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Princeton Redesigns the Catalyst Tools Display

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Princeton has introduced a redesigned Catalyst Tools display that reduces shelf space from 48 inches to only 30 inches. It features new graphic signage, along with Golden’s hand-painted swatches demonstrating the various techniques and textures that Catalyst tools can create. Dealers can email Howard  ( to request a new empty display fixture, free of charge.

FYI-The new display does not include a few of the slowest selling SKUs. Though not discontinued, they have been removed from the display in order to allow for a more compact footprint!


Princeton Brush 2017 Signage Updates

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Princeton Brush has updated color coded price strips for all of its displays based upon the 2017 price increase. Here are the options available:

  • SNAP! Spinner Floor Display
  • 9100 Real Value Wall Rack
  • 9100 Spinner Floor Display
  • 3750 Select Wall Rack (not counter/spinner displays)

Retailers are encouraged to email Howard directly at with specific details of what they would like and they will be sent immediately

Snap Price Strips

New Princeton Select Brush Sets

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

group-1Princeton introduces 14 new Select Artiste Brush Sets. The sets have three retail price point; $9.99, 19.99 and 29.99 and represent a savings of approximately twenty percent off the combined individual brushes. In addition, an informative brochure, “What Does This Brush Do?” is available to educate consumers and promote sales. Now available in MacPherson’s DC’s. See all the details here

Select Set assortments are available for shipment and include the brochures and a holder for your display, which fits above the open stock display header or power panel.


Golden News June 2016

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop A Great Success!

GOLDEN thanks MacPherson’s personnel for hosting an incredible workshop! MacPherson’s planning and preparation led to a very organized, valuable event. The hands-on demonstrations and round-robin presentations were interesting and informative for all. GOLDEN was pleased to see so many retailers in attendance – having such commitment and enthusiasm from retail partners in support of all three GOLDEN brands is appreciated tremendously!

GOLDEN and Princeton Brush Join Forces in 2016 Back-to-School Promotion


PrincetonSummit_GoldenGolden Artist Colors and Princeton Artist Brush Co. join forces to offer artists a great opportunity to increase value while expanding their creativity. Artists who purchase three 4 oz. bottles of GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics will receive one Princeton Summit™ Series 6850 Round 10 brush for FREE, just in time for back-to-school!

Already, purchasing a larger 4 oz. size represents a per ounce savings to artists over the 1 oz. size. Further incentivizing artists with this brush offer will increase exposure for Fluid Acrylics in retail stores, a line that has been experiencing continuous demand and growth.

Participating retailers will receive one Princeton Summit Series 6850 Round 10 Brush for every three 4 oz. Fluid Acrylics they purchase commencing on July 5th and running through September 9th, while supplies last. Retailers will be provided with an in-store POP and digital assets to help communicate the promotion through email, web and social media.



Quantities of promotion items will be monitored to ensure alignment with the duration of the program. Promotional items will be uniquely packaged and will include a unique UPC Code. The promotion window is from 7/25/16 – 9/30/16.


POPs will be shipped directly to retailers from GOLDEN beginning the week of June 20th. The promotional brush will be fulfilled by MacPherson’s direct from the warehouse with BTS shipments containing 4 oz. Fluid Acrylics.

GOLDEN Offers Retailers New Topics for Working Artist Program Lectures

Golden Artist Colors will be offering retailers three new Working Artist Program lecture options to expand their educational offerings to artists of all painting levels. Store owners will have more choices when deciding what educational opportunities to bring to their customers. Working Artists will participate in training for new lectures in May, making new sessions available to retailers beginning in June. Full lecture descriptions are available on the website now at Options for GOLDEN Working Artist Lecture Demonstrations now include the following:

  1. Free GOLDEN Lecture Product Overview (Existing)
  2. Free GOLDEN Mixed Media Lecture (New)
  3. Free GOLDEN WaterMedia Lecture (New)
  4. Free GOLDEN Printmaking with Acrylics Lecture (New)

New lectures are designed to cover a range of products, as has been the case with the existing lecture demo, however, new lectures present products in different lights or with different emphasis. As always, attendees at any Working Artist Lecture will receive a selection of sample products to take home so that they can continue to explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN professional products available.

The process for retailers to request one of the new lectures doesn’t change. In addition, increasing the number of lecture options does not increase the number of events Working Artists can conduct in a year, so be sure to connect with the artist in your area soon if you are interested in one of these new options for 2016. As you know, Working Artist schedules fill up fast!

New Video from GOLDEN

GOLDEN recently added a new video to their Video Library that your customers will be interested in. Videos are quick and easy content to share on Facebook and a great way to boost your organic reach.

Please visit our YouTube or Vimeo page to check them out!

Drip and Drizzle with Clear Tar Gel

Drip, drizzle and create lines varying from thick to very thin using GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel.

learn more about Clear Tar Gel here.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager.

