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Liquitex Launches New Acrylic Gouache™

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Introducing Liquitex Acrylic Gouache. Perfect for fine art, design and illustration, layering, solid color blocking and mixed media, in a spectrum of 50 colors.  We’ve reimagined traditional gouache, using Liquitex innovation to bring you a new paint with the extra benefits of an acrylic.

The range features the most intense colors with a flat, matte effect that doesn’t crack. It offers superb fluidity and application with no need to dilute, all with a permanent, water-resistant finish when dry. Our ergonomic new bottle and tapered nozzle have been designed in collaboration with artists, to help us create what we believe is the perfect format. It’s fully reusable and recyclable, and not a drop of paint will go to waste. Three single pigment primaries are ideal for color theory and ideal for educational use.

The range consists of 50 colors in 2oz vessels and four sets that are ideal for exploration or gift giving. Liquitex Acrylic Gouache will be available at the end of October 2018.

Face Paint with a Brilliant New Twist

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Introducing a brand new way to apply face paint. One that’s already making some of the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen. It’s called the Snazaroo Brush Pen and it’s a clever combination of paint and brush designed to bring ideas to life, wherever your imagination takes you.

The precision brush nib is designed to make it easy to get the biggest ideas or the smallest details just right, allowing full control over the amount of paint used. No water or separate brushes required. Simply pop the top, twist the base and let the fun flow…whenever, wherever.

Just a few turns and paint is delivered straight to the brush tip to help face painters create anything from robot tigers to frozen fairies, with no mixing or mess.

Packed with inspiration

Snazaroo Brush Pens are available in five different packs, each containing the three 2ml colours used in the most popular face painting designs.

The Monochrome Pack comes complete with two black brush pens and a white one, the two most popular and versatile Snazaroo face paints.

Boldly grab the Adventure Pack with red, gold and blue and brush up on everything from pirates to superheroes.

When Halloween ghouls and ghosts are called for, it’s frighteningly easy using the black, white and orange paints in the Halloween Pack.

Conjure up fairies, princesses and butterflies with purple, pink and silver in the Fantasy Pack that makes it easy to give every face the magic touch.

Or go wild with yellow, green and brown in the Jungle Pack and make fun furry faces fast with lions, tigers and cheetahs – but never any spills or splashes.

Safe for every occasion

Available in 12 colours, the water-based paint is safe for virtually any application. Suitable for sensitive skin, it’s both fragrance and paraben free. And when the fun’s over, removing it is quick and easy with soap and warm water.

Snazaroo Brush Pens are set to change face painting with a clever new twist. No more separate water brushes and less chance of mess…just face painting with no limits anywhere from the supermarket to sleepovers, playgrounds to parties and more. Now there’s nothing to stop the fun!

Reeves’ “Show Your Colours” a Launch and Campaign

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Inspiring the Inner Artist in Everyone!

Iconic Art Brand Debuts New Look in the U.S. 


Reeves, the iconic British art brand with more than 250 years of heritage, has launched an extensive rebrand to empower everyone to unleash their creativity! Following the global relaunch, Reeves’ debuted the “Show Your Colours” campaign in the U.S. at the September 28 re-launch event in NYC.  Attendees were encouraged to explore their inner artist, no matter where they were on their artistic journey. The event was a true hands-on experience and featured painting rocks at the ReevesRocks station and a customdesigned DIY gallery. At the event guests truly got the chance to show their colors.


Reeves has partnered with its new U.S. collaborator, Llew Mejia. Mejia, a New York-based illustrator, has designed for numerous national lifestyle brands and will lend years of experience with textile design, pattern-making and packaging to craft custom-designed art for Reeves.

“I’m stoked to work with Reeves and help bring this new, energetic campaign to life in the U.S.,” said Llew. “I believe that art is for everyone no matter your age or experience. A quick sketch, a streak of color — we’re all capable of unleashing creativity and expressing ourselves every day.”


Reeves’ re-energized look and feel is designed to spark imagination in anyone, from established artists to the occasional doodler. Regardless of skill or knowledge, all creativity can start with a pen, pencil or brush, and Reeves is on a mission to make art accessible to all. As part of the rebrand, Reeves has launched a bold, new logo featuring a symbolic ‘r’, which is certain to become its signature. A redesigned website and social channels feature how-to videos, product information, inspiration and more.

The rebrand also includes a refresh of Reeves’ entire product portfolio, including new packaging for Paint By Numbers and Scraperfoils, providing the tools you need for your creative journey.

“It’s our goal as creative innovators to help people realize their full artistic potential by finding inspiration in their daily lives,” said Mahogany Ligon, Brand Director for Reeves. “Art is as much about coloring outside the lines as in, and we want to break down the barriers between fine art and the everyday. Through our ‘Show Your Colours’ campaign, Reeves will continue to encourage each of us to unleash creativity.”

To experience the new Reeves firsthand or to find a retailer near you, visit or @WeAreReeves on Instagram or Facebook. Share your Reeves masterpiece with the world using the hashtag #wearereeves.

About Reeves: Reeves, part of the Colart group, is one of the world’s leading creativity and lifestyle brands. Boasting a 250-year-old history of educating and inspiring artists across the world, Reeves’ ambition is to cater for a broader audience, providing the tools and inspiration to unleash creativity across the world.

