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Letraset Aqua ProMarker; A “Breakthrough” Item that’s a Sleeper!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

leapmasstConsumers are still willing to part with their hard won money for new products, but you’ve got to show them that it will help them achieve more that what their current tools will do. Here is just such an item. It turns out that Letraset’s new Aqua Promarker was one of the top picks for truly new and unique items from the NAMTA show in Louisville. The buzz words are “Pigmented” and “Watercolor” and Aqua ProMarkers twin-tip versatility produces amazing and  different tonal affects or blending even after the ink has dried. Acid-free and lightfast, Aqua ProMarkers are perfect for scrapbooking, stamping, and watercolor-style illustration. Each twin-tipped marker features a brush nib on one side and bullet nib on the other.
* Assortment includes six each of 20 popular colors – a total of 120 markers
* Display measures 13″w x 17″h x 5-1/2″d
* Single marker MSRP: $3.19
* Rack ships FREE with assortment
* Order must be submitted on linked order form & faxed to MacPherson’s Customer Service @ 800/283-8329
Item No.              Description                                                 MSRP    Promo Net
LEAPMASST     Aqua ProMarker Assortment Display     382.80     172.26
Item No.     SKU     Description
LEAP6ALI     024769     Alizarin Crimson
LEAP6BLU     024756     Blue Prussian
LEAP6LEM     024761     Cadmium Lemon
LEAP6ORA     024762     Cadmium Orange
LEAP6RED     024754     Cadmium Red
LEAP6CER     024757     Cerulean Blue
LEAP6GRE     024758     Cobalt Green
LEAP6TEA     024767     Cobalt Teal
LEAP6GOL     024752     Gold Ochre
LEAP6LAM     024760     Lamp Black
LEAP6LIG     024753     Light Sienna
LEAP6NAP     024653     Naples Yellow
LEAP6PER     024765     Permanent Green
LEAP6ROS     024770     Rose Carmine
LEAP6SAP     024759     Sap Green
LEAP6SEP     024763     Sepia
LEAP6TUR     024766     Turquoise Hue
LEAP6ULT     024768     Ultramarine Violet
LEAP6VIO     024755     Violet Hue
LEAP6YEL     024764     Yellow Green

Strathmore Artist Papers™ May 2009 News

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Back-to-School is under way!
By now you should have received Strathmore’s aggressive 2009 BTS flyer. To help you nail down your share of the most important selling season of our industry, Strathmore has all of the essential art pads on sale, 31 of them with an extra 20% off! In addition, buy 8 cartons of 8 items from the 20% off group on a drop ship and we’ll help with your advertising and promotional efforts with an extra 5% off! Your MacPherson’s rep has an order form and can help you build a great promotion, or ask your local Strathmore rep.

If you haven’t already added Strathmore’s exciting new Sequential Art Surfaces assortment, the complete assortment is currently being offered with a free rack at an extra 10% off. Open stock, too! 90 days dating is available on drop ship orders for those who qualify; ask your MacPherson’s rep for details.

In addition, Strathmore has added two new items to its Artist Trading Card line the following comments are from Laura Maceyka, our Marketing Coordinator:

New! Strathmore ATC sleeves and frame cards!
Strathmore Artist Trading Cards have been going strong since their launch a year ago in Reno. NAMTA Louisville provided the perfect setting and timing to introduce two complimentary items to the line. These items make it convenient to create, swap and collect!

The clear rigid vinyl sleeves are acid free and just the right size to protect ATCs during live swaps and in the mail. Customers and swap attendees will stock up on sleeves to protect and store their ATCs. Sleeves are 3” x 4.5” and are retailed in packs of five for $3.79

Strathmore’s popular photo frame card is now ATC sized to display; trade or gift finished trading cards. Acid-free poly sleeves are included to protect the artwork from any damage during insertion into the frame card. ATC frame cards are sure to attract collectors and swappers alike. Retailed at $4.99 per pack of 6 cards and envelopes, these items won’t hang around long.

Stock up and save on these new items during Back-to-School by taking an additional 10% discount.

