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Chroma’s International Student Art Contest Winners Announced

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Chroma, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of its International Student Art Contest.  There were over 270 submissions by students from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.  They used Archival Oils, Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics and A>2 Student Acrylics to create their exceptional paintings. The $5,000 Grand Prize was awarded to Kirsten Low from the University of New South Wales (AU), for her painting, Eyes of the Dark Interior.


The $1,000 Best Acrylic Prize was awarded to Shannon Gilbert from Virginia Commonwealth University (US) for Historical Perspective, painted with Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics.   The $1,000 Best Oil Prize was awarded to Alexander Carletti, from the Adelaide Central School of Art (AU), for Autopsy, painted with Archival Oils.

We would also like to congratulate the following students, who were awarded Commendable prizes: Mark Stewart from the Tyler School of Art (US) for his painting, Battle, created with Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics; Barbara J. Briggs from the San Francisco Academy of Art University (US), for her painting, Wonderful Day, created with Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics; and Will Pierce from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (US), for his painting, Study, created with A>2 Student Acrylics.

To view all the winning paintings, please click here. Contest Winners

Chroma Video Loops Available

Monday, December 20th, 2010

chromalogoAttention Retailers – Are you interested in playing DVD loops for your customers?  Contact Chroma Inc. at 800-257-8278 or by emailing to receive your FREE DVD on Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylic.  The DVD includes basic information on acrylics, painting grounds, blending, and varnishing.

Chroma News for October 2010

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Chroma writes:

Reminder . . . the Artist Friendly Pricing Promotion on Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics ends on December 31, 2010.  Starting January 1, 2011, your everyday costs will now reflect normal discounting. The new retailer discount will be 60% off.

Even though the retail price will remain the same, please remember to update your net cost and adjust your selling price to stay within MAP.  Please adjust your selling price to stay within the MAP guidelines at 25% off everyday, and 40% off during and WBTS (January 1, 2011 through February 28, 2011) and BTS (August 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011).

Thank you for your support!

Chroma News, August 2010

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
Atelier Interactive Painters’ Challenge Winners!
Chroma Inc. was proud to sponsor an Atelier Interactive Acrylics Painters’ Challenge in conjunction with Jerry’s Artarama for North American artists this year. We are pleased to announce the winners:  1st Place, Two Flutes, by  Karlene Voepel of  Rimrock, AZ; 2nd Place, Fantasy, by  Gabriela Trimbecka of  New Cumberland, PA; 3rdPlace,  Tree With A Window, by Veronica Winters of  State College, PA.  Honorable mentions were awarded to Justin Rossi of Orlando, FL; John Shadowwolf of Benton, LA; and Robert Wince of  Daytona Beach, FL.  Artists from across the USA and Canada entered, and we were thrilled with the quality of the artwork and the amazing talent all these painters showed. Click here to read and see  more!

Two Flutes

Two Flutes



Winters Trees with Window

Winters Trees with Window

Chroma Contest News

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Round 1 Winners Chosen for Chroma’s Student Art Competition
Chroma is proud to announce the semi-finalists and popular choice winner from Round 1 of our International Student Art Competition. Students from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom were chosen as winners. These students used Archival Oils, A.>2 Art Students’ Acrylics and Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics to create stunning artworks, such as semi-finalist and popular choice winner Katherine Cantrell’s The Still Life, shown here. The deadline to enter Round 2 is March 31, so encourage a student you know to enter today! To view the winning paintings or to enter the contest, visit Chroma Competition Winners.

Still Life by K. Cantrell

Still Life by K. Cantrell

Chroma Atelier Interactive DVD Offer

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Free DVDs for Interactive!
There has never been a better time to try Atelier Interactive!  With the purchase of any 6 Atelier Interactive 80ml tubes, artists can receive  2 Free Instructional DVDs and a Fine Mist Water Sprayer, a value of $30!  Using Atelier Interactive with Mitch Waite offers a series of four 30-minute programs on composition, perspective, tonal values and color, while Using Atelier Mediums explores the most common ways to incorporate painting mediums with Atelier Interactive.  These videos will help artists learn ways to incorporate conventional acrylic painting techniques and wet-in-wet blending. Contact Chroma directly at 800-257-8278 to receive your free kits containing DVDs, water sprayers, a poster, literature and flyers to inform your customers of this promotion. End-users can get their free DVD kit and mist sprayer directly from the store or call Chroma to request them. The promotion is in effect through Spring.

Interactive DVD Kit.indd

Chroma Link New Edition Now Available!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Chroma Link Sticker.inddThe latest issue of Chroma Link, Chroma’s online newsletter, is now available!  It’s filled with updates, tips and techniques and ideas that inspire.  Highlights include links to fantastic new Atelier Interactive video demonstrations from professional artists Mitch Waite and Mikel Wintermantel as well as a very informative series on the Atelier Mediums by our resident artist Jennifer VonStein. Additional articles feature plein air painting, a twist on “decorative” painting, new artists on our online gallery and information on Chroma’s Student Art Competition.  Chroma Link can be found at Please pass this informative link onto your customers, so they can learn about all the benefits and features of Atelier Interactive!

