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Jacquard Alcohol Inks: A Versatile Tool in the Creative Arsenal

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

When Jacquard launched Piñata Colors in 2002, alcohol inks were virtually unheard of. Since then, alcohol inks have become extremely popular, especially among artists working on hard surfaces like tile, metal, YUPO, Clayboard, glass, plastic, stone, leather, polymer clay, etc. Recently, Piñata has also become a staple among resin artists for creating “petri” artwork. The process is simple: Piñata Colors are dripped onto the surface of the mixed resin after the mold is poured, and as each drop sinks, the resin hardens. The result when the cast is removed from the mold is a magnificent, psychedelic world of blooming color—what artist Josie Lewis calls a “petrified rainbow.”

Whenever a “new” medium comes around, it is always exciting to see how artists will embrace it. Piñata is one of those mediums that seems to have opened the door to a whole world of new possibilities. The applications artists use it for continue to surprise and delight!

Jacquard’s YouCAN wins Creative Tool Award at Creativeworld 2018!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Jacquard is proud to announce that the YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can won 2nd Place in the Creative Impulse “International Innovation Award for Creative Tool of the Year” at the 2018 Creativeworld tradeshow!

From the Creativeworld Press Release:

“The Creative Impulse Award is a trend barometer that reflects the great innovative power of the DIY sector. This year, a new record was set for the number of entries with 74 products. A jury of top experts from the trade, industry and media met to assess, test, discuss and evaluate in detail all entries for the four categories.”

Jacquard was also featured prominently in the “Trends” exhibition at Creativeworld with:

  • Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments
  • Basic Dye
  • Indigo Tie Dye Kit
  • YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can
  • Piñata Alcohol Ink

We can attest to the association’s keen eye for trending products: all the items featured have skyrocketed in popularity in markets all over the world over the last 6-12 months. All these items are available from MAcPhereson’s.

Product link –  YouCAN

YouCAN Refillable Air Powered Spray Can from Jacquard Products on Vimeo.

Jacquard 4 oz. Piñata Assortment NOW AVAILABLE

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Now available through MacPherson’s: Jacquard’s Piñata Alcohol Inks in a 4 oz. size! The Piñata product line and NEW 4 oz. Piñata display both come with 22 colors (including three NEW metallics: Copper, Brass and Pearl), Piñata Clean Up solution and Piñata Clear Extender.

When Jacquard launched Piñata Colors in 2002, alcohol inks were virtually unheard of. Since then, this unique category has become extremely popular, especially with artists working on non-porous surfaces like tile, Yupo, metal, glass, plastic, stone, leather, polymer clay and more. That is why Jacquard is offering a new display of 4 oz. inks.


Piñata Colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks for any hard surface. Indelible and impervious to water once dry, Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based systems. As a dye-based, highly transparent ink*, Piñata Colors are unparalleled for vibrancy, and only the most lightfast dyes have been selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colors have become the go-to inks for any non-porous surface.

The pigmented palette of Piñata inks has grown.  034 Copper and 035 Brass are beautiful metallic colors made from real metal pigments (like the super popular 033 Silver and 032 Rich Gold) that glisten and shine. The metallic white 036 Pearl is made with super reflective mica pigment and is terrific for mixing with the dye-based colors to create entirely new palettes of pearlescent inks. These three new colors are opaque, lightfast and shine with unparalleled luster. The Piñata metallic colors are perfect for scrapbookers and paper artists whenever a true metallic is desired, as well as for oil painters, acrylic painters, window painters, sculptors and crafters of all kinds.

*030 Blanco Blanco, 032 Rich Gold, 033 Silver, 034 Copper, 035 Brass & 036 Pearl are pigment-based, super-opaque and entirely lightfast.

new Pinata colors

Please check out Jacquard’s Instagram for some Piñata inspiration:

Jacquard Body Art Family

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

With the new addition of Jacquard’s ‘Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit’, there are now three body art kits available in the Jacquard Body Art Family; Mehndi Henna Kit, Glitter Body Art Kit and Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit. Jacquard is now your one stop for premium and specialty body art materials.

Jagua and Henna are all-natural and can be mixed together to create a color pallet that ranges from the deep blueish black of Jagua to the warm burnt reddish brown of Henna.

