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Chartpak’s New Paper Lines Explained

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Chartpak, Inc. is excited to announce that their new paper lines are now available and ready to ship!

Pad Spread

Chartpak prides themselves on creativity which is why it is an integral part of their legacy. They strive to deliver to each artist a professional range of products – and this new paper line is no exception. Developed for artists by artists, recognizing that each brush stroke, each sketch, and each rendering deserves added benefits and unique functionality.

The papers, as well as the features built into the pads, were developed and tested by Chartpak’s staff of professional artists and their network of art ambassadors. Chartpak worked diligently with their mill partners to ensure that the papers were designed to perform at high-quality levels for the artist.

Chartpak incorporated features such as In and Out Pages™ designed with Dome Lock™ Technology to ensure that any sheet could be removed, repositioned and even transferred to another pad.


They also created some of their pads with Ink Block Panels which protect the pages underneath the artwork sheet.



From Chartpak’s hands to the artist’s hands, this new paper line continues to get rave reviews.

Marcia Neblett, Professor of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design recently said:

“I just wanted to share with you that my current summer students love the Grumbacher® Mixed Media, 9 x 12 inch IN and Out” Sketchbook. We’ve already made use of the “in and out” feature with a class critique and with submissions of the sketchbook work. The students absolutely love that they can put the pages back in! I’ll look forward to ordering more for my Fall Classes. Thanks so much!”



Koh-I-Noor Tri-tone Pencils Break New Ground!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Finally, a new innovative product for colored pencil drawing!

Introducing the exciting, new Koh-I-Noor Tri-tone Colored Pencil. This unique pencil adds something new to the colored pencil department. There has never been a colored pencil like Tri-tone. This new pencil can add sales and excitement to the department, instead of adding another line of colored pencils that can tie up retailer inventory dollars. Tri-tone won’t replace colored pencils, but every artist will have them in their case. Great incremental business. Here’s the scoop:

  • Koh-I-Noor’s new Tri-tone pencil is a revolutionary pencil that creates extraordinary depth in color pencil drawings.
  • The core of a Tri-tone pencil is made of three different colored leads that are braided together. Koh-I-Noor’s proprietary braiding process insures that colors alternate with minimum wrist movement.
  • Colors used to create the Tri-tone range are carefully selected to fall into a colorimetric specification that is tonally harmonized and visually pleasing, resulting in color combinations typically found in nature.
  • The professional Hardmuth leads meld color as they lay down; a blender pencil can also be used to further smooth colors to create a complex appearance.
  • Rich tonal effects can be seen in line work such as cross-hatching as well as shading large areas.
  • Tri-tone works well with traditional colored pencils and is a great addition to the artist’s palette.
  • Tri-tone has pencils in 23 color combinations and a blender pencil – all at a great price of $1.75 retail.

Available as open-stock and in sets of 12 and 24, in beautiful metal tins.

Complete Assortment is available for drop ship at 50/25%.

MSRP for the assortment is $775.35 with a Drop Ship net cost of $290.76, including free freight and free rack.

(Assortment includes 12 each of the 24 pencils, 6 each of the 12 color set, and 3 each of the 24 color set.)

Grumbacher Academy Oil Reintroduction

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Announcing the reintroduction of Grumbacher Academy Oil paints. 

  • 45 colors in 37 ml tubes 18 colors in 150 ml – a wide spectrum of colors with a minimum number of SKUs
  • 17 exciting new colors (dropped 2 colors, so total is now 45)
  • A new contemporary look for the tubes and display
  • All colors have an ASTM lightfast rating of 1 Excellent – students and professionals alike can use Academy oils with confidence, knowing they will stand the test of time
  • The colors in the Academy oil line have been crafted to maintain their Chroma better than other student brands when diluted, providing predictable and more stunning colors when mixed

The System

Virtually every color in the Academy Oil line is a collegiate version of a Pretested color (though not necessarily the same pigments.) Grumbacher’s system of color and product numbering allows a student to graduate to a professional grade with a full understanding of their color palette. For example,  T168 (Academy Prussian Blue) is the same  hue as P168G (Pretested Prussian Blue) in mass tone.  Artists tend to evolve to professional colors a color at a time.  They don’t just throw out the student color and buy a whole new line.  This system helps them with the transition.
Note that, with the exception of the colors which contain heavy metal pigments, all Academy numbers follow this system. Also, note that Pretested has a significantly higher pigment load and superior tinting strength.

Price Points and important 150ml size

  • Value is important, as long as the product does not exceed key price points
  • Grumbacher offers 45 colors in 37ml tubes at a price point of $6.75
  • Grumbacher offers 18 colors in 150ml tubes at a price point of $15.10 while still providing a value savings on a per milliliter basis of 25% to 35%
  • Competitive products have, or will soon exceed, a $20.00 price point with their value tubes (And Grumbacher’s research suggests that at $20.00/tube, students have a significant resistance to buying)
  • “New” Academy Oil assortments are offered at 50/35%, with free rack and free freight

Chartpak’s Marketing Priorities: Introducing the new Grumbacher Academy Acrylics

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Finally, an artist products manufacturer who understands both the artist and retailer!

Chartpak has developed a line of Grumbacher collegiate acrylics that maximizes the color gamut with the fewest number of SKUs -48 colors.  Retailers will have increased turns as the line has virtually all “A” and “B” selling items.  You will not find different values of the same or similar hue in our line.  What you will find are 48 highly pigmented colors.  Chartpak reformulated its existing 24 colors and added 24 new colors with a new single base, so that the flow and drying are more consistent.

Most importantly, all 48 colors have an ASTM lightfast rating of “1” or excellent.  Even professionals can use Academy Acrylics with confidence knowing of the high level of permanence built into our product.  We engineered the line to this lightfast level because you never know when an artist will paint their masterpiece.  How many artists do you know that wish they had used better materials when they were young?  Academy Acrylic users will not be one of them in the future.