Visit for the complete Srathmore Back-to-School Promotion and information about all of its merchandising materials or ask you MacPherson’s sales reps for details.

Catch the next blog for details about Greener Options Cards, the newest addition to our eco-friendly family of products.

® And ™ used under license from Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.

Montana Hardcore Marker Demo, Louisville, KY

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Bill Cavanagh of CC Lowell in Worcester, MA approached me at the NAMTA convention last week with a simple proposition. Any new product that we introduce ought to have a short YouTube demo video that retailers can use in email blast marketing (Constant Comment) to educate customers and thereby create interest and ultimately sales. There is a beautiful simplicity to the idea and what better place to test it out than at the mother of all art supply gatherings, the annual NAMTA convention.

So I whipped out my Lumix point and shoot camera, with HD video capability, and shot Mel Waters doing a “bubble” letter style marker demo. Short and sweet, it gets the job done. Judge for yourself and feel free to visit the YouTube site to get the embed code so you can start using in your own “guerilla marketing”. Oh, and don’t forget to order the hot Hardcore Markers that Mel is showing off!

FYI, note on the the “HD” button on the YouTube menu bar. Click it if you have fast internet connection to get a much higher quality image.

NAMTA 2009 Retailer Breakfast & Show Highlights

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Each trade show we enlist a small group of retailers to help us zero in on the best new opportunities. At the Louisville NAMTA show, we met bright and early on Saturday morning. Here’s what we gleaned in two categories; New Vendors and Items Worth Mentioning.

New Vendors

encausticsEncaustics: Clearly the show buzzword. The “Hot Cakes” line from Enkaustikos got all the attention for having a compact display and easy to understand merchandising. Sold in tins instead of the traditional stick form, it was hard for many retailers to pass up the drop ship show special. Get your Hot Cakes here! We’ll support the open stock colors and accessories.

Woodland Scenics: Modeling supplies for architectural landscaping and school projects. Open stock and complete kits offer tons of options for college bookstores and science fair project season.

Slice: A cute line of cutting tools w/ceramic blades. It was a big hit when shown at the retailer breakfast. Available in compact counter top POPs; with reasonable MSRPs of $4.99 & $6.99 they are a “no brainer”!

Jovi: Products designed to foster and develop art education among children. Featuring safe and non-toxic products for drawing, painting and modeling, high quality is their top priority.

Townsend Atelier: (Knead a Mold) Paint it on. It’s simple, has just a few steps and really works. Looks like a winner! Tell us how you feel!

All Empty Containers: We have some from Jacquard and Pennco, but the market loves these, so find more!

Williamsburg Oils: A cult following, but is this one for us? Tell us how you feel!

New Items Worth Mentioning

Canson XL Pads: Performance & value for sketching, drawing and multi-media
Global Flexi-Sketch: 300 pages of acid free sketch paper bound in colorful double-fold soft covers.
Gamblin Etching Inks: New colors and reduced MSRP’s can help breathe new life to printmaking departments.
Letraset Aqua ProMarkers: Waterbased, pigmented inks can be easily blended even when dry!  To quote Craig Lemley of Dakota Art, “This could be the biggest hit of the show!” Available in sets and open stock.
Colorfin: New super shades in open stock and sets.  Check out the new plastic palette.  It’s stackable, of course!
Jacquard: A new line of waxes for the batik artist, encaustic painter and even you.
Princeton Brush: Real Value brush sets- Better quality brushes in attractive, informative packaging.
Elmer’s: New Crafty Kids are products that make sense in planograms for easy merchandising.
General Pencil: Primo Charcoal Drawing Set
Pentel Slicci Pens: Super fineline and very sleek. We already stock these, so watch for them in SMIAB. They are also featured on page 27 of our Fall/BTS Buyer’s Guide.
Golden: The cry from several retailers was that we should stock every sku to make ordering simpler and to be a “single source.”
Strathmore Recycled Cards: Taking the whole idea of a green, eco-friendly holiday season to a new level with blank cards in 6 skus. All are $9.95 with tree-friendly fibers bamboo, hemp,  sugar cane and 3 others we can’t think of just now.
Chronicle Books: Urban art titles are very hot and CB has some great ones!
Krylon Sprays Rack System: The rolling rack is huge, but you may have the space. See the drop ship details in promos at glance; buy both and you get $70 in free goods.
Yasutomo: The new outdoor origami line looks fun and hot for the coming summer activity season.
Lineco: Clam Shell boxes priced right and look great. We’re looking into it.
Armadillo: Colorfix sanded pastel paper in ATC sizes.
Derivan Liquid Graphite from Armadillo: Little bottles of colored graphite you brush on to create wonderful and artful effects. Two small ranges, erasable and non-erasable. We have it!

