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Golden News December 2017

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

GOLDEN Launches NEW QoR® mini

Compact color for artists on the move.


QoR® Watercolor will be launching the QoR mini 12 Half Pan set and adding QoR Masking Fluid to the product line.

The totally new solid half pans of color within QoR mini re-wet beautifully and deliver the lively painting performance artists expect. QoR mini fits 12 half pan watercolors in a tin smaller than an index card. It fits perfectly in your pocket or purse for urban sketching and plein air painting. Features include:

  • Stamped wells on tin lid offer convenient mixing space
  • Innovative non-staining silicone insert with embossed letters next to each pan to reference colors
  • Standard size removable/refillable half pans
  • Watercolor paper insert to paint out a color reference key
  • Vibrant, clean mixing primary colors along with convenient secondary and earth colors

Order Details:

Item #: GD7000015-0 (Coming soon)

UPC: 738797012295

List Price: $99.99


  • Available February 12, 2018. Standard freight.
  • No minimum order.
  • Standard discounts apply.
  • Get an extra 20% discount on pre-orders now through March 16, 2018.

See your MacPherson Sales Representative for more information.

More GOLDEN Heavy Body Colors for 2018, Same Footprint

GAC Light Value Colors

All Heavy Body retailers can now offer a greater selection of colors within their current GOLDEN cabinets with the introduction of a new tube shelf for 2 oz. Heavy Body cabinets that increases the tube count from 10 to 12 per shelf. That’s a 20% increase in colors with no additional space required! And just as conversion kits are available, GOLDEN is also launching several new colors!

Cobalt Teal is back! Very popular when it was previously available, GOLDEN had to discontinue it when the pigment became unavailable. The launch of QoR watercolors helped us discover a new pigment supplier, so we can bring this very desirable single-pigment color back to Heavy Body acrylics. The Phthalo and Titanium blended Teal will remain available.

New Light Value Colors! For 2018, seven new light value colors add bright and convenient blends to what is already the most extensive palette in artist acrylic colors. Colors include Light Bismuth Yellow, Light Orange, Titan Violet Pale, Light Phthalo Blue, Light Phthalo Green, Titan Green Pale, and Titan Mars Pale.

New Yellows with Exceptional Lightfastness! We continuously test our products to make sure that we are providing the best materials available to artists. Recent tests reveal that the pigments PY3 and PY73, used in our Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Medium formulations no longer meet the highest ASTM Lightfastnesss standards. To provide the bright and lightfast yellows artists need we are introducing Benzimidazolone Yellow Light and Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium across all acrylic color lines in 2018. The Hansa colors will remain available in open stock tubes, however, the new Benzimidazolone colors will replace Hansa Yellow in sets beginning February 12, 2018.

All of these changes are highlighted in MacPherson’s Spring Catalog. For specific information regarding conversion kits and color changes detailed above, reference the MacPherson website OEX Golden or contact your MacPherson Sales Representative.


Williamsburg Adds Seven NEW Colors in 2018!

WBNewColorBlade_462X1200Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors will be introducing seven exciting new colors exemplifying the beauty and quality of our paints while extending the largest range of oil colors available anywhere. Additionally, in response to concerns surrounding the use of zinc oxide in oil paint formulations we have reformulated 12 color blends to be zinc free.

These new Williamsburg colors for 2018 exemplify the beauty and quality of our paints while extending the largest range of oil colors available anywhere:

  • Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
  • Tranpsarent Red Iron Oxide
  • Pyrrole Red
  • Pyrrole Orange
  • Nickel Azo Yellow
  • Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
  • Titan Buff

Space for new colors will be created from the discontinuation of Mars Orange Deep and Slate Black due to pigment availability. For existing planograms, conversion kits will be available starting February 12, 2018.

For further details, please contact your MacPherson Sales Representative.

Visit GOLDEN at Creativeworld 2018

For close to 20 years, GOLDEN has been exhibiting at Creativeworld, the leading international trade fair for paper, office supplies, stationary and art supplies.  Every year we look forward to having this time to visit with our friends and trading partners. Please plan to come see us in our booth location, Hall 4.1 Stand C12, where we will be featuring all three of our brands: GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and QoR® Watercolor.

Please be sure to stop by and visit during the show, which is from January 27 – January 30, 2018. If you would like to schedule a specific meeting time during the show, please contact Bill Hartman at

We look forward to seeing you and sharing what’s new!

New Strathmore & Royal Talens Bundle Packs

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Strathmore has created two new bundle packages of product paired with paint for the 2017 Winter Back-to-School Season. These special offerings are intended to give retailers a unique opportunity to offer great products with easy shopping decisions for beginning artists.


Strathmore has paired 300 Series Canvas Paper along with Royal Talens Art Creations® acrylic paint sets for a limited time/while supplies last. Two versions of bundles are available. One bundle pack features 2 pads of 300 Series Canvas Paper white paired with one set of Art Creations 8-color acrylic paint set. The second bundle pack features 1 pad of 300 Series Canvas Paper white, 1 pad of 300 Series Canvas Paper black, plus one set of Art Creations 8-color acrylic paint. Each bundle is shrink wrapped together for individual retail, and have a unique part number/UPC assigned.