Princeton Artist Brush Co. Spices Up Their Displays With a FREE Graphics Upgrade

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


Princeton Brush has created updated graphics for its brush displays. These new, colorful display inserts are available at no charge so that retailers can have an updated look for their brush department.

Please click here to download an excel order form. By completing the form and sending it back (e-mail instructions on bottom of form), Princeton will send these graphics to your store or a distributor rep (whatever your preference).

Key points about the upgrade form:

  • Please note that for Polytip bristle (6400 and 6450) we will replace the current display fixture (Birchwood) with new displays to match the rest of the lines. There are a few less skus going forward in the assortment to fit these displays.
  • For Genuine Kolinsky Sable lines (7000 and 7050), empty half size displays are available for any customers that have purchased open stock.
  • There is a section with a notation (in red on the left) for customers and reps  to indicate displays in the store that are not being upgraded (brush sets, select, snap).   We are asking for this information because it will be used along with all other displays in the retailer locater on the new Princeton brush website that will be launched in the fall.
  • Towards the bottom of the form there is an option for the display graphics to be sent either to the rep or retailer directly.

Tips for reps or customers installing the new graphics:

  • When removing brushes from the current display, it is recommended that you have rubber bands available to keep the brushes together by size and shape.
  • The next step is to slide the old graphics (printed on paper) and plastic face sheet out from the top of the display.
  • Please note that the new graphics are printed directly onto plastic so there is only one thing to insert back into the display.
  • The plastic insert with the graphics has a protective film that will need to be removed before sliding the new graphics in from the top of the display.
  • Please pull the plastic insert from the bottom edge in the middle, slowly and steadily.

Also as an FYI, available now on the Princeton website (Click here then scroll down to the Displays section) are individual images of all displays.

NEW Princeton Kolinsky Sable Brushes Bring Smiles!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Princeton Brush is excited to announce the introduction (and availability too!!) of Princeton Series 7050 Kolinsky Sable Brushes. Series 7050 are genuine Kolinsky Sable brushes made with only the finest quality of hair. The line consists of Watercolor rounds from size 3/0 through size 12.

With extraordinary effort and care, each brush is handcrafted by an experienced German brush maker. The hairs are bound together with a seamless nickel ferrel that connects to a black lacquer handle, giving the brush a sleek and professional look. The brushes provide amazing control and color holding capacity with every stroke.

Keep an eye out for Princeton Kolinsky Sable from MacPherson’s – for the time being, the demand may exceed supplies. Check with your MacPherson’s Account Manager for all the details.


Golden News For Summer 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013

GOLDEN and Princeton Catalyst Join Forces in BTS Promotion


Now’s the time to plan your BTS “Go Big and Save” buying opportunity from Princeton and GOLDEN! During this promotion, when you buy 32 oz. GOLDEN Heavy Body or Gels, Pastes and Gesso, you will automatically receive a Princeton Catalyst tool. A great value to offer your customers! Check out the MacPherson’s BTS Buyer’s Guide (page 5) for additional details!

New High Flow Acrylics from GOLDEN Are Shipping Now!


New High Flow Acrylics from GOLDEN began shipping June 18! This super low viscosity line of colors is so flexible it works for all kinds of artists, from illustrators to mixed media, and fine artists too. Put it in markers, an airbrush, dip pens, or use it with a fine art brush. Several dealers are already on board and have placed orders through MacPherson’s. Look for the annual BTS Buyer’s Guide (page 5) for great deals on these new products. Now’s the time to get your order in!


Don’t Forget – All GOLDEN Heavy Body Colors are Now in 5 oz. Size

Don’t waste another minute – begin stocking up on your favorite colors!  All 127 GOLDEN Heavy Body colors, including Iridescent and Interference colors, are now available in 5 oz. tubes. See your MacPherson’s BTS Buyer’s Guide for more information.

New Videos on GOLDEN YouTube Channel

If you are a subscriber to the GOLDEN YouTube site then you already know about the new videos that were posted recently.

1.     “OPEN Acrylics (re)Introduction”

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics are slow-drying colors that do what no other acrylic paints can. They can be used for a wide range of techniques including traditional techniques usually associated with oil colors. This quick demonstration will highlight the unique qualities of OPEN Acrylics and tips for using it successfully in artwork.

2.     “How to Pack Paintings for Shipping”

The best way to protect paintings for shipment is to prevent anything from having direct contact with the surface of the painting. This is a demonstration of a simple method for protecting smaller paintings, using common materials: cardboard, tape, plastic sheeting, and hook and loop strips.

Leverage these videos by posting them on your Facebook page!

