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Stillman & Birn Launches Nova Edition Toned Paper Sketchbooks

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Stillman & Birn is pleased to announce the launch of Nova Series toned paper sketchbooks featuring acid-free fine art papers that are heavyweight (150 gsm/105 lb), robust, and great for mixed media artwork because they are made with both internal and surface sizing.  The series is available in three paper shades (beige, grey and black) and two binding styles (softcover and wirebound).

The double sizing offers exceptional wet strength, in addition to the following benefits:

  1. Exceptional wet strength.
  2. Keeps pigment from penetrating deep into the paper, forcing it to remain high on the surface. As a result, color really pops on this paper.
  3. Retards penetration of wet media (bleed through). Therefore, both sides of sketchbook sheet can be used.
  4. Protects surface from abrasive effects of multiple erasures.
  5. Strengthens surface to allow for wide range of inking techniques without feathering.
  6. Allows for blending and layering with colored pencils and pastels.

Nova Series papers are suitable for colored pencil, ink, gel pens, paint markers, watercolor, gouache, chalk pastels, oil pastels, water-soluble graphite, charcoal, Conté crayon, colored dry pigments, watercolor pencil, soapstone pencil, and more.

Starting 9/15 the sketchbooks are on an extra 10% introductory promotion in MacPherson’s Holiday Buyers Guide. The line is available in open stock or in three easy-order assortments (softcover (SB39801A), wire-bound (SB49901B) and mixed (SB59901C)).

Softcover Sizes

3.5” x 5.5”

5.5” x 8.5”

8” x 10”

Wire-Bound Sizes

6” x 8”

7“x 10”

9” x 12”

Nova Group Shot

Stillman & Birn to Re-Launch Soft-Cover Edition

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

MacPherson Blog Post Graphic-2

Stillman & Birn is pleased to announce that it will shortly be reintroducing the Softcover Edition sketchbooks. This re-launch is in response to growing demand from artists, instructors, and retailers who want to have Stillman & Birn’s unique mixed media papers in a more portable, softcover format. First introduced last November, this new and improved version corrects adhesive issues that affected some books from the first run.

Stillman & Birn Softcover Edition sketchbooks offer permanent, sewn bindings that open completely flat. They are available in each of Stillman & Birn’s six series in three portrait sizes and two landscape sizes. The books are finished with rounded corners, a design feature that also has the functional benefit of preventing edges from fraying. The fashionable soft-touch covers are color-coordinated to match the packaging of Stillman & Birn’s hardcover sketchbooks. This allows the two lines to be attractively merchandised side by side. Packaging supports both face-forward and spine-forward merchandising for a striking and efficient shelf presentation.

Stillman & Birn Softcover Edition is a line extension that continues to offer artists the unique option of choosing the sketchbook that has the best paper weight, shade and surface for their media and techniques. These remarkably versatile papers are ideal for mixed media artwork, allowing artists to draw with dry media, to erase repeatedly, to then apply multiple washes of wet media and then to lift pigment back to the base surface. Artists frequently will push their media and techniques to the limit and these robust papers are crafted to take repeated abuse.

MacPherson Blog Post Graphic-2

Portrait Sizes:

  • 3.5” x 5.5”
  • 5.5” x 8.5”
  • 8.0” x 10.0”

Landscape Sizes:

  • 5.5” x 3.5”
  • 8.5” x 5.5”

Softcover Edition sketchbooks will be available for shipment from MacPherson’s warehouses starting mid-May. There is a re-introduction promotion of an extra 10% on all SKUs. This promotion will be in effect through from May 1st to June 30th, 2016.

Golden Color & QoR April 2014 News

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

NAMTA Art Materials World 2014 is Right Around the Corner!

Please take a moment while at the show to stop by GOLDEN’S booth #807 to say hello and see some new and exciting items. In addition to what you’ll see in the booth, GOLDEN will be holding two specific events for show attendees (detailed below), so be sure to check them out too!!

QoR Watercolor Launch Celebration – Join us on Wednesday, April 30 at 3:00 pm in GOLDEN’S Booth #807 to celebrate the launch of QoR Watercolors. Satisfy the mid-afternoon munchies with a little something for the sweet tooth!