JAC9515-Jagua-Kit_2x2.5_CMYK (3)JAC9500_MehndiHenna_2x2.5_CMYK

Henna is natural colorant made from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia inermis shrub that produces a beautiful orange-brown color.   Henna has been used for thousands of years to stain skin (mehndi), fingernails, hair, leather, silk and wool.

Henna on hand

Juice from the unripe Jagua fruit (Genipa americana) has been used for body adornment for millennia. The Amazonian fruit produces a permanent, bluish-black stain that, like henna, lasts approximately 1-2 weeks.

jagua hand

Jagua is great for accenting henna designs, mixing with henna for various shades of “hengua,” or used on its own for beautiful, dark colored designs. Because it looks so much like a permanent tattoo, it is increasingly used to test drive tattoo ideas and embellish existing tattoos. Jagua is widely available in liquid or gel forms that have very short shelf lives unless refrigerated. Jacquard’s dehydrated jagua powder performs just as well as gels, is free completely of impurities, and has an extremely long shelf life. Certified safe, easy to use and with better economy than liquids and gels, powdered jagua is truly a game changer for serious body artists!

These are a perfect gift for the Holidays and are on sale with MacPherson’s through December 31st. The glitter kit is a big hit for kids; party activities, Halloween, festivals, parades or to add accents to our other body art kits.

JAC9510_Glitter BodyArt_Kit._2x2.5_CMYK



Choosing the right Jacquard Screen Printing ink for your store

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

The most important thing when choosing the right screen ink is knowing your customers and what they need. Screen printing is a complex category and customers often need assistance making the right choices. Do you have mainly professional printers, novice, or both? Are they printing primarily on paper, fabric or vinyl? Is the main concern cost, durability, color selection, or…? Jacquard offers two lines of screen printing inks that cover all the bases. Below is a great reference guide for understanding the differences between Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink and Versatex Ink.

Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink
Professional quality and unlike any other ink on the market. For virtually any surface from posters to t-shirts to bumper stickers, these water-based inks simulate many characteristics of solvent-based inks, making them a great option for the old-school professional. Jacquard Screen Printing Inks air cure in 72 hours after printing or can be heat set for added permanence and durability.

  • Great on paper – no buckling due to high solids
  • Prints on vinyl, glass, wood, metal, paper, fabric, acrylic (plexi) and paper
  • Extra-long open time in screen
  • Superb wash fastness on textiles, etc.
  • Heavier bodied than Versatex, excellent for super fine detail.
  • Extensive palette:
  • Transparent colors
  • Opaques
  • Metallics
  • CMY Process Color System
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • 3-day cure time with no heat setting needed, which saves time and money
  • True opaque colors for dark garments
  • Professional Grade with unparalleled versatility
  • Heavy body and heavily pigmented makes these inks easy to dilute with water to get more for your money
  • Will not clog your screen even though very heavy body
  • Unparalleled coverage and opacity

A water-based screen printing ink ideal for screening, stenciling and/or block printing on fabric with a wonderfully creamy rheology. The colors are intermixable and can be thinned with water. Versatex printed fabric must be heat set for permanence and washability (or use the Versatex Fixer Additive). Beautiful, transparent overlays can be achieved when mixing colors with the Clear Extender.

  • Great on paper – can buckle light weight stock, best on heavier paper
  • Not recommended for non- absorbent surfaces
  • Good open time, easily increased with the Screen Life Additive
  • Great wash fastness on textiles, now sets at a lower temperature
  • Unrivaled SOFT HAND
  • Large palette:
  • Transparent colors
  • Fluorescent colors
  • Metallics
  • Available in 3 sizes plus 2.25 oz sets
  • Cures with heat setting, OR mix the Versatex Fixer with the ink and there is no need to heat set
  • Softer body than JSI
  • Performance far surpasses comparably priced screen inks. Professional quality textile ink
  • Printers rave about its smooth and creamy consistency and texture
  • Beautifully transparent

Groovy, Baby! Jacquard Goes Hippie Retro

Monday, May 29th, 2017

7 Shirt Comp

Although resist dyeing techniques (including ones involving binding of fabric prior to coloring) date back at least 2,500 years, tie dyeing as it has come to be known is a distinctly American artform that was born out of the freewheeling hippy days of California in the 1960’s. Even today, multi-colored tie dye motifs like the rainbow spiral are widely associated with the love movement that took America by storm some forty years ago. Though tie dye has been absorbed into more mainstream aesthetics in recent years (see “tie dye chic,” for instance, a popular “yuppie” fad), it remains a markedly American tradition.

