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Come Join the Celebration – 50 Years of RGM Italian Painting Knives

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

invitergmRGM is marking its 50th anniversary in 2011 with all kinds of exciting things at NAMTA! Kick start the celebration on Wednesday April 13th at 4pm in the RGM booth #812 with Italian prosecco, treats, and cake. While you’re there, preview some of RGM’s newest innovations for 2011, and get great deals on ALL RGM products!

painting-color01-3-piccola12011 New Age Palette Knives – FUTURA Version
Just awarded 2nd Place for Innovation
at the Creativeworld Show in Frankfurt, Germany, the new 2011 New Age Knives will take painting to the next level with their unconventional smaller shapes, allowing for unique effects and finer details. Shown in the new neon soft-grip handled “FUTURA” version, and available from MacPherson’s in the bubinga wood handle version.

Painting with the Palette Knife
This extremely handsome book illustrates with stunning photography and bold colors, various techniques for using the 37 New Age palette knife styles. The perfect guide to obtaining amazing new textures and effects in oil and acrylic painting!

Finally, make sure not to miss live painting by Danielle Jouault (known as RUO in the art world) during the NAMTA show at the RGM booth #812. Danielle has been painting for over 40 years in Paris at Place du Tetre sur La Butte Montmartre. She’ll be demonstrating RGM painting knives in action showing how they can help bring paintings to life by creating bold depths and textures. Don’t miss the chance to win some of her original works created at NAMTA in the NAMTA Foundation Silent Auction!

Industry News

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Natasha Nicholson-Bjerre

Natasha Nicholson-Bjerre

MacPherson’s is proud to announce the promotion of two amazing individuals on our team. Natasha Nicholson-Bjerre, our head of Human Resources, has become a Vice President in the company. In addition to her current people related role, she will take on new management and customer-facing responsibilities over the coming months. Natasha joined the company in 2005 and has eleven years of people operations experience. Natasha has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Also, moving up is Jim Semitekol as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at MacPherson’s.

Jim Semitekol

Jim Semitekol

Jim’s new title recognizes his total involvement in all aspects of the Company’s business including the significant impact he is having on sales and logistics for all of our accounts. Jim joined the company in 2001 and is a man of many talents and interests. His fans admire his accomplishments as a professional guitarist and as a founder of our in-house band, One Night Stand.
Please join us in congratulating both Jim and Natasha on their promotions and wish them all them best with their new responsibilities.

JoAnn’s Stores Chief Operating Officer has been promoted. Travis Smith will assume the duties and title of President.

Travis Smith

Travis Smith

Pearl continues to restructure. Additional stores have been added to a list considered for possible closings. To keep up to the minute on this story, check out this link:
Pearl Blow-Out Sale Store list


A number of personnel and organizational changes have been announced at Michaels and Aaron Bros:

Walt Asbury has accepted a new role as Business Unit General Manager – Papercrafting. Most recently he was Vice President of Special Projects (Next Gen). The former Paper crafting Manager, Kathy Lacks has left the organization. Tom Peterson the Vice President of Store Communications and Workload Planning is taking a new role as Vice President of Space Planning. On the supply chain side, Miki Ellers has been promoted to Vice President, Distribution Center (DC) Operations.

Matt Fischer has taken on a new role as Vice President – Supply Chain Optimization.

Mary Kuniski is expanding her role to include the support of Walt Asbury’s team as his Inventory Management partner. She will continue her work informing and educating the Michaels vendor community as the Vice President of Vendor Relations and will retain responsibility for the Database Control group.

At Aaron Brothers Katy Hanson has been promoted to Vice President, Marketing. Wendy Prebil has been promoted to Director, Visual Presentation at Aaron Bros.

Former Koh-I-Noor, Grumbacher and NAMTA President Tony Murray is back, helping the art supply industry as a business consultant. If you’re looking, you can reach him at .

above-groundThe Art Store, Des Moines, IA has resigned from Art Group America (AgA) membership and  Aboveground Art Supplies of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is taking The Art Store’s slot in the 12 member industry group. Fred Gold’s business is now in its 27th successful year in one of the largest and most competitive art supply markets in the world. We wish Joe Domeier well as he builds his business in a competitive Des Moines market.

mark-snellingMark Snelling, husband of Linda Snelling, the former owner of Boutilliers in Burlington, VT, is running for Lt. Governor of that state. For details on the candidate check out his website: Mark Snelling for Lt. Governor

NEW Sculptor’s Knives & Linoleum Tools from RGM!

