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Liquitex Launches New Acrylic Gouache™

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Introducing Liquitex Acrylic Gouache. Perfect for fine art, design and illustration, layering, solid color blocking and mixed media, in a spectrum of 50 colors.  We’ve reimagined traditional gouache, using Liquitex innovation to bring you a new paint with the extra benefits of an acrylic.

The range features the most intense colors with a flat, matte effect that doesn’t crack. It offers superb fluidity and application with no need to dilute, all with a permanent, water-resistant finish when dry. Our ergonomic new bottle and tapered nozzle have been designed in collaboration with artists, to help us create what we believe is the perfect format. It’s fully reusable and recyclable, and not a drop of paint will go to waste. Three single pigment primaries are ideal for color theory and ideal for educational use.

The range consists of 50 colors in 2oz vessels and four sets that are ideal for exploration or gift giving. Liquitex Acrylic Gouache will be available at the end of October 2018.

New Liquitex Technique Sets

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Three series sets designed to explore new techniques, from entry to professional.

Series 1 – Basics  Acrylic Starter Box

887452997351-LQX BASICS ACRYLIC STARTER BOX [ANGLED FRONT] 887452997351....

Range of colors and brushes for endless possibilities all in one reusable box

Sets designed  to explore  new  techniques, from entry to professional.
Target Audience
Acrylic beginners —  a non-professional artist who has been painting for less than 5 years
Range of colors & brushes for endless possibilities
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary red
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary blue
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary yellow
•  1x Basics 75ml – hookers green
•  1x Basics 75ml – burnt umber
•  1x Basics 75ml – yellow oxide
•  1x Basics 75ml – mars black
•  2x Basics 75ml – titanium white
•  1x Basics 6 short handle brush pack – round 1, round 4, flat 2, fan 4, bright 3, bright 6

1 x reusable box + 1x Basics color chart

Series 2 – Basics Technique Sets

Two technique sets to support beginners interested in moving into sought after  professional  techniques

Target Audience
Acrylic beginners interested in moving into professional techniques
Complementary product (100ml Professional Medium) + bonus booklet with  tips  and  techniques
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary red
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary blue
•  1x Basics 75ml – primary yellow
•  1x Basics 75ml – mars black
•  2x Basics 75ml – titanium white
Wet on Wet Set

887452997368-LQX BASICS ACRYLIC TECHNIQUE - WET ON WET [ANGLED FRONT] 88...•  1x  professional slow-dri blending medium 100ml
•  1x Basics brush
Building Texture Set

•  1x professional  modeling paste  100ml
•  1x Basics palette knife
1x educational booklet

Series 3 – Pouring Technique Sets


Pouring technique sets with a complementary range of inks and a top-selling medium

Target Audience
Existing acrylic users interested in new products and techniques
Explore pouring techniques with this popular medium
•  1x pouring medium 118ml
Primary colors set
•  1x ink 30ml – phthalocyanine blue (green shade)
•  1x ink 30ml – quinacridone magenta
•  1x ink 30ml – yellow medium azo
Deep colors set
•  1x ink 30ml – turquoise deep
•  1x ink 30ml – deep violet
•  1x ink 30ml – iridescent bright gold

Liquitex Expands Basics Acrylic Range to Offer Artists More Choice

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


Liquitex is launching a new range of Basics 400ml squeeze bottles, Basics mediums, and Basics sets developed for students and artists who are looking for dependable quality at an economical price.

Basics 400ml provides a size option between the 250ml tube and the 946ml jar in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottles are available in 24 colors at the end of July.

Liquitex launched eight new mediums in July designed to help student artists explore their creativity. In addition to Gesso which already exists, the new products consist of core mediums: Gloss Gel, Modeling Paste, Iridescent Medium, Coarse Texture Gel, Gloss Fluid Medium, Matte Fluid Medium, Gloss Varnish, and Matte Varnish. A Mediums Trial Set priced at $14.99 for student artists who want to enter the mediums range without price being a barrier rounds out the offering.

