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Opinion Page: How Are We Viewed?

Monday, June 1st, 2009

img_1196After a year with the company, I’ve been giving some thought to a question asked of me about my impressions of our customers’ feelings towards MacPherson’s.

In my experience, it seems like their feelings towards us are across the board.

There are the some who seem like they truly value us not just as a distributor, but as a partner who can offer them a full range services beyond just the products.

Then there are others that I’ve spoken with who seem to think that MacPherson’s is the best at what we do (selection, turnaround time, availability, etc) but do not have that same sort of attachment or loyalty beyond that. At a recent retailer event my team asked the store owner if there were additional products they would like to see us add to our selection and their cynical reply was “Is Art Alternatives looking for something new to knock off?”  The impression I had from them, and from some other retailers was that while they appreciate what MacPherson’s can offer,  that’s sort of where it ends.

In the case of some stores, this wariness may simply be their personality, and there is little we can do to change their minds.  For others, I think that the more we can engage them, not just in regards in what we sell, but in all the other things that we can offer, the closer we will be to their hearts.  I truly think that one of the best things that we can offer our customers is the MacPherson’s team.  There are so many hardworking and awesome people here – if we can build more points of contact and more personal relationships between Mac and our customers we will not only be their most valued supplier, but we stand a good chance of making some strong and lasting friendships.

My two cents,

Lisa Day, MacPherson’s Product Development Manager

How are we viewed?
________What Customers Might Say
Capable/Competent?                                     Yes
Friendly/Supportive?                                 I think so
Corporate/Stiff?                                             Maybe
Too Big?                                                        For some
The Best?                                                   Grudgingly, yes
Inflexible?                                                   Occasionally
Technologically Cutting Edge?                     Yes

We’d enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas on how we are perceived and how we might do a better job.