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MacPherson’s 2014 Sourcebook is Here!

Friday, September 26th, 2014

The new MacPherson’s 900-page Art Supply Sourcebook is hot off the press and making it’s way to our customers. This full-color resource features thousands of items in a gorgeous, completely accessible format. For those retailers looking to use the catalog for marketing to your customers, it is also available with cover art stripped of MacPherson’s name and logo that can be easily personalized. Since it weighs in at just under 4 lbs., we are not mailing the sourcebooks out. If you haven’t received a copy yet, reach out to your MacPherson’s account manager today.

Wait til you see it!!!


MacPherson’s 2014 Dealer Workshop

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Our Purchasing and Creative teams are gearing up for another fun-filled and educational Dealer Workshop. The event will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina on Wednesday, June 11th and Thursday, June 12th. We’ll also have a handful of demos on Tuesday afternoon.

Think you’d like to join us? Click to request an invitation if you haven’t received one yet.

Hotel capacity is limited, so confirmed space will be decided on a first come, first served basis.

MacPherson’s 2013 Dealer Workshop

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Our Purchasing and Creative teams are gearing up for another fun-filled and educational Dealer Workshop. The event will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina on Wednesday, June 12th and Thursday, June 13th. We’ll also have a handful of demos on Tuesday afternoon.

Think you’d like to join us? Click here to request an invitation if you haven’t received one yet.

Get Your Book Sales On Fire!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

No matter what you do, changing up your Walter Foster book assortment drives sales. When Foster’s sales team works with you, our art supply retailers, to make display changes, the following month generally produces a 15% or greater sales increase.  The folks at Walter Foster have found that changing a minimum of 10% of the titles twice per year is the ideal way to accomplish this sales growth.

Take a look at the attached BOOK SALES ON FIRE information. It could help you and your MacPherson’s sales representative grow your book sales this back-to-school season.

For more information, contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative.

Rachel Thompson Designs

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The cover of our 2012 Art Supply Sourcebook was created by former MacPherson’s employee Rachel Thompson. Rachel started her own freelancing business after her daughter was born. You’ve seen her work on Buyer’s Guide covers, NAMTA signs, custom flyers and much, much more. If you need some design work done, Rachel can help. In addition to being a talented artist and designer, Rachel is very familiar with our industry, our products, and our quirks.

MacPherson’s Does Class Kits!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

It’s never too soon to be planning to make the Fall Back to School Season your store’s best ever. MacPherson’s recognizes the importance of aligning with the art professors and offering pre-made kits is a great way to help students start their first day of an art course with everything needed on the supply syllabus. Why not let MacPherson’s build the kits so you can concentrate on strengthening your relationship with the art instructors through more one on one face-time?  Our online kit‐building process turns your tedious kit process into an efficient turn‐and‐earn proposition.

• Kit contents and kit names will be saved for your reordering convenience
• All kits come individually packaged in an appropriately sized, see-through polybag
• Custom packaging is available upon request
• Unique kit bar code labels are available upon request
• 45-Day lead time is required for kit order fulfillment

Ask your MacPherson’s sales contact for all the details or visit MacPhersonArt.Com and go to ONLINE EXPRESS > KIT CENTER for a next day quote. Or, work with your MacPherson’s sales rep.


Big Idea: Art Supply Stores, Claim Your Google Search Results!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

ypBack in the day new customers looking for local products and services let their fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages.  Those days are not quite over, but consider this; over 80% of people are now using web search engines to get their local shopping information.


That means Google, Yahoo, Bing & are a new consumer’s gateway to your store. To underscore the point, Google according to comScore/TMP, grew its local search market share from 15% in June 2008 to 26% in June 2009. As these numbers grow, are you getting your rightful piece of the local search traffic? All of these sites want to offer the most useful and accurate information as possible, but gone are the days when a sales rep from the phone company would proof your listing and help you sort out the best image approach that’s custom tailored for your store. The good news is that a basic listing for all the most popular search sites is free. That allows you to write your story, post photos, videos, store website link, operating hours, services offered, and more. The possibly not-so-good news is you are required to “pump your own gas.” More to the point, if you want the best results, you’ll have to do your homework. Getting this simple and free listing right has the power to make or break a retail business dependent on the local market.

