New Rembrandt/Talens MAP Policy

A letter from Kyle Richardson, North American Business Manager –
Royal Talens/Bruynzeel Canson Inc.:

Dear Art Material Retailers

I am happy to announce that we have been successful in creating a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy on Rembrandt Oils, Pastels and Watercolors, that will be implemented effective Jan 1, 2015. This will help keep the advertised pricing of this premier range in line with the brand positioning as it is intended, and it will allow you as retailers to sell the product at a healthier margin, both every day and on seasonal promotions.

Below are the seasonal periods and the corresponding MAP guidelines for appropriate discounts. We will be supporting these with discounts on these products through our trade level seasonal promotional activities.


Products MAP MAP
  Everyday Price Promotional Price
Rembrandt Oil Color List less 25% List less 40%
Rembrandt Soft Pastel List less 25% List less 40%
Rembrandt Watercolors List less 25% List less 40%

Promotional Periods

Promotional Periods — the times when Promotional Prices may be charged — are listed below. Canson reserves the right to change Promotional Periods as it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion.

Winter BTS: January-Feb Open stock/sets 40% off
Spring: March– May Open stock/sets 40% off
Fall BTS August–Sept Open stock/sets 40% off
Holiday: Nov– Dec Sets only 40% off

This new policy, coupled with the Spring 2015 Early Bird pre-book program for Rembrandt products this year, and our regular seasonal promotional schedule, will allow you to get strong value and provide support to these products. This will be the first time Rembrandt pastels, the market leader, have been promoted in open stock! Along with the new product innovation for Rembrandt – the 15 new dark shades in pastels, new colors in Rembrandt oils, all new packaging which shows more color, simplifies and brightens the displays, it’s an exciting time for the range. We’ve shaken the dust off this wonderful brand and moved it into the 21st century. We thank all of you who support these proudly crafted Dutch products.

For detailed information regarding this policy, please follow this link. MAP Policies

Thank you again for your support!

Kyle Richardson

North American Business Manager – Royal Talens/Bruynzeel

Canson Inc.

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