GOLDEN QoR Watercolor

• On Thursday, May 1 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm on the convention floor, Golden Artist Colors’ Marketing Director Dana Rice and Sales Director Bill Hartman will present ‘Unstoppable GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics,’ an educational, demonstrative session featuring new High Flow Acrylics! GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics is an exciting new paint line that works great in refillable tools, from brush to marker and fountain pen to airbrush and more. From fine line detail work to broad strokes, High Flow has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques and a wide range of artists. Join Bill and Dana for a fun and interactive experience using High Flow in a variety of refillable markers. In addition, they will share tools available to you for promoting High Flow. With appeal to a broad range of artists, including the professional ‘street art’ crowd, High Flow can serve as an entry product, bringing new customers to your store and increasing sales from existing customers.

Golden Artist Colors Supports Launch of QoR Watercolor

The First New Thing to Happen to Watercolor in 150 Years

Golden Artist Colors  has had the privilege and delight of collaborating with artists to make the highest quality professional Acrylic and Oil colors. Today that same collaborative process has produced a new, thoroughly modern Watercolor called QoR.

QoR’s exclusive binder provides more color in every brushstroke, while retaining the best qualities of traditional watercolors. QoR offers a strength, range and versatility unmatched in the history of watercolors. The unique formulation accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of each pigment even after drying, while providing the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor. QoR (pronounced ‘core’) is an allusion to color as the center of watercolor painting. QoR also comes from a technical acronym meaning Quality of Results.

Artists will be asking for QoRGolden Artist Colors is committed to driving demand for QoR, starting with these initiatives:


·       Full page teaser ad in Art Materials Retailer’s March NAMTA issue

·       Quarter page teaser ad in Plein Air Magazine’s April issue

·       Pre-Release Sampling to 100 prominent artists and workshop teachers

·       Sponsorship of Plein Air Conference watermedia track and QoR “Try It” even


·       May – Watercolor Magazine ad

·       June – Editorial in The Artists’ Magazine

·       July – Art Materials Retailer ad, Watercolor Magazine ad, F&W Email blast

·       August – Plein Air Magazine ad

·       September – Plein Air Today eNewsletter, F&W Email blast

·       October – The Artists’ Magazine ad

Here’s what some of the premier watercolor artists are saying about QoR:

“The colors are beautifully intense – they dissolve very well in water. They are wonderful for glazing/layering watercolors as they maintain their integrity with another color on top. I love the way they react when doing wet-in-wet watercolor – mixing and blending.  ….I love the way they keep their color/intensity as they dry. All in all, I think they are wonderful and will definitely buy them in the future.” – Barbara Sailor

Crystal Bowl with Apples Barb Sailor

“I was impressed with intensity of the colors. I tried them out on Wet Media Board, Hot Press Board, Stillman and Birn Extra Weight Paper… On hot press I was able to completely remove any color.”  – Dorrie Rifkin


Hot New Sketch Books From Stillman & Birn

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Stillman & Birn is introducing a hard-bound edition of its Beta (white) and Delta (ivory) Series. The paper in these sketch books is 180 lb. (270 gsm), probably the heaviest paper ever offered in a commercially-made hardbound sketch book. Months of research went into the developing the process of folding such heavy weight paper and the result is a unique, multi-media hardbound art journal that opens perfectly flat.

The Beta and Delta Series hardbound series will be available in two sizes:  5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11.

This line extension was developed specifically in response to consumer feedback and requests for heavy-weight sketch books in a hard-bound format. Many multi-media artists do not want to use a pad or wire-bound book, but rather want the ability to draw a two-sided spread, a surface which can only be provided in a hardbound book. Furthermore, because these books open perfectly flat, artwork can easily be scanned on a flatbed scanner.

Look for these new items to ship by mid-July.