Here is a basic check list for turning this opportunity into something huge:

1. Business Information on the Web Must be Consistent, Accurate, and Up-to-Date

Google relies on information it finds on the Internet to improve the relevancy of their results. Customer reviews and mentions of your business information on the web play a big role in how Google ranks listings — it is important that Google associates them with your business. Inconsistencies in how your local business is presented online can make this impossible, which in turn can significantly reduce your local search visibility. Risk factors that can trigger inconsistencies are change of address, phone number or business name.  At the end of the day you want to eliminate all inconsistencies.

2. Claim and Verify Your Business Listing

Amazingly, most local business listings have not yet been claimed. Hey, it’s free to do, so there’s no excuse. We’ve provided links to the top search sites below. Google relies on business owners to keep information up-to-date and accurate via Google Places.

3. Categorize Creatively to Increase Your Search Results

Proper categorization in Google Maps is essential to matching consumer needs to your store’s unique mix. It can make a difference between a poor listing and a great one. Google will suggest categories as you type and you will have to use one or more of those predefined categories to classify your business. Examples that fit classic art materials stores are: Art Supplies, Painting‎‎, Drawing‎‎, Crafts & Kids‎‎, Graphic Arts & Cutting‎‎, Paper‎‎, Board & Films‎‎, Books & Video‎, but you can also create custom categories such as art instruction, encaustic supplies, urban art, spray paint,  graffiti, etc. When choosing custom categories think about the words a customer would use to find a specific type of product or service you offer.

4. Your Store’s Description Entry is Important

The description field should be used to emphasize what is unique about your business and to inspire trust. All that, in less than 200 characters! Having something remarkable about the business in the description is a must. Maybe you have the oldest company in your town, or your staff features practicing artists. Take great care with this critical field.

5. Pictures and Videos

Images and videos are ideal tools for making listings compelling and bringing their conversion rates up. Google allows 10 images and 5 videos to be added to your listing. Some types of images that would help your listing in many ways are: Company logo, key brands carried, pictures of the store, logos of trade associations like NAMTA you belong to, any video of the store or interviews, etc…

6. Details (Hours of Operation, Payment Options, Additional Details)

7. Coupons Get Results!

Coupons are a great way to promote products and services, however in Google Maps they are possibly the only reliable way to track business generated by your Google listing. It doesn’t have to be fancy:  store logo, one time discount, a place for the customer’s name and email address plus a disclaimer like “one per customer, only” will cover the basics.

8. Spread the Word

Even Google recommends this one. Strive to get your local business information mentioned on other web sites:  local art societies, Facebook or any trusted website. Google claims that they rely on mentions of your business information on the web to improve the quality of search results. That means the more mentions of your business on the web Google associates with your listing more certain they are that your business is real, in operation, and important. Google rewards this with greater local search visibility.

9. Get Reviewed

Reviews and Web citations (mentions of your business) are extremely important for similar reasons. Encourage reviews on Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines and make it easy for people to review you. Make it a part of your routine to ask for reviews from happy customers and point them in the right direction. You can also ask for reviews in your email signature, business cards, on the bills you send out, etc.

10. Consider Using Special Marketing Services

Offered by Google and others, services like AdWords can optimize your search engine results to get noticed more. This can be especially valuable if you are located in a large metro area where there are many choices in art and craft supply retailers.

Here are a few more online resources for claiming your store’s very own Google business listing:

Google Places How To and Support Guide

Add a Google Places Listing

Google Places Start Page

Bing local listing center

Bing Listings How-To Guide

Add a Bing Listing

Add a Listing


If you’d like to see a great “real life” example of claiming your Google Business listing, type “art supplies, 94103” into the Google search box. This mirrors what a consumer living in San Francisco’s zip code 94103 might do if they were looking for their options for buying art supplies in their neighborhood.  Note that the top unpaid choice is Flax on Market Street. Now click on the More Info link next to the store name. You’ll find concise description of what makes this store unique, photos, videos, reviews, and more. Now that’s helpful and compelling!