New Chroma Video Series – How to Paint in Acrylics

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Chroma invites you to check out international artist Mitch Waite:

In this two-part video, Mitch uses Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylic to demonstrate how to paint from a photograph using drawing techniques with emphasis on perspective skills and tonal values.  He teaches the viewer how to divide the canvas into sections, how to place objects using angles and how to create depth using highlights and shadows.  Look for more Atelier Interactive videos from Mitch over the next few weeks!

Help Promote Chroma’s Student Art Contest

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

logo-1Chroma, Inc. is sponsoring an art contest for students and you can get involved to help drive Chroma-made oil & acrylic sales!  This contest is offering $12,000 in cash and prize awards.

Our sales team will be receiving a packets of flyers to distribute to you retailers who stock Atelier Interactive, A>2 and/or Archival Oils.

After your reviewing the program, don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer VonStein at if you have any additional questions.

How Students Can Enter:

The Chroma Student Art Competition is open to students enrolled in a college level art course with a duration of at least one year. Students must be a resident of either the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand or Australia.

1. Purchase some of the following Chroma paints: Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics, Archival Professional Artists’ Oils or A2 Art Students’ Acrylics.
2. Paint a masterpiece using the Chroma paints. Note: We understand that art students often have a wide variety of different paint brands in their paint box so it is OK to mix in other brands that you have, just so long as you use some Chroma paints.
3. Photograph your painting and upload the images or burn the images to a CD and send it along with a completed mail in entry form to your nearest Chroma office. Get uploading instructions or download the Mail In Entry Form here.

Chroma’s YouTube Video Channel is Now Broadcasting!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Chroma Inc. is happy to introduce its new channel on YouTube, Chroma0001.  On this channel, you can find all of Chroma’s informative videos on Atelier Interactive and our fine art products. In the newest video series, Chroma Teaching Artist and Copley Master Mikel Wintemantel takes you step by step as he creates a luminous landscape filled with light. Discover Mikel’s secrets of scumbling and layering color, isolating layers and his bold color palette here:

New Online Mediums Video from Chroma, Inc.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Have you ever been bewildered by acrylic mediums?  Chroma, Inc.’s Resident Artist Jennifer VonStein takes the mystery out of using Atelier mediums along with Atelier Interactive Professional Artists Acrylics in the new online video series, found at Atelier Mediums VideoJennifer covers the main ways that artists use mediums such as Binder Medium, Fast Medium/Fixer, Slow Medium, Thick Slow Medium and the Unlocking Formula, as well as transfer techniques, monotypes, and ways to explore texture.  This series is sure to inform and enlighten you!

Please feel free to place this link on your website!  If you have any questions about mediums, and would like to schedule an in-store workshop or demo based on “Taking The Mystery Out Of Mediums, ” please contact Kathryn Betz at

Watch Atelier Interactive Mediums Part 1 – Introduction in Educational & How-To |  View More Free Videos Online at

Chroma Understands . . .

Thursday, May 28th, 2009


Chroma, maker of the groundbreaking Interactive Acrylics recognizes that the economy is taking its toll on everyone. Customers are spending less money and only buying what they need – not what they want.
Chroma wants to help you, the retailer . . .
– draw consumers back into your stores
– increase your foot traffic and sales
– battle through this turbulent economy
As a result, Chroma has taken the bull by the horns and developed an aggressive new “Artist Friendly Pricing”  program that MacPherson’s can offer to you. Continuing with Chroma’s approach to offer an affordable painting experience, this new program offers lower costs to you, the retailer, as well as increased MAP discounts which are passed on as lower prices to your customer, the consumer!

What this means for the MacPherson’s customer is that starting June 1, 2009 and going through 2010, you will be able to purchase any of the 80ml Atelier Interactive tubes (MacPherson’s stocks the entire line) at the same discount we are offering of 60/20 (68%) off. (Please contact your MacPherson’s Rep for more information.) All MSRPs will remain the same, but by increasing the MAP discounts, you will be able to advertise/sell Interactive at 40% off everyday and 50% off twice a year during the Winter and Fall Back-to-School periods. This allows you to pass these great savings onto your customer while protecting your current margin at the same time.

To support the program, Chroma will be offering a myriad of Point of Sale materials to be sent to you prior to August 1, 2009. In addition, Chroma will send out E-Blasts to its databases of Fine Art Associations, College Professors, College Students and Professional Artists announcing the new pricing program and directing them to your stores for purchasing. We will include the new pricing program in our upcoming advertising campaigns for the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010. We will also continue our grass-roots efforts by conducting events throughout the  country at retail locations, colleges and art associations.
Remember . . .
Atelier Interactive offers these advantages:
– 1/3 more acrylic paint than the other leading brands
– Lower price points compared to other leading brands of professional artists’ acrylics
– Artist’s control of working time since Atelier Interactive can continue being worked wet, with the
addition of moisture or dry, by not adding moisture


April 2009 News from Chroma

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Chroma is  excited to have a new video on its website,  Bigger and Bolder Watercolors with Atelier Interactive, found at the Chroma Media Library.