Check out this link for more details:
Beta-Delta Hardbound Product Announcement


Stillman & Birn: What Artists are Saying

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Here’s a selection of Artist’s blog posts giving tons of reasons Stillman & Birn’s innovative journals are taking off!
Blog:  Hudson Valley Sketches – 04/26/11

This is a Stillman & Birn 6×8″ Delta Series sketchbook. I’ve done several multi-media pages in it of this type, and it’s handled all the abuse spectacularly well. It’s very heavy paper with a heavy layer of sizing, and just enough texture, so my fountain pens seem to like it as well. As you can see from the color brilliance in the sketch above, this paper really allows the color to sit up on top and show itself well. There is no show-through from one page to the next, and the paper doesn’t buckle with my watercolor work.  I use fountain pens with various inks and waterbrushes in my sketchbooks too, so I put this book through its paces with my pens too. Hudson Valley Sketches Blog

Sketch: Sakura Koi 24-color watercolor set with waterbrush, 0.5 Platinum Preppy loaded with J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil

Ken Januski, 06/09/11 – Blog: Art, Birds, Nature

“Well I have to say I’m impressed, especially for this type of drawing. I did all sorts of erasing and yet you can hardly tell. It’s a pleasant surface to work on. And it’s nice to be able to erase and still have a clean, almost pristine surface.” Ken’s Art, Birds & Nature Blog

Mike Stevens, 05/15/11 – Blog: Book Sketching

“Stillman Birn sketchbook is great!  The quality of the paper is pretty top notch.”  Mike’s Sketching Blog

Lex Hade, 05/17/11  Blog: Studiofive-ten

“Stillman & Birn are a new series of sketchbooks made with great archival quality paper. It’s about time paper starts to matter!” Studio Five-Ten Blog

Sondy Bojanic, Blog:  Sondy Illustrates Stuff Sometimes – 04/13/11

“I think I have found my sketchbook! The quality of Stillman & Birn paper and the natural white and ivory toned paper options sold me.  Right now I have the Delta series which has extra heavy ivory paper. It’s nice enough to use on final work.” Sondy Illustrates Stuff Sometimes Blog

Blog: WetCanvas Blogger: JamieWG  – 05/02/11

“I am so impressed with all five sketchbooks in the Stillman and Birn lineup that I can’t even choose a favorite. The S&B books come in so many different sizes and styles that it’s hard to pick one, but the good news is that you really can’t go wrong with any of them.” Jamie WG -Wet Canvas Blog

Blog: WetCanvas Blogger: Big Foot – 03/07/11

“A cool line of sketchbooks.. high end.. is from Stillman and Birn.  I think these might exceed the gsm/weight quality of the relatively new (also quite nice) Stonehenge Wired pads. The Stillman and Birn books are special occasion sketchbooks for me. They are archival quality papers – bound in sketchbooks. 100 lb and 180 lb papers with good/archival quality GSMs..and wirebound! Where else do you find something like that? unless you DIY.  The most extraordinary books I have come across have to be the Stillman and Birn sketchbooks.” Big Foot Wet Canvas Blog

The 180 lb paper is really amazing. What can I say? I have never worked with paper this dense and thirsty and lovely in a sketchbook. There are different textures depending on whether you choose the vellum or the more rough paper as well. 180 lb in both forms is perfect for all inks, paints.. mixed media, all sorts of washes and demanding media of all kinds. These books are just very different. it’s worth reading about the company and its history too. I am unabashed.. 🙂

Blog: Wet Canvas Blogger:  RainySea – 05/13/11

“I tested and like the Venezia, too, but am tending to think that I may like a couple of the Stillman & Birn a bit better because of better/different saturation of the inks.” Rainy Sea Wet Canvas Blog


NAMTA Phoenix Show: What’s Exciting!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

You may not have been able to visit the show this year or maybe you just like to get others’ take on what they saw that was noteworthy. Our sales and merchandising teams turned in their picks for the best of the show and here they are!

Art Alternatives Black Canvas was total hit at the show. Available in both Studio and Gallery profiles as well as canvas panels. We’ll have stock in our DCs around September.


Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketch Books These 48-page visual journals with soft covers and heavy-weight, lightly sized drawing paper were designed especially for art class, but are also a great sketch journaling accessory. Low, low retail price points.

Art Alternatives Nesting Art Tool Boxes Nesting these simple black boxes saves shipping costs, and that translates to low nets and low retail price points. Plus, nesting lets you stack more for BTS sales!

Art Alternatives Studio Acrylics fit a niche for stores who are focused on building bridges to teachers in elementary, middle and high school art programs. The bulk acrylic colors are also well suited for social painting studios, the rage now sweeping through the southern USA.