Watercolor Artist Susan Tilton Pecora … Seen Sketching Historic Boston Scenery

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Wherever watercolorists roam, Sakura of America’s KOI® Watercolor Field Sketch kits are handy to take along.  Light-weight and affordable, on-site watercolor painting is simple with a studio right at an artist’s fingertips.

Highlights include:
•    Specially formulated half pan watercolors blend easily to create an endless color range.
•    Water brushes have a unique water reservoir barrel to carry water in the compact kit.
•    Each kit is packaged in a peg-able outer box, and has the ACMI “AP” seal of approval
Three convenient and portable sizes are available:

•    12-color ‘pocket’ size: #XNCW-12H, MSRP $26.49,
•    ‘Postcard’ size sets with a detachable, pegged palette, pull down ring on base for holding:
•    18-color: #SKXNCW-18N, MSRP $33.49
•    24-color: #SKXNCW-24N, MSRP $35.99.

Back-to-School Promo: 25% discount for KOI Pocket Field Sketch Kits!

First Look at NAMTA Louisville!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009


So… How was it at the 59th annual convention of the art material industry? That is the question everyone asked when I got back to the office. Wellllllll… what do you want first, the good news or the bad? Let’s start with the “not so good”. While pre-registrations showed that the number of retailers (buying companies) was slightly up compared to last year, the number of pre-registered people was down. In this catastrophic recession that makes a lot of sense. Companies need to save money on air travel, lodging and the like by reducing headcount, but they also want to make sure that they don’t miss out entirely on all the great new products, deals and networking opportunities. Tom Richards from Chartpak made an observation that resonated with me, on the show and its seemingly low population of retail personel. For him it was a great show because the buyers who came represented at least 90% of the sales of art materials in the U.S.A. Tom‘s optimism and positive attitude reflected the general atmosphere at the show.


Enough of that, what about the good? I could write a book, but for starters the free NAMTA breakfast meetings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were full of valuable information opportunities, some scary and some not so. On Thursday we heard about the scary CPSIA legislation from a Washington insider, got a report on the status of artists in the USA workforce from an National Endowment for the Arts expert, got Sid Smith’s Environmental Scan, a fascinating look at changes we are likely to see in consumer behavior as a result of the recession and lastly heard nature artist Wyland wax on about how a semi-talented, “save the whales” visionary can get ridiculously rich  rich in America. On Friday, the theme was the NAMTA General Session and Annual Meeting where for the first time printed reports on the status of our trade association  were made available. We’re doing great financially thanks to Executive Director Sid Smith and his marvelous staff! So rather than bore us with the numbers, they took the time to celebrate the career and contribution of Jeff Goldfarb of A.I. Friedman in NY who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his years of service in support of our association. Lifetime achievement awards were bestowed upon Zora Pinney and Claudia Myers and we heard a fascination panel of industry retailers, reps, wholesalers, domestic and international suppliers discuss the challenges and complexities of the global supply chain.

As for the exhibits and the rest of the show,  I will use the words of our stellar Northwest rep, Catherine Thoele, talking from the MacPherson’s perspective:

“The MacPherson’s NAMTA deals were concise and were rewarded quickly with the Mac Bucks (which boosted the Louisville economy) and made the dealers SMILE!”


We held a VIP dinner event on Wednesday night at the Glassworks studio in Louisville and it was our best event ever! Thanks go to Rachel Thompson, our manager of trade show events. Retailers loved blowing their own glass ornaments and watching the comedy around the activity!