Strathmore WBTS canvas/paint bundle set features include:

  • 115 lb / 187 gsm 300 Canvas Paper (white only, or white plus black).
  • Canvas-textured paper for practicing techniques with acrylic paint.
  • Glue bound flip over covers allow for easy sheet removal.
  • Two pads of 9” x 12” paper per bundle (20 sheets total).
  • Item number SM310-29 includes: 2 White Canvas 9×12 pads + 1 Art Creation Acrylic paint set.
  • Item number SM310-229 includes: 1 White Canvas 9×12 pad + 1 Black Canvas 9×12 pad + 1 Art Creation Acrylic paint set.
  • Shrink wrap packaging to hold all components together for easy retail.
  • Unique part/upc labels to communicate consumer value.
  • Great for beginning artists interested in trying a new medium or technique.
  • Paper and paints that deliver on key performance needs, while being affordable for artists.
  • Both sets have an MSRP of $27.25

Canvas bundle packs are featured on an introduction promotion while supplies last, which runs through Strathmore’s WBTS promotion November 13, 2017 to January 12, 2018. Learn how these new bundles can increase the productivity of your retail space by contacting your MacPherson’s sales representative today!

Gamblin Gamvar WBTS Buy-Get Promotion – Great For Social Media

Monday, November 27th, 2017

FREE 2oz Gamvar | WBTS Buy-Get Promo


What’s the promotion?

To help drive your foot-traffic and sales, we have put together a special buy-get promotion for you. Artists that shop with participating retailers will receive a FREE 2oz Gamvar Gloss with their purchase of $25 or more in Gamblin materials. This promotion is meant to be run during January and February, while supplies last.

How do I participate?

Just send an email to including your store shipping address, phone number, contact name, and email. At no charge, we’ll send you 25 bottles of 2oz Gamvar Gloss along with a rack sign explaining the buy-get to customers, and a varnishing tip sheet. Kits will ship-out to participating retailers in mid-December.
FREE 2oz Gamvar | WBTS Buy-Get Promo

Varnishing is trending


Why? Because varnishing with Gamvar is the easiest way to make your painting look better. Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find videos about varnishing with Gamvar that have hundreds of thousands of views.

Reminder! Winter BTS Promotions – Valid thru February 28, 2018

• Gamvar Gloss, Satin, and Matte – all sizes, additional 10% off net
• Gamsol – all sizes, additional 10% off net
• Ground – all sizes, additional 10% off net
• 1980 Oil Colors – all sizes, additional 10% off net
• Dry Pigments – additional 10% off net
On behalf of all 25 of us, thank you for supporting Gamblin, an independent and American colorhouse


MacPherson’s Holiday eMail Marketing – Sneak Peek

Friday, October 27th, 2017

sneak peak

Gamblin’s Fall Back-to-School Promotion

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Classes are starting up again and there are only four weeks left of Gamblin’s Back-to-School Promotion! Take advantage of the deals below to stock up on inventory for a successful back-to-school promotion.


The following Gamblin products are on MacPherson’s BTS promotion through September 30.

  • Gamsol – additional 10% off net
  • 1980 Oil Colors – additional 10% off net
  • Solvent-Free Painting Materials – additional 10% off net

From all 25 of us at Gamblin, thank you for supporting an independent and American colorhouse. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contact you MacPherson’s person or to give Gamblin a call at 503-235-1945.



How Good of a Deal are Big Tubes? Gamblin Explains

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Large tubes of Gamblin are an outstanding value for the artist. It’s no wonder half our paint is sold in large tubes.

Artist’s Grade
In our Artist’s Grade range, artists save 39% on Series 1 colors versus buying 37ml tubes. Across all series, artists save an average of 36%.

Gamblin 1980
For serious students and working artists painting big, large tubes of 1980 are an even better deal. On Series 1 colors, artists save 46% versus buying 37ml tubes. Across the entire range, artists save an average of 38%.
Compare these savings to other brands and you’ll find Gamblin’s discounts for buying big exceed what most other brands offer.

What else should I know and what other ideas do you have?

Get your big tubes of Gamblin out of boxes and up into hanging tube racks. Some retailers still merchandise large tubes of Gamblin in their boxes, piled on shelves below waist level.
Increase turn by 25%+ by better merchandising this product in hanging-tube racks. Even better, we’ll ship you one for free. Just contact your MacPherson’s Account manager or Lauren ( at Gamblin and we’ll  get you taken care of. Our hanging tube racks measure 16″ wide. Each rack holds 24 colors.
Range of Offering
MacPherson’s is well stocked with the full range of Artist’s Grade and 1980 oil colors in 150ml tubes.

As mentioned above, half Gamblin’s paint is sold in large tubes. Take a look at your Gamblin sales versus other brands and consider expanding your offering of 150ml tubes.

Need a custom order to expand from where you are into a standard assortment? No problem. Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager or Kaitlin or Lauren at Gamblin (503-235-1945) and they’ll get you squared away.

Gamblin wishes everyone a terrific summer. On behalf of all 25 in the Gamblin team, thank you for supporting an independent and American color house!



Liquitex Expands Basics Acrylic Range to Offer Artists More Choice

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


Liquitex is launching a new range of Basics 400ml squeeze bottles, Basics mediums, and Basics sets developed for students and artists who are looking for dependable quality at an economical price.

Basics 400ml provides a size option between the 250ml tube and the 946ml jar in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottles are available in 24 colors at the end of July.

Liquitex launched eight new mediums in July designed to help student artists explore their creativity. In addition to Gesso which already exists, the new products consist of core mediums: Gloss Gel, Modeling Paste, Iridescent Medium, Coarse Texture Gel, Gloss Fluid Medium, Matte Fluid Medium, Gloss Varnish, and Matte Varnish. A Mediums Trial Set priced at $14.99 for student artists who want to enter the mediums range without price being a barrier rounds out the offering.

An expanded set selection includes a Basics Best Sellers Set in a clear brick format that contains 24 – 22ml best-selling colors and has a handle for easy carrying that will be available to ship in late October.

