Check Out this New Gamblin Artists Colors Retailer’s Promotion!

cold-wax-2oz-product-shot_for-webTo help retail partners drive foot traffic and sales during Fall BTS, Gamblin is pleased to announce a new Buy-Get Promotion.

This program is based on Gamblin’s successful Torrit Grey Program.  Participating retailers will receive Gamblin Cold Wax Medium in 2 oz. sizes to offer as a Buy-Get item to painters that spend $30 or more on Gamblin products during August and September.

cold-wax-medium-action-shot_for-webHere’s how it works:  From July 1 until August 30, 2009, Gamblin will ship Cold Wax Medium Kits to retailers who choose to participate.  This Kit contains everything you will need to run a successful promotion in your store during the Fall promotional period: August 1 thru September 30, 2009.  The Kits will ship free of charge, direct from Gamblin.

Gamblin encourages retail partners to promote the Buy-Get offer in-store and via web/email communications.  To support that, Gamblin has developed in-store signage and placed copy and images for the promotion on its retailer portal at

To get with the program, please contact your MacPherson’s Sales Rep or Cathy or Emily to request your FREE Cold Wax Medium Kit.  You can reach Gamblin via email at or

Each kit includes:
• 25 Cold Wax Medium 2oz
• 25 Guide to Mediums
• Rack Signage advertising the promotion
• Staff training information sheets on Cold Wax Medium
• Promotional copy and images are available on their retailer webpage at

Cold Wax Medium is a simple mixture of pure beeswax, Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits, and a small amount of alkyd resin.
Painting Medium

As a painting medium, Cold Wax Medium can be used to make oil colors thicker and more matte.

Matting Agent
Cold Wax Mediums can be used to lower the gloss level of Galkyd painting mediums.

Wax Varnish
Straight Cold Wax Medium can be applied to a dry painting as a removable, matte varnish.


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