The NAMTA President’s Reception was another smash event. Held at the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, the walls were still buzzing about Mine that Bird’s miraculous 50:1 win at this years derby. The food, drinks and conversation made the evening truly memorable. After it was over, a group of intrepid souls walked over to the track to imagine past races and bask in the sultry spring weather and full moon.

bio_chipwoolleySpeaking of this Mine that Bird, trainer Bennie Woolley Jr. was spotted at the Louisville Holiday Inn’s bar, posing for photos and signing autographs. It turns out  he was “hangin'” until he decided whether he wanted to drive his horse all the way to the Preakness in Baltimore, MD!


Friday evening, after the busiest day at the show, MacPherson’s hosted our annual Beer Bash, this year with a Bluegrass theme. Everyone was there to unwind and enjoy the the Bluegrass band, Hickory & Friends. The event was sponsored by our terrific suppliers: 3M, Ampersand, Art Alternatives, Borden & Riley, C&T Publications, Canson, Chartpak, Chroma, ColArt, Creative Catalog Concepts (CCC), Crescent, DaVinci Brush, Daler-Rowney, Delta of North America, Elmer’s, Gamblin, General Pencil, Golden, Grafix, Holbein, Kolo, Krylon, Kunst & Papier, Lefranc & Bourgeois, Letraset, M.A.B.E.F., Montana Cans, Okido, Princeton Brush, RGM, Royal Brush, Sakura, Sanford, S.O.S., Speedball, STABILO, Strathmore/Pacon, and Yasutomo. Special thanks go  Krylon, the official sponsors of the band!

Saturday morning, before the show opened for the last day, MacPherson’s held an intimate Retailer feedback breakfast to find out what products and trends were considered the hottest. Read our additional posts and see what a select and influential group of independent retailers had to say.

In the meantime, enjoy some authentic Bluegrass by checking out the video taken at the Beer Bash!

Industry News

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Yee Haw! You’re Invited!
Don’t forget that NAMTA is nearly upon us! If you are coming make plans to attend the annual beer blast. This year the theme is  MacPherson’s Bluegrass Beer Blast. Everyone is invited.
The Marriott Downtown Louisville, Ballroom on the 2nd Floor
Friday Night May 8th from 5:00 to 7:00pm
Free beer and wine, music and fun!


palace60Palace Art & Office Supply has been named ‘Business of the Year’ by Capitola-Soquel Chamber of Commerce. What began as a simple stationery store has morphed into a family-friendly art store as well as an office furniture store. Today Palace, celebrating it’s 60th anniversary, is the largest art and office products supplier on the Central Coast. Congratulations to owners Frank, Roy and Gary Trowbridge as well as their amazing team. Read the whole article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

moving-4-2009-020Preston Art Center recently moved its Louisville, KY store to a great new location at 3048 Bardstown Road.  The space had an ample backroom that is being converted to two classrooms with university studio quality lighting. At NAMTA in Louisville next month, Preston’s two locations would be great destinations for art supply retailers to tour. Kathy and Don say, “Come on down!”!

palacestabiloOur very own Lisa Slauson, E’Brands Maven at MacPherson’s, has created a cool new blog featuring all things STABILO called “Love at First Write!”. It promises to deliver the  inside scoop and the latest news, events and products from STABILO. Check it out here:  Stabilo, Love at First Write! Comment on an entry or two if you like, and don’t forget to join as a follower! (See the Followers section on the left.) Lisa will be updating the blog regularly and there will be STABILO prize give-aways from time to time, so it pays to keep up on it! Thanks for your STABILO support!

readers-choiceCongratulations to Sam and Gilda Winklemeyer of Santa Barbara Art & Craft Essentials on being voted the best Art Supplier in Santa Barbara, CA by the readers of the Santa Barbara News Press in their 2009 poll. In these challenging times Sam and his team have proven that taking care of your customers really pays off!

105-0520_img_2_2Scott Hammer of Hammer Associates has submitted a candidate for Art Dog of the month. His name is  “Jack” Hammer. He is a 45 lb. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier that is fully trained. With his internship at Hammer Associates drawing to completion, this 3rd generation Art Materials Manufacturers Rep is looking forward to working in his own territory. It looks like this guy might just have the makings of a Pack Leader!