The Green Zone for Winter BTS

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Located in the centerfold of the just-released MacPherson’s Winter Buyer’s Guide is a new feature  – the Green Zone! This special section was inspired by retailers who asked us to share our ideas for “green” end-caps. A team of green-leaning MacPherson’s employees got together and developed end-cap suggestions, downloadable signage, vendors’ inspiring stories and more. See pages 40 and 41 in the Winter Buyer’s Guide or log on to for details. Have other great ideas? Let us know! We’re in the business of helping customers succeed.

Go Green! MacPherson’s e-Statements Now Available

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Basic RGB

Make your work a little easier and help the planet, too! MacPherson’s e-mailed invoices have been such a hit that we developed e-mailable monthly statements, too. Would you like your statements e-mailed instead of snail-mailed? All you have to do is ask. Contact Sioban directly or log in to and click on the Customer Forms Setup link under Business Basics.

New MacPherson’s Feature: Go Green with Fewer Packing Lists!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

cartonlistDo you use that list of what’s in each specific carton we ship you? If you do, that’s great, we are glad to make checking in your orders easier.

If you don’t, you can join MacPherson’s effort to use less paper and turn that feature off for your store. Just click here to send an email and let us know!

MacPherson’s Adds Value! New Invoice Feature

Friday, August 21st, 2009

At MacPherson’s we are constantly on the lookout for features to add that put you, the independent art material retailers, in control. You’ll find our latest idea in the Totals section on the last page of any invoice from us. It gives you the total retail value of the order, and the calculated discount from MSRP. What does it all mean? Now you can monitor your gross margin at a glance and make adjustments as needed.


New Items Program – Select Lines to be Centrally Stocked

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
MacPherson’s has just implemented a new program to help improve in-stocks on new items. Going forward, select new items that are UPS-able will be centrally warehoused in our Elgin, IL Distribution Center. What does this mean to you if your normal DC is Atlanta or Reno? If any of these new products are included on your order, they will automatically be split from the PO and sent separately from Elgin. Whether the order is entered via PDA, EDI, Online Express, phoned in or faxed, our system will split your order into two shipments. Because of Elgin’s terrific geographic location orders should be reunited at your store with very little delay. The two order numbers will be the same, differentiated only by the usual beginning letter designation that indicates the shipping DC. For example, N1234567 will be the portion shipped from Reno and E1234567 the portion shipped from Elgin. More good news! The Elgin order will be sent prepaid and you will not be responsible for freight! The remaining portion of your order will be shipped from your normal DC, subject to our current Freight Policy based on the order value of the combined orders.
This new service will allow us to make a smaller inventory investment while we gauge the true nation-wide demand for new products and lines. We will continuously monitor the demand so that the new items can be added to your usual DC as soon as it is warranted. Our simple goal is to provide higher fill rates through better forecasting and lower inventory carrying costs.
Look for for this new message on your your order confirmation and invoices:
Your order included items not stocked in your default warehouse. We have split your order so that these items will arrive from our central warehouse at no shipping cost to you. Your order will arrive on our order numbers NXXXXXXX-XX and EXXXXXXX-XX.
New lines that are or will soon be centrally stocked in our Elgin, IL DC are:
New BORDEN & RILEY paper items
New CRAYOLA items
Daler-Rowney’s new Langton Prestige paper
New WALTER FOSTER books & kits
GAMBLIN Etching Inks
New KOLO items
New LETRASET items
Pantone Replacement Sheets

Top 1,000 Items List

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

How many of MacPherson’s Top 1,000 items are in your store? If you don’t know, you may be missing out on easy sales. To learn what items are selling best go to the Dealer Zone at – you’ll find a link to the Top 1,000 items right under Business Basics. This handy ranking report has 2 columns – one for Rank by Hits and one for Rank by Sales $$, and is based on the most recent 12 month period. We’ll be updating it on a quarterly schedule: Feb 15, May 15, Aug 15 & Nov 15.