Chartpak developed brilliant new process colors which make rich secondary and tertiary colors, and also added two metallic colors that really shimmer.

Grumbacher Academy Acrylics are available in 90ml traditional metal tubes and in exciting contemporary designed 75ml plastic tubes.  Fifteen colors are offered in 200ml plastic tubes.  Best of all are the prices.  75ml $4.75, 90ml $5.60 and 200ml $9.95. And finally,  Grumbacher paints are all proudly manufactured and tubed in the United States.

All Academy Acrylic assortments drop-shipped at 50/35%, with free freight and free rack through 9/24/11 for BTS.


Chartpak Marketing Priorities: Quality Grumbacher Artist Brushes/Tremendous Value

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Chartpak‘s discounts on brushes are the deepest in the industry and MacPherson’s is offering an incredible drop ship deal of 70/25%, free rack and free freight through 9/24/11 for BTS.

The Grumbacher company started its tradition of excellence as a manufacturer of quality brushes. The company’s founder, Max Grumbacher, started his brush business at his kitchen table in New York City in 1903. He sold the brushes door to door. His brushes were renowned for their high quality and his business quickly grew.  He hired additional brush makers, trained them and incorporated his business in 1905.  The dedication to selling quality brushes is still the guiding principal for the Grumbacher brush brands.  Venerable brands like Gainsborough, Degas, Goldenedge and Bristlette have been staples of artists for decades.

Today, there are close to 1,200 artists that use Grumbacher brushes in workshops nationwide.  Chartpak also provides many stores with artists for demonstrations.  Chartpak is as committed to creating primary demand to sell its products out of the retail store as selling them into your store.

Our five professional lines include:

  • Goldenedge – Professional watercolor brush with its gold plated ferrules.
  • Goldenedge – Professional oil and acrylic brush, also with the gold plated ferrules and 4 different diameters of the highest quality synthetic filaments available.
  • Gainsborough –The famous 1271 series.  For decades the finest hog bristle brush available.
  • Degas – Redeveloped 2 years ago. It is made from 7 different filaments and it’s the most versatile oil and acrylic brush available today.
  • Bristlette – The professional medium stiffness nylon oil and acrylic brush is the most popular series that Grumbacher offers.

Our collegiate lines include:  Academy Oil and Acrylic, Academy Hog Bristle, Academy Watercolor and Academy Natural Watercolor.

We have attractive new displays with updated attractive and informative graphics.  The racks are constructed so that the brushes always fall forward making a clean and orderly product presentation.


NAMTA Phoenix Show: What’s Exciting!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

You may not have been able to visit the show this year or maybe you just like to get others’ take on what they saw that was noteworthy. Our sales and merchandising teams turned in their picks for the best of the show and here they are!

Art Alternatives Black Canvas was total hit at the show. Available in both Studio and Gallery profiles as well as canvas panels. We’ll have stock in our DCs around September.


Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketch Books These 48-page visual journals with soft covers and heavy-weight, lightly sized drawing paper were designed especially for art class, but are also a great sketch journaling accessory. Low, low retail price points.

Art Alternatives Nesting Art Tool Boxes Nesting these simple black boxes saves shipping costs, and that translates to low nets and low retail price points. Plus, nesting lets you stack more for BTS sales!

Art Alternatives Studio Acrylics fit a niche for stores who are focused on building bridges to teachers in elementary, middle and high school art programs. The bulk acrylic colors are also well suited for social painting studios, the rage now sweeping through the southern USA.

Alumicolor New labeling specifies whether the product is for architecture or engineering, making it easier for customers to identify what they need. Also, there’s a new ruler with ledge for safe cutting so fingertips are nowhere near the blade.

Ampersand’s new kits created lots of excitement. In fact, there were a bunch of new items for Ampersand. We will feature the new gessobord counter display boxes in Fall BTS, as well as the new Artist Panel Pallet Stacks. We will also be sending out an e-blast with all the new items for BTS since some did not make it into our Buyer’s Guide. The new scratchbord designs are very cool.

can4Bernini Aerosol Spray Graphite pencil transfer spray. This is a great new product that might need a bit of explaining on your store shelf. Pre-book special (50/5/5 discount) on this is available still through 5/18 and the product will ship from the MacPherson’s warehouses at the end of May. Regular everyday 50% off discount resumes after pre-book.  No size limitations with this product! Ideal for large murals and Urban Art, it is formulated to dry quickly for instant use. Order item number MVTS00510.

Canson’s BTS pad stack-outs wowed many NAMTA goers. Why? Irresistible offers like, “buy an XL recycled sketch pad and receive a 5.5×8.5 drawing sketch pad free”, and new watercolor pad and paint end-caps/stack-outs. Canson had some other awesome new items. We think their marketing & product management team is doing a wonderful job of keeping the market stoked. The x10% on the XL and the x20% on Newsprint stack-outs are good through BTS. The Watercolor Essential POG is built around a specially themed product, which will change with each promo. Display measures 24″w x 54″h x 16″d. MSRP $1,368.00; discount is 50/25 to Power & Non-Power retailers. Available in June. Hot show items for Canson included:  18×24 Pad Merchandiser (May), Colorline 300g (May w/ X20% thru July), 8×10 Art Board (June) and Van Gogh 200ml assortments (now).

win-mediumColArt’s new packaging on Winsor & Newton Oil mediums is a winner. This will be a rolling transition beginning in May. The faster moving items will transition first with the slower ones towards the end. MacPherson’s will rotate inventory in our DCs to make sure we sell through the old style first. More details will be shared as the transition progresses.

ColArt Oil Bar Revision Great idea to have the Oil Bar colors match the paints! The new  53” tall displays may be too big for some retailers, but they do look great. The new product begins shipping in mid-May. MacPherson’s will discontinue the current items in our system now to run down the inventory. The assortment drop ship promo will run through the rest of the year at 50/20/20% free freight & rack.

