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NPR’s Freakanomics Makes a Point With the Everyday Pencil

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Courtesy of Kirstin at General Pencil:

In an episode is called “How Can This Possibly Be True?” NPR’s Freakonomics Podcast explores a famous economist’s essay that features a pencil (yes, a pencil) arguing that “not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me.” Is the pencil just bragging? In any case, what can the pencil teach us about our global interdependence — and the proper role of government in the economy?

Listen to the story of the pencil as well as an exploration of world economics as seen through the life and making of a pencil

How Can This Possibly Be True?

New Drawing & Coloring Book from General Pencil

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

100 Years of Fashion & Fun

A Drawing & Coloring book by Valerie LaPointe, Animator at Pixar Published by General’s Art Press

Check out this short video about the inspiration for the new book & the author!

Travel through time and fashion with a fun, inspiring step-by-step drawing AND coloring book! 100 Years of Fashion & Fun promotes creativity and discovering your own style. It’s also a clever way for families to connect kids with parents, aunts, grandparents and to learn about the hairstyles, shoes, clothing and hobbies each generation enjoyed.  A Must For Holiday Gift Giving!

  • Book includes over 120 pages of coloring, activity and drawing including fashion, hobbies, science, technology of 1900 thru 2000
  • Great addition to your trending Coloring & Doodling Departments
  • Wonderful item for 4th quarter Holiday & Gift Sales
  • Ideal for ages 8-108!
  • Designed & Printed in the USA

About the Author:

Valerie LaPointe was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She fell in love with drawing when she was 8 years old and saw The Little Mermaid; that’s when she decided she would work in animation one day! She has worked at Pixar Animation Studios as a full time story artist since 2008. She helped on Brave, Inside Out, PrestoMater’s Tall Tales and Small Fry. Her drawings have been transposed into massive images on the outside of walls of the Art or Animation Hotels (Nemo & Cars) at Disney World!

Expected in stock from MacPherson’s at the end of October!

Product Details:

  • Item # GP899B1
  • Title: 100 Years of Fashion & Fun
  • Author: Valerie LaPointe
  • ISBN: 978-0982-367186
  • UPC: 0-44974-89901-7
  • MSRP: $19.95

General Pencil – A Story Made in America!

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

General Pencil was recently featured on “This Built America” – a web series from AOL. The title of the piece is One Daughter Who Wouldn’t Give Up on the Family Business. The story is a touching inside look at the dynamics of a family business determined to carry on a multi-generational tradition. This Built America is a project devoted to the people and companies re-imagining and rebuilding American manufacturing. Every week, they feature the stories, the struggles and the successes of US companies as they forge a new path in this country’s future. Looking for fun and inspirational content for your social media outreach? Please feel free to share and remind customers that yes, General Pencil is still a factory actually operating in New Jersey!

If you would like more information from the complete news story click here:  General Pencil; This Built in America

New General Sketch & Go Drawing Kits, just in time for Summer!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

General Pencil is excited to announce 5 new Sketch & Go™ Drawing Kits, just in time for Summer trips and art classes. They are ideal for travel, nature drawing & hikes, drawing on-the-go, observational drawing and more!

GENERAL’S® new Sketch & Go™ Kits are created for artists of all levels; from aspiring, beginning, intermediate and advanced artists or those who are just practicing their skills. They contain everything needed to draw anywhere, right now! Artist Pencils, Pencil Travel Bag, Drawing Journal, Artist Eraser, Sharpener, Pencil Point Protectors, and a HOW-TO-DRAW Project & Technique Booklet.  Featuring Step By Step Art Lessons with Artist Sean Dye, such as Draw A Seascape, Lighthouse, Vineyard, Cityscape, Grand Canyon,  and other scenes inspired by USA Landmarks, each booklet also teachers simple drawing & sketching & shading techniques with each type of pencil media.

Create a complete end cap to inspire locals, tourists, gift givers and hobbyists to pick one of these kits to SKETCH & GO™! Retail: $17.99 each.

(Click here for Complete program: contains 3 each of the 5 assorted kits)

SG-1 Mixed Media Drawing

SG-2 Kimberly® Graphite

SG-4 MultiPastel Chalk Pencil

SG-5 Charcoal & Carbon

SG-7 Kimberly® Watercolor Pencil