Click here to go to the Dealer Zone.

NEW! Assortments Report in Online Express @

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Ever wondered… “What colors are included in that Winsor & Newton watercolor assortment?” Even more to the point, once you’ve ordered a new display did you wonder where to find the retail prices, UPCs, etc. for all the contents? Well, wonder no more. Every item, from every assortment (in stock and drop ship) is now available right from Login, go to Online Express and select the Assortments Report. Just enter your email address and you’ll receive the tab-delimited text file right in your mail box.

The report lists each item and its corresponding assortment, vendor and included quantity, along with all of the same data that’s in the Macitem report like net prices. Cool!

If you find anything missing from this report, please contact Jim Semitekol <> or ext. 1078.


Art Alternatives, April 2009: “Whaz-up?”

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

New Pottery Tools and New Assortment!


Available in warehouses now! 15 new Pottery Tools have been added to the existing Art Alternatives line along with a new Pottery Tool assortment (AA17399) featuring an unbeatable discount! The 108-piece assortment comes as one SKU in one box; all items are individually packaged and bar-coded and a free header card is included. All pottery tools are available as open stock for replenishment. Easy to order and easy to sell!

There is also a better discount on the essential 8-piece pottery tool kit. All new items are available at an every day discount of 65% and a whopping 70% for Art Alternatives dealers!

If you’re not an Art Alternatives dealer, it’s never been easier to become one! Talk with your MacPherson’s rep for details so you can start saving more today.

Feed the Frenzy with our new 30, 60 & 70% off Art Alternatives Canvas Stickers!


Advertising your merchandise has never been more important.  In addition to our 40% and 50% off stickers, we’ve added 30%, 60%, and 70% Art Alternatives canvas stickers to round out the line and help you sell even more canvas.  These small stickers make a big impact on your sales, and they are the perfect accessories for canvas, especially during a large Canvas Truckload sale!

Consumers love bright red sale signs and feel they are getting more of a deal when sales are well advertised within your store. Remember to stack your canvas neatly with the labels in the same location, and add stickers in the same spot on each canvas for the best results.

Try the 30% (or existing 40%) on your Art Alternatives Premium Canvas and the 60% and 70% (or existing 50%) on your Art Alternatives Studio and Gallery for best results.

At $3 a roll, expect a big return on these small-priced stickers. Feed the frenzy and reap the results!

Order # AASTICKER30, AASTICKER60, AASTICKER70 (250 stickers per roll)

Amazing Price Drop on Brush Caddy


In our constant quest to make the Art Alternatives line more affordable, the Brush Caddy (AA18202) is now sporting an extremely attractive price drop from $29.49 to $9.99! This drastic decrease was in part due to decreased freight rates, but mainly because we were able to reduce cost through re-sourcing the item. We are happy to be able to pass on the savings to you. Buy the Brush Caddy as an every day MacPherson’s customer for only $3.99 (60% off). Art Alternatives dealers can purchase the item at $2.99 (70% off.)

Art Alternatives News for January 2009

Friday, January 16th, 2009

No Art Alternatives Price Increases for 2009 !!
No doubt your store and your customers are feeling the pain of the economy. To make it in this downturn, we all have to get a little creative. MacPherson’s and Art Alternatives want to do our part to help you be successful in these tough times. Art Alternatives is absorbing our cost increases and passing on the savings to you. In fact, we are decreasing some of our prices to offer you some of the best deals on art products anywhere.

Art Alternatives has always stood for quality art supplies at a great price and we have exhausted our options to bring you the best value by working with our current suppliers and looking for new, inventive ways to cut costs. Tough times call for tough measures. Look for price decreases and net savings in multiple item categories including cutting mats, manikins, stretcher bars, disposable paper palettes, clay tools and many more assorted sundries.  And as always, we focus on bringing you the best price on new products to keep your store fresh with great new additions to the Art Alternatives line! When the going gets tough, the tough buy Art Alternatives.