In appreciation of your support of Basics, Liquitex is offering a Dealer Loyalty Program growth rebate (over and above any Colart rebate program) for the calendar year 2017. For further details about this program please contact your Colart sales representative.

Liquitex will also offer various point-of-sale items, such as a hand-painted blade with all 48 Basics colors in July and August to help the Basics presentation in store stand out and help educate student artists. There will also be a Fall Back to School promotion, offering 15% off the entire Basics range.

Basics rack

Show off Your Winsor & Newton Paper and Canvas Display & Win Big

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Ready to show off your creativity? In celebration of the newly launched Winsor & Newton paper and canvas range,  Colart has announced a new contest!

Canvas Grouping

Take a picture of your display, share it with us and get rewarded if your display is the best of the bunch. The reward: $1,000 of Colart product at MSRP. One winner will be chosen and featured in their next newsletter. Submit your paper and canvas display photo to by September 1, 2017. Colart looks forward to your submissions!


Zebra Stainless Steel Retractable Pens & Pencils!

Thursday, June 29th, 2017


Take advantage of the hot mechanical pencil trend with a brand-new Steel Pen and Pencil assortment from Zebra Pen! Year to date, mechanical pencil sales are up over 30% in sales and gel pens are seeing tremendous growth. This new assortment from Zebra includes both and is a perfect addition to your offering providing customers with well-designed pens and pencils that are surprisingly affordable.

Steel is popular for many reasons. First and foremost, the barrels are made of stainless steel which is sleek, smooth and strong. Add in features like a comfortable grip, a metal guide pipe, smooth flowing ink, sturdiness, and an easy refill process, and we are talking about a special collection. Whether it’s the M-301 Mechanical Pencil or best-selling steel ballpoint the F-301 Retractable Ballpoint, there is a Steel writing instrument that is right for your consumers’ needs.

The new Steel 3 Series Collection (item # ZE50100) contains the most popular pens and pencils from the Steel brand. This offering includes a variety of pen/pencil types, ink colors and point sizes.

The Zebra 3 Series 144 Piece display contains:

  • F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Black (24 pens)
  • F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Blue (12 pens)
  • F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Red (12 pens)
  • F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 1.0mm Black (12 pens)
  • F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 1.6mm Black (12 pens)
  • G-301 Gel Retractable 0.7mm Black (24 pens)
  • G-301 Gel Retractable 0.7mm Blue (12 pens)
  • M-301 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm HB (12 pencils)
  • M-301 Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm HB (24 pencils)


The display is only 6.25” wide x 8.25” deep x 9” high making it very easy to fit on a shelf or register.

Here is a detailed guide to the pens and pencils inside:

M-301 Mechanical Pencil

M-301 Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm Black

M-301 Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm Black

You will be sure to capture the consumer’s eye with the M-301 Mechanical Pencil.  The rugged, sophisticated M-301 mechanical pencil is ideal for writing, sketching, and drafting.  Featuring a stainless-steel barrel that is the hallmark of the Steel line; as well as a metal guide pipe when precision matters most. The textured grip provides control and comfort when writing for extended periods and a handy eraser can be found neatly tucked under the cap. Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes.  Refillable with standard lead refills.

F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Black

F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Black

America’s #1 steel ballpoint pen: The F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen.  This stainless-steel beauty has premium features, including a sleek steel barrel, textured grip, and metal clip. Its easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing experience and outshines the competition. The F-301 Ballpoint is excellent for everyday writing or sketching, with an oil based ballpoint ink that allows for thick and thin lines.   Choose from four ink colors with matching grip: Black, Blue, Green or Red.  Available in a 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 1.6mm point size.  Refillable with Zebra’s F-Refill.

G-301 Gel Retractable Pen

G-301 Gel Retractable 0.7mm Black

G-301 Gel Retractable 0.7mm Black

Gel pens are seeing tremendous growth and the G-301 is sure to be a winner.   The G-301 is equipped with the same sleek, stainless steel barrel and popular features as its M and F-301 counterparts, but is filled with gel ink. The smooth flowing G-301 makes writing and drawing both clean and effortless. The easy glide of the gel ink will make this your go-to pen for everything.  Choose either Black or Blue ink with a matching grip. Available in a 0.7mm point size.  Refillable with Zebra’s JK-Refill.

Zebra F301_132087605_R


More details on steel can be found at

Gamblin’s Fall Back-to-School Promotion

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017



Gamblin’s Fall Back-to-School Promotion is in full swing

School’s out and summer has arrived. Gamblin’s 2017 Fall Back-to-School promotion is in full swing! Take advantage of the deals below to stock up on inventory for a successful back-to-school promotion.

The following items will be on promotion from now thru September 30.

  • Gamsol – additional 10% off  net (57.25%)
  • 1980 Oil Colors – additional 10% off net (57.25%)
  • Solvent-Free Painting Materials – additional 10% off net (57.25%)

Use Flyer Code = BT when ordering


Golden News June 2017

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop A Great Success (a thank you note from GOLDEN)

Thank you to MacPherson’s personnel for hosting an incredible workshop! Your planning and preparation led to a very organized, valuable event. The hands-on demonstrations were interesting and informative for all. We were pleased to see so many retailers in attendance. Having such commitment and enthusiasm from our retail partners in support of all three GOLDEN brands is appreciated tremendously!

Williamsburg Oils Brand Strategy

This Spring, Golden Artist Colors introduced a new digital marketing campaign to drive awareness and trial of the Williamsburg Handmade Oils brand. The campaign integrates new informational videos on the brand, a new dedicated Instagram page (, social media advertising on Facebook, and direct outreach to influential oil painters. Details of the campaign are being made available to Distributors and Retailers through 3 weekly e-blasts being distributed from mid- June to the end of June. Segments of the video are available for viewing on Contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative for more information about this campaign.

