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Gamblin News January 2018

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

“Color is an artist’s most important tool.”

Robert Gamblin

In our last interview on the Savvy Painter Podcast, we dedicated an entire episode to answer your technical questions about mediums, pigments, varnishing, and solvent-free painting. Based on listener feedback, we’re doing it again. And this time it’s all about COLOR!

Listen Now


Join Antrese Woods, host of the Savvy Painter, for an in-depth conversation with Robert Gamblin and Scott Gellatly.

We hope this podcast will help answer some of your lingering questions about color. (And perhaps even create some new possibilities for you!)

P.S. Thanks to everyone who submitted these great questions.

Gamblin Artists Colors


Gamblin: Finding Your Happy Medium

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017



The “best” painting medium is the one that best supports your process and your artistic intentions. So how do you figure out which one that is?
Over the years, we’ve created a number of tools to help you find the medium that’s best for you. Now we’ve brought it all together in one place on our website.
Not getting everything you want from the medium you’re currently using? Looking for some new possibilities? Check out what we’ve put together for you  and feel free to give us a call if you have more questions.

Finding Your Happy Medium

From all 25 of us at Gamblin, thank you for supporting an independent and American colorhouse.

Kind regards,





Scott Gellatly

Product Manager

Gamblin Artists Colors

503-235-1945 X112


Gamblin Meets the Savvy Painter

Monday, August 28th, 2017


What do you get when painters can ask a paintmaker whatever they want? The Savvy Painter Podcast dedicated an entire show to get your questions answered by the folks at Gamblin. It’s a conversation packed with information that you can use in your studio.

Robert Gamblin tackles a color conundrum and explains why white paint is so dang important.

Pete and Mary take on questions about pigments, the do’s and dont’s of Cold Wax painting, retouch varnishing, and the shelf-life of oil paints (basically, they last forever).

Trust us on this, we know you’ll get at least a few good takeaways from this show.

Oh and when you’re done, be sure to check out some of the other Savvy Painter episodes. Here it is:

P.S. This show is excellent to listen to while painting!


How Good of a Deal are Big Tubes? Gamblin Explains

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Large tubes of Gamblin are an outstanding value for the artist. It’s no wonder half our paint is sold in large tubes.

Artist’s Grade
In our Artist’s Grade range, artists save 39% on Series 1 colors versus buying 37ml tubes. Across all series, artists save an average of 36%.

Gamblin 1980
For serious students and working artists painting big, large tubes of 1980 are an even better deal. On Series 1 colors, artists save 46% versus buying 37ml tubes. Across the entire range, artists save an average of 38%.
Compare these savings to other brands and you’ll find Gamblin’s discounts for buying big exceed what most other brands offer.

What else should I know and what other ideas do you have?

Get your big tubes of Gamblin out of boxes and up into hanging tube racks. Some retailers still merchandise large tubes of Gamblin in their boxes, piled on shelves below waist level.
Increase turn by 25%+ by better merchandising this product in hanging-tube racks. Even better, we’ll ship you one for free. Just contact your MacPherson’s Account manager or Lauren ( at Gamblin and we’ll  get you taken care of. Our hanging tube racks measure 16″ wide. Each rack holds 24 colors.
Range of Offering
MacPherson’s is well stocked with the full range of Artist’s Grade and 1980 oil colors in 150ml tubes.

As mentioned above, half Gamblin’s paint is sold in large tubes. Take a look at your Gamblin sales versus other brands and consider expanding your offering of 150ml tubes.

Need a custom order to expand from where you are into a standard assortment? No problem. Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager or Kaitlin or Lauren at Gamblin (503-235-1945) and they’ll get you squared away.

Gamblin wishes everyone a terrific summer. On behalf of all 25 in the Gamblin team, thank you for supporting an independent and American color house!



Gamblin’s Fall Back-to-School Promotion

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017



Gamblin’s Fall Back-to-School Promotion is in full swing

School’s out and summer has arrived. Gamblin’s 2017 Fall Back-to-School promotion is in full swing! Take advantage of the deals below to stock up on inventory for a successful back-to-school promotion.

The following items will be on promotion from now thru September 30.

  • Gamsol – additional 10% off  net (57.25%)
  • 1980 Oil Colors – additional 10% off net (57.25%)
  • Solvent-Free Painting Materials – additional 10% off net (57.25%)

Use Flyer Code = BT when ordering


New from Gamblin – Solvent-Free Oil Painting Materials

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Gamblin Artists Colors is proud to offer the broadest family of materials to support Solvent-Free oil painting. Winner of Best New Product at NAMTA!