Daler-Rowney’s new Simply Simmons brush sets and new watercolor brush display are impressive. The new Simply Simmons Studio brushes will be available 6/1. Also noteworthy was the relaunched System 3 screen printing kit, which is available now.

xacto-sharpestElmer’s new and impressive X-Acto blade has a coated edge making it 6x sharper than the competition. It has a unique two-tone metal look and will be available later this summer.

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks will be a winner, and they’ll be available from our warehouses in early May. Hot Sticks come in 86 colors. You can hold them sideways to cover more surface, or straight up for more detailed work. You can paint on a hot palette and transfer the image to paper, or melt down the Hot Sticks and dip into them with a brush. Encaustics are so versatile – you can do rubbings, mixed media art and much more. There’s a new wax medium and an XD wax medium available in open stock. A full assortment is available through special order. And new boar bristle brushes and anodized aluminum plates are coming soon.

Exaclair We heard from some of you that would like us to increase our selection, so we’re looking at that. There were also a couple of noteworthy holiday-ish items: Rhodia Pencil/Holder and a Mouse/Note Pad POP that we’ll definitely be bringing in.

Global Art New Watercolor Paper Display We’re looking to offer you a drop ship special on this soon.

Golden Williamsburg Mediums Golden has wonderful new mediums displays. The new rack is great looking and some of the mediums will now be bottled in glass or heavy acrylic – we love the apothecary shop look! Way cool and available now. Full line: WBM622821 (28 facings), MSRP = $2,003.00.

Jacquard Pinata Inks are a great mixed media item. The alcohol base makes them indelible and moisture resistant when dry, allowing use on almost any surface. Highly versatile, these can be used in a variety of ways including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking, etc. The 1/2 oz inks retail at $3.59.

Krylon’s Glitter Blast is cool. Glitter is great quality and the spray volume is thicker. A POP display is available: KRK01020358 $314.87msrp @ 50/30 off. Drop ship, with free freight.

Letraset Promarker Metallic Sets These are sure to be a hit with crafters. We’re sorry to tell you, though, that the launch has been delayed until Fall 2011.

MidWest Balsa and Basswood Model making is hot again. Racks are free with purchase of assortments. The large rack is now modular, so it can be customized. Small dowels will be packaged in packs of 5 (less breakage and more store$-friendly). We will be adding more skus to this line.

Montana Cans Shop-within-a-Shop Concept was the buzz of the show. Urban art is the first truly new artist medium since acrylics hit the world in the 1950’s. Young artists ages 19 to 35 want to express quickly, big and bright without having to spend years learning techniques as is required with oils, watercolor and pastels. Things that fit this bill are acrylics, high performance spray paints, markers, large canvases, stencils, sketch books, etc. The shop-within-a-shop concept recognizes the needs of a diverse group and puts all the supplies they want in a prominent, well lit location in your store. Urban Art customers include fine artists; skateboarders (low pressure sprays, Montana Gold acrylic spray); and outdoor artists (Montana Black, a high pressure nitro combi spray paint, and Montana White, a gloss spray, and Montana Black markers). MacPherson’s Scott Present and Lisa Slauson got together with our Creative Services department to produce an awesome “inspiration book” that showcases ideas and concepts used by our retailers to capitalize on the shop-within-a-shop concept. Want to get inspired? Check out this web-based flip book version by Clicking Here!

And on the Urban Art subject, both Walter Foster and Northlight have instructional Graffiti Art titles that are a welcome departure from the inspirational/coffee table titles that are currently available. The Walter Foster title is How to Draw Graffiti Style and Northlight has Graff 1 (NLZ1818, in our Spring Buyer’s Guide) and Graff 2. We will be setting the new titles up and putting them into June What’s New.

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off line includes every conceivable art & craft removal product; all of which perform amazingly well and are non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot. The company motto says it all: “Produce the most effective removers and cleaners in the world THAT REALLY WORK and are three ways safe: for the environment, for any surface and for the people who use them”. Great You Tube videos for each item’s application. Check it out – Click Here!

Pan Pastels Lots of second looks at a line that now has firmly established itself amongst pastel artists.

Pentel’s new Arts Inking Center display got great reviews. This highly anticipated display will begin shipping from Pentel in early August.

Red Hot: Princeton Snap and Priceton’s new Neptune synthetic squirrel watercolor brushes are incredible. They point well and hold unbelievable amounts of liquid. In the words of one of our discerning sales people, ” the line is gorgeous!” Neptune assortment and open stock orders will ship without delay starting at the end of the month.


RGM Textured Combs were mentioned at the What’s Exciting Seminar on Thursday afternoon. They are great for encaustic waxes, acrylic mediums, clays, paste grain papers, etc. One retailer suggested these for pottery use as well. We will have these in our DCs in approximately 6-7 weeks.

stained-8cdSanford Sharpie® Stained Fabric markers- with DIY tennis shoe concept a big hit- nice packaging and easy sell. The line features new fade-resistant ink and  a unique fabric brush tip that allows users to write thick or thin for ultimate precision on most fabric surfaces without the need to heat set. Sharpie offers eight bold colors (black, blue, red, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple), which are available in 4/cd and 8/cd sets.

Stillman & Birn‘s new floor display This great looking custom-made spinner unit is the perfect showcase for this wonderful line of premium sketch books!

Studio Designs has cool new Furniture Products that look great.

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolor and Sumi brushes were big hits. So were the Origami Bracelets and Rings kits. Yasutomo’s new Chinese watercolor paints and inks are the first in the art materials industry to conform to ASTM D-4236. The paints and inks currently available through Chinese bookshops and souvenir shops are not required to conform. These products are specifically designed for Chinese painting techniques, which differ from Japanese painting. The new Sumi brush, Haboku, will be available in a few weeks. The brush is designed to retain its shape after each stroke. The brushes also feature packaging that tout the benefits of the brush.