Believe it or not, Jacquard was the very first to offer a “tie dye kit”—a package containing everything you need to tie dye like a hippy/pro. Jacquard has been offering this kit since 1982, proudly manufactured in the San Francisco bay area, the birthplace of hippiedom! These days, tie dye kits abound in the US—there is a whole aisle of them in Walmart!—but they are all knock-offs of Jacquard’s original kit, mostly manufactured in China, and it goes without saying, none of them are nearly as high quality nor of equal value to Jacquard’s. The Jacquard Tie Dye Kits are still the gold standard, and it is a high bar they have set: the kits yield intense and lasting colors that to this day are unmatched by any other brand in the world!

With summer upon us what better way is there to celebrate than getting outside and tie dying your shirts, jean shorts, headbands, socks, bedding, dresses or underwear! All Jacquard’s Tie Dye kits are easy-to-use, and no two results are ever exactly alike. The design possibilities are endless and unique as fingerprints! They make great gifts and are wonderful party activities. Kits contain everything needed for dyeing (except the fabric): pre-measured Procion MX Dye powder (in convenient applicator bottles), Soda Ash dye fixer, rubber bands, gloves and easy-to-follow instructions.


Jacquard Tie Dye Kits are available through MacPherson’s in two sizes JAC9444 and JAC9445 retail at $11.99 and JAC9320 and JAC9325 retail for $19.99.

Make Calligraphy Pop with Jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigments

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Calligraphy is arguably the most enduring ancient art form. Now, in the age of social media, it is experiencing a major renaissance. See this month’s trend report on Hand Lettering. That is exactly what Jacquard has seen with their Pearl Ex pigments (Jacquard’s line of over 30 metallic/pearlescent mica pigments), which in recent years experienced an incredible surge in popularity, particularly among calligraphers. Search #PearlEx hashtag on Instagram, and the majority of the thousands of images that you will see will be of beautifully penned words, sparkling and shiny in well-lit videos or stills.

jac0620Calligraphers are particularly fond of metallic colors. So much so that many of them banded together to ask Jacquard to produce a particularly hot color: Rose Gold. Jacquard worked with Joi Hunt, an acclaimed calligrapher from the greater Chicago area, to produce this beautiful new color. Rose Gold is included in Jacquard’s incredibly popular Metallic Calligraphy Set (JAC0620), Jacquard’s Lumiere acrylics line and is also available as an open stock Pearl Ex pigment.

Lyons wedding placecard bride

Joi says “A whole new generation of artists are bringing new ideas and a fresh take on historical scripts, making them current and relevant.  New mediums and inks are being used to the delight of calligraphers the world over.  Most importantly, the public, and potential clients, are appreciating calligraphy and are seeking out well skilled calligraphers.” The art form is flourishing in the forms of font design, invitations, hand lettered logo design, announcements, graphic design, maps and much more, and Pearl Ex is right in the middle of it all!

brodarick envelope

Indeed, Pearl Ex is Jacquard’s most versatile product line – it can be added to acrylics, oils, printing inks, encaustics, alcohol inks, epoxy, glues, casting resins, clay, varnish and much more. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. It is an essential material for any artist, whenever a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired.

Take a look inside Joi Hunt’s studio to see how she mixes Pearl Ex, Gum Arabic and water to create her calligraphy ink using the following link: 


NEW Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit from Jacquard Products

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


NEW from Jacquard Products and now available from MacPherson’s: Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit, item #JAC9515 SRP $13.99

Safe, non-toxic and 100% natural, Jagua tattoos last 1-2 weeks and LOOK REAL! Used for body adornment by indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years, Jacquard is proud to now offer the only shelf-stable form of jagua ever available.

The third Body Art Kit from Jacquard, the Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit is sure to be the most universally appealing, especially considering how mainstream real tattoos have become. Body art of all kinds is trending BIG TIME right now, and both real and temporary tattoos seem to be everywhere you look. Increasingly often, you can’t even tell the two apart, and that is exactly what people LOVE about Jagua!

Temporary tattoos are not just found in arcade vending machines and pizza parlors anymore. They have become a popular form of self-expression across all age groups and with all types of people (not just kids!) These days, people like to be able to change up their look without the pain, permanency, cost, commitment and stigma of a real tattoo. Of all the varieties of temporary tattoos that are now available (metallic, glow-in-the-dark, brightly colored, etc.) most popular of all are authentic-looking, long-lasting temporary tattoos. This is exactly where Jagua reigns supreme: Jagua lasts longer, is more versatile and looks more authentic than any other type of temporary tattoo on the market.