Winsor & Newton Brings Something New to the Surface

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


wndisplayWinsor & Newton recently reenergized its offerings with two new surface introductions: Water Colour Paper and Canvas. In their tireless efforts for top quality products they have resourced new factories, new specifications, and higher standards to offer you excellent surfaces that complement Winsor & Newton’s established product ranges at great values for consumers.

The Winsor & Newton Water Colour Paper is a cylinder mould-made paper manufactured with the finest raw materials. The collection offers two tiers: professional water colour paper which is 100% cotton and is offered in a variety of surface textures and weights, and the classic water colour paper which is made of archival grade wood pulp. The professional tier offers both 140 lb. and 300 lb. papers in cold pressed, hot pressed, and rough textures. The classic is offered in 140 lb. cold pressed. Both tiers are internally and externally sized, exceptionally strong, and have a natural whiteness that is acid-free and doesn’t use optical brighteners.

The canvas collection comprises an entirely new range of products. Winsor & Newton is focusing on a smaller number of better-selling SKUs to introduce to the market, and there’s something for every consumer. The classic range offers 84 items in both cotton traditional and cotton traditional deep edge. The professional range has 96 items in cotton traditional, cotton traditional deep edge, and a small assortment of linen traditional. The professional range also includes the Pro-Stretcher™, an innovative stretching device custom-made for Winsor & Newton. Both ranges are hand-stretched and meticulously crafted with attention to detail.

Canvas Grouping

All ranges & sizes of the Winsor & Newton Water Colour Paper & Canvas are available now through MacPherson’s, on promotion for Fall Back to School!


MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop – with thanks from Colart!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop – with thanks from Colart!

Thank you to all the retailers who joined us at the MacPherson’s Annual Dealer Workshop and checked out the launch of the Liquitex Cadmium Free range and Winsor & Newton surfaces. The annual conference is always a special time to connect with our retail partners and offer you a glimpse of new products. This year was no different as we offered demos and workshops for Liquitex in one room and Winsor & Newton and Arches in another.


In the Liquitex room, Cadmium Free demos were the focus. Attendees tested the product side by side with the Cadmium paints and saw just how comparable the two are. In addition to the demos, we unveiled a blind sampling kit concept that customers can use in their local art communities. Attendees were also impressed with the Liquitex Cadmium Free merchandising kits for offering a complete introductory merchandising solution.


Liquitex also launched the new Basics sizes and Basics planogram at the event, and customers were excited about the various Liquitex sets, particularly the $14.99 BASICS Acrylic Mediums Textures & Effects Set. In the Winsor & Newton room, we explored the newly launched surfaces: the Stretched canvas and Watercolor paper. We also featured Arches’ new free-standing floor display, five-sheet pack, and the 16 x 20 oil sheets. Both were a big draw for attendees.

Throughout the workshop, we discussed the features and benefits of the new ranges, as well as product pricing, merchandising opportunities, launch materials strategy, and specials.

Thank you again to MacPherson’s and all the retailers that attended the conference.

A Note From Steve Chamberlain, ColArt Americas

Monday, May 29th, 2017








Dear Valued Customer,

As many of you will recall, from our first trade newsletter last November or from various conversations and communication with any number of the Colart team, we went live with our new ERP system, M3, on schedule at the start of March. We are acutely aware that this has been a challenging time for many inside of Colart and more importantly for you our customers. Be it the year end closure for a full stock count (important to ensure integrity of information transfer to M3) or the slower than expected restart after M3 ‘Go Live’ we appreciate the support you have shown us. When any business moves to a completely new platform there are always challenges – some businesses virtually grind to a halt for months on end.

We have had some challenges, mainly around receiving stock into the Distribution Center, but the business is starting to get back up to speed. Some of our fill rates have been, and continue to be, lower than we want and for that we apologize. We did have some difficulties receiving stock and making it available for orders but we believe we have ironed out most of the technical issues. We expect to see only improving service levels and fill rates from here – albeit we believe May will still be below the levels we aspire to. The new M3 system, already integrated on many other Colart sites, will ultimately help us to service you, our customers, and with you our consumers better for many years to come.

Thank you again for your continued support of Colart, our brands and our people. Should you have any questions please reach out to your local representative in the first instance.

My best regards






Steve Chamberlain

Commercial Director – North America

Winsor & Newton February 2017 News

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

884955053454-W&N WATERCOLOUR CLASSIC PAD 9X12IN SIDE GLUED (High Resolution) b

New Watercolor Paper

Winsor & Newton is introducing a NEW watercolor paper range at NAMTA 2017. All items in the collection have been created in the tradition of fine papermaking, the finest raw materials have been used and all papers are cylinder mould made. Artists can choose from two tiers of paper: The Classic Collection offers users a superb paper at an opening price point. Included in the range are spiral and glued pads, postcards and a sheet, all using 140# cold pressed paper.

For the fine artist who is looking for outstanding quality papers, the Winsor & Newton Professional level watercolor paper is produced of 100% cotton and features a wide offering including Cold Pressed, Hot Pressed and Rough papers in both 140# and 300# weights. The Professional range includes sheets, a journal, as well as a variety of pads and blocks in the best-selling sizes.

884955053577-W&N WATERCOLOUR PROFESSIONAL PAD 10X14IN CP (High Resolution) b

The entire collection is internally and externally sized and all items are acid free with no optical brighteners. Expect exceptional strength and performance in every sheet. These watercolor papers will stand the test of time.