New Items/New Vendors

Crafter’s Workshop Stencils A nice alternative to Stencil 1, these will round out MacPherson’s stencil category. Great for visual journals and mixed media art and they’ll be great for add-on sales of brushes, scrapers, paint, sprays and spray paint, pan pastels, encaustics, etc.

Trimaco drop clothes, rags, respirators and gloves, all made in USA. We have been asked for all of these things and this line in in our sights…

Buddha Board We saw this, too, and liked it. We’re thinking about bringing it in. It is similar to Holbein’s Vanishing Image Water Brush Paper 9×13 (HBM49) which is available in 5-sheet packs for $7.50/pk.

Chartpak News March 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

from Steve Rossney:

Check out our great deals for Spring in MacPherson’s Spring Buyer’s Guide, effective now through May 28, 2011.

4620asst-goldenedgeh2onewGrumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35% – These assortments are drop-shipped, free freight, with the beautiful Grumbacher plexiglass racks.

Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25% – These brush assortments are drop-shipped, free freight, with our new, attractive brush racks.

Grumbacher Selected Open Stock Tubes at 50/25% – For Spring we are featuring Finest Watercolor and Academy Watercolor at a great discount.

Grumbacher Selected Open Stock Brushes and Brush Sets at 50/50% – For Spring we are featuring Golden Edge Watercolor and Academy Watercolor brushes at a great discount. All brush sets will also be at this great price.

Grumbacher Color Sets at 50/15% – All Basic, Master, Everyday and Watercolor Pan sets are included.

M̦belzusammenstellungen 2006.inddSchmincke Selected Color Assortments at 50/25% РFor Spring we are featuring Horadam Watercolor, Horadam Gouache and Pastel assortments at this extra discount.

Schmincke Selected Open Stock Tubes at 50/15% – We have selected Horadam Watercolor 15ml tubes, and Horadam Gouache 15ml tubes, at a great price for Spring.

Schmincke Open Stock Pastels at 50/15% – All 400 colors of this professional range of soft pastels is on sale.

Schmincke Selected Color Sets at 50/15% – We have chosen the Horadam Watercolor Half Pan Set/12, Horadam Watercolor 5ml Tube Set/12, Pastel Set/10, Pastel Set/15, and Pastel Half Stick Set/75 for this promotion.

Koh-i-noor Watercolor Wheel at 60% – Available carded or in open stock, this is a great item at the register. It makes a great gift, and can be used when traveling.

fa3796Koh-i-noor Mondeluz Watercolor Pencil Sets at 50/15% – These beautiful watercolor pencils are of the highest quality. Mondeluz is highly pigmented, can be used wet or dry, and is perfect for drawing, sketching, and coloring. Available in sets of 12, 24, 36, and a 32 piece Mondeluz Watercolor “Lead” set.

Chartpak December 2010 News

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Check out our great deals for Winter Back-to-School in MacPherson’s WBTS Buyers Guide, effective now through 2-12-2011.

4620asst-goldenedgeh2onewGrumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35% – These assortments are drop-shipped, free freight, with the beautiful Grumbacher plexiglass racks.

Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25% – These brush assortments are drop-shipped, free freight. With our new, beautiful brush racks.

Grumbacher Open Stock Tubes at 50/25% – All color lines including Academy Acrylic, Academy Oil, Academy Watercolor, Finest Watercolor and Pre-tested Oils.

Grumbacher Open Stock Brushes and Brush Sets at 50/50% – All Grumbacher brushes and brush sets are included.

Grumbacher Color Sets at 50/15% – All Basic and Master, Everyday and Watercolor Pan sets are included.

v925Grumbacher Charcoal at 50/15% – All Grumbacher Vine Charcoal including the new, Jumbo stick V9 are included. Grumbacher vine charcoal, proudly made in the USA, is a staple for any artist. With its rich, velvety texture our charcoal produces a beautiful range of velvety grays from dark, soft charcoal, to light, hard charcoal. Available in 4 grades: Extra soft, soft, medium and hard. Our new V9 jumbo stick charcoal measures approximately ½” X 6” and comes beautifully packaged in single pack box or sleek self-liquidating display of 25 individually wrapped pieces.

Grumbacher Palette Knives at 50/15% – These “robust” plastic painting knives are available in 6 styles and a set of 6. They are a great price, and have been selling well.

Schmincke Mussini and Norma Oil Assortments at 50/25% – These outstanding oil colors are offered at a great discount, including free freight and free rack.

Schmincke Mussini Open Stock Oil Colors at 50/15% – A great price on this premier line of oil colors.

Clearprint Paper at 50/25% – All Clearpint pads, rolls and sheets at this extreme discount.

Pickett and Rapidesign Template Assortments at 60% – Our three template assortments are offered at a great price, including free freight and free rack.

Pickett and Rapidesign Template Open Stock at 50/15% – All Pickett and Rapidesign templates are on sale for this promo.

ftspinnerfotoAd Marker Assortments at 60/20% – All Ad Marker assortments, including the new Fine Point Ad Marker, are on sale including free freight and free rack.

Ad Marker Sets and Open Stock at 50/25% – All Ad Marker Sets and Open Stock are included.

Higgins Ink Assortments at 50/25% – Our two, new, beautiful Higgins assortments are drop-shipped, including free freight and free rack.

Higgins Ink Open Stock at 60% – All Higgins inks are included in this promo.

Pelikan Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/15% – All 5 sets in Transparent and Opaque watercolors are on promo.

Koh-I-noor Graphite Pencil Assortment at 50/30% – This complete graphite pencil center is at a great price and includes free freight and free rack.

Koh-I-noor Triocolor Pencil Assortment at 60% – These unique large artist grade colored pencils come in 24 colors. Includes free freight and free rack.