Solvent free family

More possibilities. Less compromise.

Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Gel and Solvent-Free Fluid painting mediums, both crafted from American-grown soybean and safflower oils, increase the flow of oil colors and moderately speed drying. Solvent-Free Gel retains marks and texture more readily than Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Fluid medium.

For cleaning brushes during solvent-free painting sessions, Gamblin recommends its Safflower Oil. When used as a painting medium, Gamblin Safflower oil will increase flow and slow drying.

With Gamblin oil colors and solvent-free painting materials, artists can work with the most natural and enduring of materials, access the broadest range of solvent-free oil painting possibilities, and clean-up with soap and water or Gamsol.

These materials are available and shipping now from both MacPherson’s Distribution Centers.

Gamblin Torrit Grey | Recycled and Ready to Drive Sales for YOU

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Gamblin Torrit Grey is in stock and available to order now from MacPherson’s.  Retail partners receive one tube of Torrit Grey for every three tubes of Gamblin paint ordered. Just add item# GB992670 to your order with the appropriate quantity.

Using Torrit Grey to Drive Sales


Don’t miss the opportunity to promote Torrit Grey through your Facebook, Instagram, e-mail and web communications. Torrit Grey is a great reason for oil painters to come into your store and stock-up on paints, brushes, canvas and other materials.  Gamblin suggests offering a tube of Torrit Grey as a free-with-purchase item for all Gamblin purchases of $25 or more.

Watch Gamblin’s Instagram (@gamblincolors)and Facebook feeds for announcements that you can share with your community of painters to let them know you’ve got Torrit Grey available in your store. You can easily create your own communications using the images and copy available on Gamblin’s retail portal. Click “Promotional Copy and Photography” and then click on the Torrit Grey link.

About Torrit Grey


Each spring, Gamblin’s Master Paintmakers recycle the pigments captured by their Torrit Air Filtration System into a limited edition color: Gamblin Torrit Grey. Torrit Grey reflects Gamblin’s commitment to sustainability. Each batch is unique, ranging from warm dove grey to cool, bluish grey. With each year’s batch of Torrit Grey, Gamblin invites artists to participate in their Torrit Grey Painting Contest. The challenge: say what you want to say using only black, white and Torrit Grey. To see a gallery of last year’s Torrit Grey paintings, check out the albums on Gamblin’s Facebook page or on their website.

Gamblin Printmaking Inks Are Made in America!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Gamblin Printmaking Inks are made with the same respect for traditional materials that have made Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors the choice for America’s finest painters. Gamblin’s inks print with unparalleled intensity and sensitivity to printmakers’ most finely detailed marks.


Artist quality printing inks and artist grade oil colors share many characteristics, such as strong pigmentation and the highest quality binders. Only the finest quality Burnt Plate Oil and lightfast pigments are used to make these inks. This simple, traditional approach is what leads to permanence.

Gamblin Printmaking Inks are handcrafted in small batches in their Portland, Oregon factory. MacPherson’s carries the full range of Gamblin Etching and Relief Inks. A full display of Gamblin Etching Inks, Relief Inks and printmaking modifiers is $1,850.35 list and $832.66 net, free freight and display. Please contact your MacPherson’s rep or Shannon, Kaitlin or Pete at Gamblin for more information: 503-235-1945. The MacPherson’s item number for the display is GBERINK


*New Product* You Spoke & Gamblin Listened

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Gamblin: “What did you tell us?”:

  • “Artists want to see the product. And it’s gotta be a value.”
  • “Make it here in America and cut-out all the packaging bloat”
  • “Get the price points down and give us something we can ship by air”

Gamblin’s  goal is to offer a more focused range of painting sets. With this focused range Gamblin wants to give artists a value, inspire painters and support their work, and provide retailers with elegant sets that make sense to stock year-round and that can ship by air.

These two new sets deliver outstanding value to painters. Both feature palettes of top-selling colors, including Cadmiums, and both are crafted by Gamblin in Portland,OR of entirely North American materials. Each set comes with a free, primed painting panel made from sustainably-harvested birch. This panel serves as the packaging for the set, eliminating waste while giving the artist more. A starburst sticker on the front of the set will make the value of the set and the free panel that’s included clear to the artist.