In this 2-part video, Chroma Teaching Artist Barry Sholder demonstrates his method of creating vibrant “watercolor” paintings using Interactive on full sheets of watercolor paper. Bigger and Bolder painting is an Impressionistic style of painting that incorporates very wet paper surfaces and the brilliant characteristics of Interactive’s line of artist acrylics and mediums.  Materials and their use are explained, as well as simple compositional concepts that are easy to understand and executed, to produce beautifully vibrant paintings much like a watercolor … only using acrylics. Perfect for beginners to professional artists who want to explore a new technique, Barry gives step-by-step instructions on how to achieve beautiful, transparent watercolor effects.  We encourage you to check out this video and to tell your acrylic and watercolor customers about it. If you have any questions about Barry’s techniques or wish to schedule a free “Bigger and Bolder” workshop in your store, please contact Kathryn Betz at  If you would like a copy of this video on a DVD to play at your store, please contact Celia Weber at

Interactive Acrylics Workshops, Classes & Demos

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

dscn0876_2For Retailers with a Classroom who Stock Interactive Acrylics
Magic of Monotypes: Discover this painterly way of making prints through monotypes.  Using Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics and mediums, the artist will learn the basics through experimental techniques, all without using a press.  Spontaneous and freeing, monotypes provide a wonderful way to explore a new dimension in personal expression.

NEW! Bigger and Bolder Watercolors with Interactive: This workshop will introduce participants to a new and exciting way of painting with Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylics using watercolor techniques.  Bigger and Bolder painting is an Impressionistic style of painting that incorporates very wet paper surfaces and the brilliant characteristics of Interactive’s line of artist acrylics and mediums.  Materials and their use will be explained as well as simple compositional concepts that are easy to understand and executed, to produce beautifully vibrant paintings much like a watercolor…. only using acrylics. Students will need to bring a full sheet of  cold-pressed watercolor paper, a waterproof board (gatorboard, coroplast, or a varnished piece of plywood), 4 bulldog clips, brushes and associated painting supplies. Chroma, Inc. will provide all the paint and mediums necessary.

Creative Color! Learn what color can do and liberate yourself from what you think you see and know.  Working from the still life, artists will learn to appreciate and adjust color’s value and temperature while creating an expressive work that conveys emotion. Color is king in this class featuring Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylic paint and mediums.

Impressionism with Interactive Acrylics: In this class, a Chroma artist will discuss and demonstrate Impressionist painting techniques.  Artists will learn the modern Interactive equivalent of Monet’s palette and how mediums such as the Thick Slow Medium, Impasto Gel and Modeling Compound can add to the overall visual experience. Artists will use Interactive paints and mediums to create their own Impressionist still-life or landscape.

Focus on the Figure: Working from a live model, artists will learn how to create a successful figurative study.  The Chroma artist representative will demonstrate unique features of Interactive and the mediums, particularly addressing the challenges associated with this genre. Note: It is the organization’s responsibility to hire a live model, nude or clothed.

Luminous Landscapes: In this class, artists will learn ways to enhance the depth and light in a landscape painting using Interactive paints and mediums, A Chroma artist representative will address issues such as composition, color and value as well as challenges associated with this genre.  Note: This class can either be done in a classroom, working with photos, or offered as a Plein Air Workshop if the surroundings are suitable.

Interactive Acrylics – Tips and Techniques: In this class, a Chroma artist representative will show artists when to reopen the paint layer with water to add paint, remove paint or feather edges. Using Binder Medium, Slow Medium, Fast Medium and Unlocking Formula, artists will learn when and how to use these mediums to their advantage and control the painting process.

Pattern, Paint and Passion – A Mixed Media Collage: In this class, a Chroma artist representative will show artists how to create their own multilayered, textured work using new and vintage paper.  Artists will use Interactive paints and mediums to reveal and conceal images and explore ways of adding texture using the Impasto Gel and Modeling Compound.

Altered Art Books: In this class, a Chroma artist representative will show artists how to create their own altered book of dreams.  Artists will learn how to seal and manipulate pages, collage covers and attach objects.  Artists will use Interactive paints and mediums to reveal and conceal found imagery and text to create a personal narrative. Artists need to bring their own book to alter.

For Retailers Without a Classroom
Interactive Paint Live!
This event is ideal for locations that do not have a classroom space.  In this setting, a Chroma artist will create a painting in the store, using Binder Medium, Fast Medium, Slow Medium, Water Sprayer and/or Unlocking Formula.  This is a great alternative to the stand-behind-a-table demo, because customers will be able to see the paint and mediums used by an artist, ask questions artist-to-artist and try the paint themselves.

The events are typically 2-4 hours, and for classes, attendees are usually registered in advance with the number being determined by the room size. In advance of the event, you will be provided with promotional materials such as fliers and bag stuffers. For all events, the Chroma artist facilitating the event will be available for questions and comment.  Support materials include presentation boards and printed collateral. Chroma will supply the paint and mediums necessary but request that the store or artists provide surfaces, brushes, and water basins.

For more details contact Jennifer VonStein