Dave Thompson of the retailer group, iAMart has announced the group’s newest member, Oil & Water Art Supply, Inc owned by Richard Nelson.

dsc00853We regret to announce that our esteemed Seattle based sales representative, Doug Mooney will be leaving MacPherson’s effective May 6th, 2009.  As both a professional and very effective sales rep, we will miss having him at MacPherson’s. The good news is that we will still be working with Doug in his new position. Doug has purchased John Colbert’s independent rep agency and will be representing various manufacturers including Faber Castell, Sakura and ArtBin. We look forward to working with Doug in the future. Please join us in wishing Doug the best of luck in his new venture!

dsc00860We are sorry to report that Conell Carey is no longer with MacPherson’s. While at MacPherson’s, Conell made many contributions toward our success in managing key accounts. We will miss him and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Sneak Preview!!! New Winsor & Newton Pro Acrylics to be Unveiled at NAMTA!!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

ColArt Americas to launch new Winsor & Newton Superior Artists’ Acrylic Color at NAMTA in Louisville.



Why a new Artist Acrylic?
Brand leader Winsor & Newton must be represented by the best acrylic in the world, superior to all others in every key feature!

Why it’s the BEST!

  • Unrivalled brilliance and depth of color
  • NO color shift from wet to dry…period
  • Longer open working time
  • New pigments unique to professional acrylics



Artist Acrylic Features:

  • 80 colors in 60ml tubes (69 single pigment and 11 mixed colors)
  • 17 new colors (Cobalts, Perylenes, earths, metallics, inorganics, & synthetic organics)
  • 36 best-selling colors in 200ml tubes
  • New Display Look

AND…a stunning new Artist Acrylic Brush range designed to compliment!


New Artists’ Acrylic Brush Features

  • Finest synthetic filament mimics natural hair while providing durability and shape retention
  • Spring and responsiveness is the perfect complement to the buttery consistency of the new Artists’ Acrylic colour range
  • Contoured handle provides comfort

Artist Acrylic Colour and Brush are part of Winsor & Newton’s new comprehensive Acrylic Program for 2009 that also features;

  • 9 new Galeria Colours in both 60ml and 200ml tubes with new display look


AND… a new value priced… Studio Acrylic Colour 75ml/200ml featuring:


  • Good opacity and clean color mixing at a value price
  • Peggable clear tube show color
  • Value series, perfect for students and beginners
  • Range includes 75ml and 200ml tubes, 500ml pots
  • Range of best selling mediums & sets

MacPherson’s is proud to feature the entire Winsor & Newton Acrylic Program on its NAMTA EXTREME Promotion with incredible savings!


Click here for a PDF for the complete W&N Acrylic Program.

Stay tuned… the above is just a part of ColArt’s entire 2009 BTS Promotion!

Elmer’s April 2009 News, BTS Preview

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

bienfang raritan

Notes from Elmer’s Mike MankowskyBTS planning and sales are just around the corner and I encourage you to check out MacPherson’s Fall BTS Buyer’s Guide for a great selection of featured products from Elmer’s. A sampling of what you find includes item such as:

·         Bienfang Fine Art Pads:  Our newly designed pad covers have been a great success and you will find the complete assortment of fine art pads on promotion.  Choose from such well known products as Raritan Drawing Pads, Nelson Bristol, Take Me Along Sketch Books, NoteSketch, Canvasette, and others.  All of our fine art pads are now in convenient case packs of 6 for easy ordering and handling.  Plus, all of these items are being promoted with an additional 15% discount.

·         Bienfang Commercial Papers-Sketch Rolls, #100 Parchment Tracing Paper in pads, and Cross Section Pads:  All featured with an additional 10% discount.

conte-matchbox-image-101708-1·         Conté: Aside from the traditional 2-pack crayons, be sure to check out our new Matchbox Display featuring 24 assorted boxes of 4 assorted crayons packaged in a unique “matchbox” reusable container.  Best of all, these 4-crayon boxes are priced the same as a two pack of carded crayons.  A great promotional opportunity designed for secondary placement and impulse sales.

