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Discover the 4ARTIST MARKER – Pébéo’s NEW oil paint marker!

Friday, September 16th, 2016

More than a traditional oil-based marker, the Pébéo 4ARTIST MARKER is the ultimate contemporary painting tool for all artists! Available in four tip sizes, the range includes 18 highly pigmented, vivid colors and exceptional metallics. They offer a scratch-free application and a homogeneous, paint-like finish with high fidelity from wet to dry. Just like oil paints, these fast-drying permanent colors can be reworked when dry to obtain shades, glazes, gradients and fading effects. The tips can also be saturated with color to create splatter and drip effects. Use them on a variety of surfaces including the Pébéo Liquid Art Panels, canvas, wood, plastic, and metal, for a wide array of applications, such as drawing, writing, outlining, filling in large areas and more. Applied over dry acrylic or oil paint, such as the Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon or Ceramic liquid oil paint lines, the 4Artist Markers allows for stunning and unique effects. They are the perfect complement to the Mixed Media by Pebeo concept!

In this video, see the 4ARTIST MARKER colors overlaid and splashed on a background prepared with Studio Acrylics Colors to create a dynamic and colorful artwork!

To see a Mixed Media by Pébéo application in action follow this link; you will find out how to apply 4ARTIST MARKER colors underneath and over the Gédéo Glazing Resin to create a stunning illusion of depth.






Pebeo’s YouTube Channel Offers Inspiration & Instruction

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

YouTube Pebeo Channel 

Looking for Facebook content? Here is a list of Pebeo videos in English to inspire and instruct – featuring their unique Mixed Media and Fine Art products:


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Pebeo – Mixed Media: create a colorful tree with Resins, Fantasy and Vitrail colors. Click Here

Pebeo – Mixed Media: mixing Studio Acrylics, Vitrail et Fantasy colors on a 3D frame Click Here

Pebeo – Mixed Media: mix Crystal resin and Vitrail colors on a wooden canvas for dripping   Click Here

Introducing Gedeo Casting and Glazing Resins by Pebeo!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Looking for a hot, new product to share with your best and most creative customers? Today’s artists are constantly looking for new and exciting mediums to incorporate into their work.  The lines between fine and decorative art are becoming blurred as abstract, collage, dimensional inclusion, and protective laminates and coatings are being combined with traditional artist colors and mediums to create new and innovative forms of art.

Pebeo’s new Gedeo casting and glazing resins will appeal to artists who enjoy experimenting with new techniques.  Those who are already familiar with these types of mediums will appreciate Gedeo resin’s superior quality.

The New Products…

Crystal, Color, and Pearl Casting Resin (150ml / 300ml / 750ml): This two-part, low odor, transparent resin is ideal for molding, inclusions, coatings,  and laminates, and dries in just 24 hours to a shiny, hard, non-yellowing finish.  The casting resin is produced in a crystal clear as well as five convenient, premixed colors (150ml only), including Lapis Blue, Ruby Red, Amber, Topaz, and Jade.  Its strength and high transparency allow for a uniquely vitreous paste effect that replicates the look of actual glass.  The casting resin line also features a two-part pearl resin, available in White Pearl, Gold, and Vermeil. Available in 150ml bottles, this product can be used to create opaque castings, and can be mixed for marbleizing effects.

Glazing Resin (150ml): This two-part, transparent, low odor resin is used to create a clear, hard finish on paper, photos, cards, canvas, wood, cardboard, and more.  It is great for a multitude of projects, including multimedia work, collage, and scrapbooking. It may also be used for magnifying effects on canvas and other substrates, or to add dimension to flat surfaces.  When applied to flat surfaces, the resin miraculously levels itself out to form perfectly rounded edges!  Once dry, in just 24 hours, the resin forms a hard, non-yellowing, transparent coating.

Gloss+ Varnish (110ml): A solvent-based varnish used to give a brilliant gloss finish to all creations done with Gedeo resins.

Pebeo is a color company dedicated to producing quality products that inspire today’s artist to new heights of creativity.  Retailers will derive great benefits by adding these new, high-quality Pebeo products to their mix.  Your customers will thank you and keep coming back for more!

ORDER NOW! Initial Drop Ship Promotion as featured in MacPherson’s Spring Buyer’s Guide.

Assortment Item #POGedeo-Resin

Total MSRP – $1,432.35

Drop Ship Discount – 50/10% off MSRP ($644.56 Net)

Freight – Free freight on Displays

Promotional Drop Ship order period – January 23, through May 26, 2012

Delivery – Two to three weeks from date of order

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Product demonstrations presented daily at CHA 2012 at Pebeo booth #2500 in Anaheim, California, beginning January 29th.