Video Short Cuts Featuring Catalyst™ Tools by Princeton

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Innovation is the name of the game for Catalyst™ Tools and Princeton recently released ‘Short Cut’ versions of their videos! Around 1 minute each, the videos are perfect for retailers who want to loop visual content in their stores that will capture and inspire what artists think about how paint, tools, and brushes work together.

See how artists in several different mediums incorporate Catalyst into their painting and mark making. The versatility and ease with which Catalyst shifts from clay to encaustics, from fluid acrylics to heavy body mediums, is garnering excitement from not just professional artists, but also from teachers who want an exciting tool to introduce to their students.

The ‘Short Cut’ videos can be found on Princeton’s YouTube channel. Look for the ‘Short Cut’ version.

Princeton Catalyst Videos Are Here!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Announcing New Videos Featuring Catalyst™ Tools by Princeton

Catalyst™ Tools by Princeton is proud to announce six new videos featuring our first artist partners. Showing the versatility and ease with which Catalyst shifts from clay to encaustics, from fluid acrylics to heavy body mediums, these videos are designed to inspire and change what artists think about how paint, tools, and brushes work together. The growing Catalyst Methods and Techniques Video Library will create a great resource for artists to reference for inspiration, research new methods, or perfect new techniques.

The videos can be found at:
Vimeo and
YouTube Princeton @ Youtube

Download the video files on Vimeo for use on a continuous play loop in your store. And stay tuned as we continue and discover new ways and new artists to bring Catalyst to life!

Jenny Learner, Zhou B Art Center
Andrea Horyn, Bughouse Studio
Lisa Schmitz, Whispers From the Moon Studio
Baila Miller
and Jean Nerenberg, Blackhawk Studio – FLUID ACRYLICS

About Catalyst: The tools, made of heat resistant silicone, can be used with encaustics, oils, acrylics, and even in food crafting. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles, offering a blend of tradition and innovation. Catalyst Wedges are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand allowing a direct interaction with your work.

Polytip Bristle is a true first in artist brushes. The tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. Unlike natural hog bristle, Catalyst™ synthetic has real integrity in water. Designed for use with heavy-bodied paint, they are the brush equivalent of the Blades and Wedges.

The silicone tools feature easy clean-up. Dried paint can be peeled off. They are solvent-safe. Catalyst Blades can be separated from their wood handles for even easier cleaning.

Catalyst Blades come in 6 shapes, each in three sizes. Wedges are available in 6 shapes as well. Catalyst Polytip Bristle comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes including short filberts and extra long egberts. See the full Catalyst line at

Announcing Catalyst Tools by Princeton

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

At NAMTA this year, the Princeton booth was buzzing with the news of the new Catalyst line of Blades, Wedges, and Polytip™ Bristle. The full range is incorporated in a stunning 48″ retail cabinet that was awarded best POP display at the show.

Designed to move more heavy-bodied paint, Catalyst Blades, Wedges, and Brushes offer fresh new way for artists to interact with many creative mediums. The tools, made of heat resistant silicone, can be used with encaustics, oils, acrylics, and even in food crafting. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles, offering a blend of tradition and innovation. Catalyst Wedges are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand allowing a direct interaction with your work.

Polytip Bristle is a true first in artist brushes. The tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. Unlike natural hog bristle, Catalyst™ synthetic has real integrity in water. Designed for use with heavy-bodied paint, they are the brush equivalent of the Blades and Wedges.

The “The second I saw Catalyst, I knew Princeton had developed something truly groundbreaking.” says Virginia Cofer, Princeton’s new Catalyst Product Manager. “Every artist who has seen or touched Catalyst experiences their imagination taking over and they can’t wait to use them.”

The silicone tools feature easy clean-up. Dried paint can be peeled off. They are solvent-safe. Catalyst Blades can be separated from their wood handles for even easier cleaning.

The Princeton Catalyst line was previewed at the Creativeworld Show in Frankfurt this year where it won a product innovation award.

Catalyst Blades come in 6 shapes, each in three sizes. Wedges are available in 6 shapes as well. Catalyst Polytip Bristle comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes including short filberts and extra long egberts.

See the full Catalyst line at

Introducing Neptune Brush Gift Sets – Available Now from Princeton!

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Customers have responded enthusiastically to Princeton’s softest brush ever. Neptune is Princeton’s softer-than-squirrel synthetic that drinks up watercolor and delivers oceans of color to the sheet. Princeton has packaged two attractive gift items for the holiday season.

The Neptune Quill brush has an amazing capacity to hold liquid. Comes to a sharp point that makes for a very precise brush.