An expanded set selection includes a Basics Best Sellers Set in a clear brick format that contains 24 – 22ml best-selling colors and has a handle for easy carrying that will be available to ship in late October.

In appreciation of your support of Basics, Liquitex is offering a Dealer Loyalty Program growth rebate (over and above any Colart rebate program) for the calendar year 2017. For further details about this program please contact your Colart sales representative.

Liquitex will also offer various point-of-sale items, such as a hand-painted blade with all 48 Basics colors in July and August to help the Basics presentation in store stand out and help educate student artists. There will also be a Fall Back to School promotion, offering 15% off the entire Basics range.

Basics rack

MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop – with thanks from Colart!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop – with thanks from Colart!

Thank you to all the retailers who joined us at the MacPherson’s Annual Dealer Workshop and checked out the launch of the Liquitex Cadmium Free range and Winsor & Newton surfaces. The annual conference is always a special time to connect with our retail partners and offer you a glimpse of new products. This year was no different as we offered demos and workshops for Liquitex in one room and Winsor & Newton and Arches in another.


In the Liquitex room, Cadmium Free demos were the focus. Attendees tested the product side by side with the Cadmium paints and saw just how comparable the two are. In addition to the demos, we unveiled a blind sampling kit concept that customers can use in their local art communities. Attendees were also impressed with the Liquitex Cadmium Free merchandising kits for offering a complete introductory merchandising solution.


Liquitex also launched the new Basics sizes and Basics planogram at the event, and customers were excited about the various Liquitex sets, particularly the $14.99 BASICS Acrylic Mediums Textures & Effects Set. In the Winsor & Newton room, we explored the newly launched surfaces: the Stretched canvas and Watercolor paper. We also featured Arches’ new free-standing floor display, five-sheet pack, and the 16 x 20 oil sheets. Both were a big draw for attendees.

Throughout the workshop, we discussed the features and benefits of the new ranges, as well as product pricing, merchandising opportunities, launch materials strategy, and specials.

Thank you again to MacPherson’s and all the retailers that attended the conference.

Liquitex Cadmium-Free Colors Are Coming!

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

LIQ HB 59ml Cad-Free Line up

Liquitex will launch a new range of Cadmium-Free colors in 2017, giving artists a wider range of choice when selecting safe art materials. Since their foundation in 1955 Liquitex have partnered with artists to ensure that they continually evolve and innovate. As there is no universal view on the potential harm of cadmium pigments, Liquitex has chosen to acknowledge this and offer both alternatives side by side so that artists can make a choice based on their personal preference. ColArt is proud to be the first in the market to introduce a parity performance Cadmium-Free alternative for health and safety conscious artists. As a company they are committed to developing safe and sustainable alternatives without compromising on the performance of the paint.

The new Cadmium-Free range carries an AP (Approved Product) Seal from the The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI). The ACMI is an international association of about 200 art, craft, and creative material manufacturers which seeks to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program. ColArt is a member of ACMI. ACMI-certified product seals (AP Approved Product and CL Cautionary Labeling) indicate that these products have been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist and are labeled in accordance with federal and state laws. The AP Seal identifies art materials that are safe and that are certified in a toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, including children, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.

The development of the new Cadmium-Free colors was the work of several ColArt chemists over a three year period, evaluating a huge range of pigments available internationally to discover the very best in terms of performance and match to existing Liquitex cadmium colors. The ColArt Innovation & Development laboratory applied several tests to demonstrate that the Cadmium-Free range is technically on par with the equivalent cadmium colors, for example:

  • Lightfastness to assess longevity
  • Color mass tone for brightness and overall match
  • Color reduction 10:1 with Titanium White to compare color strength and shade when mixed
  • Viscosity and rheology for handling properties
  • Specific gravity to test weight
  • Opacity check over black and white test card to assess coverage

Prior to the launch the range was rigorously tested not just in the ColArt Innovation & Development laboratory but also with the end user: artists. Liquitex identified regular users of acrylic paint and in particular cadmium colors for a series of tests. Each artist was given two identical sets of color, one set containing genuine cadmium paint and the other containing Cadmium-Free. The testing was conducted blind, without the artists’ knowledge of the difference between each set. They were allowed one month to work with and compare both sets. They were given a journal to keep during the assessment plus too a thorough a questionnaire at the end. None identified the fact that one set was Cadmium-Free.