So test drive your tattoo ideas or fool your friends–it’s only temporary!

The process is incredibly simple: Apply to any part of the body to express yourself. Once applied, the color darkens to its final shade over 24-48 hours and lasts until the skin exfoliates. All the necessary tools are included in the kit. Use the provided Transfer Paper for easy tracing of custom designs, or freehand draw directly onto the skin. For ages 12+.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


Spring is just upon us and what better way to celebrate than to get outside and play! SolarFast is safe for any age and easy to use.   Photographers, screen printers, print makers and dyers rejoice: with SolarFast, Jacquard has taken photography out of the darkroom and opened up a whole world of light-powered print making! SolarFast is a light-developed dye that is permanent and archival on any natural fabric or artist paper. This means you can now print continuous-tone photographs in any color, directly onto paper or fabric, without a darkroom, without additional chemicals, without heat setting, without steaming…it’s fast and easy and the results will blow you away! SolarFast is also great for tie dyeing, batik, screen printing, painting, and more—it is always completely soft on fabric, and you never have to worry about setting the colors the way you do with other paints, inks and dyes. You can turn a snap shot, drawing, or found image into a T-shirt or artist print in a matter of minutes.

Print remarkably detailed photograms or shadow prints on paper or fabric by harnessing the power of the sun. Anything you place on the painted surface to block the light will create a print in a matter of minutes, whether that’s a solid object (toys, tools, plants, lace, etc.), a photographic negative (an image digitally printed onto a transparency) or shadow (from folds in the fabric or a 3D object).

SolarFast is also great for painting, tie dyeing, screen printing, stamping, batik and more—no heat setting, chemical or steam fixing necessary. The dye leaves fabric completely soft to the touch. On paper, SolarFast has zero relief and will not affect the texture of the surface whatsoever, making it a powerful tool for mixed-media arts. For Screen Printing applications use the SolarFast Thickener (item # JAJSD1901 MSRP $9.99)

SolarFast dyes are light-sensitive and only develop color and become permanent upon exposure to sunlight (UV). Apply SolarFast to your fabric or paper using a brush. Sponge, brayer or squeegee, while still damp, expose the design to sunlight and watch the color magically appear!

SolarFast is available through MacPherson’s in open stock and a kit (Item # JAJSD9000 MSRP $24.99)


SolarFast Thickener

SolarFast on Paper

The Jacquard Film Marker: creating hand-drawn negatives for SolarFast printing

Indigo Tye Dye Kit from Jacquard

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Did you know that indigo

  • was once referred to as “Blue Gold?”
  • occurs naturally in various plants (and mollusks) found all over the world?
  • was independently discovered and cultivated by diverse and distant cultures throughout history?
  • is still associated with political power and religious ritual?
  • was used by the Romans as a pigment for painting as well as for medicinal and cosmetic purposes?

Indigo ad fabric 2_RGBIndigo dyeing fabric

The earliest examples of indigo-dyed textiles trace back to numerous cultures throughout history: from the mummies of ancient Egypt and Peru (both over 6,000 years ago), to the manuscripts of Mesopotamia (2,600 years ago), where cuneiform tablets were found with the recipe for dying wool blue. Most cultures developed resist techniques for creating patterned indigo fabrics, and each has their own unique tradition and characteristics, from the folded shibori of Japan to the wax batiks of India. Even today, every pair of blue jeans you see has been dip-dyed in an indigo vat, using the same dye and process we’ve been using for millennia.

The color Indigo is an extremely popular all year round. It is being used for hair, nails, scarves, handkerchiefs, shirts, interior design such as throw pillow, blankets, sheets, chair and couch covers, accent walls and lamp shades. Take a look at Jacquard’s Pinterest board all about the love of Indigo for some inspiration! Pinterest Indigo Inspiration  With Jacquard’s indigo kit available through MacPherson’s (item number JAC9410, MSRP $11.99) this trend is brought to the backyard dyer in the safest and easiest to use formulation ever available – all you need is a bucket of water and a sink or hose! This unique and essential dyeing experience is now accessible to anyone, even children can be involved in the magic of watching the dipped fabric change from bright green to deep blue as the indigo oxidizes and becomes permanent. With a resurgence of interest in indigo and “ethnic” patterns in the fashion world, this kit is sure to be a favorite with almost anyone who tries it.