New Stretched Canvas

Also new to Winsor & Newton is a completely updated range of Canvas. The NEW Winsor & Newton Canvas collection features 184 products in a variety of materials and sizes. This new canvas range surpasses Winsor & Newton’s previous offering and includes both cotton and linen surfaces. The line also includes two tiers, Classic and Professional, offering both an opening price point and a more advanced offering which includes the new innovative stretching device, specifically made for Winsor & Newton, the ProStretcher™. The ProStretcher™ is an exclusive stretching device that is only available on the Professional range and aids the user in perfecting surface tension of the canvas. It is easy to use, small and compact and is a truly exciting addition to the line.


ColArt November 2016 News

Monday, November 28th, 2016

arches-lifestyle-watercolour-cold-pressed-block-2NEW Arches Watercolour Paper Video!

Made in France exclusively from cotton, Arches Watercolour is a paper made from long fibers that give it strength, beauty and an inimitable feel. Naturally protected against the acids in the environment, Arches Watercolour does not yellow, and guarantees the lasting beauty of your works. Made the traditional way, on a cylinder mould, Arches Watercolour has a harmonious natural grain. The fibers are evenly distributed, making the paper more stable, with very limited deformation. Each sheet is torn off by hand, leaving four deckle edges. They are subjected to a final visual inspection and only the best sheets are retained. Arches is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper “to the core”. Gelatin sizing allows scraping without tearing. It preserves the luster and transparency of the colours while preventing paints penetrating into the thickness of the paper. Arches Watercolour paper can absorb a considerable quantity of water without warping or causing the colours to bleed. Arches Watercolour is available in three textures: cold press, hot press and rough, in 5 weights, and multiple formats: sheets, blocks, pads, rolls. Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager for more details.

Check out the Arches watercolour paper video on YouTube



5 NEW colors matched across acrylic Ink, Soft Body & Heavy Body

Liquitex doesn’t take no for an answer. After all, challenging the established ways of doing things is in their DNA. It’s how they invented the first acrylic paints in 1955. It’s why they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible ever since. Liquitex torture-tests products in their lab to ensure they defy every norm. The Special Release Muted Collection is no exception. Grey, Pink, Turquoise, Green and Violet – get to grips with perfect color matching and intermixability. The ink, soft body and heavy body work seamlessly together. Liquitex gets technical so you can get creative.


For the first time, Liquitex introduces a color collection! The range consists of 5 colors matched across 3 ranges (Heavy Body, Soft Body and Ink). These unique tones have been inspired by 2016 trends. Each color has a muted, subtle character and together are a tonal palette.



The special release collection includes 5 new colors available in ink, soft body and heavy body, as well as 3 color collection sets. All loose colors come in a high quality cardboard packaging featuring a beauty shot of the color on the front. Each set contains the 5 colors in the range and 1 set of 5 collection cards (identical for all sets) in a high quality premium package with a matte finish. There are 19 skus total: 1 Counter Top Unit, 15 loose colors, and 3 sets. All SKUs were launched September 2016, with availability through the end of 2017.

Link to Video:

Winsor & Newton launches exclusive online videos: Masterclass – Learning tools for artists

Winsor & Newton is proud to present their online video series: Masterclass. This free online resource features professionals from around the world demonstrating techniques, sharing specialist knowledge and insights into working with the finest materials.  Topics covered will include – Understanding Oil Whites, Understanding Oil Blacks, and Titanium White vs. Zinc White. To learn more about the Masterclass videos please visit the Winsor & Newton website.

DERWENT GRAPHIK Pens Are Hot! & are in Stock at MacPherson’s

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

One of the hottest new products introduced at this years NAMTA show was the Derwent Graphik pen range. They are designed for artists, illustrators, drawers, writers, inkers, thinkers, creators, painters designers and all lovers of fineliners.


If you love art and illustration, prepare to be seduced by Derwent’s Graphik Line Painters, a fineline paint pen that gives immense depth of color, even on dark backgrounds.

Create layers, dribbles and washes with the opaque water-based ink in 20 strong colors.

The 0.5 Japan nib is robust and delivers a fluid paint line of solvent-free permanent paint.

Line Painter 01

These pens are like a breath of fresh air, the opaque ink that flows out means you can draw and paint with the same pen, on to lots of different surfaces.

As international artist Carne Griffiths says, ” These are life changing…. seriously. I have introduced a number of new techniques to my work that have come about using these pens. The depth of color is amazing and the ability to layer color on color when dry is a revelation”

Available in four packs of complimentary colors, individually and a 20-color set.


Exclusive designer wallet artwork is designed by Carne Griffiths.

Celebral - Carne Griffiths

Celebral – Carne Griffiths


To compliment the range of Line Painters, Line Makers are a classic fineline pen with lightfast, water-based pigmented ink that is solvent-free. The range comes in three quick drying colors:  Black, Sepia & Graphite.

Love the free flowing lines that are perfect for illustration. Build up tone with pure inky color in Sepia and Graphite Gray, and enjoy rich opaque Black with a variety of nib sizes.

Black available in 0.05/ 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.3/ 0.5/ 0.8. Sepia and Graphite available in nib sizes 01./ 0.3/ 0.5

Line Maker Black 0.1

Available in packs of three Black, six Black, three Sepia, three Graphite and individually.


For more info visit or reach out to your MacPherson’s contact today

Derwent Art Prize Competition Deadline Nears

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014


The Cumberland Pencil Company (Derwent) has announced the second Derwent Art Prize for works created in pencil.