Includes: #8 Quill Brush.
ITEM#  PB4750SET-1Q LIST: $49.95 73% off sets On the Holiday promo(HT Code)

The Essential Set brings together four of the best brushes Neptune has to offer. A perfect gift for any watercolorist.
Includes: 3/4″ Oval Wash, 1/2″ Aquarelle, #8 Round, and 1″ Mottler.
ITEM# PB4750SET-4 LIST: $89.95  73% off sets On the Holiday promo(HT Code)

Acrylic Countertop Display
Order early while a limited supply of counter displays remains available. Displays ship loaded with 6 ea. of both items and dropship free while supplies last.
ITEM# PB4750D LIST: $839.40  76.25% off drop ship asst, $199.36 net

NAMTA Phoenix Show: What’s Exciting!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

You may not have been able to visit the show this year or maybe you just like to get others’ take on what they saw that was noteworthy. Our sales and merchandising teams turned in their picks for the best of the show and here they are!

Art Alternatives Black Canvas was total hit at the show. Available in both Studio and Gallery profiles as well as canvas panels. We’ll have stock in our DCs around September.


Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketch Books These 48-page visual journals with soft covers and heavy-weight, lightly sized drawing paper were designed especially for art class, but are also a great sketch journaling accessory. Low, low retail price points.

Art Alternatives Nesting Art Tool Boxes Nesting these simple black boxes saves shipping costs, and that translates to low nets and low retail price points. Plus, nesting lets you stack more for BTS sales!

Art Alternatives Studio Acrylics fit a niche for stores who are focused on building bridges to teachers in elementary, middle and high school art programs. The bulk acrylic colors are also well suited for social painting studios, the rage now sweeping through the southern USA.

Alumicolor New labeling specifies whether the product is for architecture or engineering, making it easier for customers to identify what they need. Also, there’s a new ruler with ledge for safe cutting so fingertips are nowhere near the blade.

Ampersand’s new kits created lots of excitement. In fact, there were a bunch of new items for Ampersand. We will feature the new gessobord counter display boxes in Fall BTS, as well as the new Artist Panel Pallet Stacks. We will also be sending out an e-blast with all the new items for BTS since some did not make it into our Buyer’s Guide. The new scratchbord designs are very cool.

can4Bernini Aerosol Spray Graphite pencil transfer spray. This is a great new product that might need a bit of explaining on your store shelf. Pre-book special (50/5/5 discount) on this is available still through 5/18 and the product will ship from the MacPherson’s warehouses at the end of May. Regular everyday 50% off discount resumes after pre-book.  No size limitations with this product! Ideal for large murals and Urban Art, it is formulated to dry quickly for instant use. Order item number MVTS00510.

Canson’s BTS pad stack-outs wowed many NAMTA goers. Why? Irresistible offers like, “buy an XL recycled sketch pad and receive a 5.5×8.5 drawing sketch pad free”, and new watercolor pad and paint end-caps/stack-outs. Canson had some other awesome new items. We think their marketing & product management team is doing a wonderful job of keeping the market stoked. The x10% on the XL and the x20% on Newsprint stack-outs are good through BTS. The Watercolor Essential POG is built around a specially themed product, which will change with each promo. Display measures 24″w x 54″h x 16″d. MSRP $1,368.00; discount is 50/25 to Power & Non-Power retailers. Available in June. Hot show items for Canson included:  18×24 Pad Merchandiser (May), Colorline 300g (May w/ X20% thru July), 8×10 Art Board (June) and Van Gogh 200ml assortments (now).

win-mediumColArt’s new packaging on Winsor & Newton Oil mediums is a winner. This will be a rolling transition beginning in May. The faster moving items will transition first with the slower ones towards the end. MacPherson’s will rotate inventory in our DCs to make sure we sell through the old style first. More details will be shared as the transition progresses.

ColArt Oil Bar Revision Great idea to have the Oil Bar colors match the paints! The new  53” tall displays may be too big for some retailers, but they do look great. The new product begins shipping in mid-May. MacPherson’s will discontinue the current items in our system now to run down the inventory. The assortment drop ship promo will run through the rest of the year at 50/20/20% free freight & rack.

Daler-Rowney’s new Simply Simmons brush sets and new watercolor brush display are impressive. The new Simply Simmons Studio brushes will be available 6/1. Also noteworthy was the relaunched System 3 screen printing kit, which is available now.

xacto-sharpestElmer’s new and impressive X-Acto blade has a coated edge making it 6x sharper than the competition. It has a unique two-tone metal look and will be available later this summer.

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks will be a winner, and they’ll be available from our warehouses in early May. Hot Sticks come in 86 colors. You can hold them sideways to cover more surface, or straight up for more detailed work. You can paint on a hot palette and transfer the image to paper, or melt down the Hot Sticks and dip into them with a brush. Encaustics are so versatile – you can do rubbings, mixed media art and much more. There’s a new wax medium and an XD wax medium available in open stock. A full assortment is available through special order. And new boar bristle brushes and anodized aluminum plates are coming soon.