The new sets will begin shipping October 15 just in time for the Holidays and year-round gift giving.

Artist’s Oil Colors Introductory Set


  • $112.95 List, Item #GB101100
  • At list price, the artist is saving over 25% versus the value of the contents of the sets. At 40% off list, this set can be sold at $67.77…an outstanding value.
  • This set gives painters a traditional palette of top-selling oil colors that supports any style of painting.
  • The set includes a panel and nine 37ml tubes of top-selling colors:  Cadmium Yellow Light, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Viridian and Titanium White

FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors Set


  • $89.98 List, Item #GB101105
  • At list price, the artist is saving over 25% versus the value of the contents of the set. At 40% off list, this set can be sold at $53.99…a terrific deal.
  • This set gives painters a thoughtfully designed palette of fast-drying oil colors. With FastMatte, artists can to take their paintings further, faster than ever before. FastMatte is ideal for underpainting and plein air.
  • The set includes a panel, a 37ml tube of Solvent-Free Gel Medium and eight, 37ml tubes of top-selling colors:  Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Permanent, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Chromatic Black and Titanium White.

Gamblin 1980 Oils – Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Sketching Oils Display

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Gamblin 1980

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors enable retailers to offer a better student grade paint, made here in America, from a brand you can believe in. This 48-color range replaces Gamblin’s line of Art Sketching Oils. If you currently carry Gamblin’s Art Sketching Oils, now is the time to upgrade. And the good news is that Gamblin and MacPherson’s are making it easy for you.

Gamblin is offering a $150 credit to existing Art Sketching Oils retail partners, in addition to a normal placement discount. The credit is intended to help you blow-out your Art Sketching Oils and enable you to start fresh with an updated rack, new product and color charts before Fall Back-to-School.

To upgrade, simply order assortment GB1980 convert. This assortment gets you the full range of Gamblin 1980 Oils in 37ml (3 of each color) and a 24-color range in 150ml (2 of each color). This assortment has a list price of $2,144 and, during F all BTS, a net price from MacPherson’s of $573.88 net – after all discounts that’s 73% off the list price! Act now, this special upgrade program is only available until the end of the year. If you have any questions, please contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager or Kaitlin, Shannon or Pete at Gamblin at 503-235-1945.

Gamblin 1980 37ml display

For your painters and professors, the upgrade to Gamblin 1980 is even easier. Color names, formulations and item numbers from the Art Sketching Oil range are carried forward into Gamblin 1980 without any change. A single color, Napthol Scarlet, is being dropped and 19 great new colors have been added.

More information on Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors

An introduction from Robert Gamblin:

Since our founding, I have wanted artists to be able to paint freely. To use color and texture without hesitation or reservation.

To do this, painters need colors that are true. True to the pigment. True to historic working properties. True to the emotion of each color. Colors that feel right, that respond under the brush and that age right on the canvas.

As a young painter, I remember standing in an art supply store with a basket full of paints wondering what I would have to forgo, and what I would have to create, in order to keep painting.

When I founded Gamblin in my garage in 1980, I had just enough money for a small mill and some white pigments. For over a year, I made only white. During this time, I resolved to build a colorhouse completely dedicated to oil painters.

We would make materials not just as they had been, but as they ought to be. We would help painters to find their flow in painting and to paint freely.

Our Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are handcrafted with our beginnings and that same dedication in mind.

Paint freely.


Gamblin Art Sketching Oils are very competitively priced in both 37ml and 150ml sizes. For nickels and dimes more than the cheapest paints, artists can get true colors, made here in America, from a brand they believe in.

  • Series 1:  $5.95 in 37ml,  $14.95 in 150ml
  • Series 2:  $7.95 in 37ml, $17.95 in 150ml
  • Series 3:  $9.95 in 37ml, $29.95 in 150ml


Let Gamblin’s Cool Stuff & Nimbleness Drive Your Sales

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Gamblin Torrit Grey:  Recycled & Ready!

Torrit Grey is here! Gamblin’s Torrit Grey is FREE and ships with your regular orders during April and May, while supplies last. Just add item #GB992670 to your next Gamblin order. Take advantage of Spring Sale discounts on Gamblin, get some FREE Torrit Grey and let your painters know you’ve got it! We suggest ordering Torrit Grey in quantities of 12 or 24 at a time.