The aim of the Prize, which in its inaugural year attracted over 3,500 entries from 57 countries worldwide, is to reward excellence through showcasing the very best international works created in pencil. It is an open submission opportunity offering a total prize money of £12,650 to British and international artists working in this versatile medium.

Entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of selectors:  Kate Macfarlane, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Drawing Room. Josh Spero, Editor of Spears Magazine and Art Critic for Tatler UK and Professor Anita Taylor, artist, Co-Founder and Director of Jerwood Drawing Prize and Dean of Bath School of Art and Design.

An exhibition of shortlisted works will be on show from September 15 – 20, 2014 at the Mall Galleries, London SW1. Following the London exhibition a selection of the exhibition will be shown at The Pencil Museum in Cumbria from December 1, 2014 – January 9, 2015.

The Prizes will be awarded at a private awards ceremony on September 15, 2014. These include a First Prize of £6,000; Second Prize of £3,500, Third Prize of £1,000, the People’s Choice Award (works in the exhibition) of £700 and the UKCPS Award for Excellence of £250.

Two additional prizes will be awarded this year: the Young Artist Award of £500 for artists under 25 years, and an additional People’s Choice Award of £700, selected from all 2014 entries and judged by visitors to the website:

The Derwent Art Prize is open to all living British and international artists over the age of 18 years old. Artists can submit up to 6 pieces of work, created with any charcoal, pastel, graphite, water-soluble and coloured pencils on any 2 or 3 dimensional support. The maximum size of work is 182cms in its greatest dimension.


For further inquiries please contact the competition organizers,

Parker Harris, on:

Tel. + 44 (0) 1372 462190


Derwent Art Prize PR

Chrys with Award

Derwent Charcoal: The Oldest Tool in the Box

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Derwent Charcoal pencils & Compressed charcoal + Charcoal set

Charcoal is one of the oldest drawing tools; a natural classic made from carbonised wood. Whatever your drawing style Derwent has a charcoal product to suit you.

Stuart Whitton. Willow charcoal

Charcoal Set for Mixed Media

Derwent_Charcoal_Set_LGThis charcoal collection has been specially selected to include a comprehensive range of charcoal media: 1 dark Charcoal pencil for intense lines, 2 Tinted Charcoal pencils in Glowing Embers and White for some natural colour and highlights, 3 compressed Charcoal blocks for larger drawings, 2 strips of Natural Vine Charcoal for organic mark making, 1 Natural Chunky Willow Charcoal to make broad expressive strokes and 1 paper stump for effective blending. Item number WN2300675 retails for $19.99.

wn36301Charcoal Pencils

The freedom of charcoal with the control of a pencil. Available in 3 degrees with a wide core, it is a naturally water-soluble pencil. Charcoal particles are mixed with the finest clays and encased in wood to produce a rich, smooth textured pencil with all the beauty and character of traditional charcoal in a convenient, easy to use form. Item Number WN36301(Light), WN36302(Medium), & WN36303(Dark).

Compressed  Charcoal Blocks

Derwent’s robust compressed charcoal blocks give the freedom of creative expression. A solid square block of pure, reformed wood charcoal, it produces deep, dense tones with a completely different texture from graphite. It can be used on its edge for broad sweeping strokes or on the end for fine lines. Item numbers WN35997(Light), WN35998(Medium), & WN35999(Dark).

Product Specs:

The Mixed Charcoal Set is available on a blister card. Compressed blocks are available as open stock and Charcoal pencils are available in open stock, a tin of 6 and a blister of 4.

Derwent Spotlight: Secrets Revealed!

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

After the calm of a thunderstorm, under the roots of an upturned tree, the first graphite was uncovered by shepherds and used to mark their sheep. 300 years later pencil making in Cumbria, England was thriving as a cottage industry. The Cumberland Pencil Company created its first pencil in Keswick in 1832 and today twenty miles away from that spot the new Derwent factory, opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth in 2008, is still makes the best twenty degrees of graphite pencils in the world.

3420220 shades of grey – Derwent Graphic, the world’s widest range of graphic pencils

Derwent Graphic is where good drawing starts. An essential part of every artist’s arsenal, traditional high quality graphite pencils are a must. The range features 20 degrees from crisp, non scratchy 9H to soft smudgy 9B. The hexagonal barrel is easy to hold and the pencil sharpens to a good point, making it the ideal choice.
Available in open stock, on blister cards, in a 6 count tin, 3 different 12 count tins of different degrees; soft, medium and hard and in a tin of 24. The great part is the complete range tin set is on promotion at 60% off for Back-to-School from MacPherson’s. Here’s the link to Online Express

COLOURSOFT- The UK’s softest colour pencil

The softest of pencils in a strong and vibrant range of 72 new Derwent colours. The velvety softness of the core releases rich, dense colour at a stroke and is perfect for mixing and blending.

0700953 single pencil

0701026 12 tinDerwent Coloursoft comes in 72 vibrant colours and has a round 8mm barrel. They have a wide 4mm soft core, yet can sharpen to a fine point and works equally well for detailed illustrations or bold, contemporary work and portraiture.
All are available in all MacPherson’s DCs individually and in a tin of 6 Skintones, tins of 12, 24, 36, 72. Wooden box of 72. The 12, 24, 36, 72 tins are on promotion for BTS at an amazing 60% off. Check out the range of sets at MacPherson’s website

Coloursoft Girl - Niki Pilkington

Coloursoft Girl – Niki Pilkington

Derwent Sketching News in Time for Summer 2013

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Is your store looking to be the authority in all things drawing and sketching? A wise quest in our opinion. Drawing is such an accessible and portable art form. So perfect for the summer months or any time, really.  Who knows drawing better than Derwent?