Liquitex wants artists to experience first-hand that this is a true parity performance replacement for cadmium colors. Therefore the brand plans to invest in a robust communications campaign which will include digital advertising and a global social media campaign. The brand will also organize a number of demonstrations in-store as well as in the educational sector to make sure as many artists as possible get the opportunity to see the new range first-hand. Alongside this, Liquitex will provide informative point of sale materials for stores.

The 59ml range consists of 7 colors: Cadmium-Free Red Light, Red Medium, Red Deep, Orange, Yellow Light, Yellow Medium, Yellow Deep and will be available in stores July 2017. The 138ml range consists of 4 colors: Cadmium-Free Red Medium, Orange, Yellow Light, Yellow Medium and will be available in stores August 2017. The range of Hues will be discontinued and the Cadmium-Free SKUs will take the place of the Hues in the Heavy Body color range.

LQ artist comment

Liquitex Muted Collection Creates a Buzz

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

As the success of the Liquitex Special Release Muted Collection continues, Liquitex is excited to announce two new merchandising options for the collection. The first is a free standing display unit which holds the counter top unit with open stock and all three sets. This is an option for retailers who do not have space for the countertop or who want to make a feature of the collection. The next is a suggested endcap that contains the muted collection, white and black in Heavy Body, Soft Body and Ink, plus top selling mediums and space at the bottom for canvas of the retailer’s choice. The headers are orderable items and the Point of Sale kit can be used to further dress up the space.

6313.LQ Muted Collection Endcap with Headers - English FSDU_Mockup 2[2]

There has been excellent consumer interest and demand following a strong social media effort, advertising and the inclusion of the Muted Collection Ink in the ArtSnacks October box. Click here on Instagram and you’ll find many positive reviews straight from consumers. The inclusion in ArtSnacks certainly generated buzz for the range and as a result, Liquitex will be putting the Heavy Body Muted Collection into the ArtSnacks May box. They expect a similar response, excitement and demand for Heavy Body to follow.

To order contact your MacPherson’s account manager or click here for more details:

Liquitex Sales Sheet – Special Release Muted Collection – FSDU

Liquitex Sales Sheet – Special Release Muted Collection – ENDCAP PROPOSAL

Liquitex and Artfinder Kick Off Partnership with a NYC Event  

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

liquitex_professional_logoThe recent partnership between Liquitex and Artfinder kicked off with an artist event held at Vandal in New York City on Tuesday, December 13th. Founded in March 2013 and based in London and Miami, Artfinder connects people to artists and art.

The site is growing fast, currently connecting 500,000 subscribers around the world with:

  • 8,500 artists and galleries internationally
  • 250,000+ artworks in categories including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, drawing and collage

The event gave New York artists the chance to meet each other and to learn about and experiment with Liquitex’s new Special Release Muted Collection. The first ever special release launch in Liquitex’s 60 year history, the collection comprises five new colors, muted grey, pink, turquoise, green and violet, matched across acrylic ink, soft body and heavy body. Event attendees included Artfinder’s CEO Jonas Almgren, Liquitex Brand Manager for North America, Christina Yoder and more than 60 Artfinder artists.


Jonas Almgren of Artfinder comments: Liquitex is a brand that challenges the established way of doing things – and a brand that loves supporting artists all over the world. Those are two things we have in common, and so we are very excited to begin working together – both in the US the UK and worldwide- to support artists to create and sell their work all over the world. It is also a pleasure – as a tech startup in our third year, to work with such an established brand as Liquitex.”

Artists who attended the event included Margaret Ann Withers, Rebecca Kane, Reinder Oldenburger, Yevgenia Nayberg, Rene de la Cruz and Cindy Press.