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New Faber Castell Videos for Retailer Social Media Marketing

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Faber  Castell has recently created videos featuring well known artists with our products for retailers to use in social media marketing:

Valerie Mayen (Project Runway Contestant- PITT Artist Pens, Castell 9000 Graphite)

Gwyneth Leech (PITT Artist Pens)

Adam Fowler (Castell 9000)

Industry News

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

From MacPherson’s Elgin, IL Distribution Center Manager Jeff Zwerenz:

MacPherson's elgin

 “Last week we closed our Elgin distribution center. Friday was the end of an era and a day filled with pictures, hugs, crying, laughing, and just about anything else that accompanies an event in which 23 great people will not only set out to start a new chapter in their individual lives, but will forever remember and appreciate the team and family that they became. This was a team that I, as most I’m sure, will never forget. It was truly difficult to see everyone walk out of our warehouse for the last time. I will say, however, as I watched a group of people leave today with a total of 136 years of experience with MacPhersons, I’m am very proud of the commitment and dignity they displayed through it all. “

UA Redwood CityAfter over a year of planning, building and moving University Art has opened their new flagship store in Redwood City, CA. Their venerable Palo Alto Store will be closing soon. The new space is spectacular. Congratulations team UA!!!

Perry Paradiso of Perry’s Art & Frame in San Anselmo, CA is celebrating the huge milestone of 50 years serving his community’s creative needs. congratulations Perry and staff (both past & present).


AlleryA farewell note from Canson USA’s Jim Allery“During NAMTA I met with the Eric Joan, Managing Director of Groupe-Hamelin and it has been decided that May 23, 2014 will be my last day at Canson. For the past 27 years, working with Canson and the art industry has been an integral part of my life. The many wonderful experiences of the past will stay with me always. Although we have accomplished much for Canson during these 27 years, my greatest source of pride is, and will always be, the incredible friendships made during these years. Although I will no longer be working with Canson I expect to continue working or consulting in the future. It has been an honor and privilege to work with all of you. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope our paths will cross again.”

Hyatt’s All Things Creative has announced the closing of their Rochester, NY store as of May 18, 2014. According to the company, “Our recent growth is because of our successful efforts to become a competitive online retailer. From our 32,000 square foot flagship store, warehouse and offices in Buffalo, we now ship a large volume of orders weekly to our web customers. To respond to this market change, we have decided to close our Rochester store.”

schindler-smallThe NAMTA Board of Directors has unanimously endorsed Barbara Schindler, President of Golden Artists Colors Inc., as the association’s new Vice President. In addition to continuing her service on the Board of Directors, she will also serve on the Executive Committee.

It was an exciting moment on the 2nd morning of this year’s NAMTA Convention, when MABEF was awarded BEST NEW PRODUCT for their innovative Revolving Paint Accessory (MBMA-40)! This accessory upgrades any MABEF studio or lyre easel, into an easel that has a 360-degree painting capability. Constructed of oiled stain-resistant beechwood, this unique accessory attaches to the canvas mast of the easel, and can hold a canvas that measures up to 52.8″h and up to 22 lbs. in weight. It allows artists to rotate their painting into any vertical position desired, opening up many new painting possibilities. A special clamp attachment is included to give additional stability to the canvas mast on lyre-style easels.

Namta Pittsburgh Best New Product Winner-Mabef Rotating Easel Accessory

Earlier this month Binders Michele & Stuart Shapiro announced the birth of their daughter Blair Annabell Shapiro. Born at 5:07 am May 5th 2014. She weighs 6 lbs. 1 oz. and measures 18.25″. In Stuart’s own words, “We are so excited for this next new adventure in our lives!!”

Blair Shapiro

Pete RidgeSanford/Newell-Rubbermaid Account Manager extraordinaire, Pete Ridge left the company on May 15 to join Adidas in Chicago.

Check out this interesting article highlighting the consumer outpouring of support as Flax Art Materials prepares for a late 2015 or 2016 move precipitated by their landlords plans to build a multi-use high rise on the San Francisco property. Click here for the article

howard flax

Here’s a fun and fresh video featuring artist Michael Amorillo painting a large scale mural at Harrah’s Resort in Southern California, using all Montana GOLD!


Keeton’s Office and Art Supply in Brandenton, FL put on their own graffiti battle featuring 8 local artists. They did a great job making this free event interactive for all customers with a “community wall” for anyone to paint as well as a stencil and t-shirt workshop!  Check out the video:

Industry News

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Nina Deckert succumbed to her battle with cancer on March 14, 2012.

From Mark Golden:  We lost a remarkable person as Nina finally yielded to an illness that took her away so quickly. To all of us who had the great fortune to know Nina, this news leaves in all of us, a hole in a life full of creativity, passion and love cut much too short. After hearing the news of her illness in the fall of 2011, it was assumed that no matter the seriousness or aggressiveness of this illness that Nina, ‘the fighter,’ would overcome this challenge as she had overcome so many challenges before. Nina was a fighter for all of us. My conversations and emails are full of requests from Nina fighting for her customers, fighting for us to continue to be a better and stronger company; challenging all of us to learn more, do more, to be more. It did not matter who she was speaking to, her convictions wouldn’t allow her to back down when she felt she could add value to a relationship or the service she could deliver. Nina was thoughtful and thorough, as was her manner, but it was her passion and care for her colleagues and friends that allowed everyone to so clearly hear her voice. That voice will be missed by us all. To her family and friends, our thoughts and prayers for your strength and courage to be able to move past this time, onto the memories of a beautiful person.

