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Manuscript News: World Calligraphy Day is August 16!

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Calligraphy and hand lettering continue to trend and open doors to a whole new demographic of customers. In honor of this, Manuscript has launched World Calligraphy Day! They will be celebrating this on social media and hosting an event at the Pen Museum in Birmingham, England.

World Calligraphy Day

Retailers can maximize on this event by hosting demos, classes and/or promotions during the month of August and specifically on the 16th. Make sure you shout it out on social media and make your customers aware. For retailers that do not currently have a robust calligraphy department, this is the time expand! Great ways to do this are with several easy assortments that we have put together.


Item # MUENTRYAS – Manuscript Entry Assortment contains 10 basic and best-sellers from Manuscript. To easily kickstart calligraphy in your store.

Item # MUEXPAS – Manuscript Expanded Assortment contains the 10 items in the entry assortment, plus 15 more key items to give your customers an impactful calligraphy assortment.

Item #s SP3094 and SP3095 – Speedball Intro Calligraphy Assortment and Complete Calligraphy Assortment are optimized to feature the 43/70 best-selling drawing and lettering products, they include pens, inks, nibs, books and even a poster!

Check out these assortments and many more hand lettering products on Online Express.

Manuscript Calligraphy

Masterclass Calligraphy from the British Calligraphy Specialists

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Manuscript Pen Company has launched an exciting and captivating compendium of quality calligraphy items this year, which will lead beginners and the more advanced to truly master and enjoy the Art of Beautiful Writing.

Whether you want to treat friends and loved ones with an inspirational gift or try this rewarding craft yourself, the Masterclass set will provide you with all you need to start calligraphy in a modern and practical presentation case.


The tin storage case contains:

  • Two Manuscript classic fountain pens
  • Four nib options to explore thin and thick strokes
  • 12 ink cartridges in assorted colors
  • One ink converter which can be used in conjunction with Manuscript ink bottles for a longer supply of ink
  • Concise calligraphy manual guiding the reader through three different scripts and calligraphy projects
  • Practice pad and guidelines
  • Two shut-off caps to protect the nibs when not in use.


Follow this link to the Masterclass set at Online Express (login to order).

We wish you an inspiring journey into the world of this enthralling art!

We invite you to discover more about Manuscript Pen Company who have been manufacturing nibs with the Leonardt brand since 1856. Watch their corporate video for a snapshot of their fascinating history.


Note to the video: Charles Stockbridge is the current Managing Director, whereas his father, Nick Stockbridge, is the company’s Chairman.

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