31NScqUHhHLSuper Point Sharpeners get right to the point!

Helical blades have longer life sharpening abilities. The best blade for your pencil.

These three desk sharpeners have a durable helical blade which sharpens pencils to super points for fine detail work. Suitable for pencils up to 8mm in diameter. All feature easy-to-empty transparent sliding trays.

Available in:  Super Point battery (WN2300174 $47.99 MSRP), Super Point Manual (WN2302001 $34.99 MSRP) and Super Point Mini Manual (WN2302000 $24.99).

The two manual sharpeners feature an extendable front plate with a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point.  They also come with a handy desk clamp. All are in stock in the MacPherson’s DCs today.

Super Point battery

Super Point Manual

Super Point Mini Manual

Important Information on Cadmium Paints from ColArt

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

“To our valued ColArt customers,

As a leading manufacturer of top fine art brands we have had to make choices concerning the production of some of our products which contain raw materials that are not environmentally friendly.  With a vision to being more environmentally responsible, we have decided to reduce our production of colors which contain these specific raw materials; heavy metal pigments.

There are obvious benefits of Cadmium Colors to fine artist and for that reason we are being very selective on where these reductions will be taken, i.e. not across every brand and every range we manufacture.  Therefore, we will continue to make Cadmium Colors for the most important fine art ranges in our portfolio on a daily basis.  By reducing the number of cadmium containing colors across our product ranges, it will allow us to more safely and ecologically manufacture these items.

Our focus for this Cadmium transition will be:

  • Provide Cadmiums for all artist quality ranges in the bestselling sizes
  • Discontinue cadmiums in all student ranges with one exception:  Winton 37 & 200ml
  • For the student ranges with discontinued cadmium colors, we will develop replacement hues in 2013, where an alternative doesn’t already exist
  • Replace all cadmium colors in all sets with cadmium hue colors or other colors that make sense.  This includes both Artist and Student grade sets.

The following ranges represent the artist grade ranges/sizes that will continue to carry their existing color range of Cadmiums:

  • AOC 37 ml
  • WOC 37 ml & 200 ml
  • Artisan 37 ml
  • AAC 60 ml
  • AWC 5ml, 14 ml and Half Pans
  • Designers Gouache 14ml
  • Liquitex HB 59 ml

We will cease production of all Cadmium colors in the following ranges:

  • AOC 200 ml
  • Artisan 200 ml
  • Griffin 37 ml
  • AAC 200 ml
  • AWC 37 ml & Large Pans
  • CWC – All Sizes
  • Galleria – All Sizes
  • Liquitex SB 59 ml & 237 ml
  • Liquitex HB 138 ml & 946 ml

For those where we will discontinue the Cadmium colors, these will only be available until supplies last and ours and distributors inventories are depleted.  In some cases we have already run out of inventory and will start to delete back orders in our system.  All of these items will be changed to discontinued status in our system immediately.

For your convenience we have attached an excel spreadsheet that details by sku which items will be discontinued and which will be manufactured.  You will also see the details on which replacement cadmiums/colors will be launched in 2013.

Obviously this makes for a lot of disruption to the merchandizers in your stores and we fully appreciate the work it will take to make these changes.  We will be trying to mitigate the difficulty as best we can with support from both our sales staff assisting in store and our marketing staff assisting with a simplified retro-fit kit per rack.  More detailed information will be coming soon on when those kits will be available.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding in this matter, and your continued patience as we work through this significant undertaking.


Patrick Brennan
ColArt Americas, Inc.

Vice President of Sales
P.O. Box 1396
Piscataway, New Jersey 08855-1396″

To download a listing of the affected skus, click here or ask your MacPherson’s contact.

Breaking News!! Don’t Miss the Hit of the NAMTA Show: Liquitex Sprays!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

You heard it here first, ColArt will be pre-launching (pre-book) the LIQUITEX SPRAYS at NAMTA!

Stop by ColArt  booth #631 to see this amazing innovation in artist color and pre-book your order for this unique new (water-based) spray color!

Liquitex Professional Level Spray Paint

  • Spectrum: 100 Colors
  • Properties: Highly Pigmented, Water-based Technology
  • Finish: Matte
  • Caps: Standard cap ideal for detail work or filling in; skinny caps and fat caps also available
  • Size: 400ml

Low Odor

Uniquely low odor, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is formulated using revolutionary water-based technology.

Durable and Permanent

Durable, permanent and lightfast, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is ideal for interior and exterior use.


100 vibrant colors matched to the Liquitex color spectrum.

Intermixes with Liquitex Acrylics

Use Liquitex Professional Spray Paint with Liquitex acrylics, mediums and varnishes for maximum versatility!

Check out the video:

A Message from ColArt on Recent Inventory Challenges

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Doug Johnston

To our valued customers,

I’d like to provide an update regarding our supply issues.   As most of you know, we consolidated our UK factory into our France operation, along with a considerable expansion of our France factory,  in 2011.  Art material factories consist of many different production lines, many of them with different technologies and skillsets.  While we were able to successfully transition in over 80% of our items that we offer for sales, there were transition issues on some of our lines and items, most notably in Mediums, Sets, and some of the series colors in some of the ranges.