Exaclair We heard from some of you that would like us to increase our selection, so we’re looking at that. There were also a couple of noteworthy holiday-ish items: Rhodia Pencil/Holder and a Mouse/Note Pad POP that we’ll definitely be bringing in.

Global Art New Watercolor Paper Display We’re looking to offer you a drop ship special on this soon.

Golden Williamsburg Mediums Golden has wonderful new mediums displays. The new rack is great looking and some of the mediums will now be bottled in glass or heavy acrylic – we love the apothecary shop look! Way cool and available now. Full line: WBM622821 (28 facings), MSRP = $2,003.00.

Jacquard Pinata Inks are a great mixed media item. The alcohol base makes them indelible and moisture resistant when dry, allowing use on almost any surface. Highly versatile, these can be used in a variety of ways including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking, etc. The 1/2 oz inks retail at $3.59.

Krylon’s Glitter Blast is cool. Glitter is great quality and the spray volume is thicker. A POP display is available: KRK01020358 $314.87msrp @ 50/30 off. Drop ship, with free freight.

Letraset Promarker Metallic Sets These are sure to be a hit with crafters. We’re sorry to tell you, though, that the launch has been delayed until Fall 2011.

MidWest Balsa and Basswood Model making is hot again. Racks are free with purchase of assortments. The large rack is now modular, so it can be customized. Small dowels will be packaged in packs of 5 (less breakage and more store$-friendly). We will be adding more skus to this line.

Montana Cans Shop-within-a-Shop Concept was the buzz of the show. Urban art is the first truly new artist medium since acrylics hit the world in the 1950’s. Young artists ages 19 to 35 want to express quickly, big and bright without having to spend years learning techniques as is required with oils, watercolor and pastels. Things that fit this bill are acrylics, high performance spray paints, markers, large canvases, stencils, sketch books, etc. The shop-within-a-shop concept recognizes the needs of a diverse group and puts all the supplies they want in a prominent, well lit location in your store. Urban Art customers include fine artists; skateboarders (low pressure sprays, Montana Gold acrylic spray); and outdoor artists (Montana Black, a high pressure nitro combi spray paint, and Montana White, a gloss spray, and Montana Black markers). MacPherson’s Scott Present and Lisa Slauson got together with our Creative Services department to produce an awesome “inspiration book” that showcases ideas and concepts used by our retailers to capitalize on the shop-within-a-shop concept. Want to get inspired? Check out this web-based flip book version by Clicking Here!

And on the Urban Art subject, both Walter Foster and Northlight have instructional Graffiti Art titles that are a welcome departure from the inspirational/coffee table titles that are currently available. The Walter Foster title is How to Draw Graffiti Style and Northlight has Graff 1 (NLZ1818, in our Spring Buyer’s Guide) and Graff 2. We will be setting the new titles up and putting them into June What’s New.

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off line includes every conceivable art & craft removal product; all of which perform amazingly well and are non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot. The company motto says it all: “Produce the most effective removers and cleaners in the world THAT REALLY WORK and are three ways safe: for the environment, for any surface and for the people who use them”. Great You Tube videos for each item’s application. Check it out – Click Here!

Pan Pastels Lots of second looks at a line that now has firmly established itself amongst pastel artists.

Pentel’s new Arts Inking Center display got great reviews. This highly anticipated display will begin shipping from Pentel in early August.

Red Hot: Princeton Snap and Priceton’s new Neptune synthetic squirrel watercolor brushes are incredible. They point well and hold unbelievable amounts of liquid. In the words of one of our discerning sales people, ” the line is gorgeous!” Neptune assortment and open stock orders will ship without delay starting at the end of the month.


RGM Textured Combs were mentioned at the What’s Exciting Seminar on Thursday afternoon. They are great for encaustic waxes, acrylic mediums, clays, paste grain papers, etc. One retailer suggested these for pottery use as well. We will have these in our DCs in approximately 6-7 weeks.

stained-8cdSanford Sharpie® Stained Fabric markers- with DIY tennis shoe concept a big hit- nice packaging and easy sell. The line features new fade-resistant ink and  a unique fabric brush tip that allows users to write thick or thin for ultimate precision on most fabric surfaces without the need to heat set. Sharpie offers eight bold colors (black, blue, red, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple), which are available in 4/cd and 8/cd sets.

Stillman & Birn‘s new floor display This great looking custom-made spinner unit is the perfect showcase for this wonderful line of premium sketch books!

Studio Designs has cool new Furniture Products that look great.

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolor and Sumi brushes were big hits. So were the Origami Bracelets and Rings kits. Yasutomo’s new Chinese watercolor paints and inks are the first in the art materials industry to conform to ASTM D-4236. The paints and inks currently available through Chinese bookshops and souvenir shops are not required to conform. These products are specifically designed for Chinese painting techniques, which differ from Japanese painting. The new Sumi brush, Haboku, will be available in a few weeks. The brush is designed to retain its shape after each stroke. The brushes also feature packaging that tout the benefits of the brush.