Get Artists Excited About Exploring Acrylic Beyond Color!

Mediums Explorer Set 1

GOLDEN offers an extensive range of Gels, Pastes and other mediums to provide artists with limitless opportunities for creative expression. The limited-time GOLDEN Mediums Explorer Set includes three popular mediums that allow artists to extend paints, alter sheen, adhere collage projects, create glazes, build texture and so much more!

The Mediums Explorer counter unit holds six sets, with another six supplied for restocking. Each set contains a 4 oz. jar of Molding Paste, a 4 oz. jar of Regular Gel Matte and a 2 oz. cylinder of Gloss Glazing Liquid. These displays will start shipping July 10 and will continue through September 15.

Digital assets are available to help you communicate this offer to your customers. Visit, log in and navigate to the Documents and Media section then click on the Initiatives folder to access the information.

GOLDEN Mediums Explorer Counter Unit

Item #: 0000P84-0, UPC: 10738797012544, List Price: $183.48

GOLDEN Mediums Explorer Set

Item #: 0000P83-0, UPC: 738797012547, List Price: $15.29


Mediums Explorer Set only available via Counter Units. Display drop ships direct to retail.
Mediums Explorer Set 2

Contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative or call Customer Service at 800-959-6543 with questions.

Get an Extra 10% Discount on 2017 Holiday Sets!

The gift of paint is the perfect holiday present for artists. With this in mind, GOLDEN is offering a discount on select sets for the 2017 Holiday Season.

  • # GD0910-0 – GOLDEN 6 Professional Heavy Body Acrylics Set
  • # GD0957-0 – GOLDEN OPEN Slow-Drying Acrylics Landscape Set
  • # GD0905-0 – GOLDEN 10 Professional Fluid Acrylics Set
  • # GD0945-0 – GOLDEN Acrylics Gels & Paste Textures Set
  • # GD0953-0 – GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics Assorted Colors Set
  • # GD0954-0 – GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics Transparent Set
  • # GD0964-0 – GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics Drawing Set
  • # WB6008005 – WB Signature Oils Colors Set
  • # WB6008010 – WB Landscape Oil Colors Set
  • # WB6008015 – WB Traditional Oil Colors Set
  • # WB6008020 – WB Modern Oil Colors Set
  • # QR7000001-0 – QoR Introductory Six Watercolor Set
  • # QR7000003-0 – QoR High Chroma Six Watercolor Set
  • # QR7000002-0 – QoR Earth Colors Six Watercolor Set
  • # QR7000010-0 – QoR Introductory Twelve Watercolor Set
  • # QR7000020-0 – QoR Twenty-four Watercolor Set


For ordering terms and additional information visit

GOLDEN Educator Residents & Top Finalists Announced!

Golden Artist Colors and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 GOLDEN Educators Residency:

Lucy Harackiewicz from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Westwood High School

Margaret Minardi from Ft. Salonga, New York, Northport East Northport High School

Elizabeth Stainton from New York, New York, The Brearley School

Collectively, these educators have been teaching for over 65 years.

The residency is a partnership between the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and Golden Artist Colors, who have partnered for a third year to offer an unprecedented opportunity for Art Educators with a student who received recognition in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The three selected educators are invited to participate in this two-week artists’ residency in a sylvan setting in upstate New York through the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation in July/August 2017. They will also each receive a gift certificate for $1,000 for GOLDEN paints.

Virginia McEnerney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers said, “Golden Artist Colors is to be commended for making this exceptional opportunity available to outstanding educators. We were most impressed by the quality of the applications we received this year. Teachers are part of the lifeblood of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and we are privileged to have this moment to show our appreciation for their efforts in the classroom as well as our respect for their work as artists.”

The Alliance partnered with the National Art Education Association to review the applications to the residency. In addition to the three residents selected, nine additional finalists were identified and they will also receive $1,000 gift certificates for GOLDEN paints.

Congratulations to the 2017 GOLDEN Educator Residents and Educator Finalists! If you’re interested in learning more about these artists and seeing their artwork, be sure to visit

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager.

Spring Promotions for QoR Watercolor + GOLDEN Fluid & OPEN Acrylics

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

QoR Watercolor Buy 2, Get 3 FREE Promotion:


When consumers purchase any two 11 ml tubes of QoR, they will receive a Sample Set of three 5 ml tubes of QoR for FREE! The Sample Set contains Nickel Azo Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, and Ultramarine Blue. Six of these starter kits will be shipped directly to all QoR retailers at no cost. In addition, retailers will be provided with a countertop dispenser unit for the sets, a tent card, an in-aisle banner and digital assets to help communicate the promotion through email, web and social media. Retailers can expect to receive promotional materials mid-March. Retailers will receive a FREE Sample Set for every two 11 ml tubes of QoR ordered during the order/ship period of March 13 to April 21. Quantities of promotional items will be monitored to ensure alignment with the promotional period. Distribution / retail replenishment order period will run from March 13 through April 21. Replenishment orders must include the Free Good on the order!

QoR Promo Three 5 ml Set – Item # 7000P62-0, UPC # 738797012509

Unique GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics / Free Gel Medium Promotion:


When consumers purchase three 4 oz. bottles of any GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics, they will receive a FREE 8 oz. jar of GOLDEN Soft Gel Gloss! Many artists have not yet experienced all the possibilities that GOLDEN Gel Mediums can offer to create glazes, alter sheen, and create textures in their artwork. The goal of this promotion is to introduce artists to the versatility of GOLDEN Soft Gel Gloss with the use of highly pigmented Fluid Acrylics.

