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Maped/Helix on National Coloring Book Day – August 2, 2016

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016



Join Maped Helix USA in Celebrating National Coloring Book Day on August 2, 2016. On this day grab your Maped coloring pencils and favorite book – just relax and color all day!


National Coloring Book Day is a day to relax and color. You can easily find a coloring book club at your local library, coloring tip videos on YouTube or join in a LIVE color along event on Facebook. Coloring is for everyone not just for kids. Adults can join in the coloring fun with their favorite adult coloring book at any time! Why is coloring fun and relaxing? Coloring can help adults overcome stress. You can improve your concentration and unleash your inner creativity. You can always color at home, at the library, work or even on the go!

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day by coloring along with Artists and Adult Book Illustrators, Anne Manera & Tamara Cameron on August 2nd. Anne & Tamara will show you a few coloring tips and techniques LIVE on Facebook! When you’re done coloring make sure to share your colorful creation on social media.

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Hashtag the following on August 2nd and share your completed art creations.

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Facebook Events:

National Coloring Book Day (8/2/16)

National Coloring Day Party (8/2/16) – Live Color Along, Giveaways, & Games

Help Maped Helix USA celebrate World Stationery Day!

Monday, March 28th, 2016

World Stationery Day is creating a buzz with people all over the world sharing the importance of why writing by hand matters and will always be important, even in an increasingly digital world!

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Why does writing matter to you? World Stationery Day celebrates the written word and all things stationery. Help influence people all over the world to send more letters and cards not just text or email as it is much more meaningful! Hand written notes, invitations, birthday cards, & thank you letters add a touch of personalization and thoughtfulness giving pleasure to so many people compared to a typed letter or an e-mail. Let’s keep the writing tradition alive!

Please help celebrate World Stationery Day by sharing your colorful world stationery day save the date creation on social media.

Hashtag the following, and share your favorite products.

  • #Writingmatters
  • #Writeit
  • #keepwriting
  • #worldstationeryday
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Adult Coloring and Maped Graph’Peps Fineliner Pens are Made for Each Other!

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Maped Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens are perfect for all Adult Coloring Book Creations!

Maped Helix USA has launched extra-fine, 0.4mm felt tip fineliner pens in carded packs of 4 to 20. In addition, a display featuring 240 felt tipped fineliner pens is also available. Its vibrant, water based ink colors are perfect for all Adult Coloring Book creations!

Featuring an ergonomically designed triangular barrel for the utmost writing comfort. Its metal nib extends life by protecting the felt tip when using a template, ruler or other straight-edge. These Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens are also perfect for various art projects, drawing, everyday writing or drafting!

These NEW products will be featured in MacPherson’s Fall – Back To School Buyer’s Guide with a special promotional discount from 4/29/16 – 9/15/16, 57.5% (50/15% off). These items already have a low everyday list price, this extra discount is sure to stir interest.

The Maped Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens display features a small foot print: 7.28″w x 14.37″d x 13.39″h for easy store placement. Includes 240 Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Finelner Pens in 20 different colors.

helix fineliner pens