From Nina’s family:  There will be a memorial for Nina Deckert on Saturday, April 14th, 11am-2pm in the Brazilian Room at Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA. You are invited to attend for as long or as short as you are available. We plan to serve light refreshments. This is a casual event and Nina would want you to dress for comfort, whatever that means for you (ok, so maybe no au natural!). There are no planned speeches, just plenty of time to share memories. There will be a showing of her art work at Gruenwald Press in San Francisco in the week before and the day of the memorial. More details for both of these events can be found at including ways to RSVP.

Zora Sweet Pinney, an art supply industry pioneer passed away March 2nd at her home in Los Angeles, CA. She was 91. Those of us who knew Zora counted on her passion for art materials, an acerbic and penetrating humor as well as straight talk and a relentless honesty. Her store was appropriately named Zora’s, located in the tony Brentwood area of Los Angeles, and was stocked to the gills with unique art products from around the world that had one thing in common; quality.  Her staff was for a time the best in the industry and they were world renowned for their knowledge and dedication to the artists they served. Products were made or broken at Zora’s. She cared little about the memes of a stodgy old art material establishment and made lots of time to help and nurture newcomers with different ideas about serving a changing industry. In the 1990’s Zora and her husband Ed moved the store to Santa Monica. They struggled in the new spot and soon after sold out to Standard Brands Paint who renamed it to fit into their newly created Art Store chain. Most of the original employees drifted away and Zora went on to help create the Namta Essential Resource Guide (ERG) with Spokane Art’s Claudia Myers. In 1995 she was inducted into Namta’s Hall of Fame for her giant influence on the modern American art supply scene. Zora, you will be missed!

Former Search Press sales and marketing lead Susan Kocsis is earning her entrepreneurial chops with a new tailgate party storage box called the Prepster. She has entered WalMart “Get on the Shelf” competition and she would love your vote. Check out her website first or view her video here, then vote at her website:

Michaels launches “Craft Masters” Reality Show, a web-based craft competition that kicks off just in time for National Craft Month. Not exactly Project Runway, but there are some funny moments all the same:

TheKidBelo Explains the Graffiti “Process”

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Check it out! TheKidBelo (aka David Brunning) from Calgary, Canada takes us through the “process” in this riveting video.

The Art of Graffiti from David Brunning on Vimeo.

The Art of Graffiti from David Brunning on Vimeo.

ATC Stencils Coming Soon From Stencil 1

Friday, June 19th, 2009
It’s all about mini-art!
Artist Trading Cards are hot right now and Stencil 1 is coming out with the perfect accessory – ATC-sized stencils which feature Stencil 1‘s very cool and trendy designs. There will be 7 new ATC stencils sets with 8 designs in each, with themes like music, urban, birds, and geometric patterns. For a preview of these ATC stencils in action, check out this clip showing how to use them with inks:

Look for the new Stencil 1 ATC stencils coming soon from MacPherson’s!

Post-it Notes Make Art!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Creativity is an amazing thing. Check out this animated video created by students at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). And yes, MacPherson’s offers Post-it Notes.


SKU Item No. Description List Un Inc Loc UPC/EAN Group Ascd Qty
218375 MT15577-2 POST-IT 654 3INX3IN YEL(12) $ 1.83 EA 12
U-021200155772 0150

Montana Gold Hits Up the New KIA Soul!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

KIA and the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim have teamed up with Hense, a famous graffiti artist from Atlanta, GA, on a big promotion for the new KIA Soul.

Hense custom painted a KIA Soul with colorful letters and cartoon characters from Adult Swim, which KIA is going to give away to one lucky winner as part of its promotional sweepstakes. Hense painted the car exclusively with Montana Gold! This commercial is airing on TV now, and it’s also being promoted on the Adult Swim website.

The link below has the same video that’s on YouTube, but there are also some picture links at the bottom that lead to some great footage of Hense throwing down some funky designs on the body of the car. Check ’em out!

Video of the Month: Art Supply Warehouse Store Event

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Check it out! Big congratulations go out to Mark Ball at Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA who earlier in October held a giant 3-day sale. To keep artistic customers engaged, he sponsored a Collaborative Art Project event. The point of the project was to create a mural that would be installed on the roof of the store when complete. Here’s how the project worked:
1) The store’s manager developed the overall plan. There was a design created that had to be drawn out.
2) Each participant was given a 14×14 stretched canvas with a sketch of the design of their portion of the mural. Novices could paint a “background”, and more accomplished artists did faces and details.
3) There were 156 squares that made up the design, and each needed to be painted.
4) Anyone could participate. 100 or so were painted Friday, the balance on Saturday.
5) Paint was donated by Grumbacher (Academy Acrylic) and Sanford (Paint Markers)
6) The design has a Halloween theme with images of famous monsters of movie fame. For fun the designer added a portrait of the store’s founder Howard Demar, who is depicted in the center of the piece.
7) When completed, the pieces were assembled painstakingly high above the store on the roof for all passing motorists to enjoy.

Check out this video slide show of the making and installing of the mural:

Video of the Month – Store Portrait: Sam Flax, Atlanta

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Sam Flax Atlanta is a unique take on the traditional art material store. It’s huge – containing a wide variety of art supplies, unique papers, promotional products, custom framing, boutique gifts, computer supplies and studio furniture. The store is owned by Leonard and David Flax and lovingly managed by John Saltsman.

This video offers a brief look at their dedication to fair prices, creative store environment and unique and interesting products. Presented by their amazing senior buyer, Stacey Smith and John Saltsman himself!