All retailers currently stocking 4 oz. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics will receive a free Promotional Starter Kit direct from GOLDEN at no cost. The Starter Kits include a countertop display containing five free units of GOLDEN Soft Gel Gloss as well as a tent card and in-aisle banner as tools to help promote the program. In addition, retailers will be provided with digital assets to help communicate the promotion through email, web and social media. A new Web Landing Page supporting the promotion will be created, offering application videos as well as other types of valuable content at

Retailers can expect to receive promotional materials late April. Retailers will receive a FREE 8 oz. GOLDEN Soft Gel Gloss for every three 4 oz. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics ordered during the order/ship period of April 24-June 16, while distributors can order from April 10 – May 29. Quantities of promotional items will be monitored to ensure alignment with the promotional period.

8 oz. Promo Soft Gel Gloss – Item # 00P3010-5, UPC # 738797012530

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics Free White Promotion


Just in time for spring, one of the most popular seasons for plein air painting, when consumers purchase any three 2 oz. tubes of OPEN Acrylics, they will receive a FREE 5 oz. tube of GOLDEN OPEN Titanium White! This program engages with all retailers currently stocking 2 oz. tubes of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics.

A FREE Promotional Starter Kit will be shipped to OPEN retailers at no cost direct from GOLDEN. The Starter Kit will contain five FREE 5 oz. tubes of OPEN Titanium White, along with a tent card and an in-aisle banner to help communicate the promotion to customers. GOLDEN will also be providing retailers with digital assets to support the promotion through email, web and social media. Retailers can expect to receive promotional materials late April.

Retailers will receive a FREE 5 oz. tube of GOLDEN OPEN Titanium White for every three 2 oz. tubes of OPEN Acrylics ordered during the order/ship period of April 24 – June 16 while distributors can order from April 10 – May 29. Quantities of promotional items will be monitored to ensure alignment with the promotional period. All retailers that have purchased a 2 oz. OPEN Acrylics Set Set-Up at any time prior to the start of the promotion will automatically qualify for participation in the Spring 2017 Free OPEN Acrylics Color Promotion. Set-Ups purchased through GOLDEN Distribution qualify as well.

5 oz. Promo OPEN Titanium White – Item # 00P7380-3, UPC # 738797006065

GOLDEN Foundation ‘Made In Paint’ Exhibition April 8, 2017


The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation is pleased to announce their 5th ‘Made In Paint’ exhibition, celebrating the work of the 2016 artists in residence. The show will open April 8th from 4:30 to 6:30 and be available for viewing until July 28th (Monday through Friday). The exhibition will take place at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery at Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, NY.

Golden Artist Colors February ’17 News

Sunday, February 26th, 2017


Williamsburg Oils “Artist Picks” Spring Promotion

In order to continue to drive trial of unique Williamsburg Oil Colors, GOLDEN has developed a countertop display highlighting 4 colors endorsed by professional artist testimony and usage suggestions. Colors featured are Courbet Green, Payne’s Grey Violet, Prussian Blue, and Raw Umber. The countertop display is available at an additional 15% to retailers. Items featured in the countertop display are eligible for a MAP of 40% off list price during the promotional period. The promotion period runs from April 3 to May 26, 2017. The retailer order and shipping period is from March 20 to May 12. Orders placed via distribution will drop ship to store.

WB “Artist Picks” Counter Unit – Item # WB6008P30-0, UPC # 738797965393, List Price $270.24

Please contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager with any questions about the above-mentioned trade and consumer promotions in addition to other upcoming Sales and Marketing initiatives with the QoR Watercolor brand of products.

GOLDEN Introduces New Packaging Utilizing Post-Consumer Recycled Material

In alignment with Golden Artist Color’s aspirations for environmental sustainability,  the company will begin introducing 25% post-consumer resin on some of its cylinder and jar packages. By collaborating with Cortland Plastics and Empire Emco, two local New York companies, GOLDEN was able to secure new containers and will introduce the packaging change to customers within the first quarter of 2017.

With this packaging transition, there will be no change to the dimensions or shape of the containers. It is possible that customers will notice a very slight change in the container color, with minimal cloudiness, as compared to current packaging.

Containers affected by the change are as follows:

  • Cylinders
    • 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz.
  • Jars
    • 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz.

GOLDEN will continue to consider future opportunities where utilization of post-consumer resin aligns with corporate strategies and initiatives. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Regulatory Affairs Director, Ben Gavett at

Call for Entries Reminder-Derwent ‘Drawn to Perfection’ Competition

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Smart and effective merchandising has proven to make a measurable sales and customer satisfaction difference in art and craft material stores. When done right, product and category merchandising helps your customers navigate easily to what they are seeking and subtly exposes them to new, unique products that can help them achieve satisfaction in pursuit of their creative expression. With this competition we are hoping to encourage your stores’ own creativity in merchandising as well as receiving a great reward incentive!

Details, Details, Details:

  • Submit at least 2 photos of your drawing section, in particular showing the DERWENT sketching and drawing supplies
  • The 1st photo series should be the way you are currently presenting it (i.e. before) and the 2nd photo series should be how you have reimagined it (i.e. after)
  • There are 3 contest categories with prizes awarded based on sketching and drawing department size
  • All prizes will be in form of credits at MSRP to be used for the exciting new DERWENT merchandise units and assortments that will be unveiled at the March 2017 NAMTA convention in Salt Lake City
  • Extra points will be given for visual appeal (attractive layout, signage, etc.), ease of navigation, shopability, impulse and of course featuring DERWENT products
  • If your store mixes brands in categories, no problem, just be sure to show a good representation of DERWENT’s crowd-pleasing products like Inktense, Coloursoft, Graphic Pencils, etc!