Koh-I-noor Pencil Tin Sets at 50/15% – These beautiful quality sets include Mondeluz (Watercolor), Polycolor (Dry color), Triocolor (X-large dry color) and graphite.

Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Tin Sets at 50/25% – These beautiful pastel pencils are unsurpassed for quality.

Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Graphite Pencils at 60/15% – This beautiful, complete range of drawing pencils is offered at a great price.

Koh-I-noor Art Sets at 50/15%– These beautiful tins are offered in Mondeluz (Watercolor), Polycolor (Dry color) and Gioconda (Pastel and Chalk) versions.

Koh-I-noor Extra Soft Pastel Sets at 50/15% – These extra soft pastels are consistent from color to color. Available in sets of 12 and 24.

fa2005graphiteKoh-I-noor Carded Graphite and Artist Blocks at 50/15% – Available in Triograph, Graphite, Sepia and Charcoal.

Koh-I-noor Rapidograph 7 Pen Set at 50/30/5% – The standard of the industry for back to school at a great price.

Koh-I-noor Rapidograph Technical Pens and Points at 50/15% – All Rapidograph Technical Pens and Points are included in the promo.

Koh-I-noor Mephisto Mechanical Pencils at 50/15% – These attractive pencils are offered in 5mm and 7mm. Also included are the lead (5mm and 7mm) and eraser refills.

Koh-I-noor Open Stock Pencils at 50/15% – Included are Triocolor (X-large colored pencils) and Gioconda Aquarelle, Graphite and Chalk Pencils.

Koh-I-noor Rapidoeze Pen Cleaner at 50/15% – All sizes are included.

Koh-I-noor Dry Cleaning Pad at 50/15% – This is a staple item for back to school.

Koh-I-noor Magnum Black Star Pencil at 50/15% – The Magnum Black Star is a 9mm, soft graphite pencil, perfect for sketching, drawing or illustrating.

Chartpak News for October 2010

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Check out our great deals for the Holiday Season in MacPherson’s Holiday Buyers Guide.

pretestedsetGrumbacher Messenger Bag Sets – These limited edition holiday sets are a great gift for the artist on the go. Each set includes one basic set of paints, three of our handmade brushes, and a canvas messenger bag to carry it all in. Oil and Acrylic sets come with two of our PVC painting knives, and our Watercolor set comes with a mixing tray. Available in Academy Oil, Academy Acrylic, Academy Watercolor and Pre-tested Oils at 50/15% off of a “promotional” retail price.

Grumbacher Wood Case Sets in Academy Acrylic, Academy Oil, and Max water-soluble Oil at 60%

Grumbacher Basic, Master and Everyday Sets at 60%

Schmincke Paint and Pastel Sets – These beautiful, high-quality sets are available in Mussini Oil, Norma Oil, Horadam Watercolor and Pastels, including the new, 75 half-stick Pastel set at 50/15%


Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets at 60/10%

Koh-I-noor Art Sets – These complete art sets are great gifts. They come in six variations for drawing (Gioconda), dry color (Polycolor) and wet color (Mondeluz) at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Mondeluz Watercolor Pencil Sets at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Polycolor Colored Pencil Sets at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Triocolor Large Colored Pencil Sets at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Hardmuth Artists Drawing Sets – These beautiful tins are available in Technical, Graphic and Artist sets of 12 pencils at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets – These beautiful pastel sets are available in 12 and 24 colors at 50/15%

Koh-I-noor Artist Blocks – These blocks are available in Charcoal, Graphite and Sepia at 50/15%

Ad Marker 12 Color Sets w/Free, stand-up “Carrying Case” – These Ad Marker sets come with a free carrying case. Available in Basic and Manga at 50/25%


Pelikan Watercolor Sets – These popular sets are available in Transparent colors, in 12 and 24 sets. Opaque color sets are available in 12 and 24 as well. A great “stocking stuffer” is the Pocket Paint Box, great for travel. All at 50/15%.

News From Chartpak: September 2010

Monday, September 20th, 2010

v9At last Grumbacher’s V9 “Jumbo-Stick” charcoal has arrived! Grumbacher’s vine charcoal, proudly made in the USA, is a staple for any artist. The new V9 jumbo-stick is a medium charcoal that measures ½” X 6”. It is a great Back-to-School item that comes beautifully packaged in a single-pack box (GRCV9) at $2.95, or a sleek self-liquidating display of 25 individually wrapped pieces (GRCV925) at $59.95. Please contact Steve Rossney or your MacPherson’s rep for details.



Chartpak News for July 2010; The Deals Abound!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Check out Chartpak‘s great deals in MacPherson’s Fall Back to School Promotion for 2010.



  • All Grumbacher Brushes and Brush Sets at 50/40/15%
  • All Grumbacher “Color” ranges at 50/25%
  • Grumbacher Basic, Master and Everyday Sets at 50/15%
  • Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/10/5%
  • “New” Grumbacher Palette Knives at 50/15%
  • “New” Grumbacher Vine Charcoal at 50/15%
  • All Ad Markers and Sets, Including the “new” “Fine Point” Ad Markers at 50/25%

25finetipChartpak’s new Fine Point Ad Marker comes with a precise marker nib designed for detail work, lettering and outlining. The new Fine Point Ad Marker is available in the 25 most popular colors. Upgrade your existing Spinner Rack with the CHADRETRO (Includes 6 each of the 25 new Fine Point Markers, and Graphic Signage to upgrade your display.)