In celebration of Earth Day, each spring Gamblin’s Master Paintmakers recycle the pigments captured by our Torrit Air Filtration System into a limited edition color: Gamblin Torrit Grey. Torrit Grey reflects Gamblin’s shared commitment to sustainability. Every batch is unique, ranging from warm dove grey to cool, bluish grey.

Gamblin suggests promoting Torrit Grey as a buy-get item free to the customer when they purchase $25 or more of Gamblin products. You can get more images and copy for Torrit Grey at Gamblin’s retail Portal or on their Torrit Grey page. (Torrit Grey!)

New Videos from Gamblin Artists Colors

Since its  founding, Gamblin has been dedicated to helping artists select and master the materials that best suit their artistic intentions. It is in this spirit that they have produced two new video demonstrations, focusing on Oil Painting Mediums and Varnishing. These are extremely helpful and outstanding videos to share with your staff and your community of painters.

Making Painting your Own

Painting mediums offer a great deal more than simply extending oil colors. Mediums modify the working properties of oil color from the tube – from a fluid consistency for expressive mark making to a stiff paste for creating thick, crisp marks. Painting mediums also broaden the visual qualities of our colors – from increasing the transparency of paint layers, to creating a range of surface qualities, from high gloss to matte.  Choosing the appropriate painting medium can be an essential part of making oil painting your own. The new video demonstration below discusses the differences in working properties and drying rates of our mediums and walks painters through Gamblin’s updated Oil Painting Mediums Guide.

Gamvar | The Perfect Picture Varnish.

Gamblin recommends varnishing paintings unless you truly dislike the look. Unvarnished paintings are vulnerable to aging in ways that varnished paintings are not. With Gamvar Picture Varnish and/or Cold Wax Medium, painters can obtain the gloss or matte surface that is perfect for their work.  Both varnishes are formulated with Gamblin’s mild Gamsol, so they are virtually odorless and can be safely and easily removed with Gamsol. Gamblin’s updated video demonstration gives tips on varnish  application and discusses ways to customize surface quality.

Gamblin Celebrates the Company’s Founding Year with the New 1980 Oil Colors Line (Art Sketching Oils Re-Imagined)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors | Overview


Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors offer artists true color and real value. This 48-color line enables art supply stores to offer a better student grade paint, made here in America, at a terrific value and with the full support of Gamblin Artists Colors.

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors will begin shipping May 1. All but one color (Napthol Scarlet) in the Art Sketching Oils line will be carried forward without any change in name or formulation. 18 colors will be added to the palette, offered in 37ml and 150ml sizes. As always, everything will be made in Portland, Oregon.

Gambin believes that a strong and financially healthy network of retail partners is critical to the future of painting and creativity. In turn, Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors will fall under our Minimum Advertised Price Policy. They also continue to not offer any of their products for sale thru Amazon.

What’s the story behind this range?

An introduction from Robert Gamblin: “Since our founding, I have wanted artists to be able to paint freely. To use color and texture without hesitation or reservation.

To do this, painters need colors that are true. True to the pigment. True to historic working properties. True to the emotion of each color. Colors that feel right  under the brush and that age right on the canvas.

As a young painter, I remember standing in an art supply store with a basket full of paints wondering what I would have to forgo, and what I would have to create, in order to keep painting.

rgamblin garageWhen I founded Gamblin in my garage in 1980, I had just enough money for a small mill and some white pigments. For over a year, I made only white. During this time, I resolved to build a colorhouse completely dedicated to oil painters.

We would make materials not just as they had been, but as they ought to be. We would help painters to find their flow in painting and to paint freely.

Our Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are handcrafted with our beginnings and that same dedication in mind.

Paint freely.”

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors | Pricing

Gamblin Art Sketching Oils will be very competitively priced in both 37ml and 150ml sizes.

For nickels and dimes more than the cheapest paints, artists can get true colors, made here in America, from a brand they believe in.

  • Series 1:  $5.95 in 37ml,  $14.95 in 150ml
  • Series 2:  $7.95 in 37ml, $17.95 in 150ml
  • Series 3:  $9.95 in 37ml, $29.95 in 150ml

Upgrading from Gamblin Art Sketching Oils (ASO)

Gamblin knows many retail partners do a strong “kit” business around ASO with schools and workshop instructors. By keeping ASO color names and formulations the same, the upgrade to Gamblin 1980 will be easy to manage with these important customers.