Alumicolor New labeling specifies whether the product is for architecture or engineering, making it easier for customers to identify what they need. Also, there’s a new ruler with ledge for safe cutting so fingertips are nowhere near the blade.

Ampersand’s new kits created lots of excitement. In fact, there were a bunch of new items for Ampersand. We will feature the new gessobord counter display boxes in Fall BTS, as well as the new Artist Panel Pallet Stacks. We will also be sending out an e-blast with all the new items for BTS since some did not make it into our Buyer’s Guide. The new scratchbord designs are very cool.

can4Bernini Aerosol Spray Graphite pencil transfer spray. This is a great new product that might need a bit of explaining on your store shelf. Pre-book special (50/5/5 discount) on this is available still through 5/18 and the product will ship from the MacPherson’s warehouses at the end of May. Regular everyday 50% off discount resumes after pre-book.  No size limitations with this product! Ideal for large murals and Urban Art, it is formulated to dry quickly for instant use. Order item number MVTS00510.

Canson’s BTS pad stack-outs wowed many NAMTA goers. Why? Irresistible offers like, “buy an XL recycled sketch pad and receive a 5.5×8.5 drawing sketch pad free”, and new watercolor pad and paint end-caps/stack-outs. Canson had some other awesome new items. We think their marketing & product management team is doing a wonderful job of keeping the market stoked. The x10% on the XL and the x20% on Newsprint stack-outs are good through BTS. The Watercolor Essential POG is built around a specially themed product, which will change with each promo. Display measures 24″w x 54″h x 16″d. MSRP $1,368.00; discount is 50/25 to Power & Non-Power retailers. Available in June. Hot show items for Canson included:  18×24 Pad Merchandiser (May), Colorline 300g (May w/ X20% thru July), 8×10 Art Board (June) and Van Gogh 200ml assortments (now).

win-mediumColArt’s new packaging on Winsor & Newton Oil mediums is a winner. This will be a rolling transition beginning in May. The faster moving items will transition first with the slower ones towards the end. MacPherson’s will rotate inventory in our DCs to make sure we sell through the old style first. More details will be shared as the transition progresses.

ColArt Oil Bar Revision Great idea to have the Oil Bar colors match the paints! The new  53” tall displays may be too big for some retailers, but they do look great. The new product begins shipping in mid-May. MacPherson’s will discontinue the current items in our system now to run down the inventory. The assortment drop ship promo will run through the rest of the year at 50/20/20% free freight & rack.

Daler-Rowney’s new Simply Simmons brush sets and new watercolor brush display are impressive. The new Simply Simmons Studio brushes will be available 6/1. Also noteworthy was the relaunched System 3 screen printing kit, which is available now.

xacto-sharpestElmer’s new and impressive X-Acto blade has a coated edge making it 6x sharper than the competition. It has a unique two-tone metal look and will be available later this summer.

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks will be a winner, and they’ll be available from our warehouses in early May. Hot Sticks come in 86 colors. You can hold them sideways to cover more surface, or straight up for more detailed work. You can paint on a hot palette and transfer the image to paper, or melt down the Hot Sticks and dip into them with a brush. Encaustics are so versatile – you can do rubbings, mixed media art and much more. There’s a new wax medium and an XD wax medium available in open stock. A full assortment is available through special order. And new boar bristle brushes and anodized aluminum plates are coming soon.

Exaclair We heard from some of you that would like us to increase our selection, so we’re looking at that. There were also a couple of noteworthy holiday-ish items: Rhodia Pencil/Holder and a Mouse/Note Pad POP that we’ll definitely be bringing in.

Global Art New Watercolor Paper Display We’re looking to offer you a drop ship special on this soon.

Golden Williamsburg Mediums Golden has wonderful new mediums displays. The new rack is great looking and some of the mediums will now be bottled in glass or heavy acrylic – we love the apothecary shop look! Way cool and available now. Full line: WBM622821 (28 facings), MSRP = $2,003.00.

Jacquard Pinata Inks are a great mixed media item. The alcohol base makes them indelible and moisture resistant when dry, allowing use on almost any surface. Highly versatile, these can be used in a variety of ways including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking, etc. The 1/2 oz inks retail at $3.59.