New Items/New Vendors

Crafter’s Workshop Stencils A nice alternative to Stencil 1, these will round out MacPherson’s stencil category. Great for visual journals and mixed media art and they’ll be great for add-on sales of brushes, scrapers, paint, sprays and spray paint, pan pastels, encaustics, etc.

Trimaco drop clothes, rags, respirators and gloves, all made in USA. We have been asked for all of these things and this line in in our sights…

Buddha Board We saw this, too, and liked it. We’re thinking about bringing it in. It is similar to Holbein’s Vanishing Image Water Brush Paper 9×13 (HBM49) which is available in 5-sheet packs for $7.50/pk.

Princeton Brush News April 2011

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Announcing Neptune™ Brushes by Princeton


Princeton has done it again. Almost 20 years ago, Princeton gave artists a synthetic version of sable that was almost the equal of fine Kolinsky and is still the standard for performance amongst its rivals. “When we set out to create a new synthetic version of squirrel we developed a brush that may actually outperform the natural version.” says Howard Kaufman, owner of Princeton Artist Brush Co. “We spent seven years developing the the hair and blending technique for this range. Experts in natural hair have been have been fooled that this is actually a synthetic.”

Neptune™ is Princeton’s thirstiest brush ever delivering oceans of color to the sheet. Watercolorists will love the beautiful range of shapes including mottlers and quills. The translucent sea glass handles of the aquarelle brushes are a signature of the line.

Neptune™ was previewed at the Creativeworld Show in Frankfurt this year and was recognized for its innovative design in the Creative Impulse section of the the fair.

Assortments ordered through NAMTA will dropship from Princeton, freight-free by the end of the month.



Princeton has another big announcement. Their new website is live @! The totally redesigned sight has big beautiful images of the entire range of Princeton product with more information to help customers choose the right brushes than ever before. Their upgraded dealer locator will have customers beating a path to your door. Princeton dealers are encouraged to confirm their listings and contact with any updates.


It’s a Snap! Selling Brushes by Princeton

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

New from Princeton – an entirely new SPIN on selling brushes!


The Snap! Brush spinner display is determined to increase your brush business. The brushes themselves are real stand-outs with their bold 3-color paint jobs. Clear acrylic display pockets let them show off their good looks. Color-coded signage strips clearly communicate the real fun of Snap! – they’re very affordable. There are only 5 price-points – one for each row of product.

In today’s economy, retailers find it a particular challenge to merchandise the impulse areas of their stores. Shoppers now require a stronger rationale for making a purchase “in the moment.” Snap! is a product that your customers will want that has the added value of being useful and practical. Snap! brushes are fun, but not frivolous.

The design and quality of the Snap! mobile spinner display is outstanding. It fits in a very modest piece of real estate. Because it spins, it can go almost anywhere – floating free or tucked up against a counter or column. Roll one up by your cash-wrap and you’ll move more brushes.

The best news of all is that Snap! is available for immediate drop-ship, freight pre-paid, from Princeton

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative.


Princeton’s Big Idea

Monday, June 8th, 2009


Bigger brushes at smaller prices! Princeton has just expanded its best bristle series that includes the very large sizes that many customers want but many can’t afford – until now. Look at this size 24 flat. It’s 2.3 inches wide (twice the size of most 24s) and has a list price of only $37.95. Compare that to brushes costing over $100! And this is the most expensive brush in the display.
Series 5400 “Refine” Bristle is a beautiful range with dark stained wood handles and rich copper ferrules. The interlocked brushes come in a wide array of shapes including short filberts and egberts. The full assortment ships in 2 racks, one full and one half-size. If you already carry series 5400, an extension assortment is available that includes the new shapes and sizes, a new half display, and a graphic insert package to convert your current display.

Perfect for today’s selling environment, these are brushes that your customers will really want, at prices they really need.

Princeton Real Value Brush Sets are a Smash Hit at NAMTA

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


Princeton had a big hit at this year’s NAMTA Show in Louisville. The new Real Value Brush Set end-cap program received rave reviews for the huge upgrade in packaging and its complete merchandising system. This new 9100 series updates Princeton’s 9000 series pre-priced brush set range that has been so successful for retailers across the country.

The new 46-set range is arranged in 8 distinct price categories with lists from $3.99 to $18.99. Each price-point is color coded on the display. Pricing signage bars are provided with multiple graphic inserts allowing you to show the sets at list, 25% off, or 40% off. The same pricing bars flip-up to reveal UPC barcodes for scanning. The coordinated program even comes with an impressive header sign to cap it all off.

