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Clever New ProMarker & AquaMarker Sets!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

promarkerblister12set1cols_webThe new ProMarker and AquaMarker 12 Sets provide base selections of essential ProMarker colors in a conveniently packaged ‘one-stop’ format. Accessibly priced and packed with added value, they’re the perfect entry point for new ProMarker retailers.

These new cleverly packaged sets offer 12 colors plus one FREE blender marker in a clear clamshell carrying case that can serve as a permanent storage solution. They also come with a “how-to” tip sheet! See all the new ProMarker and AquaMarker sets at NAMTA in the MacPherson’s/ Letraset booth # 817.

Super-Handy Letraset How-To’s Now on Youtube!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Letraset has just launched its own Youtube channel, which features an ever-expanding collection of ProMarker and TRIA videos that include tutorials, favorite clips created by users, and how-to’s.  This is a great resource for picking up all kinds of tips on how to use the products, as well as creative applications – you can link the clips to your website or show them in your store.  Make sure to keep checking back as new content is always being added!

Letraset Youtube

Letraset’s ProMarker is Taking Over the Craft World!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010


ProMarker is sweeping Europe right now with its high quality ink and very affordable price.  Crafters have taken onto this product like crazy!  Dawn Bibby, Craft Queen of the British QVC is a huge fan of ProMarker and frequently uses it on her show;

ProMarkers are alcohol based and use dye based color. Dye color has a big advantage in giving supremely smooth, consistent coverage, and this is what the new generation of ProMarker-crazy craft customers particularly love. ProMarker’s dye based ink  makes it very easy for anyone to create a smooth, streak free area of color. Dye molecules are much smaller than pigment, that’s why they give such even coverage. And the dyes used in ProMarker ink are incredibly good quality, basically the best around! It’s dye that also gives ProMarker color the ‘translucency’ that means the color can be built up in layers to create tone and shade.

Letraset Aqua ProMarker; A “Breakthrough” Item that’s a Sleeper!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

leapmasstConsumers are still willing to part with their hard won money for new products, but you’ve got to show them that it will help them achieve more that what their current tools will do. Here is just such an item. It turns out that Letraset’s new Aqua Promarker was one of the top picks for truly new and unique items from the NAMTA show in Louisville. The buzz words are “Pigmented” and “Watercolor” and Aqua ProMarkers twin-tip versatility produces amazing and  different tonal affects or blending even after the ink has dried. Acid-free and lightfast, Aqua ProMarkers are perfect for scrapbooking, stamping, and watercolor-style illustration. Each twin-tipped marker features a brush nib on one side and bullet nib on the other.
* Assortment includes six each of 20 popular colors – a total of 120 markers
* Display measures 13″w x 17″h x 5-1/2″d
* Single marker MSRP: $3.19
* Rack ships FREE with assortment
* Order must be submitted on linked order form & faxed to MacPherson’s Customer Service @ 800/283-8329
Item No.              Description                                                 MSRP    Promo Net
LEAPMASST     Aqua ProMarker Assortment Display     382.80     172.26
Item No.     SKU     Description
LEAP6ALI     024769     Alizarin Crimson
LEAP6BLU     024756     Blue Prussian
LEAP6LEM     024761     Cadmium Lemon
LEAP6ORA     024762     Cadmium Orange
LEAP6RED     024754     Cadmium Red
LEAP6CER     024757     Cerulean Blue
LEAP6GRE     024758     Cobalt Green
LEAP6TEA     024767     Cobalt Teal
LEAP6GOL     024752     Gold Ochre
LEAP6LAM     024760     Lamp Black
LEAP6LIG     024753     Light Sienna
LEAP6NAP     024653     Naples Yellow
LEAP6PER     024765     Permanent Green
LEAP6ROS     024770     Rose Carmine
LEAP6SAP     024759     Sap Green
LEAP6SEP     024763     Sepia
LEAP6TUR     024766     Turquoise Hue
LEAP6ULT     024768     Ultramarine Violet
LEAP6VIO     024755     Violet Hue
LEAP6YEL     024764     Yellow Green

Are You Making the Most of Manga? Letraset Can Help!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

The market for Manga books and merchandise has seen continuous year on year growth, bringing commercial opportunity on a surprisingly broad scale. Outside of Japan, some of the world’s largest Manga and comic markets are in Europe, with North America also accounting for a sizeable section.

Manga is a Japanese art form, originating in graphic novels (comic books) and now, increasingly, a part of mainstream popular culture.
Manga fans will consume just about anything Manga-themed, and related art supplies are very much in demand. Regardless of artistic ability, end users are keen to recreate their favorite character artwork or even produce their own amateur comics – and as a result, Letraset’s Manga Art products have been a huge hit, with unexpectedly high sales levels across the range.

Many strong indicators tell us the customer base is definitely out there – a recent Comic Convention attracted over 120,000 visitors in a single weekend! And with a current marked shortfall in high street availability of Manga art supplies, proactive retailers have begun tapping into this alternative revenue.

For more on Letraset Manga Art products, contact your MacPherson’s representative today.