The 48-color range of 37ml colors will fit in your existing ASO display. Gamblin will provide new shelving, rackstrips and headers at no charge. If desired, Gamblin can provide an entirely new display. Half of the 48-color range of 150ml tubes will fit in your existing ASO 150ml display. Same deal: new rackstrips, new header, no charge. The second half of the range in 150ml tubes will require a second display (16″ wide, no charge).

To support the upgrade, Gamlin will offer retail partners a credit against a new placement of Gamblin 1980 (48 colors of 37ml and 24 or more 150ml colors). The credit will represent 50% of your initial investment in the Art Sketching Oils line. For example, a 37ml placement of ASO has typically cost about $300 net. An independent retail partner upgrading to Gamblin 1980 from a 37ml ASO display would receive $150 of credit against their Gamblin 1980 placement, in addition to other placement discounts and incentives offered by Gamblin and MacPherson’s.

We suggest that retail partners begin discounting their Art Sketching Oils this month, with the goal of having them mostly or entirely gone by May or June. Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors will begin shipping May 1.

Gamblin Artists Colors January 2014 News

Monday, January 27th, 2014

New Product Announcements!

New 4oz Size for Mediums & Gamvar

Gamblin is pleased to announce the addition of a NEW 4 oz. size to their Mediums line. The new size replaces the 2 oz. size, which will be discontinued upon the introduction of the new 4 oz. bottle.

Gamvar 16oz 8oz and 4oz

The Gamblin Mediums Set will remain the same with  2 oz. sample sizes of mediums as part of the set. New item information and pricing for all 4 oz. mediums can be found on Gamblin’s retail portal ( There will be no changes to previously announced 2014 pricing. The 2 oz. inventory will remain available while supplies last. Check out the Gamvar offerings on

Improved Mediums Packaging. No leaking. No broken bottles. No loose caps.

Gamblin has made an improvement to their mediums packaging to better serve retail partners and painters. Gamblin mediums are now filled in plastic, heat sealed bottles with child-resistant-caps. The new packaging has a better seal, is easier to pour and is more environmentally sustainable. The changeover will be a rolling transition that has already begun. There will be no changes to the size or shape of the bottles. Your customers may not be able to even tell the difference!

Gamblin Introduces 8 Awesome New Artist’s Oil Colors

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

New from Gamblin. Eight new colors that solve real problems for artists and create new possibilities.

8 New Colors Group Shot

Gamblin was the first colorhouse to offer painters a range of consistent, reliable greys. The Portland Greys have become top-selling colors. To this range, Gamblin has added a Portland Warm Grey and Portland Cool Grey.

Gamblin was also the first to introduce Flake White Replacement. Gamblin has added another first to their range of whites: Warm White and Cool White, ideal for portrait, landscape and other painters that want their mixtures to look natural.

Along with these colors, Gamblin has added Titanium Buff, Cadmium Chartreuse, Green Gold and Nickel Titanate Yellow.

All colors will fit in your current Gamblin 37ml display and will be offered in 37ml, 150ml, 8oz and 16oz sizes. All of Gamblin’s new products, including their Solvent-Free Gel Medium, are available to order open-stock at an additional 10% off net.

To place your order, or for more information, please contact your MacPherson’s rep or Kalynn, Kaitlin or Pete.

Cadmium Chartreuse

Cadmium Chartreuse

Introducing Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Medium

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

More possibilities. Less compromise.

Gamblin Solvent Free Gel

After years of work and testing, Gamblin has brought out the best solvent free oil painting medium ever invented. Solvent-Free Gel is the only solvent-free oil painting medium that supports a broad range of painting techniques with minimal compromise. Made from safflower oil and alkyd resin, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel is non-toxic and contains no Gamsol or petroleum distillates.  In comparison to other solvent-free mediums, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel supports the broadest range of painting techniques with the least compromise across color, dry time, texture and mark-making. With Gamblin’s oil colors and Solvent-Free Gel Medium, artists can work with complete confidence in the safety of their studio and the permanence of their work.

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Medium solves real problems for artists and open-stock tubes are available to order now. Item #GB01600, 150ml size, $19.95 list. Receive an additional 10% off during  MacPherson’s Fall BTS promo.

For more information, get in touch with your MacPherson’s sales contact, Pete ( or Kaitlin (, or call 503-235-1945.

Great New Sizes of “Picture Perfect” Gamvar from Gamblin

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Coming soon! MacPherson’s will begin shipping new 8oz and 16oz sizes of Gamblin Gamvar: The perfect picture varnish™ in February 2013.