Prize Breakdown:

  • The top sketching and drawing section under 6 ft. will win a $250 credit
  • The top sketching and drawing  section over 6 ft. and less than 12 feet section will win a $500 credit
  • The top design for a drawing and sketching department featuring Derwent over 12 feet will win a $1,000 credit
  • All valid entries will receive a $100 credit

Other Info:

  • Submissions need to include store name, contact info, MacPherson’s Account Manager rep name, size of assortment (i.e. 4 ft., 8 ft., etc.)
  • Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 10, 2017
  • Credit for Derwent products will be at MSRP
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, February 17, 2017 and winning photos will be featured in future editions of the Art Dog Blog
  • Submit your entry to




Sketch Dept After

Hints and Tips:

  • Sketching and drawing is one of the fastest growing categories at art & craft retail. Even with the adult coloring craze cooling down, sketching and drawing continues to trend.
  • Sets are the entry point for most sketching and drawing customers, so merchandising placement and design that helps consumers find their way to the right technique and quality can build strong loyalty to stores and brands.
  • Open stock pencils are essential to developing long term serious fans as customers though the slower inventory turn makes it less of a profit center and more of a courtesy. 
  • The “golden zone” for merchandising on store shelves is eye-level down to the average person’s waist. On the shelves below is a great destination location for items such as open stock and above is great for way finding, branding and promotional signage.

Deadline Extended: ColArt “Just Add White” Promotion

Monday, November 28th, 2016

“Just Add White” Promotion for Winsor & Newton & Liquitex

Colart is excited to extend the “buy-in” deadline for retailers wanting to take advantage of the exciting “Just Add White” Promotional opportunity, just in time for the holidays and Winter Back to School!

This offer gets you your Winter Back to School Discounts PLUS an additional 25% worth of FREE Titanium Whites, with a consumer promotion that will help build extra excitement around these ranges and building your customer’s color collections for Winter!

Focusing on several key collections, this offer includes both Winsor & Newton and Liquitex brands. Ranges included are Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colours (37ml), Winton Oil Colours (37ml, 200ml), and Liquitex Heavy Body (2 oz.) and BASICS (4 oz.)

Each qualifying order gets some great POP blades to attach to your displays during the promotion, as well as counter-top units that can hold extra Titanium White 37ml tubes for Winsor & Newton, and a separate counter-top unit to hold the 2 oz. & 4 oz. Titanium White Liquitex tubes.

wn-countertopdisplayunit lq-countertopdisplayunit

The consumer promotion handle is: Buy 3, Receive 1 Titanium White FREE.

Shipping began November 14th and the order in date has been extended to conclude on January 13th, 2017. Use promo code JAWD on Online Express or download the order form.

MAP exemption applies for Artists’ Oil Colour & Liquitex Heavy Body, with the consumer promotion active from November 14th, 2016 through February 17th, 2017.

POP Blades that will attach to your Winsor & Newton and Liquitex full-range aisle displays.

just-add-white-wn-aoc-blade just-add-white-wn-woc-blade just-add-white-liquitex-blade

Winsor & Newton:

Product Range



Artists’ Oil Colour 37ml

Open Stock

Buy 48 Assorted Colours, Get 12 Free Titanium
White; Each additional assorted order of 24 gets additional 6 Free

Buy 3, Get 1 Titanium White Free

Winton Oil Colour 37ml

Open Stock

Buy 96 Assorted Colours, Get 24 Free
Titanium White; Each additional assorted order of 48 gets additional 12 Free

Buy 3, Get 1 Titanium White Free

Winton Oil Colour 200ml

Open Stock

Buy 48 Assorted Colours, Get 12 Free
Titanium White; Each additional assorted order of 24 gets additional 6 Free

Buy 3, Get 1 Titanium White Free



Product Range



Heavy Body 2oz

Open Stock

Buy 96 Assorted Colours, Get 24 Free
Titanium White; Each additional assorted order of 48 gets additional 12 Free

Buy 3, Get 1 Titanium White Free


Open Stock

Buy 96 Assorted Colours, Get 24 Free
Titanium White; Each additional assorted order of 48 gets additional 12 Free

Buy 3, Get 1 Titanium White Free


Refer to your MacPherson’s Account Manager or local ColArt Field Manager with any questions.



Golden News November 2016

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Williamsburg Free Paint Promotion

Winter Back to School 2016

All Williamsburg retailers are invited to participate in this program aimed at active oil painting groups, oil painting classes, plein air societies, colleges and universities and all discerning or aspiring artists. Artists just need to purchase any three 37 ml tubes of Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and they will receive a 37 ml tube of Williamsburg Viridian, FREE!


Participating retailers will receive one Williamsburg Viridian promotional tube kit (ITEM # WB6008P150) for every three 37 ml tubes of Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors purchased during the promotion buy-in period, while supplies last. One, custom labeled 37 ml tube of Williamsburg Viridian (Series 5, List Price of $37.29) will be packaged with a travel size Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors color chart. Stocking retailers will be provided with in-store POP items, along with digital assets to assist in communicating the promotion through e-mail, web and social media.

Retailers can use this promotion to increase artist awareness of Williamsburg by providing them with an incentive to try colors they might not otherwise use and reward artists for engaging with the brand. Additionally, retailers can utilize this promotion to create energy around the brand that will result in increased sales of Williamsburg.