Black Gesso:
Introducing Art Alternatives Black Gesso at a special introductory offer of 70% off! Take advantage of this never-to-be-seen again deal and stock up on Art Alternatives white gesso at the same great discount. Limited time only – offer effective through 2/28/09 (please reference “SI” pricing.)

Save your black paint and make a stunning background using black gesso! Art Alternatives Gesso features excellent viscosity, opacity, color, dry time, application, flexibility and absorbency. It provides a sufficiently rigid yet pliable surface with a clean black satin finish. The slight tooth aids adhesion; the gesso dries quickly and will not crack. Multiple coats, when carefully applied, will provide a smooth surface. It is ideal for use with acrylics, oils or tempera, on a variety of porous surfaces including canvas, wood panels and paper. Don’t just stop with paint – it also makes a great base for collage, crayon, gel pens, stamping and more.

Pen & Ink Review:

Recently a blogger and artist reviewed our Pen & Ink line products including the Pen & Ink notebooks, watercolor book, newly redesigned pens and our Sketch & Draw books. The reviewer noted that she greatly preferred our Pen & Ink to the Moleskine books, saying that they are softer and better made. Check it out for yourself at her blog site here:

Biffy Beans Pen & Ink Sketchbook Review
Biffy Beans Pen & Ink Fountain Pen Set Review
Biffy Beans Pen & Ink Sketch & Draw Review
Biffy Beans Pen & Ink Watercolor book Review

Back-to-School Sketch Book Imprint Program:
A winning combination – Art Alternatives and your store name! Put your logo on our sketchbooks with our sketchbook Imprint Program – a great deal for your pocketbook and an excellent marketing tool for promoting your store name.   Send us your store logo/artwork and choose from hard or wire bound, black, silver, gold or white imprinting.  Minimum order is 96 books, but to get the best deal, order a skid of 576 books.  Must order in carton quantities and by January 30th.  You’ll receive these best-sellers just in time for Back to School in July! Click here for the order form.

Merchandising Help from MacPherson’s E’Brands!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The holiday shopping season has arrived and you know what that calls for – fun, colorful, and attractive store displays! Need a little holiday help with POS materials for our fine European brands (E’Brands)? Various handy brochures, signage, color charts, posters, window clings and such are available to you at no charge from MacPherson’s. For a full-color guide to what is available for each brand and how to get it so you can spruce up your store, please see pages 1A – 8A of the European Brands catalog.  Don’t have one of these amazing catalogs?

Just ask your MacPherson’s sales rep for a copy.  Generic copies of the catalog are available at no charge as well so that you can stamp them with your own store information and hand them out to your customers. Please don’t hesitate to request more!

Also, if you just can’t wait to get started, additional signage is available to be downloaded and printed right away on the Dealer Zone at  See link below.

MacPherson\’s EBrand Marketing Support

2009 Planned Vendor Price Increase Summary

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

We have received an unprecedented number of price increases from the suppliers. As a service to our retailers, the MacPherson’s buying team  compiled a summary of all increases received so far. If you are looking for item by item detail, please go to > Online Express > Macitem Report and look in the left-hand column.

ColArt Effective 2/15/09
Winsor & Newton:
Stretched Canvas – avg 10%
Canvas Boards – avg 10%
Easels – 10%
Artists’ Oil Colors – 3%
Artists’ Oil Bar – 7%
Winton Oil Color – 7%
Artisan Water Mixable Oil Color – 7%
Griffin Alkyd colors – 7%
Artist Watercolors – 6%
Cotman Watercolors – 6%
Finity Artists’ Acrylics – 7%
Galeria Acrylics – 7%
Artists’ Soft Pastels – 7%
Designers Gouache – 7%
Drawing Ink – 7%
Calligraphy Ink – 6%
Mediums/Varnishes – 5%
Galeria Mediums – 7%
Drying Oils & Solvents – 5%
Gesso/Primers – 5%
Aerosols – 7%
Brushes – 7%
Papers – 7%
Artists’ Charcoal – 6%
Palettes – 7%