·         Elmer’s Spray Adhesive:  A great consumer value, our 11 oz. Multi-Purpose Spray offers an excellent alternative to other popular brands.  With a $7.35 list, our spray adhesive allows for repositioning, and dries clear and permanent.

x3601·         X-Acto Knives and Blades:  Choose from a great selection of knives – the #1 Knife, Gripster, x2000 – along with the popular 40 pack of #11 blades.  All products are being promoted with an additional 10% discount.

foam-board-rack-900098In addition to the core categories mentioned above, now is the perfect time to evaluate your current offering of our 20″ x 30″ foam boards in order to spice up your assortment.  Aside from our basic colors, check out other unique options, such as graystone, sandstone, gold, silver, tan, and sky blue.  With summer finally coming up, this is a great time to promote these items for use in summer camps, bible schools, at-home craft projects, etc.  Also, our metal foam board display rack is a phenomenal way to  merchandise the line.  It’s a silent sales person for your foam board products and only takes up a 20″ x 30″ footprint.  It’s available at no charge when you purchase as assortment of 18 different 20″ x 30″ foamboard sku’s in case quantities.

Last but not least, we have a nice range of new products that MacPherson’s is now stocking.  These include the following:

kg-singles-color-change-122008·         Krazy Glue Singles: Color Change 4 Packs and Krazy Glue Singles Gel 4 Packs; fantastic for placement on clip strips and secondary placement in high traffic areas.

·         Elmer’s Corrugated Guideline Project Display Board:  Popular one-ply board with the added feature of cross section guidelines to aid in alignment and mounting.  A great value added feature.

·         Elmer’s Mini Bi-Fold Foam Boards:  Smaller sizes allow for easier merchandising.  Great for signs, crafts, and presentations.

·         X-Acto Black Designer Series Knife:  Features a soft, comfortable grip, ergonomic handle, and rear blade release.  The next generation of X-Acto Knives.

x-acto-pink-gripster-knife·         X-Acto Pink Gripster:  A vibrant shade of pink provides some excitement for those looking for a knife with flair.

·         Elmer’s Precision Tip Ultimate Glue:  This is our most high performance glue and features a new innovative precision tip for better control and pin-point application.

I am looking forward to a great NAMTA show and hope to see you there.  Our booth number is 1007.”

NAMTA 2009, Louisville – Be There or Be Square!

Saturday, April 18th, 2009


The moment is coming upon us and there have never been more reasons to attend the Art Material Industry’s premier event of the year: incredibly cheap air fares, bargain hotel rates, excellent networking opportunities, the very cool city of Louisville, KY, MacPherson’s signature and very fun events, and last but not least, the deals! Check it out Dawg!

NAMTA 2009 Exclusive Show Specials
Booth 741
American Artist Books
1/2 off book special!
Get 50% off your order of 10 or more books.
Standing order special!
Save 60% off the cover price of American Artist, Drawing, Watercolor, or Workshop when you sign up for a standing order of 5 or more copies.

Booth 241
Ampersand Art Supply
Super show only deals!
50/25/15 on All Museum Series Panels!
Unbelievable Deals on full range of Artist Panels
Super Deals on the New Scratchbord Displays & Big Sizes!
Stack ’em out for Fall!
Buy any BTS Artist Panel Bulk Stack at 50/45 + get FREE freight!

Booth 927
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.
50% + Freight
50% plus FREE FREIGHT on 25 assorted books (good at show only)

Booth 621
Borden & Riley Paper Co., Inc.
15% off all Drawing & Sketch papers under 90 lb, given as free goods. Orders must be placed at the NAMTA show.

Booth 229
Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books
50% off Chronicle Books titles when you order 24+ units
Moleskine Special
Free freight on Moleskine titles when you order 50+ units;
Additional 2% with purchase of full spinner assortment

Booth 611
Color Wheel Company, The
Color Is Everything by Dan Bartges
Dan Bartges, author of Color Is Everything, presenter at the ’09 Show is participating with The Color Wheel Co. in offering an additional 10% on cases of 12 or more books placed at NAMTA.