  • Koh-I-noor Rapidograph 7 Pen Sets at 50/30/5%
  • Koh-I-noor Rapidograph Pens, Point and selected sets at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Rapioeze Pen Cleaners at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Dry Cleaning Pad at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Art Sets at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Artists Blocks at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Mechanical Pencils and Accessories at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Hardmuth Graphite Pencils at 60/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Hardmuth Artist Drawing Sets at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Graphite Pencils at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets at 50/25%
  • Koh-I-noor Triocolor Colored Pencils at 50/10%
  • Pelikan Watercolor Sets at 50/10/5%
  • Schmincke Mussini Oil Color at 50/10%
  • All Clearprint at 50/25%
  • All Pickett and Rapidesign Templates at 50/10/5%

higinkasst2Higgins Ink at 60%

  • Higgins now has two new racks available, with beautiful, new graphics. There are 20 unit and 40 unit assortments available.

DROP SHIPS (Include free rack and free freight)

  • All Grumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35%
  • All Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%
  • graphite-displayKoh-I-noor Graphite Pencil Assortment at 50/15%
  • All Ad Marker Assortments (“New Assortments”, including the “New” “Fine Point” Ad Markers) at 60/20%
  • Schmincke Mussini Oil 37ml Assortments (48 color and 101 color) at 60/5%
  • All Pickett and Rapidesign Template Assortments at 50/25%

Please contact your MacPherson’s Sales Rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.

Chartpak News for June 2010

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Steve Rossney reports:

Chartpak introduced great new items at NAMTA! And we had a great response to them all at the show in Indianapolis.

· charcoalsGrumbacher Vine Charcoal Grumbacher prides itself on being an “American Tradition” and brings you Vine Charcoal, made in the USA. A staple for any artist, with its rich, velvety texture, our hand-selected Charcoal produces a beautiful range of velvety grays from dark, soft charcoal, to light, hard charcoal. Available in 4 grades: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard, in 3 and 12 packs.

· 4620asst-goldenedgeh2onew“New” Grumbacher Brush Racks – Our new, brush racks have a sturdy construction, and feature beautiful, new “headers”. They will be available in 60 days.

25finetip· Ad Marker Fine Point Marker Chartpak introduces the new Ad Marker Fine Point Marker in 25 popular colors. These new Ad Markers feature a precision nib for detail work, lettering and outlining. The new fine point Ad Markers are xylene-based, AP non-toxic, and exhibit the same “professional performance” as the Tri-nib Ad Markers. These fine point markers are available in sets (12 & 25), assortments, and the CHADRETRO assortment of 6 each of the 25 new fine tip markers. The CHADRETRO also contains merchandising and new label strips, to convert the Ad Marker “Spinner Rack” to accommodate all Ad Markers. Now Available in:
CHAD12SETFP – 12 color set
CHADSETFP – 25 color set
CHADRETRO – 6 each of 25 new fine point markers
CHMKRASTFP48 – 48 color assortment
CHMKRASFP130 – Complete, 130 color assortment

· higinkasst2“New” Higgins Ink Racks and AssortmentsHiggins has introduced two new ink racks with beautiful new Headers –  Chartpak has done a great job creating two new racks/assortments for Higgins Ink, including an attractive “Header”.
CHHIGINKAST1 – 20 unit “best sellers” assortment
CHHIGINKAST2 – 40 unit complete assortment.

Schmincke “New” Holiday setsSchmincke has created three great, limited edition Sets for holiday. There will be two Horadam Watercolor sets. One is a 5ml tube set of 12 colors in an attractive, cardboard box retailing for $129.80. The second is a set of 12 half pans, in a metal palette tin, with a brush, pencil and an attractive leather case, retailing for $223.95. The third is a 75 half-stick set of Schmincke Artists Extra-soft Pastels retailing for $219.00. These will be available 9-1-10.

“New” 2010 Signage Program – Take advantage of our beautiful 2010 Signage Program. Posters, Promotional items, Fixture signage, In-store event signage, shelf-talkers and more, are available in all “brands”. These merchandising tools really make the store look great, and help consumers understand the products/brands better.

Contact your MacPherson’s rep or Steve Rossney for details.

Chartpak News – Spring Promos 2010

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Check out Chartpak’s great deals in MacPherson’s Spring Promo for 2010. (2-16-2010 through 5-29-2010)


  • Grumbacher Finest and Academy Watercolors at 60/5%
  • Grumbacher Golden Edge and Academy Watercolor Brushes at 50/40/15%
  • Grumbacher Basic & Master Color Sets at 50/15%
  • Grumbacher Everyday Sets at 50/15%
  • Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/10/5%
  • Grumbacher Brush Sets at 50/40/15%
  • Pelikan Watercolor Sets at 50/10/5%
  • Koh-I-noor Watercolor Wheel at 50/10/5%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Graphite Pencils and Gioconda Art Sets at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets at 60%
  • Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets at 50/35%
  • Schmincke Horadam 15ml Tube Watercolors at 50/10%
  • Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Sets at 50/10%
  • Schmincke Watercolor Mediums at 50/10%


  • Grumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35%
  • Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%
  • All Grumbacher Color and Brush Assortments include the new, beautiful plexiglass displays, and free freight.
  • Schmincke Horadam 15ml Watercolor Assortment at 60%
  • All Schmincke Assortments feature a free rack, and free freight.


Please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.

Chartpak News – Check out the great deals in MacPherson’s Winter Back-to-School Promotion for 2009/2010 (Now through 2-12-10)

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Grumbacher “New” Palette Knives Grumbacher’s new plastic Palette and Painting Knives are like nothing offered in our industry. Molded from hard-wearing ABS plastic, these knives won’t corrode or rust like traditional metal knives. They are 10” in length, and are lightweight with excellent balance for all day use. They are solvent-safe, easy to clean and can be used with all mediums. Each knife has the appropriate flexibility for shape and purpose. The “New” Grumbacher Palette and Painting Knives come in 6 shapes, and are offered at 50/10%.

Grumbacher Painting Knives

Grumbacher Painting Knives

Grumbacher Color “Open Stock” – All Academy Watercolor Acrylic and Oil, Finest Watercolor and Pre-tested Oil in all sizes, at 50/20/5%.