The best news of all is that Real Value Brush Sets are available for immediate drop-ship, freight pre-paid, from Princeton. An initial pre-pack assortment comes with 6 each of all the sets and a complete merchandising kit for 36″ wide end caps. This is a program that can brighten the look and the sales on one of your store’s prime end caps.

NAMTA 2009 Retailer Breakfast & Show Highlights

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Each trade show we enlist a small group of retailers to help us zero in on the best new opportunities. At the Louisville NAMTA show, we met bright and early on Saturday morning. Here’s what we gleaned in two categories; New Vendors and Items Worth Mentioning.

New Vendors

encausticsEncaustics: Clearly the show buzzword. The “Hot Cakes” line from Enkaustikos got all the attention for having a compact display and easy to understand merchandising. Sold in tins instead of the traditional stick form, it was hard for many retailers to pass up the drop ship show special. Get your Hot Cakes here! We’ll support the open stock colors and accessories.

Woodland Scenics: Modeling supplies for architectural landscaping and school projects. Open stock and complete kits offer tons of options for college bookstores and science fair project season.

Slice: A cute line of cutting tools w/ceramic blades. It was a big hit when shown at the retailer breakfast. Available in compact counter top POPs; with reasonable MSRPs of $4.99 & $6.99 they are a “no brainer”!

Jovi: Products designed to foster and develop art education among children. Featuring safe and non-toxic products for drawing, painting and modeling, high quality is their top priority.

Townsend Atelier: (Knead a Mold) Paint it on. It’s simple, has just a few steps and really works. Looks like a winner! Tell us how you feel!

All Empty Containers: We have some from Jacquard and Pennco, but the market loves these, so find more!

Williamsburg Oils: A cult following, but is this one for us? Tell us how you feel!

New Items Worth Mentioning

Canson XL Pads: Performance & value for sketching, drawing and multi-media
Global Flexi-Sketch: 300 pages of acid free sketch paper bound in colorful double-fold soft covers.
Gamblin Etching Inks: New colors and reduced MSRP’s can help breathe new life to printmaking departments.
Letraset Aqua ProMarkers: Waterbased, pigmented inks can be easily blended even when dry!  To quote Craig Lemley of Dakota Art, “This could be the biggest hit of the show!” Available in sets and open stock.
Colorfin: New super shades in open stock and sets.  Check out the new plastic palette.  It’s stackable, of course!
Jacquard: A new line of waxes for the batik artist, encaustic painter and even you.
Princeton Brush: Real Value brush sets- Better quality brushes in attractive, informative packaging.
Elmer’s: New Crafty Kids are products that make sense in planograms for easy merchandising.
General Pencil: Primo Charcoal Drawing Set
Pentel Slicci Pens: Super fineline and very sleek. We already stock these, so watch for them in SMIAB. They are also featured on page 27 of our Fall/BTS Buyer’s Guide.
Golden: The cry from several retailers was that we should stock every sku to make ordering simpler and to be a “single source.”
Strathmore Recycled Cards: Taking the whole idea of a green, eco-friendly holiday season to a new level with blank cards in 6 skus. All are $9.95 with tree-friendly fibers bamboo, hemp,  sugar cane and 3 others we can’t think of just now.
Chronicle Books: Urban art titles are very hot and CB has some great ones!
Krylon Sprays Rack System: The rolling rack is huge, but you may have the space. See the drop ship details in promos at glance; buy both and you get $70 in free goods.
Yasutomo: The new outdoor origami line looks fun and hot for the coming summer activity season.
Lineco: Clam Shell boxes priced right and look great. We’re looking into it.
Armadillo: Colorfix sanded pastel paper in ATC sizes.
Derivan Liquid Graphite from Armadillo: Little bottles of colored graphite you brush on to create wonderful and artful effects. Two small ranges, erasable and non-erasable. We have it!

Princeton Brush 18th Anniversary “BOGO” Celebration!

Monday, April 20th, 2009


Princeton Art & Brush Co. is celebrating its 18th year in business by launching a barrage of new and updated products at NAMTA next month. To start the celebration early, they are offering an additional discount to encourage retailers to promote all Princeton products, sets and open stock, on a Buy-One-Get-One–Free basis.

Princeton President Howard Kaufman says, “Times are tough for all of our customers. That’s why we started 2009 by holding our prices. We now feel it’s our job to help our dealers get more customers into their stores and to encourage those customers to buy more.”

And it’s not just discount. Princeton is providing signage kits including 4-color signs and hardware to attach signage to racks in your brush aisle and on your front doors. Each kit will include a CD-ROM packed with sale-themed graphics to produce your own postcards, bag-stuffers, web ads, and email offers.

The promotion can be run for any 30-day period between May 1st and June 30th. Additional signage is available for stores that prefer to run a “50% OFF” version of the promo, though Princeton recommends the “BOGO” approach. Participation through your MacPherson’s sales rep couldn’t be easier; our reps have all the details. If you’re looking for every opportunity to sell more in this economy, this promotion should be right up your brush aisle.

