and compliant to ISO 9706—the standard for permanent paper.  The Art Boards provide artists with a stiff, strong working surface made to withstand the rigors of repeated use and a variety of techniques.
·        A significant benefit of using Canson Art Boards is that no mounting is required.  They are ready for framing without mounting, thus reducing added labor and cost.  Also, each board is UPC-coded for ease of sale and arranged on merchandising displays that make is simple for customers to choose the right texture and color of paper that best suits their artistic needs.  The product line includes an array of Art Boards that cater to different techniques and preferences:

·         The ultimate choice for watercolor, gouache or ink washes, Arches Watercolor Art Boards offer natural white, hand-made French watercolor paper in cold press, hot press and rough surfaces.
·         Montval Watercolor Art Boards feature cold press French watercolor paper, excellent for watercolor, acrylic, gouache or ink washes. Natural white.
·         Bristol Plate is an ideal foundation for pen and ink renderings or technical drawing, or work in hard pencil. It is a rich, natural white surface that is smooth and hard enough for detailed work.
·         Ultra-smooth Illustration/Comic Art Boards provide a brilliant foundation for ink, marker, felt-tip pen and pencil that stands up to erasing and scraping. Made without optical brighteners, these boards are extra white for superior contrast.
·         Black Drawing Art Boards deliver a dramatic surface for pencil, chalk and gouache. Very finely textured, the paper is acid free, and highly resistant to light and fading.
·         C à grain Art Boards provide a luxurious surface with pronounced texture for drawing that stands up to repeated erasing and reworking. Ideal for charcoal, Conté crayon or pastel, or very soft pencil.
·         Pure White Art Boards offer a luminous white, fine-textured surface perfect for detailed work in pen, pencil or colored pencil. Sturdy and erasable.
·         Versatile Canson ®Edition Art Boards provide a substantial textured surface that is excellent for drawing and multi-media expression. Available in vanilla and bright white.
·         The world’s most famous pastel paper, French-made Mi-Teintes® has a pronounced texture that holds substantial amounts of pigment, making this art board the ultimate foundation for pastel, charcoal or Conté crayon. In a wide array of lightfast colors.



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