Krylon’s Glitter Blast is cool. Glitter is great quality and the spray volume is thicker. A POP display is available: KRK01020358 $314.87msrp @ 50/30 off. Drop ship, with free freight.

Letraset Promarker Metallic Sets These are sure to be a hit with crafters. We’re sorry to tell you, though, that the launch has been delayed until Fall 2011.

MidWest Balsa and Basswood Model making is hot again. Racks are free with purchase of assortments. The large rack is now modular, so it can be customized. Small dowels will be packaged in packs of 5 (less breakage and more store$-friendly). We will be adding more skus to this line.

Montana Cans Shop-within-a-Shop Concept was the buzz of the show. Urban art is the first truly new artist medium since acrylics hit the world in the 1950’s. Young artists ages 19 to 35 want to express quickly, big and bright without having to spend years learning techniques as is required with oils, watercolor and pastels. Things that fit this bill are acrylics, high performance spray paints, markers, large canvases, stencils, sketch books, etc. The shop-within-a-shop concept recognizes the needs of a diverse group and puts all the supplies they want in a prominent, well lit location in your store. Urban Art customers include fine artists; skateboarders (low pressure sprays, Montana Gold acrylic spray); and outdoor artists (Montana Black, a high pressure nitro combi spray paint, and Montana White, a gloss spray, and Montana Black markers). MacPherson’s Scott Present and Lisa Slauson got together with our Creative Services department to produce an awesome “inspiration book” that showcases ideas and concepts used by our retailers to capitalize on the shop-within-a-shop concept. Want to get inspired? Check out this web-based flip book version by Clicking Here!

And on the Urban Art subject, both Walter Foster and Northlight have instructional Graffiti Art titles that are a welcome departure from the inspirational/coffee table titles that are currently available. The Walter Foster title is How to Draw Graffiti Style and Northlight has Graff 1 (NLZ1818, in our Spring Buyer’s Guide) and Graff 2. We will be setting the new titles up and putting them into June What’s New.

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off line includes every conceivable art & craft removal product; all of which perform amazingly well and are non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot. The company motto says it all: “Produce the most effective removers and cleaners in the world THAT REALLY WORK and are three ways safe: for the environment, for any surface and for the people who use them”. Great You Tube videos for each item’s application. Check it out – Click Here!

Pan Pastels Lots of second looks at a line that now has firmly established itself amongst pastel artists.

Pentel’s new Arts Inking Center display got great reviews. This highly anticipated display will begin shipping from Pentel in early August.

Red Hot: Princeton Snap and Priceton’s new Neptune synthetic squirrel watercolor brushes are incredible. They point well and hold unbelievable amounts of liquid. In the words of one of our discerning sales people, ” the line is gorgeous!” Neptune assortment and open stock orders will ship without delay starting at the end of the month.


RGM Textured Combs were mentioned at the What’s Exciting Seminar on Thursday afternoon. They are great for encaustic waxes, acrylic mediums, clays, paste grain papers, etc. One retailer suggested these for pottery use as well. We will have these in our DCs in approximately 6-7 weeks.

stained-8cdSanford Sharpie® Stained Fabric markers- with DIY tennis shoe concept a big hit- nice packaging and easy sell. The line features new fade-resistant ink and  a unique fabric brush tip that allows users to write thick or thin for ultimate precision on most fabric surfaces without the need to heat set. Sharpie offers eight bold colors (black, blue, red, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple), which are available in 4/cd and 8/cd sets.

Stillman & Birn‘s new floor display This great looking custom-made spinner unit is the perfect showcase for this wonderful line of premium sketch books!

Studio Designs has cool new Furniture Products that look great.

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolor and Sumi brushes were big hits. So were the Origami Bracelets and Rings kits. Yasutomo’s new Chinese watercolor paints and inks are the first in the art materials industry to conform to ASTM D-4236. The paints and inks currently available through Chinese bookshops and souvenir shops are not required to conform. These products are specifically designed for Chinese painting techniques, which differ from Japanese painting. The new Sumi brush, Haboku, will be available in a few weeks. The brush is designed to retain its shape after each stroke. The brushes also feature packaging that tout the benefits of the brush.