Promotional items will be available to ship beginning November 21, 2016. The promotional buy-in period is November 21, 2016 through January 27, 2017. The promotional period will begin January, 2, 2017 and end February 10, 2017.

When ordering through the MacPherson’s Online Express during the promotion, be sure to add your free goods to the order(s) ITEM # WB6008P150.

If you have any questions, please contact your Williamsburg Sales Representative or call GOLDEN Customer Service at 800-959-6543.

Just Paint #34 Hitting Mailboxes and Websites in December!

In the latest issue of Just Paint Mark Golden writes the first article in a series about painting on metal. In this article he details the types of aluminum to consider when thinking about using metal as a substrate in artwork as well as how to prepare these surfaces for the best adhesion possible.

In an article by Sarah Sands, she investigates Pigment Volume Concentration and its role in color. In this article she focuses on examining some of the ways a pigment’s color changes when used in different systems, such as watercolor, casein, egg tempera, acrylic, encaustic and oil.

Material & Application Specialist Cathy Jennings details the use of GOLDEN Archival MSA Varnish over transparent watercolor on paper as well as some other options for protection of watercolor paintings when on display.

This past September GOLDEN celebrated the artwork of Kikuo Saito with an exhibition of his artwork, ‘Color and Drawing’ at The Sam & Adele Golden Gallery (SAGG) at Golden Artist Colors. Gallery Director, James Walsh explains Saito’s career as an artist and the show in an article in this issue of Just Paint. If you’re not able to visit the gallery before the show comes down in March 2017, you can still see the show by taking a Virtual tour.

Lastly, in this issue GOLDEN celebrates their third year working with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. This year they offered extended residencies for three teachers advancing their own painting practice. Be sure to check this article out as well!

Look for these articles in your mailbox in December or at Just Paint. If you’re interested in receiving the electronic version of Just Paint, go to Just Paint Sign-up.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager.

Golden News Oct 2016

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

MacPherson’s Holiday Set Promotions for GOLDEN

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the Holiday Set Promotions from GOLDEN. It’s time for folks to start thinking about gift buying for family and friends!

Shipping began September 19th and concludes on December 9th. Select Sets from all three Golden Artist Colors brands – GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils, and QoR Watercolor – will be offered at an extra 10% in support of the holiday selling season. MAP exceptions during this period allow advertising discounts of 40% off.

Refer to the MacPherson’s Buyer’s Guide for further details or see your MacPherson’s Account Manager with any questions.

Retailer Support Items for QoR Watercolor and GOLDEN Acrylics

Earlier in the year we mentioned that GOLDEN will be introducing new retailer support items for QoR Watercolor and for GOLDEN Acrylics. Two items available soon are:

New! QoR Product Guide: (Starts Shipping November 11)


Provide this take-away selling tool to share the QoR Watercolor story with artists interested in learning more about modern watercolor. This multi-purpose collateral piece can be provided to artists at retail as well as at tradeshows and other informational venues.

  • An introduction to the unique properties and benefits of QoR.
  • Color mixing matrix highlighting specific QoR colors.
  • Create greater awareness for QoR Watercolor brand.
  • Encourages increased turns of full-sized tubes.


New! Layered Surfaces POP Blade & Brochure: (Starts Shipping October 24)

Item # Description Support Price
GDM733120 QoR Product Guide $2.25

The new GOLDEN Layered Surfaces POP Blade encourages artists to explore the extensive range of GOLDEN gels and mediums. The POP features seven hand-painted applications and demonstrates a range of textures, sheen, and other effects that can be created when using mediums along with color.

These eye-catching applications are designed to inspire! The included brochure makes it easy for artists to turn inspiration into action. It lists the materials needed along with step-by-step instructions for each of the techniques illustrated on the POP blade. Layered Surfaces How-To brochures can also be used independent of the blade as bag stuffers or handouts at in-store events.

layeredsurfaces1_web1000x1500Adding this POP Blade to your GOLDEN aisle:

  • Acts as a conversation starter for store staff engaging with customers
  • Helps clarify the range of GOLDEN Gels and Mediums that can be confusing to new users
  • Acts as a silent salesperson, helping customers navigate the GOLDEN offering
Item # Description Support Price
GDM012943 Layered Surfaces POP Blade. Complete with 25 How-to Brochures $80.00
GDM013303 Layered Surfaces How-to Brochures

$0.25 each






GOLDEN High Flow Promotion with Ampersand


hol16_amp_golden-display-webArtists get two FREE 1 oz. bottles of GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics when they purchase an Ampersand™ Surface Sampler! Included in each Ampersand Surface Sampler is High Flow Indigo and Green Gold, along with the Artist Panel Smooth™ and Claybord™ panels (9 x 12 7/8”). Both are incredibly smooth surfaces for fluid paint and pouring techniques. This offer has a $64.40 retail value, at only $24.99! If retailers order 3 cases of 6, they receive a free cardboard display with header for their store.

What Are Artists Saying About GOLDEN Acrylics and Williamsburg Oils?

Artists are eager to share their experiences in email and on social media about their use of GOLDEN Acrylics. Take a look and see how you might share their stories with your own customers. Maybe there’s a technique, color or idea that sparks their interest, increasing traffic in your store!