Booth 825
Creative Catalog Concepts LLC
Place your order for the NEW 96-page Studio Essentials Catalog during the show and receive the next pricing tier discount.

Booth 901
C-Thru Ruler Co., The
Extra Discount
Extra 10% discount on all dealer orders placed at the show
Extra Discount
Extra 5% discount on all distributor orders placed at the show

Booth 1009
Chroma, Inc.
Please see Chroma Sales Representatives at Booth #1009 for incredible discounts and dating options on assortment offerings.

Booth 134
da Vinci Artist Brushes
71.5% off New Displays – 67.5% off open stock – Free shipping

Booth 840
Flipside Products, Inc.
Free Freight
Show orders shipped Freight Free within the continental US

Booth 427
Gamblin Artists Colors Co.
Retailer Show Special!
5% off net on all orders of at least $1500 net placed at the show and receive free freight (PO # must include NAMTA).
ASO Show Special
All Gamblin ASO colors 10% off net on orders placed at the show, including the new ASO Introductory Set, ASO line extensions, and ASO open stock

Booth 710
Discount at $500
5% off of orders $500 or more net (offer excludes distributors)
Discount at $1000
10% off of orders $1000 or more net and FREE freight within the USA only (offer excludes distributors)

Booth 721
Letraset Limited
ProMarkers & Aqua ProMarkers
ProMarker twin-tip art markers offer high quality at affordable prices. Aqua ProMarker offers the same high quality marker at the same affordable price, but is water-based and features a brush nib. Sets and assortments of open stock are available at a 50

Booth 905
Logan Graphic Products
FoamWerks Shipper Display – Half Freight!
Order the fully loaded FoamWerks shipper display and you pay only half freight. Plus, you’ll get free sell-at the shelf promotional tear sheets and creative project sheets.

Booth 721
M.A.B.E.F. S.r.l.
– Customizable Wooden Box
New from MABEF is the customizable wooden box, which is made to easily allow a custom cover to be attached to the outside. Priced affordably, you can fill it with the products of your choice to make the perfect gift set!

Booth 721
MacPherson’s goes green in the Bluegrass State!!
MacPherson’s Ponies Up & Passes the Buck!!
It’s your chance to make money at the show!! Place an order with one of our participating vendors and get MacBucks that you can exchange for cold, hard cash at our booth. Cash prizes will also be awarded for orders placed in our booth!
Lefranc & Bourgeois
Sleek new racks and signage are now available for both the Louvre Acrylic 200ml and Louvre Oil 150ml assortments. Rack ships FREE with the purchase of assortment at 70/10% off!
Okido continues to bring a fun, fresh offering of art & stationery goodies that give your store a vibrant splash of color! The Okido POP assortment features the best selling Okido products in a new eye-catching floor display. 60/5% off for NAMTA!
Montana Gold Cans
Come check out the slick new Montana Gold rack, which merchandises perfectly with the trendy new stencil line, Stencil 1 as well the new Montana sketchbooks. Also, come get great ideas for an in-store Montana demo first hand from Montana demo artist, Mel Waters.
SOS Aluminum Clamshell Binders bring sophistication and style to your presentation, at surprisingly reasonable prices. The SOS Aluminum ATC cases are the hottest new accessory for ATC fans!
Get all the best sellers and make a statement with this new Best of STABILO assortment and attractive floor display. STABILO introduces its new GREEN range, an assortment of environmentally responsible products. Also, STABILO Mini World continues with several new mini sets & displays.
Art Alternatives
Tool Boxes – Durable, new, translucent artist tool boxes in 3 sizes offered at a special introductory 65% off promo! Pottery Tools – Expanded pottery tool selection and new 108 piece assortment. Offered at an amazing 75% off! Drafting Tools – New line featuring 66 best-selling drafting essentials including t-squares, templates, triangles and flexible curves. Buy in now at 70% off! Black Gesso – Create a stunning background with our quality black gesso at an amazing value! Introductory 70% off promo!

