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Strathmore Fine Art Pads Now Have Even More Selling Power!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Strathmore Artist Papers
™ recently introduced a number of exciting enhancements to their fine arts pad program to satisfy consumer needs and meet retailer demand for strong art brands. An expanded product offering, inspiring packaging and new pad features offer retailers more sales opportunities.

New pad features are designed to address consumer needs and emerging trends as well as improve the shopping experience:
•  Easy-to-use flip over covers on selected paper types allow sheets to stay in the pad, yet tear out cleanly.
•  All wire bound pads now feature actual size sheets when paper is removed at the micro-perforation or trimmed at the wire binding.
•  Larger size pads now feature a landscape orientation for improved presentation at retail
•  Quick response (QR) codes have been added to most pad covers to allow consumers to use their smart phones to scan the code and access instant product information via the Strathmore website

What hasn’t changed is the same great paper artists trust for quality, performance and longevity. Clearly defined quality levels by pad series maintain the strong brand identity and color coded covers retailers and customers count on from Strathmore. There’s a pad for every level of expertise.

The 200 Series / Good pad product line has nearly doubled in size and now provides a complete offering of paper types and pad sizes at great prices economical enough for daily use.

300 Series /Better pads now feature inspiring new artwork. Strathmore collaborated with Professor John Rise and a group of talented Savannah College of Art and Design students  to create a variety of classic still life images typical of foundation level art classes.

400 Series / Best pads now feature custom artwork created through a collaboration between Strathmore and a diverse group of professional artists. Each unique creation contains expressive imagery and the iconic Strathmore thistle incorporated into the image.

500 Series / Premium pads have newly redesigned covers that showcase artists’ interpretations of the classic Strathmore thistle corner stamp – the mark of excellence that symbolizes the ultimate in high-quality professional level paper surfaces.

The story behind each artist that contributed to this project is featured on Strathmore Artists!.

Learn how to build on the brand power of Strathmore and increase the productivity of your retail space by contacting your MacPherson sales representative.


ColArt Market Priorities, Part 1: Derwent Inktense Blocks

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Derwent Inktense is unique.  Dry, it delivers pure vibrant color, but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint.  The paint, when dry, is permanent and can be worked over.

Expanding on the tremendous success of Inktense Pencils, Derwent has introduced Inktense Blocks. These new chunky Derwent Inktense Blocks bring a whole new colorful and exciting dimension to drawing and painting.  They are extremely versatile and can be used wet or dry, on their own or with other media.  They are also perfect for creating fine lines or broad strokes of color. They combine beautifully with the Derwent Inktense Pencils and Outliner which are perfect for very fine detail and outlines.  The non-soluble outliner pencil is particularly useful as it allows you to draw outlines that are permanent, even when water is applied. The blocks are ideal for loose, expressive landscapes and colorful still life.  They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and quilts.

Read a great review of the new Derwent Inktense Blocks from the Derwent blog.  Inktense Blog

To help artists get as much enjoyment and creativity out of the new Inktense Blocks as possible, Derwent has put together an ingenious range of complementary accessories….

The Grate ‘n’ Shake allows you to create paint and mix new colors in three easy steps.  Add water into the container, grate the Inktense Block into the water and then shake the container to mix the pigments.

Holding the Inktense block and dipping it into water can get a bit messy!  The Derwent Grippers are the perfect way to keep the block secure and your hands clean.

Derwent Inktense Blocks are available in 24 jewel-like color s either individually or in sets of 12 & 24.

Check out this great YouTube video showing Inktense Blocks used with rubber stamps!

With the great early buzz for Inktense Blocks, now is the time to get this product on your store shelves.  The amazing versatility of Inktense makes the product perfect for a large array of art and craft mediums:  colored pencil, pen and ink, silk painting, art quilting, mixed media, rubber stamping and many others.  Both Inktense Pencils and Blocks are available in sets and open stock and are a great way to increase sales in the Drawing section of your store.  Contact your MacPherson’s representative to place your order for Derwent Inktense Bocks or any of the other great Derwent products.


Understanding Golden’s Marketing Priorities, Part 2: Support of the New Introductory Grounds Set

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

GOLDEN Introduces New Grounds Set – Order Now!

Did you know that many GOLDEN Gels & Pastes make great grounds for drawing media as well as wet media? Colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, these are just some of the common drawing materials that work great on top of many GOLDEN textures. To help artists discover a broad range of options, we’ve put together this Introductory Set of GOLDEN products that offer exciting surfaces when used as grounds for drawing or painting.

The set will be launched as part of the GOLDEN BTS promotion, with an introductory list price of $14.99, producing economical purchase prices for both retailer and consumer. Discounts (BTS and everyday) apply to this introductory list price.