Our factory and staff have been working around the clock to catch up and have reduced our order backlog to them by over half in the last few months.  For example, Medium production in the month of February and March was over double what our normal demand is and a considerable amount of product is on its way to us.  We expect to see continued improvement in April and be back to normal fill levels late April.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.  It is our partners that make us great.

Kind Regards

Doug Johnston

President, ColArt Americas

ColArt Market Priorities: Artist Outreach Program

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

On June 16, 17 and 18th, the Collective Art Tank of Asbury Park, N.J hosted the annual training meeting of the Winsor & Newton and Liquitex Artist Outreach Program (AOP). The location was ideal in that Winsor & Newton and Liquitex are sponsors of The Collective Art Tank; supporting artists by offering affordable studio space, samples of art materials and technique based demonstrations.

The eighteen artists in the Liquitex program are located across the United States and Canada and perform product related demonstrations at colleges, retail stores and art organizations. Their annual meeting is an opportunity to gather together to discuss new art materials, best practices for effective demonstrations and to brainstorm new ideas (not to mention lots of laughing and eating).

So, why is the Artist Outreach Program such a big deal at Winsor & Newton and Liquitex? Because, how else can artists get the most out of their materials if they don’t fully understand them? This is where the AOP artists shine! Not only are they all professional artists, but many of them also teach on the college level and have an overwhelming passion for art materials. Their program is kind of geeky like that; their artists love to create their personal work but also get super jazzed when talking about the stuff that helps them make it. Educating artists to get the most out of their materials is at the core of the Artist Outreach Program.

Jimmy Leslie and Christina Yoder, who manage the AOP program within ColArt Americas, love to get everyone together for the annual meeting because it allows face to face communication in a way that is not otherwise possible. Although our world today is much smaller through email and Skype, nothing bonds a group and builds community like looking someone in the eye and really listening.

The AOP meeting is also a real morale builder. With everyone located in various parts of the U.S. and Canada, it is easy to feel separated from the main ColArt offices in New Jersey. Because these artists are the face of Winsor & Newton and Liquitex, it is vital that they are kept up to date with the newest technical information and this AOP meeting is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and to feel like part of the team. ColArt invests a lot of energy and financing into making this program the most comprehensive in the industry. They are proud of the quality of our brands and that artists rely on that quality to create their work. It’s this pride that drives their commitment to spreading the word, educating artists on the correct use of materials and investing in their future!

For more information about the Artist Outreach Program visit the Artist Outreach Program site.

For more information about The Collective Art Tank, visit Tank Site

ColArt Market Priorities, Part 1: Derwent Inktense Blocks

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Derwent Inktense is unique.  Dry, it delivers pure vibrant color, but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint.  The paint, when dry, is permanent and can be worked over.

Expanding on the tremendous success of Inktense Pencils, Derwent has introduced Inktense Blocks. These new chunky Derwent Inktense Blocks bring a whole new colorful and exciting dimension to drawing and painting.  They are extremely versatile and can be used wet or dry, on their own or with other media.  They are also perfect for creating fine lines or broad strokes of color. They combine beautifully with the Derwent Inktense Pencils and Outliner which are perfect for very fine detail and outlines.  The non-soluble outliner pencil is particularly useful as it allows you to draw outlines that are permanent, even when water is applied. The blocks are ideal for loose, expressive landscapes and colorful still life.  They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and quilts.

Read a great review of the new Derwent Inktense Blocks from the Derwent blog.  Inktense Blog

To help artists get as much enjoyment and creativity out of the new Inktense Blocks as possible, Derwent has put together an ingenious range of complementary accessories….

The Grate ‘n’ Shake allows you to create paint and mix new colors in three easy steps.  Add water into the container, grate the Inktense Block into the water and then shake the container to mix the pigments.

Holding the Inktense block and dipping it into water can get a bit messy!  The Derwent Grippers are the perfect way to keep the block secure and your hands clean.

Derwent Inktense Blocks are available in 24 jewel-like color s either individually or in sets of 12 & 24.

Check out this great YouTube video showing Inktense Blocks used with rubber stamps!

With the great early buzz for Inktense Blocks, now is the time to get this product on your store shelves.  The amazing versatility of Inktense makes the product perfect for a large array of art and craft mediums:  colored pencil, pen and ink, silk painting, art quilting, mixed media, rubber stamping and many others.  Both Inktense Pencils and Blocks are available in sets and open stock and are a great way to increase sales in the Drawing section of your store.  Contact your MacPherson’s representative to place your order for Derwent Inktense Bocks or any of the other great Derwent products.


ColArt’s Highlights at NAMTA 2011

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Winsor & Newton’s Artists’ Oil Bar “Re-Launched!”
• Complete NEW range of 50 colors that harmonizes with the AOC range
• Softer formula for easier application
• New PET packaging for each bar
• New display and hanging sign for greater store impact
• Each new asst comes with 50 free half stick samples of French Ultramarine
• Unique POS Testing Center!
• Promo +20% through 12-15-2011

W&N Oils, Mediums, & Varnishes (OMV) Uniquely Re-packaged!
• Visually distinctive body shape stands out on shelf!
• Recyclable PET bottle reduces risk of breakage offering greater appeal in the education market
• New label easily communicates benefits and use
• Universal use of CRC cap for safety and convenience
• Transit packaging improved for less waste, no cartons on any size
• Promo +20% through 12-15-2011 on both Full (84sku) & Short (50sku) asst’s
• New shelf strips and 3 hanging signs included with asst’s
• New packaging will be phased in throughout the year
• New assortments ship after August