Booth 400
Martin/F. Weber Company
Visit our Booth – #400 for Show Special
Visit Booth #400 for show specials on display assortments and new product placements
Booth 536

Booth 1004
Mercur USA, LLC
Lower Minimum and BTS
Our minimum order amount drops from $ 200 to $ 100 only for orders placed at Namta Show. Shipments must go in May but will benefit from BTS promo discounts.
BTS Special
Orders paid at sight with credit card get an extra 5% off discount from everyday cost, plus benefiting from BTS promo discounts.

Booth 303
2009 MindWare NAMTA Show Special
Booth 303: Orders of $500 or more will recieve FREE FREIGHT!

Booth 926
Pacific Arc Inc.
Mechanical Pencils – New Items
50-40% (=70%) discount for new attractive style – for drafting, including New all Metal Lead Holders.
Stainless Steel Ruler & Cutting Mat
Up to 70% Big Discount – Find out at our booth 926.

Booth 721
R.G.M. di Rosa Gastaldo Edoardo
– New Age Painting Knives Series 2
A smash-hit at last year’s NAMTA, the New Age painting knives are back with 12 new innovative styles! Get the assortment for the special show price of 60% off, plus a FREE rack!

Booth 321
Savoir Faire’s Economic Survival Guide
Savoir-Faire has put together a special handbook called the “2009 Economic Survival Guide”. Please stop by to pick up your copy filled with incredible deals.

Booth 213
Speedball Art Products
Free Freight! (Within Continental USA.)
20% off First Order for New Customers!
40% off Printmasters Planogram!
15% off New Products and ALL Media!
10% off All Mona Lisa Products!
5% off current products!
Offer good for orders placed during show.

Booth 513
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
$250 earns net 90
$500 earns net 120
$750 earns +5% & net 120

FAQ: Why Can’t I Find Statistics on the Art Materials Industry? NAMTA Knows!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

1204102007430806The above title is the most frequent question requested by the NAMTA office in Huntersville, NC .  And the answer is simple – because the statistics don’t exist! How can any of us run our business without this crucial information?

NAMTA has the solution, but it needs your help to make it happen! The State of the Art Materials USA 2009 is a landmark report on industry size and trends, business best practices, and the needs and preferences of artists. The more participation NAMTA receives in filling out the survey, the more accurate the data will be.

You’ll get a free copy of the full report as part of your NAMTA membership. Non-members who participate will receive a free Executive Summary. Your responses are anonymous and confidential to Hart Business Research, and will only be reported as part of combined totals or averages.

Please fill out the survey today using either the printed copy mailed to you March 13 or the online editions linked below.

Art Material Industry Supplier Survey

Art Material Industry Retailer Survey

Get a Free Peek at “The Challenges of Going Green” Webinar from NAMTA

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The Challenges of Going Green is the first in a series of NAMTA webinars designed to add value to your trade association membership. This one features Jeff Morrow will who lead you through this hour-long informative webinar, which you can view as many times as you want and share with your staff. In Jeff’s easy to follow yet impactful style the webinar explains what green is, what the consumers want in green products and the challenges that you will face in going green. Join us at your leisure and view this webinar, valued at $25. You can view the webinar free of charge by clicking here and then clicking on the “Purchase” button. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged!

Saddle Up for Louisville

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Rev your engine, grab your helmet and get ready for the ride of your life! The NAMTA Foundation is once again offering an alternative method of travel to the NAMTA 2009 International Convention and Trade Show in Louisville – the motorcycle!

With various starting points across the country, groups of riders will arrive in Louisville by May 6, 2009 to kick off the N.A.M.T.A. (Nocturnal Animals Meet Together Annually) party the night before show opening. The “Biker Bash” will be held at the popular night spot, City Block Live and all attendees will meet in the Fox Den, Louisville’s first and only ride through bar.

“Saddle Up For Louisville” is being held in memory of Scott MacPherson Stapleton and will serve as a fundraiser for the NAMTA Foundation.  Last year’s event, Ride to Reno, raised $40,483 for the Foundation. Ride organizers are currently seeking riders, those interested in sponsoring riders and corporate sponsors. Groups of riders will be leaving from various locations across the country.

For more information and to sign up to ride or to be a sponsor, visit, or you can email Leah Siffringer at Let’s ride!