  1. Renee Prisble using High Flow Acrylics via Instagram


  1. Jessica Prior mentioning Williamsburg Oils via Instagram
  1. Shawn Huckins experimenting with Williamsburg Oils via Instagram


Prismacolor News August 2016

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Prismacolor is busy bringing new news to our customers and consumers!

prisma rebate

Sanford/NewellCo is excited to announce a Consumer Rebate is coming this fall on all Prismacolor Premier Pencil and Marker skus.  The consumer can earn up to $20 back off qualifying open stock and sets’ purchases made between November 1 – December 31, 2016.  Sanford is providing the tear pads and in-store shelf talkers to fine art customers.  (See your MacPherson’s sales rep for details).  Also, the rebate forms will be available to download at (this link will be turned on closer to the November launch date). This program is exclusive to the Fine Art & Craft Channel!  Each receipt will be required to include the name of the retailer and the name of the Prismacolor item purchased clearly stated.   Also acceptable will be the item number or UPC printed on the receipt.  Handwritten notes on the receipt will not be accepted.  What a great opportunity to feature Prismacolor for the holidays and offer your customers some amazing promotional pricing.


prisma advertising

Coming Q4-the LARGEST MEDIA INVESTMENT IN PRISMACOLOR HISTORY!!  Prismacolor will be on TV November – December, targeting the Adult Colorist throughout the Holiday season, delivering ~450MM impressions!!  The objective is to get consumers to give the gift of Prismacolor by demonstrating Prismacolor is THE premier coloring tool.  And there’s more!  There is an extensive PR campaign running as well to maximize results.  Your MacPherson’s team is ready to help you plan a successful season to maximize all the great Prismacolor news for the holidays.  Don’t Just Color. Prismacolor!

Golden News July 2016

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

B-T-S Promotional Period Reminder

Remember that advertising can be extended to 40% off everyday for all three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) beginning on 07/25/16 and expiring on 09/30/16.


GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – Available Now!

Demo Kit

Golden Demo Kit

For those of you who attended the recent Dealer Workshop, a preview of this was introduced at the event. For everyone else, we’re excited to introduce the new GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – a toolkit to drive sales and educate store staff about acrylic colors, gels, grounds, pastes, mediums and techniques! It’s also useful for increasing store traffic by offering in-store demonstrations. With this tool, you can demonstrate the following:

  • Difference in properties between GOLDEN color lines
  • Differences between all the “white stuff” – Mediums, Gels and Pastes
  • How to use Gels, Pastes and Mediums as extender and for building texture
  • How to use Gels and Pastes as Grounds
  • Staining techniques using High Flow and Fluid Acrylics on canvas and Acrylic Grounds
  • How to use OPEN Acrylics for Subtractive and Monoprinting techniques

Item # GD0000096-0 (Acrylic Demo in a Box)

2016 Support Value: $29.50

If you’re interested, don’t let the Support Price stop you. Contact either your MacPherson’s or GOLDEN Sales Representative to order yours today.

What Are Artists Discovering About QoR Watercolor?

Artists are eager to share their experiences in email and on social media about their use of QoR Watercolor. Take a look and see how you might share their stories with your own customers. Maybe there’s a technique, color or idea that sparks their interest, increasing traffic in your store!

  1. June 20, 2016 on Instagram in reference to the QoR 24 unboxing video.

Alex Johnmeyer:

For all the watercolor artists in my life: These are the best I’ve ever used. Like butter. So rich and vivid. Do it.

  1. June 1, 2016 on YouTube

Jessica Sporn Designs:

I’m testing out the new QoR Watercolor Paints from Golden. I love them! 

  1. July 18, 2016 via Email to one of our Material & Application Specialists

Kathy Lindsley:

I received the Permanent Green Light; a strong accent color and it makes some lovely mixtures. I’m also enjoying the sample cards and have identified several QoR colors I intend to add to my regular palette. Your Burnt Sienna Natural is outstanding; for sure that will become my standard — and among my most-used colors.

Cachet 101 Pads

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Cachet 101 gondola header

Cachet 101 featured artist Alex Castaneda continues to put his ideas in motion using Daler-Rowney art supplies on the NEW line of Cachet 101 Artist Pads. Alex has been using Daler-Rowney Cachet Recycled Earthbound Sketchbooks for the last 12 years, and when he heard about the new line of Cachet 101 pads, he was more than excited to create on it. The line features 26 SKUs (tape and spiral bound), covering the most popular techniques: Sketching, Drawing, Watercolor, Bristol, and Mixed Media in 108 lb., heavy-weight, and black paper (the fastest growing segment). The bold cover colors are eye-catching, and protect the high quality European Papers, which are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, giving the customer the option of supporting responsible forestry. Cachet 101 offers affordable pricing for the best quality to artists and students.



System 3Cachet101MMB_DalerRowney_AlexCastaneda_2016_RF

Alex uses his sketchbooks as “visual diaries” as he interprets the world around him. Observe your own personal art style as you create a visual diary without judgment or rules. Sketchbooks are a great way to occupy your time, discover what inspires you, and develop your artwork.

Check out the video’s below as a great way to promote Cachet 101 on your Media Sites and your webpage:



7 different paper types:

  1. Sketch 50 lb. (75gsm)
  2. Drawing 70 lb. (120gsm)
  3. Bristol 135 lb. (220gsm)
  4. Mixed Media 108 lb. (160gsm)
  5. Mixed Media Heavy Weight 169 lb. (250gsm)
  6. Mixed Media Black 121 lb. (180gsm)
  7. Watercolor 140 lb. (300gsm)

Cachet 101 End Cap Merchandising Solutions:

  • Cachet 101 Assorted Papers End Cap
  • Cachet 101 Mixed Media Gondola End Cap
  • Cachet 101 FW in Motion End Cap with the Robert Simmons Acrylic Brush End Cap

Cachet 101 is available nowOn Promo for Fall Back-to-School at 70% off.