In 2010, Gamblin introduced Gamvar in a convenient 2oz size. Based on feedback from artists and retailers, Gamblin has added 8oz and 16oz sizes.

The three sizes of Gamvar, taken together, use the same amount of space as the Gamvar boxed set, which will be discontinued.

Get Gamvar with your Winter BTS Orders and Save…

MacPherson’s is offering all sizes of Gamvar open-stock at an additional 10% off net thru the end of Winter Back-to-School. Here are the item numbers and list prices:

  • Gamvar 2oz: Item #GB10052, $7.95 list
  • Gamvar 8oz: Item #GB10058, $23.95 list
  • Gamvar 16oz: Item #GB10516, $39.95 list

The Perfect Picture Varnish™. Gamvar saturates and gives greater depth to the colors in your painting and gives your work a unified and protective semi-gloss surface.

Developed in collaboration with the National Gallery, Gamvar goes on water-clear, stays water-clear and can be easily and safely removed with Gamsol. Gamvar is virtually odorless and ready to apply.

In addition to the gloss imparted by Gamvar, notice the greater depth and intensity of color in the painting immediately below versus the same work, before varnishing.




Please contact your friendly MacPherson’s rep to get Gamvar on your next order.

Gamblin Helps Build your Community (& Your Sales)

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

At NAMTA in Orlando this year Gamblin offered a mini-seminar for retailers visiting their booth. Here is the outline of the compelling program they presented:

Gamblin has led the industry in developing simple, compelling programs and content retailers can use to build their community of artists and build their sales. Below are some easy things you can do, right now, to build your community and your sales.

Building your community | Share content. Save time.

You want to talk to artists about more than just special deals, but don’t always have the time to create fresh content every day. No problem. We can help.

With just a couple of clicks, you can engage and inspire your painters…and drive foot-traffic to your store.

Our Gamblin Studio Notes and Gamblin Paint Rag Newsletters have buttons that let you easily share them with your artists. Retailers that do are getting great results. If you are not receiving these newsletters, let’s fix that today.

You can also simply “Share” our Facebook posts and add your own personal or promotional message.

Get in the flow of content by clicking to “Like” Gamblin at:  Gamblin at Facebook

Finally, Gamblin web content such as our Navigating Color Space video, Interactive Mediums Guide and past Studio Notes Newsletter can easily be republished to your own email list or shared thru social media.

 Building Sales | Get with the program. Get results.

Each Spring and Fall, Gamblin offers buy-get programs to retail partners.  These programs are proven foot-traffic and sales generators that cost nothing to take advantage of.

Spring means Torrit Grey and painters looking for it. Use the Promotional Images and Copy located on our retail portal to let them know you’ve got it and that you’ve got great deals on Gamblin products to go with it.

This Fall we will offer a buy-get promotion around our award-winning FastMatte Alkyd Oils. With any $25 purchase of Gamblin materials, artists will receive a FREE 37ml tube of FastMatte Titanium White.

During Winter Back-to-School, and during other times of the year by request, we send-out free samples of Gamsol and other products you can use to get folks into the store to try and buy new materials.

Photos, logos and copy to support your communications regarding Torrit Grey, as well as our other promotions and products, are posted on our Retail Portal at: No username or password is needed.

One more thing | A Few Tips for Social Media

  • Focus and do it right. Start with one thing, Facebook perhaps, commit to it and learn as you go. There’s nothing worse than spreading oneself too thin and not being able to stay fresh online. Stale = dead.
  • Two to Three posts a week. As a minimum, post to Facebook two to three times per week. It may be helpful to mix it up with one information post, one more inspirational, and one that’s more transactional…a special deal or upcoming sale, perhaps.
  • Your Facebook friends are your best friends.  Take care of them. Consider giving special previews or special coupon/deals to your Facebook friends, just as you might for people on your email list. Be responsive when questions or suggestions are posted on your page.
  • Don’t set yourself up on Facebook as a person. This has all sorts of limitations – and risks. Sign-up as a company.
  • Try migrating your email list to Facebook. Folks that want more frequent dialogue can opt-in to Facebook. Those that don’t like it, don’t have to. No harm. No foul.  Offer your email list something for opting in…it’s worth it to have a more engaged dialogue with them.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Use images in your posts. Words alone are boring and often get little traction. Images increase engagement, “Likes” and Shares.