Monday, December 14th, 2009


You may have had a sneak peak of the new RGM Stainless Steel Sculpting Knives and Linoleum Tools at NAMTA.

The Stainless Steel Sculpting Tools offer high-quality and excellent functionality. They’re rust-resistant and have an ergonomic, hexagonal-shaped handle for ease of use. Available in open stock at the reasonable retail price of $14.25 each, and a carded display of one each of all 13 styles.

The Linoleum Tools come in 12 styles that feature hardened steel points and shock-resistant fiberglass handles. They are economically priced at $5.95 each!

Both product lines will be available from MacPherson’s in January – ask your MacPherson’s contact for more details after the holidays!


FREE Painting Knife Techniques DVD from RGM!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

newagecloseup_smYou may have seen RGM‘s beautiful DVD demonstrating painting knife techniques earlier this year, when we previewed it at NAMTA. RGM retailers can now get their own FREE copy to show in their stores or post on their websites. The 40-minute DVD features technique demonstration by artist Danielle Jouault using the RGM Plus Palette Knives and also the New Age Knives, against the gorgeous backdrop of Venice. Ask your MacPherson’s rep for your free store copy today! Please note this is a promotional item and not available for resale.

Consumers are also welcome to request their own free copy on the RGM website;

NEW New Age from RGM!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

022Last year RGM took painting knives to a whole new level with the introduction of the New Age line.  With their unique, never seen before shapes, the New Age knives allow artists to open up their imaginations to create new shapes and textures in their paintings.

This year, RGM has expanded the New Age line to include 12 more new and innovative styles.  With shapes that have earned nicknames like the “frog foot”, these new styles are definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Wondering how to apply techniques using the New Age knives?  At NAMTA, RGM debuted a 40-minute DVD featuring artist Danielle Jouault demonstrating techniques with both the New Age knives and Plus knives.  You can see a short clip here;

RGM New Age Knives Video Demo

This DVD will be made FREE to retailers; you can play it in your store or post it on your website.  Consumers will also be able to request free copies on the RGM website.  Copies of the DVD should be available in the US for retailers in July.

For more information on the NEW New Age knives or the free DVD, please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep!

Merchandising Help from MacPherson’s E’Brands!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The holiday shopping season has arrived and you know what that calls for – fun, colorful, and attractive store displays! Need a little holiday help with POS materials for our fine European brands (E’Brands)? Various handy brochures, signage, color charts, posters, window clings and such are available to you at no charge from MacPherson’s. For a full-color guide to what is available for each brand and how to get it so you can spruce up your store, please see pages 1A – 8A of the European Brands catalog.  Don’t have one of these amazing catalogs?

Just ask your MacPherson’s sales rep for a copy.  Generic copies of the catalog are available at no charge as well so that you can stamp them with your own store information and hand them out to your customers. Please don’t hesitate to request more!

Also, if you just can’t wait to get started, additional signage is available to be downloaded and printed right away on the Dealer Zone at  See link below.

MacPherson\’s EBrand Marketing Support

New Age Painting Knife Set from RGM

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Looking for a unique gift set for your store this holiday season?  Look no further because RGM has created a line of painting knives with unique shapes to enhance your customer’s creativity! The set is packaged beautifully and contains four knives featuring innovative shapes and a special water-resistant mirror blade, they are great for use with all relief pastes such as mortar, gels, modeling pastes, and gesso. The specially shaped edges can also be used when painting with acrylics and oils to obtain “relief” effects with a variety of thicknesses and layers. Supplied with high-quality bubinga wood handles. The set includes New Age Painting Knife styles 3, 4, 9 and 11. For full details click this link to the MacPhersonArt Dealer Zone. Remember, RGM is only available at MacPherson’s.