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Purchasing Notes

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Our buyers love to keep our sales force informed of the latest twists and turns in product and supplier information. Here is a peak at the latest entry:

By popular demand, we have added the “T-Pin” from Moore; this item is listed on the Moore sell sheet from the last SMIAB. Click on the small image to the right for a copy of the sell sheet (2008 New Item Insert). The item number is MP72T-PIN-20, and the sell sheet shows the retail pricing. Product will be available in all 3 MacPherson’s DCs in the next two weeks, ans samples will be included in the next SMIAB shipment.

The Invisible Canvas/ Art Connector Kit (MP484) will be available in all DC’s in the next two weeks. This item was in the last SMIAB mailing.

A tip from the Color Wheel company:  stores that display the book “Color is Everything” right next to the Color Wheel have experienced sales not only of the book, but have also had sales of the Color Wheel increase.

Just a reminder that the Amsterdam Acrylic 250ml jars are now the Amsterdam 250ml tubes, with new item numbers and UPCs. If you have an assortment with the jars, ask your Canson or MacPherson’s contact for new bar codes labels and a conversion chart of the item numbers.

Yasutomo has discontinued the Hake Brushes MacPherson’s stocks (YOBT715—YOBT718). The brushes will be replaced with a new series that will be available in mid-October. When the new line is available we will alert our sales force, and they in turn will alert you!

We have just learned that the rack for the Da Vinci Fluid Acrylic 1 oz. bottles has changed; the new size is 36”h x 21”w x 10”d. Please see the note below from Da Vinci Paints:
“We felt the point-of-purchase for the 1 oz. bottles (which we anticipate will be best-sellers) should also be different than that already found in the market. This is why during the display design process we decided to make unique changes by hanging the bottles from the neck (like a tube) rather than standing them in rows, as is standard with bottles. This change is what forced the display width to be widened beyond that of the original design. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause but feel the benefits of the unique presentation will add to everyone’s success with the product. All future orders will be shipped promptly since the displays are now in stock.”

The Klutz books in the most recent SMIAB have been delayed by the manufacturer. We should have inventory in all 3 DCs by the end of September or beginning of October.

Dixon has let us know about a backorder with the 2.2 lb. packages of Das Pronto clay (DT00316 White and DT00317 Terra-Cotta). Dixon expects to have stock the first week of October, and weÆll have our shortly after that.