Liquitex featured new merchandising POS for the both the Large scale “free-style” mural brushes and knives!
• Features cutting edge backing paper (header and 3 sections)
• Vertical and horizontal displaying format as all items are peg-able!
• Only 20 sku’s
• Ships 7/1/2011

New from Derwent;
• Inktense Blocks
• Tower Display Modules to custom merchandise all pencil ranges
• Black Book Sketchbooks in 3-sizes

Conte’s New Power Panel of the best selling 15 SKU’s was a show success!
• Complete stand-alone pre-packed asst with eye catching graphics
• Low $1,035.51 MSRP!
• Open-Stock Conte’ Pastel pencils will be once again available to ship 8/15/2011

• 8 New Mini-Face Painting clam-pack sets & 3 New Stick sets to create an easy low cost retail face painting section in any store!
• All are peg-able for ease of merchandising

Ask your MacPherson’s rep for all the details!


NAMTA Phoenix Show: What’s Exciting!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

You may not have been able to visit the show this year or maybe you just like to get others’ take on what they saw that was noteworthy. Our sales and merchandising teams turned in their picks for the best of the show and here they are!

Art Alternatives Black Canvas was total hit at the show. Available in both Studio and Gallery profiles as well as canvas panels. We’ll have stock in our DCs around September.


Art Alternatives Multi-Media Sketch Books These 48-page visual journals with soft covers and heavy-weight, lightly sized drawing paper were designed especially for art class, but are also a great sketch journaling accessory. Low, low retail price points.

Art Alternatives Nesting Art Tool Boxes Nesting these simple black boxes saves shipping costs, and that translates to low nets and low retail price points. Plus, nesting lets you stack more for BTS sales!

Art Alternatives Studio Acrylics fit a niche for stores who are focused on building bridges to teachers in elementary, middle and high school art programs. The bulk acrylic colors are also well suited for social painting studios, the rage now sweeping through the southern USA.

Alumicolor New labeling specifies whether the product is for architecture or engineering, making it easier for customers to identify what they need. Also, there’s a new ruler with ledge for safe cutting so fingertips are nowhere near the blade.

Ampersand’s new kits created lots of excitement. In fact, there were a bunch of new items for Ampersand. We will feature the new gessobord counter display boxes in Fall BTS, as well as the new Artist Panel Pallet Stacks. We will also be sending out an e-blast with all the new items for BTS since some did not make it into our Buyer’s Guide. The new scratchbord designs are very cool.

can4Bernini Aerosol Spray Graphite pencil transfer spray. This is a great new product that might need a bit of explaining on your store shelf. Pre-book special (50/5/5 discount) on this is available still through 5/18 and the product will ship from the MacPherson’s warehouses at the end of May. Regular everyday 50% off discount resumes after pre-book.  No size limitations with this product! Ideal for large murals and Urban Art, it is formulated to dry quickly for instant use. Order item number MVTS00510.

Canson’s BTS pad stack-outs wowed many NAMTA goers. Why? Irresistible offers like, “buy an XL recycled sketch pad and receive a 5.5×8.5 drawing sketch pad free”, and new watercolor pad and paint end-caps/stack-outs. Canson had some other awesome new items. We think their marketing & product management team is doing a wonderful job of keeping the market stoked. The x10% on the XL and the x20% on Newsprint stack-outs are good through BTS. The Watercolor Essential POG is built around a specially themed product, which will change with each promo. Display measures 24″w x 54″h x 16″d. MSRP $1,368.00; discount is 50/25 to Power & Non-Power retailers. Available in June. Hot show items for Canson included:  18×24 Pad Merchandiser (May), Colorline 300g (May w/ X20% thru July), 8×10 Art Board (June) and Van Gogh 200ml assortments (now).

win-mediumColArt’s new packaging on Winsor & Newton Oil mediums is a winner. This will be a rolling transition beginning in May. The faster moving items will transition first with the slower ones towards the end. MacPherson’s will rotate inventory in our DCs to make sure we sell through the old style first. More details will be shared as the transition progresses.

ColArt Oil Bar Revision Great idea to have the Oil Bar colors match the paints! The new  53” tall displays may be too big for some retailers, but they do look great. The new product begins shipping in mid-May. MacPherson’s will discontinue the current items in our system now to run down the inventory. The assortment drop ship promo will run through the rest of the year at 50/20/20% free freight & rack.

Daler-Rowney’s new Simply Simmons brush sets and new watercolor brush display are impressive. The new Simply Simmons Studio brushes will be available 6/1. Also noteworthy was the relaunched System 3 screen printing kit, which is available now.

xacto-sharpestElmer’s new and impressive X-Acto blade has a coated edge making it 6x sharper than the competition. It has a unique two-tone metal look and will be available later this summer.

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks will be a winner, and they’ll be available from our warehouses in early May. Hot Sticks come in 86 colors. You can hold them sideways to cover more surface, or straight up for more detailed work. You can paint on a hot palette and transfer the image to paper, or melt down the Hot Sticks and dip into them with a brush. Encaustics are so versatile – you can do rubbings, mixed media art and much more. There’s a new wax medium and an XD wax medium available in open stock. A full assortment is available through special order. And new boar bristle brushes and anodized aluminum plates are coming soon.

Exaclair We heard from some of you that would like us to increase our selection, so we’re looking at that. There were also a couple of noteworthy holiday-ish items: Rhodia Pencil/Holder and a Mouse/Note Pad POP that we’ll definitely be bringing in.