New Items/New Vendors

Crafter’s Workshop Stencils A nice alternative to Stencil 1, these will round out MacPherson’s stencil category. Great for visual journals and mixed media art and they’ll be great for add-on sales of brushes, scrapers, paint, sprays and spray paint, pan pastels, encaustics, etc.

Trimaco drop clothes, rags, respirators and gloves, all made in USA. We have been asked for all of these things and this line in in our sights…

Buddha Board We saw this, too, and liked it. We’re thinking about bringing it in. It is similar to Holbein’s Vanishing Image Water Brush Paper 9×13 (HBM49) which is available in 5-sheet packs for $7.50/pk.

Introducing the New/Old Stillman & Birn!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Stillman & Birn Launches New Line of Premium Sketchbooks

Introducing Stillman & Birn, a new line of premium sketchbooks based a simple premise: When it comes to sketchbooks, paper matters!  These new sketchbooks are made with high performance archival papers and are available in both hardbound and wirebound formats.

The Stillman & Birn sketchbook program is a unique system, offering the artist a choice of paper weights, shades and surfaces suitable for both dry and wet media.

• Natural White
• Ivory

• Heavy Weight (100 lb. – 150 gsm)
• Extra Heavy Weight (180 lb. – 270 gsm)

• Vellum – distinctive tooth, suitable for all dry media and will accept light washes (paper has both internal and surface sizing)
• Rough – substantial tooth & enhanced wet and tear strength suitable for multi-media renderings
• Plate – finely calendered, suitable for line drawings with pen and ink without feathering

Bound in the United States, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are crafted with archival-grade drawing paper that is neutral pH, lignin and chloride free and is milled from pulp with an alpha cellulose content that exceeds 87%.

Each grade of paper has superb erasure characteristics, compatible with precision erasing techniques. Both the hardbound and wirebound editions are made with extra heavy weight binders board that is super tough and resistant to warpage.

There are five series in the Stillman & Birn sketchbook program:

Alpha Series
Heavy Weight – Vellum Surface – Natural White
100 lb. – 150 gsm
Hardbound and Wirebound

Beta Series
Extra Heavy Weight – Rough Surface – Natural White
180 lb. – 270 gsm
Wirebound only

Gamma Series
Heavy Weight – Vellum Surface – Ivory
100 lb. – 150 gsm
Hardbound and Wirebound

Delta Series
Extra Heavy Weight – Rough Surface – Ivory
180 lb. – 270 gsm
Wirebound only

Epsilon Series
Heavy Weight – Plate Surface – Natural White
100 lb. – 150 gsm
Hardbound and Wirebound

The Stillman & Birn sketchbook concept embraces the importance which the sketchbook has had throughout art history. Leonardo da Vinci treasured his sketchbooks…so has every artist from Michelangelo to Picasso and beyond. Why is the sketchbook so important? Because in the studio as well as in the field, the sketchbook is the artist’s companion, a platform for invention, recording ideas and documenting the evolution of a work of art from its earliest conception to its final rendering. In this way the sketchbook is a permanent record of the artist’s thinking.

Ask any group of artists what they do with their filled sketchbooks. Few will say that they dispose of them. On the contrary, just like Michelangelo, today’s artists maintain a life-long connection to them. The Stillman & Birn sketchbook program recognizes the special relationship artists have with their sketchbooks and aspires to offer a premium product range that is worthy of that relationship.

Stillman & Birn is a brand associated with an earlier era of the art materials industry in the United States.  The original company was founded in 1958 by Philip Birn (1911 – 2004). Birn was a highly admired Viennese bookbinder, who brought his old world craftsmanship to a small plant in the SoHo section of Manhattan. SoHo is now filled with trendy shops, restaurants and residential lofts. But in the 1950’s SoHo was a center of light industry. From his plant at 270 Lafayette Street, Philip Birn pioneered the concept of the black hardbound sketchbook, which he marketed throughout North America, Europe and Australia. The new Stillman & Birn organization is led by Birn’s nephew, Michael Kalman and his partner Oscar Hernandez, both formerly with Cachet and both with many years of expertise in sketchbook manufacturing.

Shipping January, 2011

For further information contact Michael Kalman, 201-871-6788,