This set fits perfectly in both the GOLDEN Acrylic aisle and in the Drawing aisle. Cross-merchandising this set will grow not only day-to-day interest in the largest range of Gel & Pastes offered to artists, it should intrigue dry media artists as well, stimulating new customer trial.

By utilizing QR Codes on point-of-purchase merchandising materials, customers can access 1-minute online videos for each product in the set, giving them ideas for use and application information. The set will also include an informational piece of literature detailing the products inside: Fine Pumice Gel, Fiber Paste, Acrylic Ground for Pastels, Crackle Paste, Coarse Molding Paste and Silverpoint / Drawing Ground. Click on the following link to simulate the result of scanning the Grounds Set QR code.If you want to see the page consumers land on when they use their smart phone, you can either scan the QR code above or Click Here.

GOLDEN Attendance at Upcoming Dealer Workshop: The GOLDEN Team is looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop taking place mid-June in Berkeley, CA.



The Story Behind Strathmore’s 2011 NAMTA Business Innovation Award

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Creativity has gone mainstream, and today’s consumers are constantly looking for ways to learn and engage with others.  Capitalizing on this trend, Strathmore Artist Papers launched its Visual Journal Online Workshop Series and earned the 2011 Business Innovation Award at the Art Materials World trade show and convention on April 14th.

Through the creative use of technology, Strathmore designed the workshops to deliver both the educational and social benefits of learning, in an online classroom environment.  The Visual Journal Online Workshop Series has attracted more than 7,200 students.

The free series features workshops taught by experienced visual journaling instructors.  Each workshop includes educational content in the form of instructional videos, downloadable instruction sheets and inspirational tips from the instructor.

Social benefits include the visibility students have with others enrolled in the workshop and a variety of opportunities to engage with one another.  They can share art and photos and participate in discussions.  They are even able to “friend” each other and create their own student blogs.

When consumers learn and engage with others, it helps grow our market.  More consumers are attracted to art and existing artists are inspired to create more art, more often. Your MacPherson’s sales representative has all the tools and information you’ll need to help you start planning your own visual journal success story.

The Business Innovation Award recognizes individuals and businesses that innovate in the art materials industry and is sponsored by the International Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA), American Artist magazine and Hart Business Research. Strathmore also received the Business Innovation Award in 2010 for its new product launch of Strathmore Visual Journals.

Strathmore collaborated with art instructors Pam Carriker, Linda Blinn and Roz Stendahl and Stevens 470 Marketing & Creative to develop the online workshops.

Interested in taking the workshop series yourself? Here is the link:

Visual Journal Workshop Series


Understanding Golden’s Marketing Priorities, Part 1: Williamsburg Oils

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Support for Williamsburg Oils Matures Under GOLDEN Leadership

From the beginning, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors was guided by Carl Plansky’s desire to create the richest and most beautiful colors imaginable. It was then and remains today a painter’s paint in every way, infused with a painter’s sense of touch and tone.

Because so many artists have embraced Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, it is clear this paint has moved past Carl’s initial vision into something ultimately owned by the artists who use and depend on its unique expression of color.

Manufactured in the United States, under the committed stewardship of Golden Artist Colors, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors continues to be made by dedicated paint makers in small batches. Offering one of the most extensive and unique lines of handmade oil paints in the world, including the famous Native Italian Earth Colors and custom blends, Williamsburg is competitively priced and now readily available through distribution.

And don’t forget the Golden Artist Colors’ Technical Support Services team. With extensive knowledge in both acrylic and oils, our extremely dedicated group of artists with decades of experience is always ready to assist you and your customers with our paints.

To further support the Williamsburg Handmade Oils line since the partnership just over a year ago, GOLDEN is introducing a number of new items and enhancements to the merchandising materials available, further warranting your interest in the brand. Here are some of the recent improvements:

• All oil color sets in retail-ready packaging
• New square, glass containers for the 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz., sizes in order to better align the packaging for the Oil Mediums with the professionalism and prestige of the Williamsburg brand will begin shipping summer 2011.
• Standard configuration plan-o-gram options available for artist’s mediums and artist’s dry pigments
• Improved merchandising cabinetry
• Rack and shelf tags containing UPC codes
• Channel markers, shelf talkers & color strips to identify and dress gondola shelves
• Product labels updated to include a new font and additional languages
• New Wet Sample Program featuring 5 ml tubes in 17 representative colors (late 4th qtr)
• An updated color chart, available in both a printed and a hand-painted version
• Updated price list for all products
• New Williamsburg T-shirt (S-XXL)

For more information, contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative, GOLDEN Sales Representative, or Williamsburg Technical Support at Golden Artist Colors by calling 1-800-959-6543.