Gamblin “Knowledge” Advisory | Alternative solvents, Unpredictable results

Friday, April 13th, 2012

With extra care and effort, artists can make almost any type of soap or cleaner work for studio clean-up. Some products consume a lot of water, some are much harder on brushes than others and some leave sticky residues behind. But most all do a decent job with extra effort.

And though we at Gamblin feel it’s never a good idea to wash pigments down the drain, each artist gets to choose the clean-up method that works best for them.

For modifying oil colors and mediums, however, alternatives to true artist’s thinners, even in very small amounts, can create major and unpredictable problems in artists’ paintings.

Effects on Paint Layers
Gamblin has tested a range of alternatives to true artist’s solvents, with some important and concerning results.


One family of products are corn-based solvents, sometimes sold as “bio-solvents” or “green” cleaners. These products had a biting smell, cut through multiple paint layers and dissolved the natural bristles of brushes.

In other tests, only a third to two-thirds of some alternative solvents evaporated, leaving behind a sticky residue in paintings.

Others thinned colors okay, but evaporated so slowly that they became trapped in paint layers. This caused clouding and matting as well as pocked, weak paint layers that could be easily scratched away.

Create without compromise

Gamsol has the ideal solvent strength ñ strong enough to effectively thin oil colors and clean brushes, but not so strong that it will dissolve dry paint layers or the bristles of your brushes.

Gamsol also has the ideal evaporation rate to support the flow of one’s painting and to allow artists to work in a safe studio without compromising artistic possibilities or permanence.

We want to caution artists of the significant and unpredictable risks that alternative solvents pose when they get into their paintings, even in very small amounts.

For modifying oil colors, we have always recommended Gamsol for its balance of performance and safety. Other true artist’s solvents can also do the job of thinning one’s oil colors, albeit with some to a great deal of compromise in Studio Safety.

Gamblin’s family of Galkyd painting mediums, Cold Wax, Gamvar Picture Varnish and Ground are all formulated with Gamsol. For this reason, as well as the range of other solvents available to artists (and their shifting formulations), we recommend only Gamsol for thinning these materials.

It’s Torrit Gray Time!

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

It’s here. It’s time to get your Torrit Grey on!

Getting your Torrit Grey
We’ve got 2012 batches of Gamblin Torrit Grey in-stock and ready to order. Gamblin’s Torrit Grey promotion is a fantastic way to engage your community of painters and drive sales.
Gamblin retail partners receive one free tube of Torrit Grey for every three tubes of Gamblin Artist Grade oils purchased. Please add item #GB992670 to your Gamblin order in the appropriate quantity…plus a little extra, if you like. Torrit Grey is available March 1 thru May 31, while supplies last.

Using Torrit Grey to drive sales
Torrit Grey is a great reason for oil painters to come to your store and stock-up on paints, brushes, canvas and other materials. Gamblin suggests offering a tube of Torrit Grey as a free-with-purchase item for all Gamblin purchases of $25 or more.
Don’t miss the opportunity to promote Torrit Grey thru your Facebook, email and web communications. Watch Gamblin’s Facebook page for announcements you can share with your community of painters.
Gamblin suggests retailers give painters a tube of Torrit Grey for every $25 purchase of Gamblin oil painting materials. To support your efforts, Gamblin is mailing new Torrit Grey rack signs to all retail partners this week.
To promote Torrit Grey, you can easily create communications using the images and copy available at Gamblin’s retail portal: Click “Promotional Copy & Photography” and then click for Torrit Grey.

What is Torrit Grey?
In celebration of Earth Day, each spring Gamblin’s Master Paintmakers recycle the pigments captured by their Torit Air Filstration System into a limited edition color: Gamblin Torrit Grey.
Torrit Grey reflects Gamblin’s – and our – shared commitment to sustainability. Every batch is unique, ranging from warm grey to cool, bluish grey. To learn more about Torrit Grey and the Torrit Grey Painting Contest, visit

Gamblin Oils Torrit Gray Painting Contest Winners Announced

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

From Pete Cole at Gamblin:

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants in Gamblin’s 2011 Torrit Grey Painting Contest.

All participants’ paintings can be seen in galleries on Gamblin’s Facebook page: Gamblin Facebook Page

A special shout-out goes to winners Brittany Wertz, Brian Weisz, Corey Pitkin and Ashlie Gonzales.

Gamblin’s Master Paintmakers have already begun crafting some batches of Torrit Grey for 2012. Watch the Art Dog Blog for more information on Torrit Grey in March. And Happy New Year!