Indigo fabric-stack_RGB

Jacquard Kicks Off 2017 in Style!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Jacquard Airbrush Colors are unique among airbrush paints. Like Jacquard’s other paints, they were formulated for optimal performance on fabric. This means they exhibit superior permanence and durability compared to other acrylic paints, making them ideal for non-traditional surfaces such as leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, etc.

Their excellent adhesion and durability make Jacquard Airbrush Colors particularly popular among shoe, sneaker and leather painters, who require paints that will hold up well to flex and wear. As “fabric paints,” they are exceptionally flexible and resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling – more so than any other brand.

The paints also leave fabric super soft to the touch. Check out this leather jacket, for instance, which was changed from a sand color to black using the Transparent Black Airbrush Color. Coating the entire jacket with the paint didn’t change the feel or drape of the material at all!

Formulated for easy spraying right out of the bottle with no additives or adulteration required, these odorless, non-toxic and water-based fluid acrylics perform well even at low pressures, with minimal tip-dry or clogging. Available in six intermixable varieties:  Transparent, Opaque, Metallic, Fluorescent, Bright and Iridescent. All the colors are highly pigmented and intense.

Every display comes with a gallon jug of 1 oz. samples, a great way to turn your customers on to this paint. If you are interested in staff training or in-store demos please contact Jacquard to set one up!

New! Fluorescent Red

JAB2408_Fluorescent Red Airbrush 4ozJacquard is also on the forefront of another major trend: custom sneaker painting. Our Lumiere, Neopaque and Jacquard Airbrush Colors are known all over the world as the premiere paints for custom footwear. (This has been such an area of growth for Jacquard that we now sponsor two professional teams of celebrity sneaker painters–@jacquardusa and @jacquardteameuofficial.)

The most popular sneaker to customize is the Nike Air Jordan, and the most popular Jordan color is the iconic Infra-red. Sneaker painters call us every day asking for this color. That is why we launched the new Fluorescent Red in our Airbrush Colors line, so this sought-after color can be applied to any custom project. This is the same wildly fluorescent, true red that we offer in our Textile Colors line.
The Fluorescent Red Airbrush Color is the first of an extensive new palette of “sneaker colors,” coming soon from Jacquard.

Jacquard Products proudly sponsors Johny Dar’s “Jeans For Refugees”

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


johnydar_w-jeansJeans for Refugees” is an artistic fundraising initiative from acclaimed fashion designer and artist Johny Dar. The project seeks to benefit displaced peoples around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee ( Over one hundred celebrities have donated jeans to the project, including Emma Watson, Sharon Stone, Kate Moss and Tom Waits, to name a few. Each pair of jeans will be hand-painted by Johny Dar and auctioned online at For the project, Johny is using Jacquard’s Lumiere 3D paints exclusively, which Jacquard happily donated. Each pair is a work of art and a stunning testament to Lumiere 3D’s potential. Jacquard is thrilled to be a part of the Jeans for Refugees project and to see functional art of this caliber, done with Jacquard paints, working as a force for good in the world. Learn more at or by following #JeansForRefugees on social media.


New and Improved Jacquard Marbling Kit

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Paper marbling has a fascinating history. No one agrees on where or when the art form actually originated. Indeed, marbling seems to have at least two separate histories: one in East Asia starting in the 11th century (the “sumigashi” tradition) and one in Central Asia starting in the 15th century (the “ebru” tradition). In 17th century Europe, marbling quickly established itself as a standard book art, and its secrets were closely guarded for centuries. Because each print is unique, marbling was even used as a measure to prevent forgery of official documents and signatures!

Great for the holidays!

These days, the art of marbling is used for so much more than just books and paper. While paper marbling hasn’t lost its romanticism, artists are branching out to clothes, shoes, scarves, hats, wrapping paper, even lampshades! Jacquard is a pioneer in this expansion, offering multi-surface Marbling Colors that are exceptionally permanent (and soft!) on fabric. The new Jacquard Marbling set is in stock at both MacPherson’s DC’s and ready to ship!

Item Number: JAC9609


Check out Jacquard’s YouTube channel here to learn how to marble wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, fabric and much more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint!