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Style Up Your BTS With the STABILO Sneaker Contest!

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Don’t forget to order the STABILO Point 88 Sneaker Contest promo kit – available now in all MacPherson’s warehouses under item number  SWSHOEPROMO.  It contains 2 promo posters and 2 packs of sneaker cards – all you retailers need to do is put up the posters and put the cards out, and make sure to stock STABILO Point 88 pens.  That’s it, it’s that easy!  The contest has an entry deadline of Sept. 30th, 2011 so retailers will want to get the promo kit and put up the posters and cards ASAP to take advantage of the promo for as long as possible.

For more information on the promo please visit the link MacPherson’s Stabilo Contest

In conjunction with the promo, we are also including FREE carded samples of STABILO Point 88 pens and BOSS Highlighters in all the kits we build (while supplies last), to help get STABILO out there in the hands of consumers to try.  We know once people try STABILO products, they’ve GOT to have more!


Great Deals on STABILO Point 88!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

st_05025_688_18-03_assortPoint 88 has proven itself Europe’s number one fineliner over the years, and is quickly gaining popularity in the US as well! Make sure your store is stocked with this favorite of students and professionals alike! Available in a variety of eye-catching assortments and clever sets at a very special NAMTA-only discount. Stop by the MacPherson’s/ STABILO booth #819 to see them in person.

STABILO OHPen – A Long Loved Product That’s Back in the US!

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Due to popular demand, MacPherson’s is now stocking the STABILO OHPens, a line of both permanent and water-soluble pens that write on smooth surfaces. Here is a real testimonial from a member of the US Army on how much they love this product:


“Hello Stabilo!

Just wanted to let you know, as a new Lieutenant in the Signal Corps on Fort Gordon, GA I purchased a pack of 6 “OHPens97” at the PX.  That was in January, 1991.  I just rediscovered them (I LOVE all things related to pens and markers and keep everything) whipped em out, started testing out my precious antique markers, and to my utter delight, every one of them was bold and fresh as the day I bought them, nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO! Can you believe it?  Also, the plastic pen holder they came in (with the little slots for the clip, holding securely all this time) is in great shape as well.  Your product is awesome!  Now I am a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserve, feeling a little old after 24 years, but I’ve got my original markers, by God!  The Old Army still has the mojo!  I thought you’d love this story from an astonished customer who is thrilled with the proven quality of your products!

The US Army is glad to have you with us!  Way to Go!”

The Birth of a BOSS – STABILO in Action!

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Did you know that, every second, at least two STABILO BOSS highlighters are sold somewhere in the world?  How on earth does STABILO manage to keep up that?  To see how they do it, check out this fun and informative video on the making of BOSS highlighters!

STABILO Pot of Love!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
Ever wonder what’s at the end of a rainbow in Germany?  It’s not a pot of gold, it’s a pot of STABILO!
And now that pot is available here in the US from MacPherson’s! This cute, red STABILO pot contains 150 Point 88 pens in assorted colors.  Put it on your counter and watch customers delight in choosing their treasured colors.
Available now, the item number is SW88-150-2 and the total retail cost is $142.50. Your net is practically pocket change and there is no better way new introduce this addictive product than to place this cute bouquet on your counter(s) at the cash wrap!

The First “STABILO Only” Store

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Here is an interesting retail “field trip” report from Lisa Slauson, our intrepid global marathon runner and Exclusive Brands manager. She was recently in Japan where she caught a glimpse of the first STABILO store in the world, located in Osaka. According to Lisa, “The store was located in the most elegant and most high-end mall I have ever been to in Japan. STABILO was in there right along with Gucci, Coach, Tiffany’s, and Louis Vuitton to name a few.”

The STABILO store-within-a-store is in the very front of the greater store. The greater store featured high-end stationery and household items offered by the Japanese distributor, Etranger di Costarica. Check out the flat screen TV used for high-tech merchandising punch!

Who says there’s no adventure in retail sleuthing? Says Lisa, “I asked the sales person managing the STABILO section if I could take pictures and he told me no. So I then re-introduced myself as the US Brand Manager for STABILO, and told him that I had come all the way to Osaka just to see the store. After a visit with his manager and a few phone calls, I finally got permission. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but I was in a hurry as the sales person was still watching me somewhat nervously!”

Merchandising Help from MacPherson’s E’Brands!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The holiday shopping season has arrived and you know what that calls for – fun, colorful, and attractive store displays! Need a little holiday help with POS materials for our fine European brands (E’Brands)? Various handy brochures, signage, color charts, posters, window clings and such are available to you at no charge from MacPherson’s. For a full-color guide to what is available for each brand and how to get it so you can spruce up your store, please see pages 1A – 8A of the European Brands catalog.  Don’t have one of these amazing catalogs?

Just ask your MacPherson’s sales rep for a copy.  Generic copies of the catalog are available at no charge as well so that you can stamp them with your own store information and hand them out to your customers. Please don’t hesitate to request more!

Also, if you just can’t wait to get started, additional signage is available to be downloaded and printed right away on the Dealer Zone at  See link below.

MacPherson\’s EBrand Marketing Support

STABILO Boss Around the World!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Did you know that two STABILO Boss highlighters are sold worldwide every second?  Since its introduction to the marketplace in 1971, the Boss has become well loved favorite by many, especially in the European market where it continues to stand as the undisputed market leader. The love for Boss has spawned a variety of unique, informative, and entertaining commercials from around the world. Some of them demonstrate how Boss helps inspire our intelligence, organizational skills, coolness, love life, and even our funkiness. It might even bring inanimate objects to life! Just for fun, check out the link below to a sampling of STABILO Boss commercials from around the world, dating from 1979-1991. Inspired? Click here for the complete selection of STABILO Boss Highlighter products offered by MacPherson’s.

STABILO Contest – Win a Trip to Germany!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

The STABILO Point 88 and Pen 68 are the hottest colored writing markers we offer. Why? Because they’re unique, colorful and affordable. In the art supply market they present an amazing opportunity for impulse sales because the target market is the young of art. The key to jump starting sales is offering these gorgeous new complete displays and employing a creative merchandising strategy that aims at these products youthful appeal. To encourage this approach, we have teamed with STABILO to sponsor a nation-wide retailer contest focusing on the spirit of STABILO.

Here’s what you need to know:
Purchase both the new Point 88 360-pen & Pen 68 360-pen displays, and qualify to enter the Trip to Germany contest. Create a unique display showcasing STABILO products between July 1st, 2008 and December 31st, 2008. The focus should be on the new Point 88 and Pen 68 displays, but any and all STABILO products can be incorporated. The more creative, vibrant and grand the display, the better! It should convey the spirit of STABILO and promote a strong brand image. Materials from the STABILO promo pack can be used, but retailers are encouraged to come up with their own decorations as well.

Host an in-store STABILO event. Hold demos, classes, raffles, special promotions – whatever you can think of that will get customers in the store learning about, trying, and buying STABILO.

Event must be advertised in advance in some form and proof of advertising will need to be submitted.

To qualify, STABILO purchases in total from MacPherson’s for 2008 must be greater then 2007.


2 sets of winners will be chosen – 1 from the eastern region and 1 from the western region.

2nd Prize: A $100 gift card for both the winning retailer and sales rep.

1st Prize: A $500 gift card for both the winning retailer and sales rep.

The grand prize package includes 6 nights in Germany – 2 in Nuremberg, 2 in Munich, and 2 in Berlin. The planned itinerary will include a guided tour of the STABILO factory; other activities are yet to be determined. Hotel and domestic travel arrangements will be arranged and paid for by MacPherson’s.

Winners will make their own international flight arrangements; MacPherson’s will reimburse for the international round-trip ticket from the winner’s closest international airport to Nuremberg, up to $1200.

All meal expenses in Nuremberg will be covered by STABILO. Each winner will receive a $300 meal allowance in advance for the other 2 cities. All winners must travel together during the same week. The week will be chosen by the winners and must be in 2009.

Download the STABILO Contest Entry Form or contact your MacPherson’s sales rep for more details.