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Crescent Announces Great New Products

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

graffitipaperwiredis2139e9Crescent Cardboard introduces its newest art surface, Crescent® Graffiti Paper, a New Landscape for Urban Art. Graffiti Paper is bleed-proof paper specially designed for use with spray paint, paint markers and acrylics. Graffiti Paper features a unique, smooth surface that easily accepts paint and won’t dry out marker tips. The paper is available in easily transportable, large- and small-scale formats ranging from wall-sized rolls to small sketch pads. The variety of sizes and formats make it possible for artists to sketch, experiment or create full-scale pieces anywhere that inspiration strikes.
“As graffiti has grown into a recognized art form, spray and marker paints have become increasingly popular art products,” said Mays Mayhew Product Mgr.  “In response to this trend, we developed Graffiti Paper™ to present artists with a legal and transportable surface for practicing or to creating final pieces of graffiti-style art.” All Crescent Graffiti products will be available from MacPherson’s in mid-July.


Crescent ATC: A Revolution in Small Art Products

Crescent announces the launch of Crescent Artist Trading Cards. This line of 30 products is designed to make creating, trading and preserving miniature art easier than ever before. Using ATC artists and community leaders as a test group, Crescent’s comprehensive ATC line is directly inspired by trends and the needs of enthusiasts. Products include:
• Board-thickness, pre-cut ATCs
• Colors, textures and patterns, ranging from vintage to whimsical
• Self-adhesive board for digital art
• Pre-cut inchies, twinchies and rinchies
• Chunky book pages
• Protective sleeves and film
• Pre-cut 8×10 and 11×14 mats
For more information on Crescent Artist Trading Cards, visit
All Crescent Artist Trading Cards will be available from MacPherson’s beginning in mid-July.