Global Art New Watercolor Paper Display We’re looking to offer you a drop ship special on this soon.

Golden Williamsburg Mediums Golden has wonderful new mediums displays. The new rack is great looking and some of the mediums will now be bottled in glass or heavy acrylic – we love the apothecary shop look! Way cool and available now. Full line: WBM622821 (28 facings), MSRP = $2,003.00.

Jacquard Pinata Inks are a great mixed media item. The alcohol base makes them indelible and moisture resistant when dry, allowing use on almost any surface. Highly versatile, these can be used in a variety of ways including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrap booking, etc. The 1/2 oz inks retail at $3.59.

Krylon’s Glitter Blast is cool. Glitter is great quality and the spray volume is thicker. A POP display is available: KRK01020358 $314.87msrp @ 50/30 off. Drop ship, with free freight.

Letraset Promarker Metallic Sets These are sure to be a hit with crafters. We’re sorry to tell you, though, that the launch has been delayed until Fall 2011.

MidWest Balsa and Basswood Model making is hot again. Racks are free with purchase of assortments. The large rack is now modular, so it can be customized. Small dowels will be packaged in packs of 5 (less breakage and more store$-friendly). We will be adding more skus to this line.

Montana Cans Shop-within-a-Shop Concept was the buzz of the show. Urban art is the first truly new artist medium since acrylics hit the world in the 1950’s. Young artists ages 19 to 35 want to express quickly, big and bright without having to spend years learning techniques as is required with oils, watercolor and pastels. Things that fit this bill are acrylics, high performance spray paints, markers, large canvases, stencils, sketch books, etc. The shop-within-a-shop concept recognizes the needs of a diverse group and puts all the supplies they want in a prominent, well lit location in your store. Urban Art customers include fine artists; skateboarders (low pressure sprays, Montana Gold acrylic spray); and outdoor artists (Montana Black, a high pressure nitro combi spray paint, and Montana White, a gloss spray, and Montana Black markers). MacPherson’s Scott Present and Lisa Slauson got together with our Creative Services department to produce an awesome “inspiration book” that showcases ideas and concepts used by our retailers to capitalize on the shop-within-a-shop concept. Want to get inspired? Check out this web-based flip book version by Clicking Here!

And on the Urban Art subject, both Walter Foster and Northlight have instructional Graffiti Art titles that are a welcome departure from the inspirational/coffee table titles that are currently available. The Walter Foster title is How to Draw Graffiti Style and Northlight has Graff 1 (NLZ1818, in our Spring Buyer’s Guide) and Graff 2. We will be setting the new titles up and putting them into June What’s New.

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off line includes every conceivable art & craft removal product; all of which perform amazingly well and are non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot. The company motto says it all: “Produce the most effective removers and cleaners in the world THAT REALLY WORK and are three ways safe: for the environment, for any surface and for the people who use them”. Great You Tube videos for each item’s application. Check it out – Click Here!

Pan Pastels Lots of second looks at a line that now has firmly established itself amongst pastel artists.

Pentel’s new Arts Inking Center display got great reviews. This highly anticipated display will begin shipping from Pentel in early August.

Red Hot: Princeton Snap and Priceton’s new Neptune synthetic squirrel watercolor brushes are incredible. They point well and hold unbelievable amounts of liquid. In the words of one of our discerning sales people, ” the line is gorgeous!” Neptune assortment and open stock orders will ship without delay starting at the end of the month.


RGM Textured Combs were mentioned at the What’s Exciting Seminar on Thursday afternoon. They are great for encaustic waxes, acrylic mediums, clays, paste grain papers, etc. One retailer suggested these for pottery use as well. We will have these in our DCs in approximately 6-7 weeks.

stained-8cdSanford Sharpie® Stained Fabric markers- with DIY tennis shoe concept a big hit- nice packaging and easy sell. The line features new fade-resistant ink and  a unique fabric brush tip that allows users to write thick or thin for ultimate precision on most fabric surfaces without the need to heat set. Sharpie offers eight bold colors (black, blue, red, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple), which are available in 4/cd and 8/cd sets.

Stillman & Birn‘s new floor display This great looking custom-made spinner unit is the perfect showcase for this wonderful line of premium sketch books!

Studio Designs has cool new Furniture Products that look great.

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolor and Sumi brushes were big hits. So were the Origami Bracelets and Rings kits. Yasutomo’s new Chinese watercolor paints and inks are the first in the art materials industry to conform to ASTM D-4236. The paints and inks currently available through Chinese bookshops and souvenir shops are not required to conform. These products are specifically designed for Chinese painting techniques, which differ from Japanese painting. The new Sumi brush, Haboku, will be available in a few weeks. The brush is designed to retain its shape after each stroke. The brushes also feature packaging that tout the benefits of the brush.

New Items/New Vendors

Crafter’s Workshop Stencils A nice alternative to Stencil 1, these will round out MacPherson’s stencil category. Great for visual journals and mixed media art and they’ll be great for add-on sales of brushes, scrapers, paint, sprays and spray paint, pan pastels, encaustics, etc.

Trimaco drop clothes, rags, respirators and gloves, all made in USA. We have been asked for all of these things and this line in in our sights…

Buddha Board We saw this, too, and liked it. We’re thinking about bringing it in. It is similar to Holbein’s Vanishing Image Water Brush Paper 9×13 (HBM49) which is available in 5-sheet packs for $7.50/pk.