2009 Planned Vendor Price Increase Summary

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

We have received an unprecedented number of price increases from the suppliers. As a service to our retailers, the MacPherson’s buying team  compiled a summary of all increases received so far. If you are looking for item by item detail, please go to > Online Express > Macitem Report and look in the left-hand column.

ColArt Effective 2/15/09
Winsor & Newton:
Stretched Canvas – avg 10%
Canvas Boards – avg 10%
Easels – 10%
Artists’ Oil Colors – 3%
Artists’ Oil Bar – 7%
Winton Oil Color – 7%
Artisan Water Mixable Oil Color – 7%
Griffin Alkyd colors – 7%
Artist Watercolors – 6%
Cotman Watercolors – 6%
Finity Artists’ Acrylics – 7%
Galeria Acrylics – 7%
Artists’ Soft Pastels – 7%
Designers Gouache – 7%
Drawing Ink – 7%
Calligraphy Ink – 6%
Mediums/Varnishes – 5%
Galeria Mediums – 7%
Drying Oils & Solvents – 5%
Gesso/Primers – 5%
Aerosols – 7%
Brushes – 7%
Papers – 7%
Artists’ Charcoal – 6%
Palettes – 7%

Soft Body and Heavy Body colors – 7%
Decorative Series & Glossies – no increase
Professional Acrylic Ink – 3%
Basics Color Sets – 5%
Basics Acrylic Colors – 3-5%
Gessos – avg 5%
Mediums/Varnishes – avg 6%
Painting Knives – 5%

All items – avg 7%
Canvas 10%
Acrylics -10%

Open Stock – 10%
Sets – 7%

Color & Co:
Avg 6%

All items – 6-7%

Aleene’s Effective 2/15/09
Avg 5%

Armadillo Effective 2/14/09
Folios – 5%
Color Shapers -5 %
ColourFix Paper-8%
Krystal Seal – 20%

Strathmore Effective 2/2/09
Cards – 7%
ATC – 4%
Paper – avg 7.5%

Canson Effective 2/9/09
CN Paper – avg 5%
VG Oils & W/C -5%
VG H2O -9%
RB Oil -5%
Artist Acrylic Color – avg 7%

Sunnyside Effective 2/15/09
All products – avg 12.5 %

ScratchArt Effective 2/15/09
All products – avg 5%

Baumgartens Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 9.61%

Tran Products Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 10%

Mobius & Rupert Effective 2/1/09
Most items – avg 4%

MindWare Effective 1/1/09
Stained glass coloring books – 12%

Gamblin Effective 2/15/09
All items except Sketching oils – avg 8%

Princeton Effective 2/1/09
All items – avg 5.56% (except Series 4950, 5050, 5300, 9000 and water buckets)

Pennco (PM) Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 13.14%

Palmer Effective 2/15/09
Face paints and finger paints – avg 5.31%

Rhodia Pads Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Sargent Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 12.66%

Sheaffer Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5%

Environmental Technologies Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 3.95%

Moo Erasers Effective now  (10/1/08)
All items – avg 14%

Cavallini Effective 2/15/09
Erasers – 4%
Wraps – 8%
Notebooks – 14%

Walter Foster Effective 1/1/09
Kits – avg 20%

Identity Group Effective 2/15/09
GeoSign – avg 8%-12%

Alumicolor Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 11%

Badger Airbrush Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 6%

Colorfin Effective 2/1/09
PanPastels & Softt Tools – avg 10%

Paasche Airbrush Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5-6%

DaVinci Brushes Effective 1/12/09
Open stock brushes – avg 6%

DaVinci Paint Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 10%

Midwest Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Quartet (ACCO) Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Olfa Effective 2/1/09
All items – avg 5%

Carl Mfg Rotary Trimmers Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 7%

Jones Palettes Effective 1/1/09
Palettes – approx 12%

Pentel Effective 2/15/09
Newer items – no price increase
Other items – avg 7%

Anderson Effective 2/15/09
Folding palettes – avg 9%
Canvas carrier – 11%
Portfolios – avg 23%
Tube wringer – 12%

Borden & Riley Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 9%

Ampersand Effective 1/1/09
Museum & Artist panel lines – 5%

AMACO Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 10.3%

Yasutomo Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5%

Mercur Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 7%

Chroma Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 3-4%

BestTest Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 8-9%

Plaid Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 5-6%

Saral Effective 2/15/09
All items – 5%

Daylight Effective 2/15/09
All items – 8-9%

Dahle Effective 2/15/09
All items – 7-22%

Staedtler Effective 2/15/09
All items except FIMO & Scales – 6-11%

UHU Glue Effective 2/15/09
All items – avg 6-7%

WD-40 Effective 1/1/09
All items – avg 6%