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OOK Wire for Architectural Design, 3-D Models & Sculpture

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

ook-logoIntroducing the OOK line of wire for Architectural Design, 3-D Models & Sculpture!  MacPherson’s is the first Art Materials Distributor to carry this best-selling line.

These wire products come blister packed with a self-contained easy-to-use cutter.

OOK offers steel, brass, copper, aluminum and annealed wire for Architectural Design, 3-D Models and Sculpture. Available from 18 gauge to 32 gauge in lengths of 25 to 100 feet.


Contact your MacPherson’s Rep for information on the great 50/20% drop ship deals on all OOK assortments.

OOK: Add-On Sales Magic!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

ook1Introducing the OOK line of Picture Hanging Hardware! MacPherson’s is the first Art Materials Distributor to carry this best-selling line. Contact your MacPherson’s Rep for the FREE display board with a starter assortment of the 11 most popular SKU’s and for information on the great 50/20% drop ship deals on all OOK assortments.

This is a basic category that can easily add $5.00 to every framing customers’ purchases. Don’t miss out on those additional sales!