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abstract® Acrylic paint from Sennelier/Savoir Faire

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Modern Since 1887

For that artistic customer that is always looking for new ways to do things. abstract® is an innovative Acrylic system with revolutionary packaging. Painting straight out of the sturdy, yet flexible pouch through it’s beak type tip, makes abstract® ideal for large work and “street art”. The pouch is economical, totally squeezable, can sit upright on your shelf to display, and available in 60 brilliant colors – 36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent. The highly pigmented abstract® features a heavy-body texture that offers great covering power while enabling for a lot of transparency.

Talk to your MacPherson’s Account Manager for Merchandising Options, the 5 Box Set and the new 8 piece tip set (coming soon).  A generous sample program is available for stores.