Grumbacher Brushes “Open Stock” – All brushes at 50/40/15%.

Grumbacher Color Assortments – All color assortments, drop shipped with free rack, and free freight at 50/35%.

Finest Assortment

Finest Assortment

Grumbacher Brush Assortments – All brush assortments, drop shipped with free rack, and free freight at 70/25%.

Goldenedge Brush Assortment

Goldenedge Brush Assortment

Grumbacher Brush Sets – Grumbacher’s brush sets offer the consumer a 20% savings over purchasing the brushes in open stock. There are 12 different configurations at 50/40/10%.

Grumbacher Color Sets – Selected Basic, Master and Everyday sets at 50/15%.

Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets – 12 and 24 sets in Opaque and Transparent at 50/10/5%.

Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph 7-Pen Set – Slim Pack and Artists 7 pen sets at 50/25/10%.

Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Pens – Rapidograph technical pens, points and cleaners at 50/15%.

Koh-I-Noor Toison d’Or Extra Soft Pastel Sets – These beautiful, soft pastels have a consistent “feel” from color to color. They are available in 12 and 24 sets at 50/35%.

Koh-I-Noor Mechanical Pencils – The stylish Mephisto is available in 5mm and 7mm pencils. Mephisto also offers refill leads and erasers at 50/15%.

Koh-I-Noor Gioconda Pastel Pencils – These pastel pencils are excellent quality. They are available in 12, 24 and 48 color sets at 50/20%.

Koh-I-Noor Triocolor Triangular Grand Colored Pencils
– These unique, large, triangular “Artist Grade” colored pencils are offered in sets of 12 and 24 at 50/10%.

Koh-I-Noor Art Sets – These comprehensive sets are available in pastel (Gioconda), watercolor (Mondeluz) and dry color (Polycolor), at 50/10%.

Koh-I-Noor Pencil Assortments – The Graphite Pencil and Triocolor assortments are offered with free rack and free freight at 60%.

Koh-I-Noor Toison d’Or – Professional quality drawing pencils at 50/20/15%.

Koh-I-Noor Gioconda Graphite Pencils
– Aquarelles in 2B, 4B and 6B, and the “Negro” pencil at 50/10%.

Clearprint – All sheets, pads and rolls at 50/25%.

Higgins Ink – All Higgins inks and sets at 60%.

Chartpak Ad Markers – All Ad markers, open stock and sets, at 50/25%.

Chartpak Ad Marker Assortments – All Ad Marker Assortments (130, 72 and 48), including free rack and free freight, at 50/20/20%.

Schmincke – Mussini Oil, Horadam Aquarelle and Soft Pastel open-stock at 50/10%.

Schmincke Color Assortments – Mussini Resin Oil, Horadam Aquarelle and Schmincke Soft Pastels, free rack and free freight, at 60%.

Chartpak News – Great Deals in MacPherson’s 2009 Holiday Promotion!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

wooden-box-openGrumbacher Cherry Wood Paint Sets (Available in Academy Acrylic, Academy Oil and Max Water Soluble Oil) at 50/15% (57.5%)

acadoilholsetGrumbacher Messenger Bag Gift Sets – These unique, new sets are available in Academy Acrylic or Academy Oil. The sets come with 3 brushes, 2 palette knives, 6 tubes of paint and a 16”X13” Messenger Bag. The set is valued at $70. The “special retail” of $49.95 provides a tremendous value to retailers and consumers.

Grumbacher Selected Color Sets at 50/15%

Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/10%

Grumbacher Packaged Brush Sets at 70/10%

Grumbacher “New” Palette Knives – Grumbacher’s new plastic Palette and Painting Knives are like nothing offered in our industry. Molded from hard-wearing ABS plastic, these knives won’t corrode or rust like traditional metal knives. They are 10” in length, and are lightweight with excellent balance for all day use. They are solvent-safe, easy to clean and can be used with all mediums. Each knife has the appropriate flexibility for shape and purpose. The “New” Grumbacher Palette and Painting Knives come in 6 shapes, and are offered at 50/10%

fa3896polycolorsetKoh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets – These beautiful, soft pastels have a consistent “feel” from color to color. They are available in 12 and 24 sets at 50/35%

Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets – These pastel pencils are excellent quality. The pencils are available in 12, 24 and 48 color sets at 50/25%

Koh-I-noor Triocolor Colored Pencils – These unique, large, triangular “Artist Grade” Colored Pencils are offered in sets of 12 and 24 at 50/10%

Koh-I-noor Drawing Pencil and Pastel Sets – These beautifully packaged “tins” come in many sizes and configurations to satisfy any artist’s needs. They make a great Holiday gift and are available at 50/10%

Pelikan Watercolor Sets – These watercolor sets are of great quality, and an excellent value. Available in Transparent 12 and 24, Opaque 12 and 24, and a small travel set, at 50/10/5%

Chartpak Ad Marker Travel Sets – These unique sets come with a free travel case that holds 25 markers. They are available in a Basic set of 12, and a Manga set of 12, at 50/25%

schm_set_2009Schmincke Color Sets – Schmincke is a “Super-Premium Line” color company from Germany. We are offering a selection of their best sets. Included are a Mussini Resin Oil 8 color set in a wooden box, a Norma Professional Oil cardboard box set of 8 tubes and a Norma Professional Oil Wooden Box set of 10 tubes. Also available are a Cardboard Pastel Set of 90, and a Metal Set with 10 Sanfi sheets. Horadam Watercolor offers a Slimline Metal set with 12 half pans, and a Leather Case set with 12 colors. All Schmincke sets are offered at 50/10%

Chartpak: Check Out These Great Deals for Fall BTS!!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The Deals are Red Hot for retailers willing to pull the trigger on a great list of promotable products and lines.  Choose from Open Stock of MacPherson’s DCs selection or even better Drop Ship Promotions. These deals are effective through 9/30/09.


