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New from Global Art – Viarco Products (ArtGraf) & Canvas Pencil Roll Up!

Monday, August 29th, 2016

ArtGraf Tailor Shape, Primary Color Discs Have Arrived!



Inspired by the traditional tailor’s chalk, the ArtGraf Tailor Shape discs are pressed pigmented blocks, prepared for drawing and painting. Extremely soft and soluble in water, ArtGraf Tailor Shape discs allow the artist to produce a wide range of hues, light, dark and opaque colors. ArtGraf Tailor Shape discs are great for drawing and painting.

New ArtGraf Water-Soluble Graphite Powder


For those that attended NAMTA in Houston you may have had a sneak preview of the New Water-Soluble Graphite Powder. Just in time for Back To School, perfect to feature beside the Carbon Disc and Graphite Tin on the best-selling “Try Me Station”! ArtGraf Soluble Graphite Powder can be applied directly to your surface or mixed with water prior to use.

New Canvas Pencil Roll Ups – Quality Tools for Fine Artists

Roll Up w sleeve

Featured consistently in the Global Art Top 100 best-sellers are the popular Canvas Pencil cases. Those sales inspired Global Art to introduce the New Canvas Pencil Roll Ups. Each Roll Up holds 36 Pencils or select fine-tip markers – Stabilo 88, for example. Plastic interior sleeves protect your pencil leads and a nifty zippered pocket holds erasers, sharpeners, etc.

To receive a copy of the Global Art Top 100 List or to learn how VIARCO products can increase the productivity of your retail space, contact your MacPherson’s Sales representative.

Innovative New Drawing Tools from ArtGraf

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015



Kneadable BallKneadable PKG

ArtGraf has combined their innovative formulas with premium artist grade graphite and created an exciting new drawing material with the consistency of putty. Artists can now shape their own drawing tool for large or small areas. No. 1 can be used dry or with water-soluble techniques to create an endless range of light and dark shades of graphite.

The 150 gram package is re-sealable to keep the putty moist and ready
to use. If the putty begins to dry, simply add the desired amount of water for continuous use.

ArtGraf No.1 contains excellent fixative characteristics

• Allows users to shape their own drawing tool based on their specific drawing needs

• Creates a wide variety of shades and color contrasts by applying more or less material

• Use directly from the package or mix with water

Item No. GL500150



Now available in a contemporary cork set and six open stock colors. The perfect line extension to the best-selling Carbon Disc and water-soluble Graphite products.

A unique and exclusive blend of pigments and binders make the ArtGraf Tailor Shape Chalk an exciting new tool perfect for drawing and painting.

• Soft rich pigmented chalks for drawing

• Water-soluble for wet techniques

• Ideal for travel or studio use

• 6 colors: Carbon Black, Sanguine, Ochre, Sepia, Brown and Dark Brown

• Now Available in a compact acrylic display

Display includes 12 of each color and 5 complete sets.

Item No. GL545AST  $1,088.15 

FREE Counter Display – Item No. GL545DSP 

Display Contents MSRP: Individual Colors $10.95, Set $59.95

ArtGraf Earth Tone Display

Global Arts New Product Spotlight – Pastel Paper

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Introducing Pastel Premier from Global Art

Pastel_Premier_SealPastel Premier is a truly unique 100% Cotton/Archival Quality  sanded pastel paper. It is double primed and coated with an aluminum oxide created for Pastel Premier to produce an ideal surface for pastel painting. A final seal coat makes this paper extremely durable and able to withstand almost any measure of scrubbing or reworking. The paper works with a wide range of media as an under painting and accepts as many as 25 layers of pastel.

  • Heavy 145 lbs./310 gsm paper
  • 3 surface types
  • 2 colors: Italian Clay and White
  • 100% Cotton/Archival Quality
  • Accepts multiple layers of pastel
  • Superior durability
  • Available in sheets/rolls/pochettes
  • Made in the USA

Pastel Premier handbook paper co.

Available in 3 colors/surfaces:

  • 320 Grit Italian Clay/Medium Fine
  • 400 Grit White/Fine
  • 600 Grit White/Extra Fine

Pastel Premier is preferred not only by pastel painters, but is widely used with oil, acrylic and all dry media. No other surface has the characteristics found in Pastel Premier that work with such a wide range of media. In conjunction with the launch of Pastel Premier, Global Art will showcase the products in Pastel Journal Magazine. Also look for the road test article by Robert K. Carsten in The Artist Magazine.

Pastel Premier is available in 5 sizes . Pochettes (packets of unbound sheets), sheets and rolls:

  • Pochettes: 9″ x 12″ (8 sheets) & 12″ x 16″ (6 sheets)
  • Full Sheets: 20″ x 26″ & 26″ x 40″
  • Rolls: 53″ x 5yds.

For a complete list of prices, sizes and formats refer to the online MacPherson’s web catalog  and March 2015 “What’s New”.  “SI” pricing eff. 3/1/15 – 4/30/15.

FLUID 100 Watercolor Paper

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Global Art Materials Newest Member to their Family of Fine Artists Papers.

100 Cotton

Fluid 100 is a premium, archival cotton watercolor paper.  Unlike other cotton papers, Fluid 100 is made by European mill masters who combine traditional papermaking techniques with modern technology.  They use very unique papermaking machines that are able to operate at very slow speeds, creating a sheet that shares the strength and quality characteristics of more expensive mold-made papers.  The result is a natural white sheet that is strong with a subtle yet pleasing surface texture.  The gelatin sizing (internal and externally sized) allows the artist greater control and produces brilliant and intense color.  This paper is affordable, long lasting and perfect for use with either wet or dry techniques.  It is available in three distinct choices: 140lb and 300lb cold press surfaces, as well as in a 140lb hot press surface.  We offer these papers in 22×30 and 16×20 sheets, pochettes in three sizes, rolls in both of the 140lb weights, as well as a variety of sizes in our popular Easy-Blocks.


Featured in the Spring Buyers Guide is the introductory offer of 74% off on the 22×30 6/sheet pack  asst. in both CP and HP.

Item : GL811812P, List: $895.50;Dealer net: $232.78

This  assortment features 72 140 lb. Cold Press sheets and 36 300 lb. Hot Press Dimensions: 30″w x 22″d x 72″h   *Drop Ship Only, Free Rack, Free Freight on min order of $600.00 Net.  Contact your MacPherson’s account manager for assistance with product packages.

Fluid 100 POP

Global Art will also be running a marketing campaign with an ad in the Artist Magazine, Watercolor addition for 6 months starting in Dec. 2014 and running until June 2015. All participating dealers will be referenced on the Global Art Website and can be found by the consumer by scanning a QR code in the ad with their smartphone. The consumer also receives a Free Gift worth up to $25.95 for each 22×30 6 sheet package they purchase, which is redeemed through a Fluid100 coupon from Global Art, as a greater incentive to try this new paper.


GL821202_zFLUID 100 Premium Watercolor Paper is available in a variety of artist friendly sizes and formats including the popular 15 sheet Easy Blocks. Traditional 140lb CP & HP. Plus Heavyweight 300lb CP.

Just in time for Spring Watercolor end-caps and aisles -these New and Affordable premium artist papers from Global Art compliment the category of cotton watercolor papers, and are more competitively priced . With covers by artists Charles Reid and Noel Thomas the Easy Blocks are guaranteed to stand out .

For a complete list of sizes and formats refer to the NEW Spring Buyers Guide pages 20 & 44.  When ordering via online express use promo code  “SB”, pricing effective through June 1, 2015.