Soft Body and Heavy Body colors – 7%
Decorative Series & Glossies – no increase
Professional Acrylic Ink – 3%
Basics Color Sets – 5%
Basics Acrylic Colors – 3-5%
Gessos – avg 5%
Mediums/Varnishes – avg 6%
Painting Knives – 5%

All items – avg 7%
Canvas 10%
Acrylics -10%

Open Stock – 10%
Sets – 7%

Color & Co:
Avg 6%

All items – 6-7%

Aleene’s Effective 2/15/09
Avg 5%

Armadillo Effective 2/14/09
Folios – 5%
Color Shapers -5 %
ColourFix Paper-8%
Krystal Seal – 20%

Strathmore Effective 2/2/09
Cards – 7%
ATC – 4%
Paper – avg 7.5%

Canson Effective 2/9/09
CN Paper – avg 5%
VG Oils & W/C -5%
VG H2O -9%
RB Oil -5%
Artist Acrylic Color – avg 7%

Sunnyside Effective 2/15/09
All products – avg 12.5 %

ScratchArt Effective 2/15/09
All products – avg 5%

Baumgartens Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 9.61%

Tran Products Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 10%

Mobius & Rupert Effective 2/1/09
Most items – avg 4%

MindWare Effective 1/1/09
Stained glass coloring books – 12%

Gamblin Effective 2/15/09
All items except Sketching oils – avg 8%

Princeton Effective 2/1/09
All items – avg 5.56% (except Series 4950, 5050, 5300, 9000 and water buckets)

Pennco (PM) Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 13.14%

Palmer Effective 2/15/09
Face paints and finger paints – avg 5.31%

Rhodia Pads Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Sargent Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 12.66%

Sheaffer Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5%

Environmental Technologies Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 3.95%

Moo Erasers Effective now  (10/1/08)
All items – avg 14%

Cavallini Effective 2/15/09
Erasers – 4%
Wraps – 8%
Notebooks – 14%

Walter Foster Effective 1/1/09
Kits – avg 20%

Identity Group Effective 2/15/09
GeoSign – avg 8%-12%

Alumicolor Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 11%

Badger Airbrush Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 6%

Colorfin Effective 2/1/09
PanPastels & Softt Tools – avg 10%

Paasche Airbrush Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5-6%

DaVinci Brushes Effective 1/12/09
Open stock brushes – avg 6%

DaVinci Paint Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 10%

Midwest Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Quartet (ACCO) Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Olfa Effective 2/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Carl Mfg Rotary Trimmers Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 7%

Jones Palettes Effective 1/1/09
Palettes – approx 12%

Pentel Effective 2/15/09
Newer items – no price increase
Other items – avg 7%

Anderson Effective 2/15/09
Folding palettes – avg 9%
Canvas carrier – 11%
Portfolios – avg 23%
Tube wringer – 12%

Borden & Riley Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 9%

Ampersand Effective 1/1/09
Museum & Artist panel lines – 5%

AMACO Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 10.3%

Yasutomo Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5%

Mercur Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 7%

Chroma Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 3-4%

BestTest Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 8-9%

Plaid Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5-6%

Saral Effective 2/15/09
All items – 5%

Daylight Effective 2/15/09
All items – 8-9%

Dahle Effective 2/15/09
All items – 7-22%

Staedtler Effective 2/15/09
All items except FIMO & Scales – 6-11%

UHU Glue Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 6-7%

WD-40 Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 6%

New Search Feature at Online Express (OEX)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Great news for art supply retailers who love using the internet to find products.’s latest, greatest new feature is a comprehensive, remodeled search engine. We’ve been working on it for over a year, and it is far easier and quicker to locate products you’re looking for.

Next time your MacPherson’s Sales Contact visits, ask him or her to show it off! We continue to strive to be your most valuable resource. As our sales VP Steve Robinson puts it:

“I think this is really a big break through and will set us apart from just about every other industry website”!

To give you a quick overview, check out the Search Tips page:

Check out the new search feature here!
(It’s also available from

It has screen shots and shows valuable new features like filtering, navigation and explains the results in detail.

We encourage you to check it out. We think this will blow you away!