All Grumbacher Brushes(74%) and Brush Sets(70/10%)

All Grumbacher Color ranges at 60/5%

Grumbacher Paint Sets at 50/15%


Grumbacher W/C Pan Sets at 50/10%

Koh-i-noor Pastel Sets, Pencils, Pencil Sets and Accessories at 50/10%


Koh-i-noor Pastel Pencils and Sets at 60/5%

Koh-i-noor Toison D’or Pencils at 60/10%


Koh-i-noor Rapidograph 7 Pen Sets at 50/25/10%


Koh-i-noor Rapidograph Pens and Points at 50/10%

Koh-i-noor Pen Cleaners and Accessories at 50/10%

Ad Markers at 60/5%

Higgins Ink at 50/15%

Pelikan Watercolor Sets at 50/10%

Pickett Templates at 57.25%

All Clearprint at 50/25%

DROP SHIPS (Include free freight and free rack)


Grumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35%

Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%

Ad Marker Assortments at 50/35%

Koh-i-noor Graphite Pencil Assortment at 60/5%

Koh-i-noor Triocolor Pencil Assortment at 60/5%

Chartpak News for June 2009

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Grumbacher unveiled its new, plastic Painting Knives at the recent NAMTA Trade Show in Louisville. These unique painting knives are larger and significantly stiffer than anything currently offered. The consensus was that these new knives were a “must-have”, and almost all said they would carry them in their stores.


The new Grumbacher Painting Knives feature:
+  Hard-wearing ABS plastic; won’t corrode or rust
+  Non-glaring, neutral off-white tone for enhanced color mixing capability
+  Lightweight, with excellent balance
+  Large, easy to hold handle, with a convenient indentation for more control when needed
+  Solvent safe, easy to clean, and usable with all mediums
+  Perfect for mixing impasto techniques, and multi media needs
+  10” long knives are available in six essential shapes for any palette or painting need

The knives are available in the following six shapes:
+  Trowel
+  Large Painting Knife
+  Small Painting Knife
+  Painting Spatula
+  Large Palette Knife
+  Small Palette Knife
The new Grumbacher Painting Knives come in a Counter Top Merchandiser with 12 each of the 6 shapes. The retail for these new knives is $1.95, a very attractive price-point. They are also available in a blister-carded set of 6, for $10.95. The knives will be available in Mid-July. Please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep or Steve Rossney  at for details.

Chartpak News, March 2009

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

finestposterFrom the desk of Steve Rossney comes the following… At NAMTA in Reno last year, Chartpak unveiled its new merchandising concept.  The new program included beautiful, new, Plexiglas displays for Grumbacher and Koh-I-Noor. It also included metallic headers, custom branding posters, shelf labeling strips, and specific Power Panels.

Chartpak is now rolling out its new Signage/Merchandising Program for 2009. In this difficult economy, retailers need to effectively connect with their customers, with an engaging store environment more than ever before. Do your store design, store décor and consumer marketing pieces speak to the emotions, dreams and aspirations of your customers? The general objective of this program is to help you, the retailer, connect with their customers with effective merchandising and attractive artistic signage. Chartpak’s new program does that by offering the following:
1)  Customized Posters (including store name and other pertinent information) for Back to School
2)  Customized Posters for Holiday
3)  Customized “Brand” Posters (Grumbacher, Koh-I-Noor, etc.)
4)  Customized Specific Posters for Grumbacher Color Ranges (Academy Acrylic, Pre-Tested Oils, etc)
5)  Fixture signs to identify product categories (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, etc.)
6)  “Drop-ceiling”, gondola and end-cap signs
7)  Clip Strip Signs
8)  Shelf-talker coupons offering free goods with purchase
9)  Customized Workshop/Demo Posters
10)  Store “Loyalty Program”

These tools are available to Grumbacher and Koh-I-Noor stocking dealers. Please contact your MacPherson’s rep or Steve Rossney for details at .


Chartpak News February 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

From Steve Rossney, “Check out our great deals in MacPherson’s 2009 Spring Buyer’s Guide (2-14-09 through 5-31-09)!”

cad-orange-tube-aloneOPEN STOCK
+ Grumbacher Finest and Academy Watercolors at 60/5%
+ Grumbacher Academy and Golden Edge Watercolor Brushes at 70%
+ Grumbacher Paint Sets at 50/15%
+ Grumbacher Brush Sets at 70%
+ Koh-I-noor NEW Soft Pastels at 50/25/10%
+ Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets at 50/15%
+ Koh-I-noor Gioconda Aquarelle Pencils at 50/10%
+ Koh-I-noor Mondeluz Art Set at 50/10%
+ Koh-I-noor Watercolor Wheel at 50/10%
+ Pelikan Watercolor Sets at 50/15%

+ Grumbacher
Color Assortments at 50/35%
+ Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%
+ All Grumbacher Color and Brush Assortments include the new, beautiful plexiglass displays, and free freight. Please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.

Chartpak News & Hot Deals; Winter BTS

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Steve Rossney from Chartpak says, “Check out our great deals in MacPherson’s Winter Back-to-School promotion for 2008/2009!”

Grumbacher Pre-tested Oils, Academy Oils, Academy Acrylics, and Academy Watercolors at 60/5%
grumbacher brushesGrumbacher Brushes at 70/10%

+  Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth Drawing Pencils at 60/10%
+  Ad Marker Travel Sets, with free case at 60/5%
+  Higgins Inks (Chartpak’s latest acquisition) at 50/10/5%

+  Pickett and Rapidesign Templates at 50/10%
+  Clearprint at 60%

+  Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph 7-pen set at 60/20%
+  Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Technical Pens and Magic FX Pencils at 50/10%

Grumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35%
Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%
+  All Grumbacher Color and Brush Assortments include the new, beautiful plexiglass displays, and free freight. Please contact your MacPherson’s Rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.